December 2012

Best of 2012, around the interwebs

by Edie Wadsworth on December 31, 2012

First, I’d like to send out a huge big hug and smooch to the wonderful, creative people who support this blog by referring to it, linking to it, telling their friends about it, facebooking it, tweeting it, listing it in your sidebar, etc, etc, etc. I LOVE you all and am so humbled and grateful […]


Best of 2012, the people and the places

by Edie Wadsworth on December 30, 2012

I am so blessed and I know it. I have the most amazing friends and family. This post makes me happy because it’s full of people I love! In February, I went to Blissdom and had so much fun with Ruth and Patty and Emily.  I learned a lot.  And I’m seriously contemplating going this […]


Best of 2012, the posts

by Edie Wadsworth on December 29, 2012

Before I launch into the most visited posts for this year, I wanted to acknowledge the recent issues with my site.  I’ve gotten lots of emails and messages about your computer ‘locking up’ when you try to load the site and then not being able to view it or your browser shutting down.   If […]


Best of 2012, the photos

by Edie Wadsworth on December 28, 2012

It’s been a good year, 2012.   While my mind is racing, pondering my 2013 plans and schemes, I thought I’d post my 2012 recap over a few  posts. Today—-my favorite photos from the year. Let’s start with these darling people.  I adore them all.  They make everything better. And some of my favorite shots […]


Merry Christmas

by Edie Wadsworth on December 25, 2012

Two years ago at Christmas, fire ravaged our home and we lost everything. Except that we didn’t. Because everything that really matters can’t be taken away by fire or death or the darkest earthly hell imaginable. Even death is swallowed up in victory. And as we celebrate the incarnation of Christ, we know that it […]


the Ups and Downs

by Edie Wadsworth on December 19, 2012

If you’re new around here, let me extend a hardy welcome!  I recently  updated my ‘about’ page, which was 3 years overdue!  You can follow me on Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest and find me on Instagram as ‘lifeingrace’!  Mostly, you’ll find me at home, cooking , teaching, crafting,  reading some great books, and practicing the art […]


My Cottage Christmas

by Edie Wadsworth on December 12, 2012

If you’re new to life{in}grace, welcome!  And especially if you’re from Nester’s Home Tour or Melissa’s Home Tour or  Sarah’s Tree Party!  Thanks for hosting, friends!  I just updated my about page and don’t miss my newly painted stri-ped bathroom!  Thanks for visiting!  Hope you find something that makes you smile! I’m 42 years old […]

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Striped Walls in the Bathroom

by Edie Wadsworth on December 10, 2012

From the very beginning of our rebuild after the fire, I knew I wanted a statement bathroom. The half bath on the main level is tiny and I’ve thought of nearly every possible  option for making the tiny space shine. I started a ‘bathrooms’ board on Pinterest and had my eye on this striped bathroom […]

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DIY Pom-Pom Wreath

by Edie Wadsworth on December 7, 2012

If you’re new around here?  Thank you for visiting my blog!  I’m honored you’re here and I hope you’ll find some encouragement (and some laughter!) for your days.  Join this community of grace lovers and get fun, free stuff every month delivered to your inbox, along with access to free printables, meal plans, and my […]

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Christmas Mantel 2012, (i think?)

by Edie Wadsworth on December 5, 2012

And the winner is——coral-ish!!!!  (If you’re confused, read start reading the post after the 2nd photo first and then come back up here!) Do you hate me?  If so, blame it on Ruth.  She took us down the dark and twisty alley of ‘black is dead to me.’ So, what I did was—-I spray painted […]


The Blessedness of Ordinary

by Edie Wadsworth on December 3, 2012

(this post is recycled and slightly re-edited from last November.) In His incarnation, Christ has knit creation back together and sanctified our flesh, our mundane.  He has redeemed for us all the ‘actual textures of physical life’ and granted us the ‘full extent of the  mysteries of the incarnation and all that flows from it, […]

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