Before I launch into the most visited posts for this year, I wanted to acknowledge the recent issues with my site.  I’ve gotten lots of emails and messages about your computer ‘locking up’ when you try to load the site and then not being able to view it or your browser shutting down.   If you wouldn’t mind to tell me in the comments exactly what kind of trouble you’ve been having.  It would help us in trying to find and fix the problem to  know what browser you use and if there are certain pages that seem to be causing problems.  Does the site eventually load or do you continually have trouble when trying to view it.   Is it only on your mobile device or are you having trouble no matter what.  If it seems to be working okay for you, please let me know what browser you are using.  Thanks in advance for helping us figure out what the heck is going on!

Most popular posts of 2012::

The Sultry Master

Why I’m Not Reading Fifty Shades of Gray  (long story short—because there are too many really good books in the world!)


Why I {almost} Gave Up Homeschooling

 31 Days to a Heart of Hospitality Series

 me and my New Year’s ReVolutions

 {DIY} Pom Pom Wreath

{DIY} Large Zippered Make Up Bag (Thanks, Jan!)

Better Homes Photo Shoot

Honey Wheat Bread

Setting up a Baking Center

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  1. This probably doesn’t help a whole lot, but I’m reading using Google Chrome (with plug-ins) and have no issues browser or load-wise.

    • This was SO helpful, Shari! I think the problem is definitely with Safari and a certain ad that was on my sight. I’ve since removed it but thanks for your input!

  2. Hi Edie, I have had no troubles with the site, and my laptop is not the coolest. I use Windows 7, and my browser is Firefox. Hope I’m using the right terminology – I am NOT a techy girl. I enjoy your view of the world and your photos and family very much. I found you 2 years ago when your world changed overnight; I’m so blessed to see how God has blessed you each step of the way. Have a wonderful New Year and God bless.

  3. I am one of the ones who has trouble! A message pops up about Java Script and asks if I want to continue or stop script. I have to click stop script in order to un-freeze my computer, but that usually fixed the problem. It never stops me from reading your blog! 🙂

  4. Hi Edie… I just “discovered” you about 2 days ago, and I do have trouble with your site. I get the same message as Christy does. I am a Mac user and use Safari as my browser. As w/ Christy, this never stops me from reading your blog… I love it!

  5. I have been having trouble with your site taking 2 or more minutes to load. I use Safari with an Apple computer. If I switch to another post on your site it will again take the 2 minutes. Only on your site am I having this wait. I don’t have any pop ups and the computer does not freeze but I cannot load your site quickly.

  6. hey babe….windows 7. firefox. stop script window pops up each time i open your site. if i click stop script then i can proceed.
    i’d read your blog if it froze my computer everytime sister

  7. I get a script error every time I try and load your page too. It’s not that big of a deal. I just let it load for a long time and then press “cancel script”. I use Firefox.

    Love all those posts you highlighted. Your blog is a favorite of mine and enjoy myself every single time I visit. I don’t comment every time, but I always enjoy. Thank you for sharing your beautiful life with us.

    Many wishes for a Happy New Year to your and your family. I pray this coming year will be full of happiness and blessings.


  8. I’m on a Mac (using Safari) and have trouble loading as in it takes about a minute. No pop ups or anything just very slow load – which is really unusual for me.

    • Ditto. The rainbow wheels spins a long time and then when it stops everything is A-OK until I go to a new post and then the process starts over again.

      • On a Macbook (my slower slightly older one, and my husband’s pro, top of the line, every bell and whistle, fastest laptop available one) using Safari, I often can not load your site (I click over from my google reader queue). No problem today however.

  9. I hope you and your family have a wonderful New Year!

    And in response to the site issues…I’m using Firefox on a Mac. It causes the rainbow wheel to spin (even if I’m looking at another program while the site loads), then a stop script window pops up. If I choose stop script, I am A-OK from there as long as I don’t click to another post, etc. on the blog. Hope that helps!

  10. I’ve only had problems on devices – iphone and ipad – it crashes and Safari shuts down within 10 seconds of opening your site. Your site works fine on the laptop using Chrome.

    • I’m having the similar/same issue as Julie on my iPhone. I’m accessing the blog posts through the Feedler app which loads my google reader. Since the posts are truncated, I have to open in Safari and it immediately shuts down. It seems to be A OK on my laptop.

  11. These posts were all some of my favorites. I loved the hospitality series. Especially the beginning. I ended up buying and reading “Radical Hospitality” and it was completely life changing for me. I loved it.

    (Oh, and I’m using palemoon and have had no issues on my laptop with your site.)

  12. I am using Safari on my MAC, and it is just a really slow load. After about 45-90 seconds it loads (slower yesterday on the “best photos” post). No messages pop up, just slooooow.

  13. Access is fine on my laptop (Windows 7), but my new iPad is another matter. I googled your blog and it comes up and then locks up! I think the brower is Apple Safari.

  14. Hi there Miss Edie! I love the recap of your most popular posts! It was fun revisiting them. In viewing your blog I usually use Internet Explorer and have noticed no issues only that your blog takes longer to load than any other blog I open up. It ususally takes about 30 seconds to load whereas others just instanty load. In Mozilla FireFox which is the browser my husband uses, there is no lag time when your blog loads. Hope that helps and I hope you are enjoying some warm fires on these cold East Tennessee days. 🙂

  15. Oh my goodness …. I blamed my cable connection and my computer, but then I figured out that it was just your site that caused the rainbow wheel to spin. I usually gave up after 20 minutes or so and would have to force restart my computer. I’m using Safari on a MacBook. From the other comments, that seems to be the problem. I started waiting until the end of the day when I was ready to turn my computer off anyway to try to read your site … sometimes it would eventually load! Yea! I always love your posts … thank you for sharing your life with us!

  16. I read your blog without much problem on my laptop using feedly and chrome. It is a little slow to open, but no crashes. When I use my ipad, however, (through feedly and on safari) visiting your site shuts down the entire app almost without fail. I cannot see the whole post through feedly and am forced to click through to the site. This almost always closes feedly as well as safari and marks your post read. It’s usually so frustrating, I don’t come back to that post. 🙁 Thanks for asking and checking into this problem!

  17. i use firefox and am having the same script problems as listed above. your blog is the only one i have issues with.

    have a blessed day!!!!

  18. First – love your site. Beautiful photography, decor and spirit! Love your “no rules” attitude when it comes to decorating (picked up my copy of BHG yesterday). As far as loading troubles, yep they have started happening to me as well. I use Safari on a Mac. It freezes up usually temporarily – acts like it’s having a very hard time loading the photos. The last thing that seems to load is your header. When I try to nudge it along I get the spinning Mac wheel of death. Oh well, like the others I am undaunted and will just need to learn to have more patience.

  19. I too get an unresponsive script. The page loads then freezes up for a few seconds, then the following message comes up, then it seems to be working. I am using Firefox.

    Here is the message that comes up:

    A script on this page may be busy, or it may have stopped responding. You can stop the script now, or you can continue to see if the script will complete.


  20. on our imac, using safari,,,it takes a good 30seconds to load,,unable to scroll while it’s doing that,,I wonder if it’s the advertisements that are botching it up.It seemed to start happening when the Vyvanse ad came onto your site. Just a hunch. Hope it helps.

  21. Hi Edie,
    Its such a bummer I have been having trouble with your site I use safari on a Mac and It freezes up all throughout. I try to scroll and it stops then will unfreeze after a few but if I click on anything else on your page it will freeze up again. Hope you fix it becuase i am missing your posts!
    Happy Holidays

    • Same here Mac user– Safari. Everything will load but then just a little spinning rainbow and everything frozen. I would try to come back later. Same thing. However, I do not have any pop up messages. Everything has been good last two days.

  22. love all of your posts, pics, and stories. always keeping it real!

    i use Firefox and always get a pop-up dialog box that prompts me to keep running script or stop the script. the page will not completely load until i stop the script from running.

  23. Love your photos! They are absolutely beautiful. And one of my favorite posts is why I am not reading 50 shades of grey!

    I have a mac–and use safari for my browser…..My page eventually loads–but it takes it a minute or two….I have had to close out of safari before due to it locking up my computer. Mostly, it does load–however it is very slow. (I do not have this problem with other websites.)

  24. I use Firefox….when I come to your blog, message pops up about Java Script and asks if I want to continue or stop script. I always click ‘stop script’ so I can read your posts. I just assumed it was an ad that was complicating things because I have no problems reading your blog after I hit stop script.

  25. I usually come over from Google reader on my iPhone. When I click over, it takes forever to load the photos and usually freezes then shuts down safari. I have noticed the problem since you truncated your posts so the whole thing isn’t in google reader anymore.

  26. Mine runs on Safari- and it hangs and hangs- I eventually have to manually shut it down. Wishing you and yours the happiest of new years!

  27. I have had problems as of late and it seemed to get hung up near an ad on your sidebar that was almost like it was scrolling through medical jargon. It would freeze usually there, right at about the first photo. My computer would tell me to force quit Safari. I tried my laptop and my desktop, thinking it was me and not you, but did the same on both computers. I don’t see that ad on your sidebar today and had no problems pulling up your post – hooray! Good luck and Happy New Year!

  28. My iPhone– using safari– freezes as does my laptop which uses google chrome. I introduced my sis-in-law to your blog too, her iPhone kept freezing.

  29. My computer freezes whenever I load your site. I get a java script error that asks if I want to continue or stop trying to load. Often, it crashes my browser.

  30. Hi Edie,
    I am so glad you said something…I thought it was just me! When I use my iPad with safari I get kicked off your site usually within a few minutes. Sometimes it just gets stuck loading and other times it just kicks me out completely. But clearly we all love your blog enough to put up with it!!

  31. I have followed for couple years using iPad and the google Reader app without issue. About a month ago I started to only see the first couple sentences in my Reader app which forces me to go to your website via Safari. But, it freezes my iPad and have to shut everything down. This time your website just happened to work.

  32. LOL! This is the first time since the post about your accident that I haven’t had trouble. Since then it would freeze up then eventually shut down. I found out that if I scrolled really quick it would freeze at a different spot and I could finish reading 🙂


  33. Hi Edie,

    Tonight for the first time in more than a week I had no problem with your blog. {I use Safari} I kept getting the spinning rainbow wheel, which I then had to elect to force-quit or it went on for eternity {or longer than 15 minutes}. I’ll be honest, I’ve been praying for the “healing” of your blog site. Maybe I’m over-spiritualizing, but gosh, the Lord has given you an amazing platform from which to speak your lovely heart of faith and grace and love, so of course it would be attacked with some random virus! I pray the Lord uses you as a shining light in the days and months to come: may He be glorified and may you and your family be blessed.

    I first found you via The Nester after your house fire: praise God for sparing you all! Your courage and faith in the face of a great trial brought tears to my eyes. Your genuine faith and testimony encourage me. And I love your Chipotle Pumpkin Barley Soup.

    Merry Christ-mas, and a blessed New Year to you and yours, from a mom and wife {and BHG subscriber, too} in MN.

  34. I’m using Safari via my IPad & started having problems about a month ago. Page freezes, search engine locks up & I have to shut everything down. It’s a bummer but I still manage.

  35. I read your posts on a Feddler app on my iPad. I have to click on the header and it takes me to your site. The last 2 would try to load, take about 30 seconds, load a portion and then shut down. If I go straight to the site using safari, I have the same prob. Hope this helps!


  36. I’ve been using Safari with my Mac. Tonight I’m using Firefox with no problems. Hoping this will continue because I’m getting going in book club.:)

  37. I use Safari on my iPad2, and I think you must have removed the ad that was making it shut down every time, because it seems to be working now. Your blog is still incredibly slow to load though, not sure what the deal is. So glad it’s working now – I’ve missed quite a few posts!

  38. Tried to leave a comment earlier, but it shut down in the middle. Safari on iPhone and on PC have had trouble loading – freezing on laptop, crashing on iPhone. This is the first time in a week that I’ve been able to actually read a post. Looking forward to catching up on your posts – I always enjoy them!

  39. this morning was fine. yesterday and day before my computer froze and had to restart. using safari.
    happy new year to my favorite blog and blogger!

  40. I am a mac user, using safari, and the little rainbow spinning wheel always comes up and the full page won’t load. I usually have to try it a few times and then eventually it works.

  41. I use Safari and it freezes up. Haven’t tried it on my laptop in a couple of weeks. I did find that if I turned off Javascript it would load without a problem on my mobile and Kindle Fire. It popped up a message for an error in the Javascript.
    Your bloc is such an encouragement and well worth the few extra steps to read your wisdom filled, heart felt posts.

  42. Hi Edie!

    Yesterday, when trying to access your site on my Mac, Safari quit responding & I had to force quit. I tried several times, to no avail. I didn’t have that problem with any other site. I didn’t have any trouble today, however. Happy New Year! Love your blog!

  43. Hey, you’re back … I’m one of your readers using Safari on my macbook and had problems loading your site. Glad its working for me again!

    Weren’t you going to give us the “rest of the story” about homeschooling? I’d love to read more. That homeschool post was very good.

    happy new year!

  44. When I am mobile (iPod touch) and using Safari it “crashes” all of Safari- the screen goes black after making it about 1/2 through the post. After about 2 seconds of blackness my iPod goes back to my home screen. Today I am using my computer (google chrome, windows) and haven’t had any issues.


  45. Hi Edie,
    Tonight is the first time I’ve been able to fully load your blog in over a week. Usually it gets close to loading, then freezes, with the wheel spinning (I’m on Safari on my laptop). I have to exit completely out of gmail for my computer to function properly. Hope this helps…
    So glad it seems to be working well now…I’ve missed you! 🙂


  46. I love you, but I definitely have been having those kinds of problems! I use Safari and any time I click on your blog (you’re in my reading list and I subscribe) it takes forever to load and sometimes won’t load and then my other tabs will say something like “sites are not responding” or “pages are not responding.” Didn’t have any trouble just now (a little pokey but not as slow as it has been). For what it’s worth, sugar, I think your blog is worth the wait! Love you to pieces! Muah!

  47. hey edie! i use a macbook pro and safari and it always freezes up the second i start to scroll down:( thankfully, when i checked your site tonight it worked perfectly! yay!

  48. For the first time in my life, I listened to the masses about reading a book. I am very wide and well read, if I do say so myself. Some of the masses whom I thought were great literary guides even recommended 50 Shades….so I bought the trilogy on my Kindle. It must be great so I am just going to buy the set and it is cheaper. NEVER again will I listen to the masses without research. That book was so poorly written, such horrible content, should have been behind the counter with Hustler magazine and I would have rather lived through the Twilight series a million times. I have a quirk that I cannot NOT finish a book if I begin reading it. I will give it every chance in the world. Well there is a first time for everything!

  49. I use Safari on a MacBook Pro and my browser freezes when I try to come to your site. I end up having to quit Safari completely to get my Internet to work again. I love your site though!

  50. Hi Edie,

    I use a recent version of Safari on my mac and when I come to your site It doesn’t ever load and seems to act as if your server is being bombarded with people trying to view your site. (thats how it is acting). Hope that helps! Love your blog!


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