What is hospitality?  And is it still relevant in our modern, individualistic society?  This long lost art of welcoming others into our homes and hearts can and should be revived.  Join us in a 31 day series to rediscovering a heart of hospitality!

This series on hospitality has been growing inside my heart for a lifetime.

Because really, isn’t it the ache of every human heart—to be known, to be loved?

Join me in a 31 days series as we dig deep into what true hospitality means and how it can change our lives.

Day 1:: What Hospitality is Not

Day 2:: Every life is sacred

Day 3:: We Need Each Other

Day 4::Making Room for Others

Day 5::Winter in my Heart

Day 6::The Barriers

Day 7::Solitude

Day 8::Why All the Fuss

Day 9:: Hospitality Begins in the Bedroom, part 1

Day 10:: Hospitality Begins in the Bedroom, part 2

Day 11:: A Breather

Day 12::The Well-Appointed Guest Room

Day 13:: The Well-Stocked Guest Bath

Day 14::Welcome Gifts

Day 15::All They Really Need is You

Day 16::Hospitality the size of Texas

Day 17::Readying the Hearth with Prayer

Day 18::The Well Stocked Pantry

Day 19::The Beverage Bar

Day 20 Potato Corn Chowder

Day 21:: On Feeding People Well

Day 22:: Setting up a Baking Center

Day 23:: Homemade Honey Wheat Bread

Day 24::Homemade Whole Wheat Bread

Day 25::The Paradox of it All

Day 26::Hospitality, Square Dance Style

Day 27::On Listening and Margin

Day 28::What to Cook, when company comes

Day 29::Below My Feet

Days 30 and 31 will be completed as part of printable booklet!

44 comments on “31 Days to a Heart of Hospitality::What is hospitality and Why does it matter?”

  1. I just discovered this series on Twitter, and I am so excited to read through everything! I’ve always found that I love making my home the perfect place of comfort for my guests, and I really can’t wait to go through your tips! 🙂

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