This is day 18 in a 31 day series on hospitality.   Start from the beginning here.

The title of this post is ‘The Well Stocked Pantry’.

The alternate title is, ‘Hello, my name is Edie and I hoard chicken stock.’

I’m not saying I’m a hoarder but what I’m saying is—I like a well stocked pantry.  My sister hoards paper products so it runs in the family.   At this very moment, she’s probably got 120 rolls of toilet paper.

But then, who am I to talk, I just bought a case of chicken stock and 14 cans of tomatoes.  Don’t turn us in.  We’re just trying to be hospitable, ya know.

Okay, drum roll please.  I almost hate to tell you this because every time I tell someone about my chicken stock, they start hoarding it too and then I can’t get it at my grocery store.  Which is why I always buy all they have, be it a carton or a case.  But this brand is amazing.  It’s better than homemade stock, in my humble opinion.  It’s dark and rich and full of tasty goodness.  I use it ALL the time in almost everything I cook.  I get very nervous when the stash gets low.  If you ever wonder what to get me for Christmas, you can never go wrong with this chicken stock.  Or something from Tiffanys.  Either one is fine.

Add this to your grocery list, dear ones.  Just please don’t buy it from the East side Ingles.

The day before BHG came, my sister spent HOURS organizing my pantry.   We started the process of moving some of my pantry items into containers with labels.  We used the ‘champignon’ font at 200 pt and then just taped the labels to the front of the containers.  I’d like to get most of my pasta, dried beans and rice into containers.  Maybe by Thanksgiving.  Or whenever she comes back 🙂

There’s one other item that I’m a brand Nazi about—-the San Marzano tomatoes.  So worth the extra cost.  I use them in all my soups where tomatoes are a main player.  I also like the fire roasted and use them when I don’t use the San Marzano.

Here’s a listing of the things I like to keep well stocked so that I’m prepared to cook for my family and friends.   (I’m doing a whole separate post on baking so those items will be left off here.)

Kitchen Basics stock—chicken in bulk,  a couple beef  (I don’t love the vegetable or seafood stock but you might!)
Tomatoes–28 oz cans of San Marzano and 14 oz cans of fire roasted
Canned Beans–black, pintos,garbanzos, cannelini, white northern, chili beans
Dried Beans—navy, pintos, lentils, black
Rice–I keep jasmine, brown rice, wild rice, long grain, risotto, quinoa.
Pasta–lasagna noodles, fusilli pasta (I use this for my lasagna soup), macaroni, orzo, spaghetti, angel hair, linguine
Soups—cream of chicken, cream of mushroom, cream of whatever’s on sale, tomato,
Oils–I buy olive oil by the droves, in large containers, canola, peanut, coconut
Vinegars—red wine, balsamic, distilled, apple cider, rice wine
Sauces–chili sauce, Sriracha, cholula, Sweet Baby Ray’s, Country Bob’s, local honey!!!!, maple syrup, various hot sauces, every kind of mustard this side of the Atlantic
Peppers and Olives--chipotle peppers in adobe sauce, roasted red peppers, black olives, green olives, kalamata olives
Bread Crumbs—panko, regular and eye-talian
Jellies and Jars–pepper jelly, apricot, marmalade, pesto, jalapeños, pepperoncinis
Misc—canned artichokes, canned pumpkin
Peanut Butter–I have about 5 varieties of p.b.
Nuts–Trader Joe’s has a superb selection of nuts and we keep every kind imaginable on hand.
Dried Fruits--I always keep jumbo raisin, dried cranberries and dried Tart cherries

Don’t forget the onions, potatoes, garlic, shallots

There’s no end to the yummy goodness that can be made and shared from a well stocked pantry.  Buy in bulk and watch for sales, especially BOGO.


Stocking the beverage center, baking center and refrigerator coming up soon!
Happy weekend and happy hoarding!

18 comments on “31 Days to Hospitality::Day 18 The Well Stocked Pantry”

  1. Love the pantry and pass me the homade salsa! For at least 2 years you have had me addicted to this kitchen basics stock; so yes, I confess that I hoard it as well. You have taught me well, Master. LOL! We went to Walmart tonight on the hot date; and surprise, they are now carrying it as well. Did I buy it all…yes! They will have more for everyone else in a few short days.

    • WALMART has it???? Oh dear heavens. I never thought I’d see the day. And we had so much fun with you guys! Can’t wait to post all about it.
      Love yous,

  2. I love your pantry space. I would love to have mine all organized too!! Maybe someday soon. I love the San Marzano tomatoes and the fire roasted. They are the best. I will have to keep an wye out for that stock. But don’t worry, I don’t luve close by so it won’t affect your stock.

  3. Looks like your pantry mantra must be similar to mine: “It’s better to have and don’t need than to need and don’t have.”

  4. I sure do love how you make me LAUGH with every post, but then I get some great tips or info or inspiration!! And us ¡TEXAS! girls can appreciate your use of y’all, love of cowboy boots and mumford and sons! just awesome!!
    Thanks for the great pantry hording advice too!!

    • Um, yes, Miss Shannon, of course there is. Paige is gonna move into the beverage bar so the two of you will be suite mates. And I’ll be in all kinds of heaven.

  5. Alright, sold. I’m going to have to give the tomatoes a try. Also will look for those broths, but I have become smitten with just using Better Than Builluion so we’ll see.
    Also glad to see local honey and chipotle peppers in adobo sauce on there! I love keeping cans of the peppers on hand, I often add a little of the sauce to my soups and crock pot recipes because it adds wonderful spice and flavor.

    Can I hire you guys to organize my pantry? It’s pretty scary…

    • yes, we’re pepper fiends. and hot sauce fiends. and crazy over anything pickled.
      and yes, we’ll come to the mile high city and organize your pantry as long as we can steal some pyrex as we leave :))

  6. I love your pantry. Your sister did a great job! Can I hire her? She would have a heart attack if she saw mine. I think I will make pickles today. They look so good on your shelf!

  7. Your sister did do a fantastic job organizing your pantry! I must admit I am a “little” OCD when it comes to lining up my cans, too. All the labels must face the front (whether you can see the ones behind them or not)! My husband-not so much and it makes me CRAZY! LOL He doesn’t share my gift of OCD! Love your posts and you! I must try some of the San Marzano and fire roasted tomatoes.

  8. I love looking in other people’s pantries. Is that geeky? Well, so be it. I am well stocked with tomatoes (and paper products, like your sister), but will check out this stock recommendation of yours. Thanks for showing us a glimpse in your beautifully stocked (and displayed) pantry!

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