2019 is YOUR YEAR.

Your year to thrive, to contribute, to do work that matters, to love well, to serve with all your heart, to be the version of YOU that God created you to be.  Don’t let doubt, fear, insecurity, your past, or anything else stand in the way of living with full joy and purpose.  Your BEST BEAUTIFUL YEAR awaits. Let us help you live it well.

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You are in the right place, sister!

Are you a little overwhelmed with life and how to keep your sanity while juggling wife-ing and parenting and doing work that matters?  Do you feel stuck in a pile of bad habits and wish you could change some things about yourself?  Well, you’re in good company and I’m already handing you coffee and ushering you in the door so we can chat about those struggles and better yet, some simple solutions to decrease your stress and increase your joy!

I kinda fancy myself as your older sister, except way more fun, maybe like your favorite aunt.  I created this site for you.  I want to teach you everything I know, so I’ll sometimes get too excited and talk too fast.  And be a little bossy.  But really, it’s only because I want so much for you. I feel like it’s taken me THREE FOREVERS to sort of figure life out (I’m still ciphering but boy have I learned a lot!) and I want to share all the best stuff. So, you’ll find my overzealous musings on health and productivity and faith and even making soup.

I think you’re pretty amazing and I’m honored you’d stop in for a visit


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You won’t believe how amazing these unicorn tears are at keeping us happy & healthy!  As a family practitioner and lover of the art and science of healing, I love sharing my knowledge and passion for natural health.  Learn more here!

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