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Until I can decide which of the 356 pictures to show you from our Fourth of July Fest, I thought I’d show you some progress in my bedroom.

I’m finally getting furniture and some art work in this room—which means it’s starting to have that sultry vibe that perhaps all master bedrooms should have?

My first thought was that the master should be relaxing—a bit of a sanctuary.


But upon more contemplation, I threw it all out the window for passion.   Let the bathroom or the guest room be soothing.   This room should be a little spicy and  evoke love and beauty.  The bust of Aphrodite (from Pottery Barn) seemed like the perfect icon.  Not only is she the goddess of love but she’s also the goddess of necklace holding.

My tufted bed was finally delivered and I LOVE the antique glass around the perimeter.  (from Braden’s in Knoxville).  The bed and the chandelier add just the right amount of glamour.  The cowboy boots at the end of the bed add just the right amount of grit.

I’ve moved this stool around to every spot in the house but I really like it here at my dressing vanity.  (Polka dot dress from Target).

When the painters laid the first brush stroke to this room, I think everyone thought I  had finally gone off the deep end.  Black walls?

But this ain’t my first rodeo 🙂

I’ve had dark walls before in the master and it’s the perfect spot in the house to create a little cocoon.   The color is graphite from Benjamin Moore and Darlene helped me pick it out.  I LOVE this color so much.  It often looks navy, sometimes looks charcoal and occasionally looks black.  It has depth and a certain muddiness that keeps you from being able to decide exactly what color it is.  It’s alluring and makes you take notice.  And then the pops of white reassure you that although it has a certain mystery,  this room has nothing to hide.  It’s honest and trustworthy.  You know, like you want your marriage to be.

And the desk?  It’s for writing love letters, of course.

In my humble opinion, every room needs a monogram. But then again, I like banjos and cornbread.
I recently had some white linen pinch pleat drapes made, along with a vintage sofa that I had recovered, and they are divine!

Just plain white linen, but beautiful against the dark walls.

The master bath is the only room in this house  that is exactly the same since the first day we moved in. It’s the only room that I don’t beg, steal and borrow from. Maybe some day I’ll give it some more personality but I kinda like its understated loveliness.

And THAT is the state of things in the most important room in the house.
So, tell me about your bedroom. Have you neglected it for far too long? Maybe you should start a Pinterest board of inspiration and then slowly make a few changes. More importantly, what about the person who shares the room with you?  Perhaps a love letter is in order.

ps. Every master needs a theme song, right?!


Want to see more of the house?

Here’s the fall mantel,  the kitchen, the girl’s bedroom, the teen room, the living room, the striped bathroom and perhaps my favorite room, the workroom!

122 comments on “The Sultry Master”

  1. I love your bedroom vibe! I have similarities in mine. I have gray walls called fashion gray and I love the coziness it brings. My husband and I tackled the project of fluffing the room together for a wedding anniversary. Now I would love to start phase 2 of our fluff by giving our white Louis XVI furniture a freshen up with some Annie Sloan chalk paint. Yippee! You inspire daily! Thanks for sharing your home and family life. I strive to be a better mom with you as an online mentor! 🙂

  2. I am in the processing of moving–have been the last month and a half, and have put blogging on hold (too much energy and need it for millions of other things)! However, I am an avid follower of yours, and wow, am I happy to have seen your bedroom decor! And, I absolutely agree with your mission for the bedroom. I am taking notes!!!!!!!!! Can’t wait to get settled and get started.

    • Hi Edie! Summer it is my goal to get my bedroom into sanctuary mode!. My bedroom layout is beautiful. It is actually 2 rooms one for the bed the other a sitting room of sorts with a bay window and seat. Unfortunately, when we moved in ( last year) my husband put his home office in the sitting area , and my old rug from my other house. So , I have bought new bedding , a new rug and I am chalk painting two end tables. I will also be re organizing all my clothes and am on the lookout for a fabulous 9 drawer dresser. I was in Saugerties NY this weekend and saw a great piece of art work ( the sky) its called sky’s the limit so I hope I can grab that for the wall. As for my husband , I am trying to convince him to get out! Not out of my life but out of my bedroom. The office must go!

  3. Our master is the long neglected room! Boo. I just want to have a full vision before I spend another penny on it- and then I want a lot of pennies.
    I love the dresser/side table next to your bed. It is just what I’m looking for. Do you remember where it’s from?

  4. I love the eclectic vibe of this room. I looks like everything was collected over many years and I adore that look!!

  5. Love it all! And I’m going out to buy graphite from BM to paint my little patio nook, which has been bare-bones since we finished an addition. Just wasn’t inspired until now!

    Question: Where did you get your desk? I have been looking for awhile, and it’s just what I want.


  6. I love your home. I should probably spice up my master a little. It’s pretty but not sultry. I guess I am just not quite sure what it needs.

  7. That is really neat. Our room is ‘just’ a simple room nothing wonderful although it is full of antiques and it is comfortable. I am trying to keep clothes picked up bed made and even considering a color change as in brown tones. Hubby has put up with a comforter of roses way too long. (thirty eight years) It is half his room and it should represent both of us.

  8. Oh, my goodness. I LOVE your bedroom!!!! I am going to pin it for inspiration for my own. I need to the “sultry” decor in my bedroom. Definitely. Maybe I’ll get one of those “god of necklace holding” busts or something. 😉

    You are amazing. Seriously. If I ever move into a nice house, I so want you to come decorate it. Please?



    Edie, you have SUCH a great eye for design. and comfort. together, which is rare I think.

    I agree, the bedroom should be all about lovin’ 🙂 my husband and I have a rule for our bedroom. even though our little downtown Montreal condo is 1,000 sq feet and we have two babies under 2, we never let anything kiddie in there. no bottles. no diapers. no toys. just grown up stuff 🙂 it’s our way of keeping a place for ourselves and prioritizing our marriage.


  10. lord have mercy!!!
    stevie’s got him self a love den
    i am all over it girl. seriously. tufted headboard with glass around the perimeter & your boots casually hanging out at the foot. give me strength

  11. Complete and TOTAL inspiration! I have been struggling with my own master. My husband doesn’t want it to be too girly and I don’t want it to be blah. This is completely perfect! I adore the headboard and chandelier, everything. Hope you don’t mind if I copy your paint color either… Love it!

  12. Edie, your master bedroom is GORGEOUS! I absolutely love the color on the walls, and the headboard is perfection. You have definitely inspired me to make some changes, and write a love letter or two 🙂

  13. Drop-JAW Gorgeous!!!!!!!!
    WOW! My bedroom is 2 shades of lime green. Think I need a little help? LOL.
    Love the little “female” area too!!!!!!!!! I need one of those. I also need a monogramed pillow………love that touch!
    I need sultry tropical beauty in my bedroom!!!!!!

  14. I also would like to know the color in the bathroom. I love that tile too! I wish I were bold enough to try that bedroom color.

  15. Banjos, cornbread, glamour & grit… Perfection! LOL Now you have only worsened my craving for gold against charcoal. Love that so much, almost as much as green against turquoise and navy blue. OK Edie, love your approach for passion in this most important room. I agree!! Let sanctuary rule supreme elsewhere… this is where the magic happens. ; ) Well, here and in the kitchen. LOL May Aphrodite have her way!

  16. Hi Edie! I’m redoing our master bath and would love to know where your sconce lighting is from (if from a major retailer). Thanks!!

  17. Count me in on this master room love fest. Stunning. I too am off to buy this beautiful paint color. Edie, you have done it again and I love it!

  18. You have such style! Every room in your house (or at least what you have shared with us) is truly fabulous. The colors, the layers – everything – Très Chic!
    Thank you for the colorful inspiration.

  19. and then all the single ladies cried themselves to sleep in their flannel nighties and curlers and dreamed of the future in the hopes that sultry bedrooms might be there! woo hoo! i’m going to rate this one, 1 star better than what the magazine’s got!

  20. I too LOVE dark colors in the bedroom! I painted our bedroom a color by the name of “Sweet Tea” which looks like a dark burgundy. I too have a white comforter with white baseboards to make the color pop. LOVE the chandeliers over your bed & vanity! GREAT job!

  21. Edie, your bedroom is divine. I love your signature nod to color in every room. LOVE the Graphite walls….that is such a delicious color!!! I’ve used black in a powder room and it is such a great backdrop for art! I also had a deep dark chocolate with crisp whites in the master of our last house and we loved what cave that room was…..a dark color is perfect for a bedroom. Enjoy yours!

  22. Edie,
    You have made that bedroom come alive!!!! It looks amazing!! Darlene is going to be so excited to see how it has come together!!! You NEVER cease to inspire me! Love it so much!

  23. Betcha smile every time you walk into that room – I certainly would! All that GLAM makes makes me want to shove a few pieces to the curb and have a do-over.
    Is your paint finish flat or eggshell? Each time we’ve gone with a dark color, any little rub against the paint causes the finish to burnish and that looks so ugly, creating regrets. Let’s hope yours won’t do that.
    I always love your show-and-tells, SO show and tell some more – very, very soon.

  24. “In my humble opinion, every room needs a monogram. But then again, I like banjos and cornbread.”
    That’s my favorite quote from this post. Amen.

    I love dark walls. In fact our master bedroom is deep red. I’m sad to say the walls are bare…for two years now. I’m slow like that. By the time I pick out something for the walls, I’ll be ready to change the color again. Sigh. Love your space.

  25. Your bedroom is beyond lovely~~breathtakingly beautiful. I love that you gave it such thoughtful touches of love and romance. A designer friend told me to put the most time and money into the area of our home where we spent the most time, and guests would see the most, i.e.: the family room. But, the first room I completely redecorated was our master, and I have never regretted it. It is truly our oasis!

  26. Oh Edie…….the song you shared made tears well up in my eyes. My husband has always made me feel beautiful as Eric Clapton sings…..definite master bedroom song. When he takes me to chemo which is 4 hours away…..this is on one of my master cd’s…..just makes me feel so loved!!! I too, love your bedroom. Lorri Cavins

  27. Ooo la la, your bedroom is beautiful!! Your decorating style is wonderful all over your house and this room is not the least bit disapointing.

    Our master was the first room in the house that got decorated when we moved in a couple of years ago, but it’s becoming a catch all lately and I hate that. (I’m sure my hubby does too!) It needs a good freshing up.

  28. I adore this post. Why? I’m all inspired to go rearrange in my own house. It happens every time you show up, which is probably why I’ve missed you so much over the past few days. (in a very non-weird way, I promise). I homeschool my children, too, and you have totally inspired me there as well. Please don’t stop being you. You do it so well!!

    I’m off to buy an orchid, make a rosette pillow, and hang a plate on the wall. Afterwards, I just might whip up a batch of cookies. Wish you could stop by!

  29. Wow-just send me a duplicate of this whole room please!

    And I’ve been dreaming of a charcoal master bedroom for a while, its so nice to see what it looks like reality!

  30. I just started following your blog (heard of you from a friend) and I absolutely adore how bold/ exciting/lovely your style is…very inspiring!!! I am also so giddy about your love for God and your relationship mentioned with him throughout your posts. I don’t know you personally, but I’m happy to be sisters in Christ!

  31. Your bedroom is absolutely wonderful! And “Wonderful Tonight” is mine & my honey’s song! It certainly makes a perfect master’s song!

  32. Oh and I love love love your style…I am young and still learning exactly “what” mine us because quite frankly I love everything…except for all white, and could probably never put together a room like you do, but I love it just the same 🙂

  33. I keep thinking about the two families with the tragic losses and sending up prayers. There really is no rock other than the Lord Jesus, but we all have loved ones that are so precious that we can’t bear the thought of loss. So very saddened for them.
    Now on a more inconsequential note, love your bedroom. Where did you get your bedding?

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  35. Your bedroom is adventurously gorgeous – just as your personality is! Boy howdy at how our rooms (homes) reflect our inner selves. I just did a post yesterday on our master bedroom. The words that keep coming up in the comments on my blog are “warm and cozy.” This sort of surprised me. I was expecting things like “great mix of color and pattern” or “very traditional.” But I like “warm and cozy.” I hope that is how others view me. I know that is how I view my husband. He is my best friend and the person I feel safe with and want to snuggle up with…a good thing! Thank you for sharing your absolutely beautiful self and room.

  36. Wow! What a room! I saw the link on The Nester and I am in LOVE with your blog! You have a great eye for decorating. I love the idea of a sultry master bedroom – it all looks so personal. I loved touring your other rooms too. Can’t wait to see more!

  37. I also came over from Nester’s blog today, and you have officially put me over the top on master bedroom inspiration! This is my summer to re-do the master, and I’ve been playing with the idea of dark walls. I’m not sure I’ll go for black like you, but dark brown and dark gray are on my radar. I LOVE your philosophy of sultry for the master bedroom and it will guide my choices without a doubt. Gorgeousness!

  38. Wow, I love your bedroom. The paint color is awesome! It adds so much depth to the other colors in the room. I totally agree that the master should have a little spice to it. Love the touches of color. Out of curiosity, how many coats of paint did you need to use? Did you use a colored primer? Thanks for sharing!

  39. Dear Miss Edie-your master bedroom is absolutely divine. I love the gorgeous bed and your fabulously sparkly chandelier. The color is spectacular!!! The white in the room add such a light contrast against the dark walls. It’s amazing!!!!!
    You have outdone yourself with all this sultry gorgeousness.

  40. Love, love, love! This is my next bedroom color! Can’t wait to transform our “serene” room into a “sultry” one!

  41. Edie, your master is so lovely! And so are you! Thank you for that last line–because yes, I could stand to write my man a love letter…

  42. I adore the black walls! We just opened a gallery space and I think some folks thought I was crazy, but I painted all the walls black with chalkboard paint and it has totally worked and given the space such a unique and inviting and intriguing feeling and I just love it!! Thanks for all the lovely inspiration! Our master bed (living in a home we don’t own or even rent!) is ridiculously neglected and needs some love!

  43. I have dark walls in my bedroom too. Mine are chocolate brown, but some people see them as a deep purple if the sun hits them a certain way. I like what you said about the bedroom being sultry, rather than just relaxing. Makes sense to me! Loving your headboard, by the way. I’ve never seen mirrored trim around one. Definitely adds to the sultry-ness.

  44. What a beauty. I would love it if you posted where you purchased your bedding and pillows. You have some colors I’d like to work into our space. My husband wants that orange/coral color in our bedroom and I am having no such luck 🙁

    I enjoy your blog very much 🙂

  45. Edie,

    I absolutely LOVE your living room that was featured in BHG January 2013 issue. I want to use your inspiration to re-do my living room. I’m starting with the gorgeous chocolate velvet sofa. I was lucky enough to find a very similar sofa at a furniture store in my area! I thank you for your beautiful design and can’t wait to complete my room as well!

  46. I love the headboard, who is the manufacturer? I know Bradens is where you purchased it but I would like to find it online.

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  48. Wow! This is just fabulous. I just painted an accent wall in our master bedroom almost this color and I absolutely love it. I just love the style and personality in this room! So inspiring as we are working on our master bedroom right now. Just pinned this to remind me of the feeling I get when I look at this room. Sharon

  49. I am in LOVE with your bedroom! I would’ve never believed that black walls would work, but wow – you nailed it! So gorgeous…I’m going to be pinning some of your photos. 🙂

  50. i absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE the dark walls. This is exactly what I’ve been wanting to do with my own master. Maybe once we buy our own place dark paint won’t be so intimating….lol.

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  54. Just wanted to share you inspired me to have our master painted your graphite paint color and add white crown molding recently. I am absolutely loving it! I am glad I pulled the trigger to go bold after having off white walls. Thank you for the inspiration. Love your decor style and your blog. Thank you!

  55. Hi Edie!
    Your blog is so inspiring, I have to say also that you are inspiring! Your honesty & compassion for life & others and then to share that with everyone so “gracefully,” thank you for your beautiful marriage post:). And you are crazy talented to boot! Just wanted to pop over & let you know I shared your master bedroom image with a link back to your post of course, hope that is ok.
    Have a beautiful day,

  56. I’ve just recently found your blog and subscribed. I LOVE your style; every room has so much depth and I love the fun eclectic sense with a classic look added into each space. I am always afraid to put too much stuff on the table or always feel a need to balance the chairs and space to look equal…I’m trying to break away from that and love the inspiration of your rooms. Wish you could plop down in my house for a week (it would take longer trust me) and have your input! If you think about coming to Texas…..

  57. Love the whole house but especially the bedroom! Can you tell me where you got the chest beside the bed? Many thanks!

  58. Edie,
    I love your room! Can you tell me if you have a door near your window? And, did you put blinds on it? I have been trying to figure out what to do with the door to our back porch.

  59. Beautiful Bedroom! I love the nightstands and wondering if you painted them or purchased them? If purchased, do you mind sharing the source?


  60. I love your entire bedroom but I have fallen in love with your headboard! It is Gorgeous! I think you said you got it at Braden’s… but I looked and didn’t see it. Could you point me in the right direction so I can grab one of these babies for myself? *pretty-please* 😉

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