Darlene informed me  this weekend that there was digital version of my BHG’s story that can be downloaded onto mobile devices. I was so happy because a) there was a photo of all the kids that was not shown in the magazine and b) several of you asked me if I had extra copies, which sadly, I don’t and  c) I’m easily amused.   Also, if you already have a subscription to BHG, you can get the digital copy for free.  Just download their app to your device and then search for the January issue or whatever issue you want to see digitally.  As far as I know, you cannot see the digital version on your computer, only mobile devices. I wrote about the experience here and here. The photos, in no particular order…..

Living Room details and sources.

The Sultry Master Bedroom details and sources.

The Girl’s bedroom details and sources.

The Kitchen details and sources.

I’m also planning a little mini series of updates on our house.  After our house fire and rebuild and then living here for 18 months, I have a few regrets, but only a few.  I’ll try to answer any questions I haven’t answered yet like  how we like living with marble countertops, and how we are adjusting to no dining room and what rooms I have yet to show you.  If you have any specific questions that you’d like me to address, leave them in the comments and I’ll add them to my agenda!!



69 comments on “BHG digital {my house}”

  1. How in the world did I miss the BHG issue featuring your house!?! I am so bummed. Glad I got to see the digital version. I’m not sure where I was. When was your house featured?

  2. Loved these additional pictures. Oh how I wish I had your flair! I would love to see more pictures of the basement/guest quarters. Especially the bunk room.

  3. I love so many of these pics, and I am so glad they were shared with the world – especially the ones that were not in the January edition! LOVE your family pic, sweet friend!!!
    One of these days, I shall hang out in Bean Station, and feast my eyes on it all myself!!!!!! {and get me some fresh eggs…}

  4. I love these pictures!! What a treat to be able to see these. I love the family photo. Can’t wait to see more of your home. Is there a sewing room you’ve been keeping from us?

    • You’ve probably seen little snippets of it, Ruth. It looks like two meth addicts have been squatting there and may be hiding a body. It really needs some attention. I would need to clean it before I show it, which may not happen as soon as I’d like!!
      It also needs to be decorated but I’d settle for clean.

      • You crack me up with this analogy!!!! I can’t imagine you having a space like that. Your home is so beautiful but my favorite thing about it is that it is warm, inviting, and looks so comfortable. So a meth lab with a hidden body never comes to mind.

  5. Fun!! Great photos, every time I happen across them…

    I do have a request to add to your agenda, since you asked… LOL
    A super long time ago you shared the room you and your girls used for crafting… Remember the painted floor and thrift-ed metal glider, and canker sores? : )) I realize it was pre-fire and pre-rebuild, and I know you have that gorgeous salmon colored school room/ utility room now, with your books and big table… I was just wondering about your sewing room these days.

    ALSO sweet Edie… if you only write about one more thing this season… please please please let it be that potagerie! Did you go scoop manure again? I get the idea that your broccoli stayed with you all winter, how cool!! Our cool weather crops are really growing now, and summer is right around the corner. I would love to hear more about your W. Berry-style adventures.

    Take care, thank you!

    • well, first of all, I’m officially changing the name of my beloved kitchen garden to kitchen potagerie, the definition of which is, “kitchen garden”, no less. and yes, we had broccoli all winter and have been feasting on spinach everyday for weeks. I will most definitely write about it, probably in a few weeks. I LOVE reading your blog and your gardening posts are some of my favorite. Here’s a link to you ‘Personal Potagerie’ in case others haven’t found you yet!!

      Also, the craft room. Ugghhh. See my reply to Ruth and weep with me. It’s such a disgraceful mess. I hope to work some magic in there this month. I do miss my others sewing room with the painted subflooring. That room was amazing!!
      Okay, friend, enjoy all the beautiful things that are growing around the farm today.
      Sending love and hugs!

  6. Edie- Loved seeing the additional pictures-
    Want to hear something unusual? I have bought a BHG magazine. Ever. Period.
    However, I was going to because you were featured in it.
    One day in early January I looked up & our postman delivered a couple of magazines with the mail. There was a copy of BHG. I was looking around to see if anyone was watching me- I felt like my hair was standing on end-
    It was delivered to our office with our business name on it.
    Oh my…and it’s been coming every month since- Things that make you go hummmm 🙂
    My question is: Where did you purchase your headboard-
    I LOVE the mirror trim on it-
    Thanks Edie-

    • That is way cool, Julia!! Even if a little twilight-zonish!!
      Hmmmmmm, is right!
      The bed is ironically from a line of furniture called Hooker.
      I know. Not nice, is it.
      But I don’t know the name of the specific bed unless it’s ‘antique mirrored, tufted headboard? or something another like that.
      hope that helps!!

      • Yes- Helped 🙂 Much appreciated- We actually have a couple of dealers here in Louisiana that carry that line! Will be checking them out- Thanks Edie-

  7. We are getting ready to begin a major renovation so ANY advice, information, prayer to pray every day that I won’t go insane during this process- will be greatly appreciated 😉

    (Thank you for the link to the photos- hubs and I have literally WORN OUT my copy of BH&G with your home featured!)

  8. Oooh how incredibly exciting! I loved seeing these pictures. And I loved seeing the cross-stitch I sent you, framed and on the wall! So cool!

  9. Thank you so much for the sharing the digital version of BHG! It is truly one of my favorite magazines and for some reason I never considered downloading the app. It’s wonderful! The pictures are amazing in digital. Your house is so beautiful! I, like all the others, love your flair for design. I myself, sadly, have to sit and look through a Pottery Barn catalog to get my inspiration 🙂
    I just recently found your blog and I am loving it! You are such an inspiration on so many diffrent levels…faith, life, motherhood, decorating…I could just go on!
    Thank you so much for your blog and sharing!

  10. I have the actual magazine issue {love} yet I still had to go through and look at these all over again and the extra pics! So gorgeous.
    I realized I am not getting your emails again – I think maybe I was only subscribed to the newsletter and not posts but hope I just fixed it. We’ll get there someday! Hate missing the posts and my busy {addled?} brain needs the reminder. 🙂

  11. Edie, I am absolutely one of your biggest fans, have never commented before, just secretly stalked your blog. Love your style and taste, fell in love with Darlene’s blog because of you. I will continue to steal (or borrow) from you and look forward to every post! Muaah

  12. I was so excited when my magazine came that day and you were in it. It felt like I was reading about my friend!! Love seeing that photo of you all. So cute.

    Oh and side note… I was just shopping for a new top the other day and I was thinking, “What would Edie encourage me to buy?” as I browsed. I was thinking about all your great closet/clothing tips and trying to remember them all! (I left with nothing… but I’ll try again soon.) I loved that post and it encouraged me so much because I’ve been in a pony-tail-yoga pants rut. It’s been bad. I forgot to dress like a lady. Working on that!!

  13. Hey Edie!
    We are relocating to a new state in less than four weeks, and I’m planning to change the counters in our new home as soon as I can afford to. The cabinets are a dark cherry, and I was thinking white marble would be perfect, but I have four young kiddos and homeschool them all. Plus, I spend my life in the kitchen and am sort of a rock ’em sock ’em cook and baker. Our kitchen island and surrounding counters get lots of wear and tear… do you think marble is a bad idea? I have granite in my current kitchen, and it has withstood our daily assaults heroically… it’s just that the very light granites are not nearly as pretty (IMO) as marble, and this kitchen is going to need something light to offset the dark cabinets.

    Anyhoo, opinions on your marble would be much appreciated. Thanks a bunch!!

    • Jerusalem,
      Yes, and I still LOVE looking at the few old photos that exist of it. It was such a fun renovation but I only got to live with it a short time before we moved. So glad to have been a blogger and preserved a little of it online!!

  14. I love your house! I’ve loved getting to walk through your house and hear the decisions you made, thank you for sharing all that you have! We are in the beginning stages of designing our house plans. I have 4 young children (3 boys and 1 girl). I’ve been praying about starting to homeschool and think we are headed that way for next year…very scared but that’s a whole other subject. I love to host events, cook/bake like you and have a big family. So as a momma who seems to have a similar lifestyle could you tell me something you are so glad you did with your floor plan or something I should really consider or omit in designing my house (ie like make a huge laundry room or big kitchen etc.) What would/did you put money into and where did you scale back? Are you happy you made those choices now? What would be your #1 thing you are so happy you did and what is your #1 regret? Thank you so very much for taking the time to give us suggestions!

  15. Hi Edie, loving seeing these pictures again. Since you asked what questions we have…I’ve had my eye out looking for the round sculpture pieces over your girls bed. Do tell…where from? Keep inspiring, thank you very much.

  16. I would love to know what paint colors were used in the living room. White/Blue shelves. Tan walls. Loving your blog! Thank you for having the courage to share your heart with us!

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  18. Hi! I’m hoping you can confirm whether the sea salt color in the girls’ rooms is Sherwin Williams or Benjamin Moore. BHG says Sherwin Williams, but your page says Benjamin Moore. Thank you!

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