Day 1

Day 2

Day 3|Defining Your Vision

Day 4|Finding Inspiration {at Julie’s}

Day 5|Finding Inspiration {online}

Day 6|A Lot of Moving

Day 7|We Made It!

Day 8|Full Circle

Day 9|Choosing a Builder

Day 11|House Plans

Day 12|Design Book Inspiration

Day 13|Polly’s House

Day 14|With the End in Mind

Day 15 A Firm Foundation

Day 16 Prayer for the Home

Day 17 Exterior Materials

Day 18 Flooring

Day 19  Lighting, part 1

Day 20 Lighting, part 2

Day 21 Cabinetry

Day 22 Screen Porch, Stevie, and Siri

Day 23 Chipotle Pumpkin Barley Soup

Day 24 The Workroom

Day 25 The Girls’ Room

Day 26 The Guest Spaces

Day 27 The Powder Room

Day 28 Video Tribute by Nester

Day 29 The Kitchen

Day 30

The Living RoomDay 31 Video Tour

21 comments on “31 Days Series|Rebuilding a House and Heart”

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  2. eddie:

    Happy New Year!  your home is AMAZING… I wanted to know if you would share which undercounter fridge that you have in the butler pantry?  

    All the Best,
    Meghan (NJ)

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