This post is part of a 31 day series of rebuilding our house after losing everything in a fire.  The rest of the 31 Days can be found here.   Also, thank you to Kelly for hosting the ‘guest spaces’ party!

 “Our Southern roots compel us to make hospitality and good manners a priority in our daily living.”

The above quote by Cindy Smith summarizes my thoughts about guest spaces.  I like to think through what I would need if I were visiting in this space.   I haven’t gotten everything replaced since the fire but here are a few things that I think are a must for well-appointed guest spaces:  1)  A comfortable bed.   My favorite trick is to use feather channel beds on top of our mattresses to add an element of comfort.  2)  Fresh flowers or greenery, preferably from my own gardens.  3) A small token gift to make my guests feel welcome  4) A desk/chair/lamp combo  for writing a note  or using a laptop   5)  A handwritten note left on the bed that welcomes them and might include things such as the network password and where to find toiletries, etc.   Although I fail miserably, I really pray that we can use this house to serve our neighbors!

We take our hospitality serious here in the South and I like for my guests to feel welcome and that there has been some forethought and anticipation to their coming.  I try to remember to use the time I’m fluffing the space to pray for them and their needs.

We have been so blessed to be able to provide ample guest space in our rebuild.

Our basement is nearly the size of our top floor and  fits our life perfectly.  Most of the time, it’s just Steve and I and the girls and we can live almost exclusively in  the two upper levels.

But we want our older kids to have a place to still call home.   And since there’s six of them, we wanted plenty of space.

We have a full walk out basement that has 2 bedrooms, 2 full baths, a huge bunk room, a kitchen-ette and a living room.  It also has lovely outdoor spaces and a fire pit.

One of the rooms has an Anthropologie-esque feel…..

As you can tell, I still need a bedskirt but I don’t like traditional bedskirts so I’m pondering on what to do—perhaps you have some thoughts?! At Anthropologie, they’d probably make it out of paper plates but I’m too tired for that. I need Bohemian AND easy.   Now that I take a second look, maybe a ruffled bedskirt is in order.   This is JamieKnoxville’s room when she comes and she’s made all kinds of demands.   I guess I should run it by her 🙂

Then there’s the Grandmother quarters. This is actually the room I would prefer if I were staying as a guest in my house. It’s pure as the driven snow and a bit proper. I love the old school chenille bedspread and I may in fact be fulfilling a childhood dream since I never got the chenille for myself in the 70’s.

And have I ever told you my fascination with doilies? I do love them and I plan to do a doily wall above the bed. Do you love doilies? Why don’t we use them anymore? They’re so dainty and perfect and proper. I want them EVERYwhere.

Doesn’t this room make you wanna sit up straight and say yes ma’am and crochet a doily?    I think it’s my favorite 🙂

The guest kitchen is perfect for our college and adult age children. It’s equipped with a stocked fridge of beverages and pizza rolls and has its’ own washer and dryer.
Cue the hallelujah chorus!

And the guest living room has the leftovers of what we didn’t use upstairs. Someday, I’ll fluff it up too.

I have dreams for the bunk room and the mudroom but for now they’re places to store boxes and wet dogs.

(The concrete stained floors make wet/dirty/shedding dogs a little more bearable.)

We are still working furiously trying to outfit the master bedroom but here’s a sneak peek!

Hope you enjoyed the tour.  Want to see more?  Click here!

55 comments on “31 Days|Day 26 The Guest Spaces”

  1. I believe she can!

    Ooh, can I come stay in the Grandmother Quarters?  Pretty please?  I can crochet a little.  (My grandmother taught me how and I could only begin something when she was around because I would forget how.  How I miss her.)
    One of my favorite finds was at a farm auction.  Not only did I pick up a cross cut saw and a buck saw, but I got a bag full of doilies.  This was in the 80’s and the saws are in the garage now, but the doilies are still out and about in the house.  

  2. Of course you can and will do it.  I love the light in the kitchen!

    Since you like doilies, maybe you could collect quite a few and sew them to the edges of a cut to size flat sheet to make a bed skirt.

  3. Can she do it?

    YES SHE CAN!!!!  (in my best bob the builder voice)

    Gorgeous spaces….the white room is DEFINITELY my favorite!

  4. It is all gorgeous, but what I’m really lusting over is Granny’s headboard.  Where oh, where did you get it?  Lovely!

  5. Oh it’s FABULOUS. How lovely to be able to open your home to guests (and kids!) in such a way. Love the color … it just screams, “Don’t worry, be happy and enjoy the love here!” Can I ask, where did you find the chevron patterned mugs in the kitchenette? I’m in the midst of my chevron craze phase …

  6. Oh! Edie-these spaces are so gorgeous!!! I am in love with the white chenille bedspread. So gorgeous!! I have a large hope chest from Portugal filled with doilies. Each of them crocheted by my mom, grandmother, and godmother. I also have a couple of crocheted tablecloths and bedspreads. I cherish each one and am thankful that they passed on this art to me.
    Such incredible spaces filled with your love and amazing talent to turn it all into a welcoming home.


  7. That bed skirt should be like a lovely bohemian skirt–a light but nicely wrinkled, ruffly fabric.  Ya know those kind of western style skirts that you can pull out of the wash and tie in a knot so that they are perfectly wrinkled and full?  You need that with lots of fabric so that it hangs nice and full–in my humble opinion.  I do love the white room.  I’d like to see the doily wall when you finish it.  Sounds like a grand idea, and I do have some doilies from my grandmother that I’d like to do something with.  Also, I’d like to see a close up of the chair in the corner of that room.  What is the back of that chair made of?  I noticed it’s lined with something, but not solid.  It was ethereal and nice.  When you have time I’d love to see all of the above, please : )  No pressure.

  8. I truly can’t wait to read your post every day. Thanks so much for taking the time to do. it! I’m building my dream home now and coaching myself on how to not be boring. I’m afraid of color *gasp*. Do you have asource for your black laundry room counters, your drawer pulls, and do you have to stain the basement floors as you’re building the house?


  9. I love your basement space! In my dream home folder there is a similar space 🙂

    And for the record. I LOVE Chenille, always have – my grandmother had chenille bedspreads on every bed in her house so when I got married I asked for one at Christmas every year until I got one 🙂 It’s perfect. And… I found a great twin chenille set at a garage sale for $5 one year, so we have that set too!

  10. Can you do it?  Yes you can!

    Gorgeous rooms Edie, a friend has just peered over my shoulder and said ‘wow, who lives there?’.  I’m loving those plates.  I’m wondering if to do something similar with white and cream ones in my bedroom.  Gorgeous as always Edie!

  11. gorgeous. gorgeous. gorgeous!!!

    def. ruffled bedskirt!! I thought the exact same thing… then I read your words, and smiled big. try urban outfitters.

    Edie, it all looks so amazing!!! I will be stayin’ in that creamy white room, k???

  12. swooooooooooooonnnnnnnnnnnn………….be still my heart.  i love the bedspread in the guest room and have been looking for something similar for my grandmother’s antique bed.  where or where did you find that??????? 

  13. I have been folowing your blog for a good while now and I am so happy for you. You have created a joyful new home and I hope it is even better than you dreamed! Can’t wait to see more!

  14. eadie you probably have thought of printing these 31 days—you really should… (maybe with a play on Prov 31)… in a book–if nothing else, a “blog to print” book for your coffee table, to tell your house story in a way you can hold in your hand and turn the pages to read.

  15. I, too, love-love doilies and vintage (like from the 50’s) linens. In fact, I have an entire large tote in my storage room…and it may or may not be full! 🙂 I just swap them out of storage and all around. Love them!

    I can’t wait to see your doily wall! 

  16. I would love to know the color of your grandmother/doily room and where did you get the bedspread from I love it!!!!
    Thank You,Jessica

  17. I know you may want to cover the bed frame but what about throwing a fitted sheet on the box springs…maybe in gold(like in the rug). But ruffles are good too.  Love it all!

  18. Hi Edie~ I have been following you from the ashes to glory & am so happy for your family & the blessings God is giving you all right now.   How joyous to be finally reaping all you have so overwhelmingly sowed these past 10 months.  Hallelujah Sister!
    I also follow Traci over at Beneath My Heart & she did this GREAT  bedskirt out of burlap that you’ve got to check out here:  I’m all about different & unique things so thought burlap was GENIUS! 

  19. Ooooh, doilies! I’m so glad someone is finally talking about them. I have a good number (probably around 20?) that have been handed down from my grandmother and great-grandmother. I’m the most sentimental in our family so I get the good stuff like that. 😉

    I LOVE your idea of a doily wall. I’m assuming you’ll put them behind glass or something? That’s one reason I haven’t been displaying mine, because they are so old & fragile I’m afraid they will be damaged.

    Can’t wait to see what you come up with!!

  20. This is NOT a walk-out basement.  This is a “terrace level” at its very finest.  Gosh, Edie, I want to come stay!!  I’ll sit up straight and say “yes ma’am” and help you starch doilies and make a bedskirt for the bohemian room.  

    I am so happy for you I can hardly stand it.  🙂

  21. This is NOT a walk-out basement.  This is a “terrace level” at its very finest.  Gosh, Edie, I want to come stay!!  I’ll sit up straight and say “yes ma’am” and help you starch doilies and make a bedskirt for the bohemian room.  

    I am so happy for you I can hardly stand it.  🙂

  22. I am so happy for you and your entire family!  Thank you for taking the time to share so much during such a busy time!  You are greatly appreciated!  I would love for you to share where you found some of the accessories.  We just moved into our new house this week and I have been very busy looking for some special things!  Thank you again!

  23. I wish my mother had a place like that for me to stay in when I visited!!  Beautiful, comfortable, purposeful! Job well done!

  24. I was contemplating a burlap dust ruffle for my guest room, I think it would look great in your room!  Everything looks so warm and inviting!

  25. Hi,
    I just ran across your blog, I love it!!! Where did you get the bed for the grandmother suite and the picture in the bathroom!!! I love them.

  26. Truly lovely and welcoming guest spaces!!! I have to tell you I’m a tad bit jealous… As to the bedskirt for the bohemian guest room, I’d fashion a fittingly bohemian skirt out of colorful scarves (maybe a mix of solids & prints). You know the ones that can be had for mere pennies at the thrift stores, perfection. I think they could be stitched rather quickly to a smaller sized, white, flat sheet and easily placed between the box spring & mattress for the effect you’re looking for. I’m so enjoying these glimpses into your new home! Blessings! 

  27. Beautiful!!!  Ballard Designs has a Jute/Burlap fringe bedskirt that might look great with that headboard if they are similar in tone…Happy Saturday!

  28. You have done a beautiful job with your new home.  I especially love the Grandmother’s quarters.  Can you please tell me where you got the red oriental console?  I’m looking for something just like that.  I really enjoy your blog and God Bless.

  29. You have done a beautiful job with your new home.  I especially love the Grandmother’s quarters.  Can you please tell me where you got the red oriental console?  I’m looking for something just like that.  I really enjoy your blog and God Bless.

  30. Hi Edie! I was looking through your blog for inspiration for paint colors to the new farmhouse we are moving to in the next few months. While examining your master suite and noticed the antique sofa. I have one from my Grandmother that I’m pretty sure is the same (or very very similar)! We are having it reupholstered soon and I’m torn on what to do with it. What type and color is on yours? Do you love it? Would you do anything differently to it? I can’t tell about the detail on yours but mine has pretty intricate floral carvings on the arms and along the back. I worry that a big floral or graphic print would take away from that detail on the wood. What is your advise? Thanks so much… love your blog by the way! I hope to delve into some of your recommended books soon but my 2 year old an 4 month old sons make that tough (not to mention full time veterinary career)!

    • Mine is a mint-ish green and white stripe and I do LOVE it. After I saw a similiar fabric but in black and white, I was a little jealous. (on Little Green Notebook’s blog). But I do love the cottage fabric paired with the antique sofa. Mine has some carvings too and I almost painted it because I’m just that unorthodox, but I was too impatient!

  31. Hey Edie,
    I’ve been looking high and low for a headboard like the one you have in your “grandmother” guest room. Could you tell me where you got yours? Thanks a million!
    p.s. I love your style!!!

  32. I don’t even know how I ended up here, but I thought this post was great.
    I don’t know who you are but definitely you are going to a famous blogger if you are not already 😉 Cheers!

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