“And so with the sunshine and the great bursts of leaves growing on the trees, just as things grow in fast movies, I had that familiar conviction that life was beginning over again with the summer.” ― F. Scott Fitzgerald, The Great Gatsby

I haven’t seen Gatsby yet but it’s on my summer list.  I read the book two years ago and loved it. You might enjoy this song, from the soundtrack. Summer is finally here and I couldn’t be happier.  She settles over us, with all her glory, and smothers us with her warmth.  Soon, we’ll beg her for mercy but for now, we welcome like an old friend.

We’ll start on the porch, with a photo that was taken while BHG was here shooting my house.   Notice the haint blue on the porch ceiling.  It’s  a southern thing and apparently keep bugs and evil spirits away.  At any rate, it’s pretty!

screenporchforbetterhomes My hydrangeas are in full bloom, which means I’m in love all over again.  I forget how gorgeous they are so it’s the best kind of surprise. summerhousehydrangeasAnd I JUST got my kitchen garden in this week, in the nick of time. Better late than never. kitchengarden Come on in and see if you can find some signs of summer! This cluttered, colorful entry way makes me happy everyday.  The eggs, the cowboy boots, the apron, and the beautiful bag from Jeanne!  I love it all. summerhouse1 My living room has Nester written all over it.  All I’m missing is a disco ball (which I’ve yet to find!).  Oh, wait, never mind, she took everything out of her house for a month.  I’m pretty sure I would wither up and die. But I admire her gusto. She gave me the mirrored garden stool and I chopped down half a tree and bought a glittered pillow  in her honor. summerhouse The antlers you see missing from the living room have been moved to the tween room we’re working on.  Follow the tween room pinterest board here.  It’s a FUN project!! tweenroom5 The workroom—which shall no longer be the schoolroom, for reasons that make me wanna curl up in a ball and cry (more soon on that!)— is due for a good cleaning/rearranging.  That’s on our summer list. updatedworkroom2-1

The other side of the workroom, with its latest edition, the cowhide rug.


The sultry master bedroom with its dark walls, white bedding, and succulents.


The recently painted striped bathroom, with hydrangeas and a ‘Mama Tried’ trucker hat to summer things up.  Our little girl from Nicaragua is also framed in gold, so we remember how precious the little ones are in His sight and to pray for her often. summerhouse2 The guest room has just been cleaned and fluffed so come on down and enjoy some southern hospitality!! guestroomsummer Summer is the perfect time to try my homemade pizza recipe!  The honey garlic will bring you to your knees!!

honey garlic pizza

So, is it officially summer at your house?  Are you finding ways to add some summer to your home? I’m planning and packing for my trip to Nicaragua.  I’ve never been on friendly terms with closed toe shoes in the summer but I’m gonna need a pair for the trip.  I would love your recommendations.  And please don’t tell me I have to buy the S.A.S. brand. Also, Ruth and I have been brainstorming about our session at the Becoming Conference in Asheville this August.  Rumor has it there’s still tickets, so hurry over and snag some so I can meet you!! Love y’all and happy Friday!! ***************************** Visit Gina’s blog for lots of summer home tours.  I’ve so enjoyed her series this week!

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  1. It is not summer here in SE MN, unfortunately. 🙁 We’ve had continual cloudy skies and rain, rain, rain. Farmers are way behind in getting their crops planted, and gardens? I don’t see that happening any time soon. Not a good year.

    At least I can enjoy your hydrangeas vicariously.

  2. Your big, stripe, outdoor pillows! Where did you get them from? I always enjoy looking at the pictures of your home, you are so creative with styling/decorating it. Happy Summer! 🙂

  3. I am following along with Nester and I actually thought of you when she said she was going accessory-less in June. I tried to imagine you removing all of yours and where you would put it all!! 🙂 Your home is amazing. And I too am thinking about cutting down a tree all because of her…I’ve had my eyes open for a good one. Anyway, great post. HAPPY SUMMER!!

  4. Oh yes, right now summer is a lovely warm lady, but give her a few weeks and in NC we will feel differently about all her heat, humidity and bugginess. I also thought of you when Nester revealed her accessory free month…..I cant’ do it. I don’t know where I would put it all and I would miss all my happy things. I guess the girls are going to “real” school next year. You have given them such a wonderful foundation and they are very blessed to have you for their mom. I keep looking for parts 3 & 4 of why you aren’t a Christian feminist….I haven’t missed them have I?

  5. I am welcoming summer with open arms. I so needed a fun and cheerful post to brighten my day and yours is definitely it!!! Your hydrangeas are beautiful. We’ve also started our kitchen garden. I would love to enjoy your Southern Hospitality!! So wish I had roomies for the Becoming Conference. I want to go!!!!
    Praying for your trip to Nicaragua.

  6. The conference looks like fun!! Would love to meet you AND Miss Mustard Seed. Just sent an email to a friend to see if she can go. Do you know if there are a lot of Knoxville/Maryville peeps going?

  7. I have read you for years and never left a comment. So my first one is today about SHOES? Best kind of first impressions – the materialistic kind. Check out Tieks. Expensive. Worth every penny if you are going to be on your feet. You will wear them for years and get more than your money’s worth. Or you can give them away to someone there on your last day and let them get your money’s worth. I always do that, by the way. Intentionally pack clothes to give away. I return home with little clothes and lots more room to buy curios, support the local economy, bless others…you get the point 😊. And oh yay, I didn’t end up just talking about shoes! Bully for me.

  8. Things that make me happy:
    1. YOU!
    2. Your adorable collection of cowboy boots!
    3. Your yummy recipes! (your tortellini soup is my favorite!)
    4. Your home décor!
    5. Your hydrangeas! (I had hydrangeas at my wedding!)
    6. The fact that you sponsor a sweet little girl from Nicaragua!
    7. Your reading lists.
    8. and like you, summer vacation with my children!

  9. My favorite thing at my house right now is my window box. My first attempt at planting flowers in the window box has been a stunning success! I love it.

    Your rooms always make me smile. I think I love the eggs and that bag in the entry best today.

    You’re going to be off soon! Praying for your trip.

  10. ohmygosh i love your house! i love the way you put stuff together and wish i could do what you do.. dang! I’m still trying to talk my hubby into the “sultry” master ;o) I’ve been showing him pics of yours for backup – I’m gettin there… Anyway, so glad I get to spy into your house/life. It’s much fun :o)

  11. Did you know JEEP makes shoes?? Heheh – LOVE them (I think the label is “J-41”) A google search will bring up lots of styles. Toes are protected but they’re not closed up all over the place, and cute, which is important, of course (and, I’m sorry, but I think TOMS are uggalee). I see them at the larger shoe stores, including DSW and Shoe Warehouse. Here’s what I’m wearing to work at our oh-so-lovely-but-lots-of-heavy-things-to-drop-on-my-toes thrift store: http://www.ebay.com/itm/J-41-Womens-Misty-Flat-Grey-Pistachio-/200906449437.
    P.S. As always, sooo inspired by your style. Thank you for sharing it with us!

  12. Love those hydrangeas!! The shoes I recommend are Keen’s. They make some really cute shoes, but they are most famous for being comfortable walking shoes. I have plantar fasciitis and they really work for me. You can find them at Zappo’s online and many other retailers carry them.

  13. Hey Edie, Tom’s are the best summer closed toed option. They are much cooler than tennis shoes and very comfortable. I had to laugh when you mentioned S.A.S. shoes. My Memaw was a devout wearer of these shoes and had them in all sorts of colors. She once accidentally called them A.S.S. shoes and we all burst out in laughter. This was mortifying for my Church of God Memaw. To this day it is one of my funniest memories.


  14. Your home is lovely, winter spring summer or fall. And I’m with you. I would DIE with an accessory-less house It is what brings the joy to living for me, haha!!!

    Thanks for sharing your lively and cheerful summer home!!!! xoxo

  15. first of all I LOVE LOVE LOVE your style! totally inspired by your entry way. very similar for what i have in mind for my home. the yellowish mirror and hooks- perfect!

    second of all it’s so cool seeing my print //GLORIOUS SPLENDOR// in your tween room! looks fabulous!!

  16. Could you tell me where you found your living room velvet couch? I’ve been look all over for one like it and can’t find it. I browsed your site to find a reference but couldn’t find anything. Love your style! Love your words! Thanks Edie!

  17. I have gotten a lot of shoe recommendations from your comments — great conversation!!
    My daughter and I made your honey-garlic pizza the first time you posted it — love, love, love it!! Disclaimer: I’m the only one who really liked that flavor combination but *everyone* liked your crust and other suggestions and it’s fun to make on the grill 🙂
    Praying for you and your trip.
    Happy, happy summer — my favorite time of the year, especially here in beautiful TN!

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