how to make perfect homemade pizza crustI LOVE making homemade pizza. It’s not just a meal, it’s an event. Everyone participates and adds their own flair.  And don’t be afraid of homemade crust.  It’s just a blob of dough.  There’s nothing to fear! I will show you step by step how to make the perfect pizza crust, everytime.  It’s an art, though, so you get better with it as you practice.

We do ‘Homemade Pizza Fridays’ about twice a month.  Truth is, I could eat it everyday. And if you’ve been a little skittish about homemade pizza crust, this is the post for you.  Please tell me you’ll try it.  It’s so much more fun than ordering pizza.  I promise, it is.  I’m also gonna introduce you to my new favorite pizza, honey garlic!  If you’ve never heard of it or tried it, you’re about to be blessed, my friend.  It is AMAZING!  So, without further adieu, let’s make pizza.

1. Prep your ingredients

One of the keys to pizza making night is to have all your ingredients prepped and ready.  I often go to the extra trouble to put the ingredients we’re using in bowls and plates so that whoever wants to help can help.  Sometimes, we add carmelized onions or sauteed mushrooms, so I get all those prepped before we start assembling.  I also like to grate my own cheese, so I try to find a youngster or husband willing to help with that thankless job.  Cheese has its own numbered category below but suffice it to say, I’m a cheese connoisseur.

2. How to Make the Perfect Pizza Crust

Also, start your dough early in the day, so it has plenty of time to rise.  If you work away from home, you might want to make pizza on Saturday, so that you’re home for the dough rising festivities.  The dough recipe and method we use is a combination of two pizza bianca recipes I’ve used in the past.  Pizza bianca is just pizza crust slathered with olive oil and rosemary (usually), which is baked and served with soup.  We used to do have it ALL the time, when we lived in the house with the turquoise kitchen.  I don’t know why we ever got out of the habit, but I’m so glad we’ve renewed our love for homemade pizza crust.  This recipe makes 2 medium crusts, so you could double it, or better yet, make two batches.  One recipe is enough to feed our family of 5, but we currently have no teenage boys living at home!

Dough Recipe

3 1/2 cups of flour (I usually start with 3 cups and then add more flour as needed to make a dough that isn’t sticky)

1/3 cup olive oil

1 tsp. salt

1 T. sugar

1 cup of cold water

1 package of yeast

In a standard mixer (fitted with a dough hook if possible), (preferably a kitchen aid standing mixer so it can do all the work), add 3 cups of flour, the yeast, oil, salt, and sugar.  Slowly add the water, until all the flour is incorporated.  Mix the dough for 2-3 minutes or until the flour all pulls away from the side of the bowl.  The dough will most likely be sticky to the touch.  Slowly add more flour, (probably another 1/2 cup but potentially up to 3/4 cup) and continue to mix, until the flour is all incorporated and the dough is no longer sticky at all.  Mix for a total of 8 minutes.  Place the dough in a well oiled bowl and let rise until it doubles in size.  My oven has a proofing setting (about 170 degrees) so I always proof my breads in the oven.  It significantly shortens the rising time but at least find the warmest spot in your kitchen, free from drafts, and let rise a couple of hours. I cover my dough bowl with a damp flour sac and then it rise for a couple of hours.  Yesterday, I let it rise most of the day and it was just fine but it’s better to not let it ‘over rise’, meaning you don’t want it spilling over the side of your bowl.

My dough looked like this when I first mixed it up.

how to make the perfect pizza crust

Two to three hours later, it looked like this:


Then, you divide the dough in half and form each dough ball into a crust.  This is a little tricky, in my humble opinion.  If you use a rolling pin to roll it out, then you don’t get the taller outer edges.  So, I take my time and do this part by hand, leaving the outer lip a little higher, so that honey and other ingredients aren’t spilling over the edge.  I use a liberal amount of flour to roll it out and then make sure you use a very liberal amount of corn meal underneath the crust so that it doesn’t stick to the pizza peel or to the grill or to the stone or pan you’re cooking it on.  Use more than you see in the picture below because that pizza stuck to the peel and my husband was not a happy camper.

how to make the perfect pizza crust

After we get the dough to the right size, with plenty of corn meal underneath, we add the rest of the toppings and then slide the pizza from the peel onto the pizza stone that sits on our grill.

how to make the perfect pizza crust

I love any night that the grill is being used because that means the boys are cooking!!  I can’t say enough good things about the Big Green Egg.  It’s amazing and cooks pizza like a brick oven would!


3. Use good marinara

(And don’t use too much!)

You can make your own but we usually use the Trader Joe’s brand.  If I don’t have marinara, I’ve made due with spaghetti sauce before.  I do find that the higher the quality of the marinara, the better the pizza.  I guess because there are so few ingredients. Don’t add too much.  Did I say that already?  Here’s a pic of our marinara. Also, a pizza peel, (Norpro 5683 Bamboo Pizza Paddlecould change your life.  Especially if you’re grilling your pizza, which is what we usually do.


4. Add Your Toppings

We add pepperoni and salami both under and over the cheese.  We’re meat lovers like that.  But technically, you’re supposed to put them under the cheese.  So, add away, to your heart’s delight.  Sometimes, we add mushrooms and onions.  Sometimes, we add olives.  Often, it’s just pepperoni and salami.

5. Use good cheese

We always have a variety of good cheeses on hand.  I buy cheese from Sam’s because it’s cheaper and they usually have a great selection. I also love fresh mozzarella but Trader Joe’s has a great preshredded mozzarella that saves time and the inevitable cursing that ensues when trying to shred fresh mozzarella.  Which is a little  like trying to shred jello.  We use a host of cheese, including but not limited to gruyere, fontina, gouda, muenster, swiss, and last but not least, Parmigiano-Reggiano, which instantly raising your pizza-making street cred.

6. Bake or Grill

Grill at a high temperature (450-500 ish) for ten minutes or so, until the cheese begins to brown.  If you cook it in the oven, cook at 450.

7.  Please, for the love of all things eye-talian, try making honey garlic pizza.

You will thank me for this later.  This is best pizza I’ve ever had.  Pepperonis are dead to me, after eating this pizza.  Nick introduced us to it and now I want it for every meal.

honey garlic pizza

Here’s how we do it.

Once your crust is ready and rolled out, add a thin layer of olive oil.  Sprinkle the olive oil with 3-4 cloves of finely chopped fresh garlic.  It’ll look something like this.

honey garlic pizza

Then sprinkle liberally with the cheese of your choice.  No matter what other cheeses I add, I always use some mozzarella and some parmesan.  After the cheese, drizzle with honey.   How much honey, you ask?  You’ll just have to play with it, but here’s what ours looked like before baking.  I would estimate that we used a couple tablespoons of honey.

honey garlic pizza

Bake or grill and then go ahead and send me an email me or tweet me or facebook me and tell me how it rocked your world.  Because it will rock your world.  You may invite me to the Baptism of your baby or to your daughter’s wedding.  You may even bequeath me the contents of your library.  It could happen. This pizza may seal us as BFF’s forever.

Let me show it to you one more time.  In case you don’t like scrolling back.

honey garlic pizza

Okay, now go forth and make pizza.  This Friday. C’mon, you know you want to!!

how to make the perfect pizza crust

211 comments on “Homemade Pizza, {how to make the perfect pizza crust}”

  1. Homemade Pizza is a treat at our house; can’t say I go to the length of making my own dough, but it is a special occasion. I will definitely try the honey; that sounds wonderful. Love you

  2. I am starting the dough right now and will be trying the honey garlic! Thanks for the recipe and also, checked out the cabin you recently visited and loved and now am hoping to book a trip there this summer. You rock E!!

  3. Can’t wait to try the honey garlic! I have a tip for you too. I make loads of pizza dough and stromboli for our farm market. Try using brown sugar in your crust. It makes a load of difference!

  4. I love homemade pizza! We’ve tried some pretty creative things (my teenage brother loves to come up with topping ideas) but we’ve never tried honey garlic, that sounds really good! I’m too lazy to shred mozzarella, I usually just slice it into thin disks and go with it, but I have heard that freezing it before shredding makes it work a little better… anyway, nothing beats pre-shredded for convenience. 😉 We’re definitely going to have to try the honey garlic!

  5. Mmmm, the honey garlic sounds divine!! 🙂 I’ve been making homemade pizza for a few years now and you are so right, it is much better than most (haha, not all ;)) order in pizza. I make my sauce too. I’m going to try your dough recipe and definitely the honey garlic version. 🙂 A great tip I read on another blog years ago was to use a flat cookie sheet with parchment paper if you don’t have a pizza peel. It works! 🙂

  6. We love pizza around this house. We have a pizza oven in our hallway closet plugged in and always running. ( from Farm and Fleet )One of our most used appliances. My son loves him some honey and loves to make pizzas. He will love to try this recipe. The last pizza we made was chicken ~ bacon ~ ranch. Amazing !! Thanks.

    • We have a large, Sonya, and when we’re smoking a bunch of meat, we wish we’d gotten the xl. But most of the time, it’s the perfect size! It’s so versatile b/c it functions as a ceramic/brick oven, grill and smoker. They’re expensive but have a lifetime warranty. We use ours ALL the time!!

  7. Hello…you had me at honey and garlic. I’m not the most confident cook so anything bread/dough/crust related completely intimidates me. I was just on Pinterest this morning looking for a pizza crust recipe that didn’t freak me out then I sat down to read a few blogs before getting the kids from school and found your recipe. Winner winner chicken dinner, your’s is the one. Simple, straight forward, & seemingly idiot proof. (big bonus points for that last one) Can’t wait to try it. Thanks for sharing.

  8. We love homemade pizza here, it’s one of our favorite meals!! I even had to go dairy free while nursing baby currently and I tried the daiya cheese and it was still delicious. It’s all about the crust!!

  9. This post made me so happy! I’ve been looking for the “perfect,” not-too-fussy pizza crust. But I’m bad at the rolling out part. Note to self: take my time. {And I’m dying to try that honey garlic pizza.}

    • Forget rolling. Take the ball of dough. Press it down into a thick disk. Then press the dough with all your fingers. Sort of like you are playing a piano. Move all around the disk of dough. You’ll get a perfectly round circle of dough that is nice and thin. You can flip it over from time to time.

  10. Me and my honey-addicted 9 year old daughter are rather pumped about this pizza. We regularly make our own pizza (and crust). I was on a pizza hiatus whilst our kitchen is being reno’d; however, I didn’t think of grilling it. This friday I shall go forth and create Pizza alla honey/garlic.

  11. love the honey-garlic idea! when i do homemade pizza these days, i use a hunk of my “artisan bread in 5 minutes a day” dough from the bucketfull i keep in my fridge all the time. it’s so easy since i can make bread or pizza from it. but i might try your crust to see if i like it better. definitely trying the honey garlic idea, thanks!

  12. OK, I’ve got my list and I am making this Friday night! Can’t wait! My daughter is having a couple of friends over, so this is going to be so fun. One of the girls can’t have glutten. Have you ever tried a glutten-free crust? Guess I need to start looking…

    • Actually, I’ve been eating gluten-free for a couple months, so I buy a store bought gluten free mix for me. It’s not as good, obviously, but at least I get to eat honey garlic pizza! I pre-bake my gf crust for about 5-7 min before I put the toppings on and that helps. Happy Pizza Friday!!

  13. I can’t wait to try the honey garlic pizza. Nick is on to something! I was reading your pizza recipe last night and Derek was trying to get me to go to bed, and I said “This can’t wait. I have to find out Edie’s secrete pizza dough recipe first and compare it to my standby recipe.” Then I spent way too much time mulling over how the amount of oil in the crust affects the texture (yours calls for more). This recipe is so going on my list for next week.

    • Knowing your love for good food and flavors, I think you’ll be smitten with the honey garlic! Let me know what you think of the crust. Maybe I need your recipe, instead.
      Miss seeing you guys!

  14. My eldest son has wanted homemade pizza for a couple of weeks, and, due to busy schedule, I insisted he settle for french bread pizza, which is a beautiful thing in its own right. Now, I find this post the day after the boy’s birthday (sigh), as if put in your mind by the One who wants me to pay closer attention to the wants and needs of my family! 🙂 I’ll put it on the menu and git ‘er done!

  15. Hi Edie. I wondered what the purpose of the green egg was. Sounds great! Jim and I are going to have to get us one. I love how you have a custom made table for it too! The honey pizza sounds so different. I can’t wait to try it. You are wealth of info.!

  16. Live the honey garlic idea. We proof ours in the oven by setting at 200, add a bowl of water, and turn the oven off, stick your dough in with a damp flour sack on top and close the door for a couple hours. It really helps the dough rise in the winter months.
    That bratwurst pizza someone mentioned sounds like a fun addition to the honey. We do this at least once a month. Can’t wait for the next time!

  17. These look delicious! Our favorite combo is pepperoni and sauteed mushrooms! Yum!

    Have you ever found a dough recipe that didn’t require much time to rise? I would love to be able to make pizzas during the week (not just Saturdays).

    • Erica, I use this recipe when I just don’t have time to wait for the crust to rise. I found it on Allrecipes.

      Quick and Easy Pizza Crust

      Prep Time: 10 Minutes
      Cook Time: 20 Minutes Ready In: 30 Minutes
      Servings: 8

      “A quick chewy pizza crust can be made in 30 minutes with just basic pantry ingredients like yeast, flour, vegetable oil, sugar, and salt.”


      1 (.25 ounce) package active dry yeast
      1 teaspoon white sugar
      1 cup warm water (110 degrees F)
      2-1/2 cups bread flour
      2 tablespoons olive oil
      1 teaspoon salt


      1. Preheat oven to 450 degrees F (230 degrees C). In a medium bowl, dissolve yeast and sugar in warm water. Let stand until creamy, about 10 minutes.
      2. Stir in flour, salt and oil. Beat until smooth. Let rest for 5 minutes.
      3. Turn dough out onto a lightly floured surface and pat or roll into a round. Transfer crust to a lightly greased pizza pan or baker’s peel dusted with cornmeal. Spread with desired toppings and bake in preheated oven for 15 to 20 minutes, or until golden brown. Let baked pizza cool for 5 minutes before serving.

  18. honey garlic!? i must try this!

    my hubs is a bit of a “homemade pizza snob”, so i’m ALWAYS looking for new recipes to try! (granted, he’s a gracious snob and usually likes them all) will definitely have to add this to my list to try next time!

  19. We are in the process of packing/moving and I told my husband that I have no idea what we will be eating next week. This post reminded me we always have ingredients for pizza, which is his favorite food anyway. We will have to try the garlic-honey, especially since we are probably out of marinara. Thanks!

  20. I was just telling my husband the other day that I want to perfect a homemade pizza dough this summer. This sounds like the first one I’ll be trying! Also, love the sound of honey garlic pizza. Thanks for sharing!

  21. This is the best pizza crust that I have ever made or eaten. It has a great tender tasting crust. Just delicious. Next time I make it I will try the honey garlic variation.

  22. My daughter and I made this our Sunday project — wow! We had fun working together on this and the pizzas were delicious 🙂 We even made the honey-garlic one that I absolutely loved.
    My daughter (12) has been asking to learn to make yeast breads, rolls, etc. for a time now but I don’t have the experience. I can’t say that the crust turned out “perfectly” — there is an art to all of this and I don’t “have” it (yet). We’ll definitely try again. . .I’m wondering if it was the type of flour we used? We made two batches, with two different kinds/brands of yeast, and there was a definite difference between them. How do you made dough soft and elastic-y? Ours was kind of “hard” or dry. . .one rose better then the other but the one that didn’t rise as nicely ended up tasting better, we thought.
    Anyway, we’ll try again!! Thanks for all the time you put into sharing the details with us.

  23. Sometimes people exaggerate when they promote recipes on blog posts, and I don’t mind, It’s more fun anyway. Right?
    Not this time, sister! WOWSA this was delish. Sweet, salty, thin, chewy, interesting and so good. Please tell Nick that his recipe has converted some previously devoted Alfredo customers in Oklahoma! Thank you for sharing, Edie. : ))

  24. You are really speaking my language today. Learning all kinds of things from you. Avert brothers and grilled honey pizza. You are a very good influence! TGIF

  25. We love making pizza too! My kids like to make their own. Sometimes they stuff their crust with cheese to mimic Pizza Hut.

    I told my husband about your honey garlic pizza and he thinks it’s insane, but I think I’m going to try it. I just can’t resist. You’ve done such a good job of making me fall in love with this foreign sounding pizza pie. I will let you know if we love it. I promise!

  26. I tried the honey garlic pizza tonight and it was amazing! I used chopped roasted garlic, mild white cheddar, and grated Parmesan.
    Thank you so much for sharing your recipe! This has become a new favorite!

  27. WOW!!! I made the crust and it was veery well, unless because it begins a bit hard when i bake it.. tell me what would i be doing wrong.. and OMG I MADE THE HONEY GARLIC AND WOWWWWWWWWW VERYY NICE!!!!!!!!!!! It was very delicious, i still have the flavor on my mouth LOL.. thank you!!! 😀

  28. WOW!!! I made the crust and it was veery well, unless because it begins a bit hard when i bake it.. tell me what would i be doing wrong.. and OMG I MADE THE HONEY GARLIC AND WOWWWWWWWWW VERYY NICE!!!!!!!!!!! It was very delicious, i still have the flavor on my mouth LOL.. thank you!!! 😀

  29. sorry, but quick question-you don’t need to let the yeast activate in warm water first? you can just dump it all in the kitchen aide? why, this seems so fabulous to me!

  30. I’m a pretty good cook of conventional meals, but I have never been bold enough to make pizza. Always wanted to, so now that I’m on a “forced” retirement, lol, I started looking for a good and easy recipe. After searching for a while, I found yours and I tell you, I am sooooo ready!. I love that you explain it step by step, AND, WOW, even have pictures. So, here I go…… Lets see what happens! 🙂

  31. hi. your recipe seems impressive. I’ll try but wanted to you said yeast 1 package, is it instant yeast that comes in sachet of 11 grams. that is available here easily. should I go for that.

  32. I was looking for a simple pizza crust recipe and yours win hands down, simple enough for a simple minded woman,lol thank you im making it tonite. cant wait to try the honey garlic next time thanks again

  33. Thank you for the step by step instructions for crust. I’ve always used either packaged (Martha White) or the recipe from my Kitchen Aid mixer book, but that is packed in the garage somewhere. Can you tell me what # on your mixer you used to mix and knead? I am DEFINITELY going to try the honey pizza! Thanks a million!!

  34. Edie!! I made this pizza crust yesterday- it is DIVINE!!! absolutely perfect I have literally told everyone i’ve come across about your recipe and my awesome pizza 🙂

    thanks for sharing!


  35. I made my first pizza tonight..turned out great!! Thank you!! The garlic and honey was very strong so believe it or not….after baking I put green Chili salsa and it mellowed the garlic and was delicious!!! Give it a try!!

  36. Eddie great post! I am always on the lookout for improving my crust on my pizza! The best part of the Pizza with sour cream dip 🙂

    I had never thought of honey garlic!! Gonna go down a treat!

    Cheers Buddy!

  37. I too have the question about using cold water instead of warm. I thought the water had to be warm to activate the yeast. Hope to hear from you soon as Friday is homemade pizza night around here and I am looking for a new crust recipe. Thx


  38. I’m so glad you like honey with garlic. I have never had it on a pizza, but I have decided to try it tonight. Any time we have garlic bread at my parents’ house, there is always honey on the table. We’ve always done it, and it is delicious, but I never knew it was a “thing”. I know the pizza will be a new fave. Thanks for sharing your recipe!

  39. I am definitely trying the one with honey, I am also very tired of the usual pepperoni pizza. My son loves just plain cheesy pizzas and I think he will definitely like that version with honey added. Thanks for sharing…all the way from Singapore!

  40. I have made a few pizza crusts and mine have never turned out??? Excited to try this especially since I just got a kitchenaid!! What setting do I put the mixer on for this though??? Thank you!!

  41. Thank you!! One more question for your “dough challenged” friend….what kind of flour?? AP, self rising, or do I need to buy bread flour?? Thank you!! Gonna try it tonight if I can figure this out!! 🙂

  42. Just came across this page whilst looking for tips on how to make a pizza look presentable. My friends and I are holding a charity event to raise funds for and awareness of Cancer Research. I have volunteered to make pizzas for the masses expected. (For a subscription of course). I really appreciate your tips. Will definitely be giving the Honey & Garlic pizza a try. We British would never think of trying anything like that. I am looking forward to the responses. Thanks again. Harry

  43. This is the best pizza crust recipe. I have been trying out many different recipes over the last few months. So when Edie posted this, I had to try it. No need to keep searching for that perfect recipe. I’ve found it. Delicious!

  44. I will definitely have to try it tomorrow evening. Can’t believe easy home made pizza dough recipe and tantalising honey garlic pizza all in one page. Thank you for sharing.

  45. I made pizza with the children today.
    I’ve never made pizza crust before. I found this recipe and it ROCKS the universe!
    I thought making homemade pizza would be a pain, but wrong I was!
    Throw the ingredients in the mixer and done. Couldn’t be any easier.
    Goodbye Dominoes, Pizza Hut & frozen pizza – I shall never buy pizza again!
    *I added rosemary to the crust and that was super delicious!
    I can’t wait to make the garlic honey pizza this evening for supper with the 2nd crust.
    I think we landed in pizza heaven today – there wasn’t one crumb left.
    THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for the best & easiest recipe ever!!

  46. I have been making my own bread and all sorts of dough for over 20 years and this one only rose a small amount. I followed the instructions to the T with new yeast, that I tested and it is fine. Most of the time you dissolve the sugar in the water first and sprinkle the yeast on top before you add it to the other ingredients. I will probably try that next time, but will probably stick to my old recipe. All of that being said. – the honey garlic combo was to die for!!!

  47. Delicious! I was just looking for a pizza dough recipe and decided to bookmark this one to try over others solely because of the honey garlic pizza! Great crust, and AMAZING taste with the honey garlic pizza! I used mozzarella and cheddar since it’s what I had on hand. MMM MMMM MMM!

  48. After reading your posts about homemade pizza crusts I decided this week to give it a try. My husband was very skeptical…..and to tell the truth I was too. It was huge success! I am so excited, I have always been leery of any thing that requires yeast. I plan to start a “Pizza Night” at our annual June beach vacation. I think our grandchildren will have the best time making them and we will all enjoy eating them. Thanks for all the ways you have made my life better.

  49. Made this an hour ago, waiting for it to rise. So far not rising at all….a little worried about the cold water as opposed to warm?

  50. Wow! thats an amazing recipe! I usually bake my own pizza crusts as I love homemade pizzas. they taste much better & healthier than store bought.
    We recently had a big birthday party in my family and we had a Pizza party! Obviously it was a large aprty so it wasnt possible for us to cook the pizzas, but w ehad equally home made pizzas by Mobile Pizza Caterers in Sydney their pizzas were close to the home made ones – fresh ingredients, natural flavors & healthier.

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  55. I made your homemade pizza crust, but I added a cup of brown sugar to the mix. A local pizzeria did this. Otherwise I went by your direction and the crust was awesome! I do need some work on the filling though. And by the way the crust was Awesome!! Did I say that already. Have a much Blessed holiday weekend!

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  63. Made this recipe twice, first time I halved the crust,but it was too thick for us. Second time, I got 4 crusts that were thinner and perfect. Easiest pizza I ever made, no more frozen for me. Thanks for great easy recipe.

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  65. We tried this crust last weekend and it is our new favorite! We have been making your whole wheat bread recipe with freshly ground wheat for a year. The bread is tasty, satisfying and helping my digestive system. Thank you for the good eats!

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    this article i thought i could also create comment due to this good paragraph.

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  68. Edie,

    Have you ever frozen the crust (or dough) after you made it and used it at a later date? We have family coming in for Thanksgiving and I was thinking this would be perfect….. but I am not sure I’m going to have the time. Would this work?????? Advice?

    • You can do it either way, Katie. It probably tastes the freshest to freeze the whole pie before baking it, if you have time to do the baking the day or the day before you want to eat it. I’ve also frozen it baked and just let it thaw overnight and that works fine too!

  69. I want to try this no doubt for my family, I however am gluten-free. And even if I cheat, I regret it for 24 hours. So any versions of this on the gluten-free scale??

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  75. Absolutely love this pizza recipe. It’s the only one I use. I make it every Friday night, my husband and kids love it. ‍‍‍ I’ve also done it for other members of the family and they can’t believe how amazing and authentic the pizzas turn out
    I’ve been using a shop bought pizza sauce but would love to make my own.

  76. After many failed attempts with pizza dough…… This recipe was perfect!!!! I’m very picky when it comes to pizza, and this is now my go to recipe! Thank you so much!!!

  77. Oh my heavens. I cannot believe I found this site and this recipe. You have made my day. I too lived in Italy with so many fond memories. I was a child when my father took a job with Pirelli. Then there were the Detroit days and a lot of waiting in line at Buddy’s for the best pizza ever. You have sparked a lot of interest for me. Thank you.

  78. I love colorful recipes indeed, and this pizza is absolutely flavorful!
    Love this so good, our family really enjoyed it… saved it to one of my pins for pizza night! thanks!

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