April has been full of fun cleaning and organizing projects. I cleaned out my closet and my kitchen cupboards/open shelving  and hope to attack the workroom this weekend. I posted about some of my favorite clothing and even finally made time to post my homemade pizza recipe. (Who’s gonna be brave and try it this weekend?)
I’ve also been froofing up the sultry master with a few succulents, using the adorable flower planter Shannon made me.  The red flower part is made of plastic spoons, melted over a candle.  Oh, yes it is!

master bedroom (via lifeingrace)

spoon flower vase (made with melted spoons)

spoon flower vase (made with melted spoons)

master bedroom (via lifeingrace)

master bedroom (via lifeingrace)

master bedroom (via lifeingrace)

master bedroom (via lifeingrace)

and I finally hung my new piece, purchased at Tobacco Barn, while  thrifting with a few of my favorite people!

master bedroom (via lifeingrace)

Now, I want to know what you’ve been up to.  Join me on Tuesday for “Life. On Purpose” link -up—home edition. (Visit the January and February link-ups here!)  If you’ve been spring cleaning, reorganizing, redecorating, or even making some new recipes, link up with us next week, as we share how we are living at home with purpose.  Give me a sneak peek in the comments about  what you’re thinking of linking up!  If you don’t have a blog, we’ll have a Facebook discussion that day on some of our spring projects!


OH, and one more thing:  I saw this on Pinterest and promptly bought it for $12 from this ETSY shop.  It makes me smile.

And?  I hope you know how much you are loved.


18 comments on “Around the house {and an upcoming link-up}”

  1. Looking forward to seeing what everyone’s been working on. This month has been so topsy-turvey for me and I have not accomplished even half of what I hoped to.

  2. I’ve gotten a bunch done in my kitchen, finally got the curtains hung, so i feel our renovation of it is now officially complete. maybe I’ll link up what i did in there? I organized a lot! It’s made me a better cook.
    Incidently: I’m totally going to throw in that honey garlic pizza tonight and see if it’s as amazing as it looks…

  3. Your home is gorgeous! Can you tell me where you bought the fab chest beside your bed? I
    Can you come to VA and help me decorate? Love your blog!

  4. Your house makes me happy. I LOVE your bedroom decor.

    I think I will link up next week. I have been crazy inspired lately – reorganizing, painting, painting my windows, moving things around. FUN!

  5. Ahhhh. Spring freshening. In the midst of winding down a nutty school year, that kind of thing brings me great joy. Can’t wait to see what folks have been up to!

  6. First of all, I am totally doing that flower vase for a bunch of people for mother’s day! That is awesome. I saw the ones at Anthro and couldn’t bring myself to pay that much for such a small vase. I am uber excited about this project! Thanks for sharing the link!
    Second, I am having a Sunday School group over for pizza tomorrow night and we are having homemade pizza, so I definitely want to try the honey garlic pizza.

  7. Now can you see that not buying that painting was never an option?!?! The mystery artist painted it just for that space above your nekkid-soaking-tub self.

    I love the succulent in your Shannon Vase…I have mine atop a stack of books in my living room.

  8. Oh Edie, I love that you put the vase in your bedroom. It makes me a little teary {silly, I know, but I feel that it puts me a little closer to your heart and well…I can’t think of a better place to be}. I think of you often and appreciate your open heart. xoxo

  9. I’m pulling a few pictures together of my month…some good, some ordinary… but, all of it was on purpose. Can’t wait to see what everyone links.

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