This post could also be titled, “Closet Organizing, for the Ruth in all of us.” Or, “How I Finally Learned to Clean Out My Closet, at age 43.”

Also? Don’t forget to check out Part 2 of this post, where I share all my favorite clothes!
closet organizing tips
Organizing is not my love language, as my mother and sister can gladly attest. But I’ve learned a few things over the years of watching my sainted mother clean out my closet.

She’s a pro. And I can at least pay attention.  It’s almost as ironic as my post on making peace with your papers. It’s been almost a month since I did this project and I’m happy to report, it’s still looking mighty fine.

It’s been a year and half since we moved in from our fresh, new rebuild after the house fire.  In other words, long enough for my closet to be a mess.  Last month, when we were all sick and thought we were gonna die, I stumbled into the living room in my bronchitis, viral, fever-y stupor and said,  “Girls, turn on the t.v.  and find a documentary.”  They nearly fainted and scurried to find the 47 remotes to try to figure out how to turn the t.v. on.  (As a side note, I NEVER turn the t.v. on at our house, partly because our home is our school and secondly, because there are 47 remotes and turning our tv on reminds me of a pilot trying to initiate take-off.)  After that documentary, I told them to turn on another one.  They looked at each other, looked at me, shrugged their shoulders and watched three more.  After a few hours of this, my little one said she was bored and wanted to organize something.  I had just enough medication in me to think this might be a good idea.  So, off to land of clothes we went.  Here are some tips for how we did it.

1.  Purge 

Even after a short time living here, there are things I could purge.  (Mostly clothing people gave me after the fire that was ill-fitting but even a few things I bought myself that I never wear.)   I have a much smaller closet than I had in our old house, so that forces me to be choosier about what I buy and keep.  And don’t we all wear the same clothes over and over again?  Try to figure out from those things you love what it is you love about them.  Is it the way they fit?  The color? And be brutally honest about the things you haven’t worn and are likely not gonna wear.  Donate it to someone who will or decide if you can repurpose it into something you will wear and use.  I got rid of 3 bags of clothing and could probably have purged a little more ruthlessly.

2.  Stop Buying (as much)

I’m getting SO MUCH better at being very picky about what I buy.  I used to buy things on sale, just because they were on sale.  I buy WAY fewer clothes these days but probably spend more per item than I did before.  There are certain styles that don’t look good on me and no matter how cheap they are,  it’s not worth it if they sit in my closet and take up valuable real estate.  So be picky.  Be fewer things but invest in some pieces that are a good fit for you.  And come back this week for part 2, where I list a few of my favorite pieces.

3.  Take everything out.

And wear a mask.  It’s a dusty proposition.  BUT, I’m so glad I took the time to take everything out and really clean the shelves and floors.  This is obviously time consuming but if you’re like me and only doing this less than once per year, you owe to yourself to do it right. And trust me, I had a lot of shelving to dust.  I just mixed a little vinegar with water and used a microfiber cloth to really clean all the surfaces.

closet organizing tips

4.  Invest in good hangers.

closet organizing tips
Even before the house fire, I had made the switch to good hangers.  Just do it slowly over time and eventually, you can replace all your white plastic hangers with felt or wooden ones.  I use wooden skirt hangers but for everything else, I use the felt/velvet covered ones.  Your clothes don’t slip off and your clothes are less prone to wrinkle.  I bought mine at T.J. Maxx for pretty cheap but I saw that Walmart has them, too.

5.  Hang like things together by color

I love the rainbow closet.  It’s so PRETTY!!  And it helps you see whether or not you have a predilection for all things tan and black.  Apparently, I like white shirts and blue jeans.  I like to say ‘blue jeans’ because that  reminds me of Leann Morgan’s trip to ‘The Ga-up’ to buy some low risin’ blue jeans.

But, I digress.  More on clothing in part two of this dazzling series.

6.  Don’t let you ten year old talk into cleaning out your closet when you’re sick……

Or have her sign an affidavit that she’ll stay until the last shirt is hung.  Because she’ll get a better offer.  And abandon you half way through to make duct tape crafts or read or some other such nonsense.

Amen.  And amen.

You’ll find yourself sitting in a pile of tissues and tylenol and chloraseptic, drowning in  a room full of trinkets and stray belts that you don’t know what to do with, cursing the very fact that you wear clothes at all.  You know that *point* you get to in every project where you just want to be done with it already? That’s when you have dig down deep and find the eye of the tiger. Put on some good music.  Watch an episode of hoarders.  Do whatever it takes.  But finish strong and don’t forget to display some cute things, like purses and cowboy boots, to make you space all the more inviting and fun.  Then, walk in there every 5 minutes for the next three hours to make sure everything still looks dandy.

closet organizing tips
Also, if you’re building a house soon or want to add some architectural interest to your closets, try adding crown molding to the top and to the front of shelves. It’s a fairly inexpensive way to make your closet have a boutique feel. I also chose a very inexpensive crystal light fixture to add some glam!

Now, all you organizing pros, tell us your favorite tips. Or at least tell how often you clean out your closet and if you keep it tidy. Inquiring minds want to know. Or at least this one does.

176 comments on “Closet Organizing Tips {and my favorite clothes}, part 1”

  1. Oh, now I needed this! Right now I have a pile of clothes on the bench behind me … a stack of clothes to be hung up sitting on my ironing board that never gets used. I’m beginning to despise my closet!! I recently purged three bags full but could have made it 10 bags and just left my jeans, white tank tops and white shirts, and a few cardigans since that is all I ever seem to wear!

  2. Organizing is something I love to think about doing but is *not* my love language either. The only closet in our house is in our room and it’s all my husbands clothes and uniforms. I have a dresser but most of the time my clothes end up in a (folded) pile in front of it. Especially since I was so sick with morning sickness in Dec/Jan/Feb I should try to tackle that. Your closet looks wonderful and I can’t believe you did it while sick! I’d be on the couch with cozy blankets haha

  3. I love your rainbow closet look too!

    I can scratch just one thing off this list: all wooden hangers for us! IKEA sells them in packs pretty cheap. I’ve learned to keep ONE wire hanger around however, like for when you lock your keys in the car or something. OR you can just be sure to lock your baby in the hot car too so you can act like its an emergency and call the handsome firemen over to break into your car too… thats what I do. haha.

    And your boots! I learned on Kasey Buick’s blog to stick a wine bottle in them to keep them upright and in shape. Of course you can just use rolled up newspaper aome say, but what’s the fun in that? Wine bottles give you a good excuse to to have some wine. 😉

  4. I reorganized my closet about a year ago and did the rainbow thing too, and it is the BEST! I always thought it was just a “fad” thing, as I had always organized my closet with long-sleeves together, short-sleeves, etc, thinking that made more sense. But it really seems more organized now and much easier to find stuff. I love it! It also makes it look so pretty and much nice to be in there now.
    Probably need to purge again, but after my big purge and reorganization last year, it will be much easier.
    One project I need to do is put up a couple of towel racks for all my scarves. I seem to have collected quite a few and they are now out of control! Would love to do the crown molding too.
    I have dressed up the space too – a pretty rug and some cute pictures. I think it makes you want to keep it tidy 🙂

  5. I completely agree about good hangers. The felt covered ones take up much less space and you never have to rehang that one tank top that keeps sliding off the hanger (don’t you hate that?).
    My tip is to buy 2 sets of colors when you buy felt hangers. Things that I don’t wear often are hung on the “probation” colored hangers and at the end of the year they are easy to identify and purge.
    I am also strict about the “one thing in; one thing out” rule. When I pick up something new, I try to find at least one thing to donate. This also helps me only buy new things I love because it has to be better than the thing that has to go to make space.
    I also do the rainbow closet system which allows me to pretend my closet is a display space in Anthropologie.

  6. Funny how this pops up after making a “pact” with my hubby on the drive home from Easter, that I would get our room back in order. Love all the tips! Just the inspiration I need to get started, after I YouTube a lil more Leanne Morgan. HILARIOUS!

  7. I would like to say I am a natural organizer but the truth is I am not and I know it. Right now my closet is deplorable and I really need to organize it. This is such pretty inspiration. My closet space is tiny and I need to spend some quality time on Pinterest looking for affordable solutions to this dilemma.
    I never turn the tv on here either, unless it’s for DIY Network or HGTV.
    Hugs 🙂

  8. Your closet looks wonderful! I wish you would’ve posted “before” pictures 🙂
    Our closet is soooo bad. Just clothes and shoes and belts and empty shoe boxes…and dust. I would like to describe how seriously bad it is, but unless you can see it, you cannot understand it. Crazy. When we moved into our house six years ago, I just went to Lowe’s and purchased one of those white wire closet organizers and it does not suit our needs. I keep wanting to purchase something more substantial – alot like what you have. Can you please tell us where you got your closet shelves? Or were they custom made when you built the house?

    • I may have a before picture on my phone—if I can find it, I’ll post it.
      And yes, we had those custom made and I’ll have to dig up the name but it probably wouldn’t do you any good…
      They were very reasonable, though, for what we got.
      I’m so happy with the way mine turned out, with the trim and crown moulding.
      And trust me, I’ve let many a closet get to states of disorganization you cannot comprehend.
      You can dig out!!!!
      Start tomorrow.

  9. Woohoo!! Vinegar cleaning, that orange rose rug, crown molding, and advice to walk away now and then… Love it all. Kudos to you and your sweetie for a job well done. Looking forward to your favorite clothing post!! (I am slimming down just a touch and having fun rethinking my closet…) xoxo

  10. I work in the apparel industry, love clothes and acquire a LOT of them. I also tend to be a little trendy, so things don’t stick around too long. I keep a bag for the goodwill in my closet so I can drop things in there when I come across it. I also make myself purge after every season. (I’ll be going through my winter clothes this weekend.) If I haven’t worn it the past season, it doesn’t stick around. I try to be relentless about it.

    • Bag for Goodwill in the closet? Yes, I think I will!!
      I like trendy clothes too but I try not to buy too many and when I do, I buy them cheap. That said, a few of my favorite shirts are trendy as can be.
      And, I know I need to be more relentless!!

    • I’ve always wanted to do that, Glenda, but have never tried it. Jenny from Little Green Notebook did something similar and it looks so fantastic!!

      • My husband has the books shelved by theme. He would not be thrilled if I made a rainbow, though I have been tempted. 🙂

  11. I have to switch our clothes out for the seasons because we don’t have the space. At the beginning of each season I hang the hangers backwards on the rack. Anything not turned around by the end of the season goes to Goodwill. It’s an easy way to know what you really aren’t wearing.

  12. Oh my, your closet is beautiful! 🙂 I share a closet that size with my husband and he takes up more room than I do.
    I also hang things by the rainbow trick(it IS so pretty!) and I made the rule for myself to get rid of anything with a stain, hole, etc…. after buying an Ebook(Tiny Twig, I think?) about how to dress. That was a great resource.
    And just in case your readers have this store, I just saw a huge package(20 hangers) of the felt hangers for only $9.99 at Burlington Coat Factory. That’s a great deal!

    • There are some great videos of her standup routine on her website. And she lives here in East TN, so she’s our local celebrity!

  13. Invite friends over when you clean out your closet! Not only can they help you decide what to keep and what to give away, they can also give serve to be new eyes to create different looks by pairing things you’d never consider. It is even better if you invite over those who might be interested in hand-me-downs. When you are torn about whether to keep something and they express interest, it’s easier to remember “Hey, I haven’t worn this since Monica and Richard were together on Friends. It’s probably time to let it find a home with a grateful owner” not “Hey, I am planning on being ten pounds lighter soon, so I should proably hang on to it…just in case.”

    • Now that is a genius idea, Randi!! Watch out, friends of mine, I’ll be calling on you sometime next year!

  14. Wait, I feel robbed! You said “and my favorite clothes.” I was thinking there were going to pics with links to cute clothes! (love your closet)

    • That’s coming, Ginny!!! Hang on, there will be some pics and links. I just have to get my girls to help me out a little!

  15. Your closet IS like a boutique, I love the crown moulding and crystal light fixture!! I’ll remember that for *someday*. Right now I would be happy to not hyperventilate like I’m stuck in an elevator when I go in my closet! Definitely time to clean it out.

  16. Talk about timing! I just grabbed a box & took everything off of the top of my built-in dresser in the closet this morning. I had read Melody & Kathy’s post about mentally waking up & doing just one thing. One thing I can change- What a difference that makes just clearing it off! Then seeing your color-drenched closet (mine is organized by colors too) WOW! Just what I need to head home and finish it up-
    Big jewelry give-gift away coming up!
    Thank you Edie, Melody and Kathy 🙂
    Biggest Love,
    Julia in Lafayette, Louisiana

  17. LOVE this!! And it’s the inspiration I need…your pretty rainbow closet! My room is a mess thanks to a busy Easter weekend :/ Here’s hoping your inspiration lasts till tomorrow morning when I can do something about it!

  18. eek! I have those same gold wedges!! yet another reason to like you! great taste in shoes! 🙂
    I used to be much more of a freak about organizing the house but much more relaxed now that we are living with a tiny tornado. However, my closet is my happy place and although it’s not laid out as inviting as yours I do make it a point to purge and re-organize it pretty often. I do have a hard time giving up clothes as I always think of a way to re-style something and then never get around to it…..shameful. But I think it reminds me of playing dress up and doing spring cleaning with my roommate in college. something therapeutic in listening to music, falling in love with old pieces and the finished organized product!
    makes me want to go do mine again!

  19. I found at COSTCO, 35 hangers for 8.99, best dealio yet! Love those felt hangers, my daughter turned me on to them.

  20. Cleaning closets is my faaavorite thing to do which is probably why I started my organization business. It is so cathartic to clear that space out you feel like you’ve had New Year’s all over again. I also recommend padded hangers if you can spare the room in your closet for delicate blouses. Even the felt ones can leave corners on the shoulders depending on the fabric.
    Love your blog!

  21. Why don’t we live on the same cul-de-sac? Reading your blog is such validation. The combination of fascination and nausea makes “Hoarders” that perfect cocktail to assure myself that my own clutter is just not that bad…. You should watch “The Queen of Versailles” next. It’s a documentary, practically educational!
    Keep it up! I adore you.

  22. Dear Edie-
    I love this post and it is so timely. I *do* love to organize my closet and do so seasonly.
    My issue is that my husband and I share a closet and his gift is *piling*. So while my part of the closet is similar to your beautiful closet, my husband’s part of the closet is basically a pile of clothes and shoes.
    Can you advise me on how to deal with this? 🙂 He’s forbidden me from cleaning it myself becasue I’m prone to throwing out everything! 🙂 Purging makes me happy…I’m weird like that.
    Love your pretty closet!

  23. That video was hilarious! My closet is in desperate need of an overhaul as well as a few staple additions. You’re closet is beautiful!!!

  24. I have four kids (too) and since I feel like I’m constantly rotating out their clothes (ages 9 to 1) I don’t have much time to do my own. But I like to do it twice a year. Once with Summer and once in Winter. Color coordinating is a must so you’re pretty pictures where right up my alley. My Mister and I each have our own closets but their smallish and so we utilize a double bar/rack system. But I LOVE your drawers!!! I dream of having a closet that will remove all need for a full size dresser! Great job on your closet!!

  25. Ahhh. A pretty closet just makes me HAPPY. I installed an inexpensive chandelier in mine just to up the ante a little. Now I need to get in there and expose the floor and “rainbowtize” everything. Thanks for the inspiration, Edie!

  26. It is Sunday night, I have read this post several times . I don’t have a walk in closet…. that would be heaven…….. just the old bi-fold doors and 6 feet that’s mine. This seemed like a huge space 36 years ago when we built our house and I had been using the tiny closet in our 1950’s house. I change up my closet for cold/hot seasons and use the color code method. I don’t think I have ever removed everything before and that is what I am going to do…. kind of scary!!! wonder what I will find????
    Edie, you are an inspiration in so many ways…thanks!

  27. Edie – I just found your blog by doing my favorite thing: blog hopping! After seeing your closet, I have come to one major discovery: I do not have enough blue jeans. Seriously, I love your neat and tidy closet, and the rainbow thing…I do that when I energetic. If I’m lucky it will last 4 months or so. While we were building, I was giving a girlfriend a tour. We came to the room outside of my master bath and she said, “Wow, this is a good size room. What room is this?” “My closet.” I mumbled. OH, yes, I got the look! . I got the wire-rubber coated hanging system from the big box store. While it’s much, much nicer that what I had in our old farm house (which was basically nothing) now that I’ve seen this beauty, I wonder if my darling husband will be willing to put up some crown molding? Maybe a shandy?

    Thanks for sharing. Now, I must go shopping and find some jeans…

  28. When we built our house, I said I wanted a closet big enough to keep all my clothes in. It was one of the things I wound up having to sacrifice — and I’m glad. Switching out the warm weather and cold weather clothes forces me to go through everything twice a year. I also started the old “hangers the wrong way” trick. You know what? It works! When I put the new seasonal clothes in, I put all the hangers the wrong way. When I wear something, I rehang it the right way. This is the greatest trick EVER. If I haven’t worn it during the season, it goes away.

    The other thing I try to purge annually is jewelry. In addition to jeans, ask yourself how many pairs of EARRINGS you have that never get worn! Ditto for other accessories like scarves and purses. I used to feel like I had to keep something because it was still in good shape. I felt like I was being wasteful if I got rid of it. Then I thought about the joy I feel when I find something great at the thrift store and remembered that someone else will experience that same joy when they find a purse of mine that I never carry.

    And I always remind myself that never one time in my life — EVER — have I wished I had something back that I sent to Goodwill!

  29. No joke.
    When i want to clean, I first watch an episode of Hoarders.
    Quite motivating.

    I think I need a second hanging row in our closet.
    We don’t have that many full length items (dresses, etc.).
    Thanks for the inspiration.

  30. Hi Edie!
    Your closet looks wonderful! Glad you shared 😉 I am an organized freekazoid! My husband and I have 6 beautiful children and I’m SOO thankful the Lord blessed me with organizational skills because they come in SOO handy wih this crew! My closet is organized most ofthe time and I purge once a year on average. My wardrobe is quite small, but I LIKE it that way! The thing I noticed and LOVED about yours is the stool you have in there 😉 I don’t know if you’re short, but I’m just under 5’2″ and I have to keep a stool in mine to reach the stuff “way up there” It made me smile 🙂

    • Wow that closet kinda looks like mine. I make it a point too that if I have not worn it in a year to get rid of it either through co-signment shops or charity.

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  32. My closet looks very similar to yours! I’ve always been super organized. 😉 However, as of late, I’ve decided that I should really purge even more. I mean I counted that I had 200 hangers of clothes, even AFTER I purged. I think that’s a tad much…. 😉

    • I recently counted the hangers in my closet, even after a “light” purge, and the number is over 200. 🙁 I have more purging to do!

      Thanks, Edie, for such a great post–very inspirational!

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  36. First, I just wanted to say, thanks so much for that Leann Morgan video, it made my day. Oh my gosh I am still laughing. Lol. And secondly I love your closet. I definitely will be applying the “rainbow” tip for mine. And lastly, I’m a new follower. You write well and I love your content. You have a beautiful family! Have a great day!

  37. First, I just wanted to say, thanks so much for that Leann Morgan video, it made my day. Oh my gosh I am still laughing. Lol. And secondly I love your closet. I definitely will be applying the “rainbow” tip for mine. And lastly, I’m a new follower. You write well and I love your content. You have a beautiful family! Have a great day!

  38. My daughter laughs when she asks me what I’ve been doing – she pointed out to me that at least once a month I mention that I am cleaning out my closet. I never noticed that. Nothing like a daughter to point out your weirdness.

    We downsized a few years ago and I still haven’t gotten it into my head that I can’t fit everything I want into our smaller closet. I’m not sentimental about clothes, but I do have the equivalent of the Smithsonian display of a variety of clothing in sizes from 4-10. I try to keep the current size hanging (I’m currently going down in sizes) and the others in storage boxes on higher shelves, but until I figure out how to pick a size and stay there, I don’t know what to get rid of. A few years ago I got rid of my larger size clothes and then after recovering from surgery, I had to go rebuy clothes in the larger size. Ugh. So I just rid of what I no longer like. I love the velvet hangers and I also use the rainbow method.

    I think I’ll go clean my closet again after reading your post. 🙂

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  75. Hi…I have a tiny walk-in closet that I share with hubby. Its a very old house…about 150 years…back in the day when they didn’t do the closet thing. They only had 2 sets of clothes :). Any suggestions on how to organize when working with minimal space. Your closet pictures show more clothes than he and I have combined :).

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  78. I envy your closet, it looks so organized, mine is a mess. I hope you tips will help me to make my custom bedroom closet look better. And I totally understand that point about kids organizing the closet. I once allowed my girl to help me with cleaning and god alone knows how I managed to order the mess that she made. keep sharing articles like this, it was a great read.

  79. I keep a pretty wicker hamper in my closet, lined with a large shopping bag (reused from Kohls or something…) all my goodwill “ugh when did this get so tight!?” clothes and the “how did that end up in my closet? I don’t wear those??!” — they go in there. and I pop the bag out when full and run it to a donation center. I buy a TON of clothes: thrift shops, goodwill, garage sales… but I do 1 thing NEW = get rid of something old also. I purge after every season (when I have to pack it all up to make room for the new). and I invest in QUALITY staples. jeans, a few great basic shoes, and a couple classic skirts and blouses. everything else: frivolous city! my closet is colorful and beautiful and I display my shoes/purses/dresses boutique style- to inspire me to keep it that way!!

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