(This is re-adapted from a chapter in my ebook on Hospitality called The Well-Appointed Hostess.)


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So, now that we’ve all cleaned out our closets and made peace with our inner hoarders, here’s a few of my favorite tips for dressing yourself.

Y’all listen close.  Lean in. (I defy all personal space rules and I always have.  My apologies.)  There is no amount of makeup or clothing or hair products that can ever make up for the beauty that lives within you.  You are beautiful!  Did you hear me?  God has made you in His image and He has poured Himself into you and you are unique and special and lovely in all the ways that matter.

But there are a few principles I follow when dressing myself that might help you too.  Take it all with a grain of salt because I’ve always been a little eclectic and risky with my wardrobe.  And?  I’ve been looking high and low for a red fitted jumpsuit, something akin to the one Sally O’Malley wears—you know, for those nights when my girls like to see me do my best rendition of her kick and stretch routine.   So, maybe my advice on clothing is completely worthless.  But that’s never stopped me before.


1. Find clothes that are ‘yank and tuck and hitch free’.

And by that I mean, who’s got time to keep readjusting clothes that don’t fit properly?  No one, in the history of ever.   So as much as you and I both hate it, try things on to make sure you’re not gonna be hitching and tucking and yanking and in general driving yourself to the brink of insanity.   And we all may have gone too far in rebelling against mom jeans.  It may be time to give up the teeny bopper jeans that won’t stay up.  Which brings me to my next point.

2. Invest in some good jeans.

Okay, I want you to go right now to your closet and count how many pairs of jeans you have. Go on, I’ll wait.  How many was it?  10?  15?  More than 20?  Don’t lie to me.  Do any of them really fit?  If you’re like most women, the answer is no.

Now, if you could sell or trade in all those ill-fitting jeans for one pair of amazing, butt-lifting, perfect fitting jeans, wouldn’t you do it?  How much would you pay for one pair of awesome jeans?  Well, it’s gonna cost you.  But save your pennies and put it on your ‘list of things I must do’.   My favorite pair is from True Religion and they were VERY expensive.  I like Seven jeans and Hudson’s and Paige jeans.  Go to a high-end department store and try on some good jeans.  Just do it.  You won’t regret it, I promise.

Buying one pair good jeans will stop you from buying 20 pairs of mediocre jeans.  It’ll save you hundreds of dollars in the end.

Let me break it down for you.

—Stitched jeans make you look thinner.  See that stitching on the inner thigh?  It’s your friend. It makes your inner thighs play nice and also makes you look like you’re from Texas, getting ready to go to a honky tonk.  Win-Win, in my book.  Add a trendy, flowing, silky top and you’re ready for almost anything, which in my world would be going to a square dance or feeding the chickens.

Top: Belk

Jeans: True Religion Women’s Becky Bootcut Jean, Lonestar, 25 (not my exact jeans)

Shoes: Gold wedges, Micheal Kors

 Chan Luu Turquoise Wrap Bracelet

—Trouser Jeans make you look taller and look so cute with summer wedges or sandals or cowboy boots, of course.  Last season, American Eagle even had trouser jeans in white, which were super cute.

Jeans: Trouser jeans from CABI

Top:  from T.J. Maxx

Wedges: Miz Mooz Women’s Lucie Wedge Sandal,Tobacco/Yellow,7.5 M US (not mine, but I like them!)

Woven Belt from CABi

—Skinny Jeans make you look, er, ummm, skinny?  This has never been true in my case, so I just tuck them into my boots.  I can’t think of another good reason to own skinny jeans, y’all.  Unless you’re 22 and skinny or are in a hipster band or are Justin Beiber.  But they’re good for tucking into boots.  So, yeah, I’ve highjacked the skinny jeans for my own 43 year old purposes.

Jeans:  Hudson Women’s Tilda Straight Cuffed Crop, Whitcomb, 31

Top: T.J. Maxx

Boots:  Frye, tall, jackie riding boots

Okay, so I’m passionate about denim. Sell a bunch of the stuff you don’t wear and buy some good denim.  It’s the 11th commandment.


3.  Buy every color of Sugar Lips tank top you think you’ll use.

These tank tops (Sugar Lips Seamless Rib Tank Top 409 (Ivory))  fit amazingly well and have a lot of ‘stretch’ in them.  They stay put and help you feel all tucked in.  I wear one every single day.  I don’t ever want to talk to you about any other tank top, ever!   These are amazing and pretty cheap.  Buy yours today.  Don’t delay.  You’ll be singing my praises.  And all your ‘situations’ around the midsection will be put in their place.  They are ‘one size fit most’ so I’ve found that most people can wear them with great satisfaction.

4. Dress like a woman. 

Do not underestimate the power of a good wrap dress.  Dresses are beautiful and feminine and can hide a lot of buttercream icing indiscretion.  I LOVE dresses and wear them all the time.  They’re not just for Sunday.  Dress them down with cowboy boots or flip flops. I love this wrap dress and wear it in the summer by itself with flip flops or in the winter with a shirt, sweater and boots.

5. Do not buy ‘outfits’ or fall for every trend.

Never, ever, {like ever} buy something that comes in a set.  Except maybe for china and false teeth.  Buy individual pieces that you love but resist buying things as ‘outfits’.   Buy some good jeans, a few great sweaters, some girly blouses and a few great wrap dresses.   Outfits were outlawed in 1985.  I have such bad memories of outfits.  Remember, in high school, when everything you owned was in outfit form?   I almost always had matching shoes to go with my outfits back then.  Clothes shouldn’t be married to each other.  They are free agents, to date around, with whomever they choose.

That said, don’t throw out the baby with the bathwater.  Trends are there for a reason.  They give us something to laugh about in ten years.  And, there are some trends that seem to work with those of us no longer 25.  The new trend of the colored pants, aka ‘hot pants’ from 1960? I love them.  You can get them in every conceivable color.  I love these army green ones from American Eagle.  But be choosy with the trends you fall for.  I tend to LOVE them all and then live to regret it.   Buy them cheap.  The’ll be like track suits before you know it.

6. Learn what looks good on you and what doesn’t.

Why did this take me 37 years to learn?  I do not know.  But I’ve finally figured out a few things about what I can and can’t wear.  I can’t wear flat shoes or peasant blouses or empire dresses.  I don’t look good in boxy sweaters or long skirts or high waisted anything.  I have a boyish shape, with strong thighs and narrow hips,  so I have to do things to give the illusion of a more feminine figure.  I look good in blouses but not so good in turtlenecks.

The bottom line is—-you need to find your lists of do’s and don’t and abide by it.  Stop trying to force things that aren’t good for you just because they’re on sale. Think of the things you feel great in and try to deconstruct what it is about those pieces that you love.

7.  Buy fewer things but better things. 

We all have way too many clothes. We buy things because they’re on sale but then complain that we don’t have things to wear that we really like.  Be patient.  If there’s nothing this season that thrills you, just wait and save your money.  Invest in a few really awesome classic pieces and then try out a few trendy things when they’re on sale.  Buy less, but better.

8. Remember why you should care

We should take some pride in our appearance because beauty is God given and should not be despised or neglected.  And our husbands appreciate it.  They are visual creatures and they are drawn to beauty.  We love and serve them by taking care of ourselves and trying to be the best we can be.  We aren’t trying to win beauty contests, nor are we trying to be 20 years younger.  But we are trying.   It’s important.  And trust me, they notice.

I spend 90% of my time in good jeans with colorful, girly shirts.  Add some cowboy boots and it’s an easy, comfortable way to spend the day and feel good about myself.  I want to be pleasing for my husband so that to the best of my ability, the outside represents the beauty that God is cultivating in me on the inside.  My goal is to be comfortable enough about what I’m wearing and how I look so that I don’t have to worry about it.  It really frees you up to focus on others, when you aren’t so self-conscious about what you have on.

But the inside is where all the hard work happens.  And it’s way more important than all the rest of it.

In real life, I do a lot of layering, but someday, it needs its own post.

I’m also now OBSESSED with Stitch Fix and have nearly quit shopping altogether since they’ve been sending 5 pieces to my door every month!

And tell me your favorite clothing items.  What is that one piece you can’t live without?

Also, does anybody have that  red jumpsuit I mentioned?

165 comments on “Closet Organizing Tips, {and my favorite clothes}, part 2”

    • I recently lost over 40 lbs and feel amazing! I’m 64 yrs old and it’s about daggum time! I’m just getting back to the swing of fashion and dressing more youthful and classy. I like your helpful facts…especially about the perfect jean for my body…stitching in the inner thigh area… BUT…I too have “healthy” thighs…always have….therefore…always avoided light colored jeans with a dark top. I just can’t see how the look of accenting your “bottom heaviness” looks attractive…even in the light green jeans…would you care to enlighten me?

  1. thank you so much for this awesome outfit post! i think we have similar fashion sensibilities, so it was fun to read about it and get inspired. however, where you lean toward texas, living up here on the west coast of canada, on vancouver island, i have a thread of hippy/west coast/boho-chic thing going on…favorite winter go to for me – skinny jeans with tall boots OR boyfriend jeans with fringed koolaburra ugg style boots (i spend a lot of time in a hockey rink) favorite summer go to – hands down – the maxi style dress, any fabric, any color, any print….dress them up, dress them down. LOVE THEM!!!

  2. Edie, I love the way you dress. You are the person who inspired me to wear a dress over a knit top and colorful tights. You are SO right about the jeans. I have numerous pairs, and hate them all. I must buy myself a pair of thigh-slimming, good-butt jeans. It will be my new personal quest.

  3. Oh Edie, I’m one of those that is 60ish and don’t feel like it. It is so hard to dress. I constantly ask my granddaughter if something looks to young on me. I have been guilty of the set thing, but finally buying the girly shirts and wearing under sweaters, but now is summer and what to do, what to do……

  4. I love this! Checking out new jeans and the tank tops today!! I’ve been really struggling with figuring out what styles are age appropriate in my 40’s (who knew this would be a problem??). One thing I would love to hear about are shoe options you can wear socks with. I live in the Pacific Northwest and we need warm shoe options from October through May. Boots don’t always work and especially not often with spring outfits (which for mean usually means jeans and a spring top). Seeing woman wearing shoes without socks (flats) looks stylish but I know they are freezing! Would love to hear if you or your readers have any suggestions.

    Again, thanks Edie! I really loved this and hope you will periodically do posts on fashion.

    • PNW girl too! You’re right, it feels like sandals or boots are our main shoes. What about sheer trouser socks? I found some nude sheer socks at Target with a cute lattice pattern. I think they had some with polka dots too. They work with ballet flats or cute wedges.

      Thanks for the list Edie. I love your tops. I think I’m missing that category in my closet. My inexpensive knit tops aren’t as put-together as a blouse.

      While I don’t have any premium denim, I can see the reasoning. Some premium brands are American made — so much better than the issues surrounding cheaper brands. I can see that cost-per-wear would work out and less clothes would feel so much better.

  5. All excellent points! I’ve been having my own fashion evolution lately as I struggle to fit my post-baby, nearing 40 body. I think it takes this long to finally figure it out.
    You do look fabulous in all your clothes!!

  6. A good pair of jeans is on my autumn ‘to buy’ list…I’m already saving up for them. 🙂 I’ve recently updated my shoes, which I think can have a great impact on an outfit, too. I have a friend who dresses simply, but cute, and she’s always wearing tennis shoes. No! I want to gently tell her to find a cute pair of ballet flats. 🙂 My husband bought me Frye’s for my birthday a year ago, and they really made me feel so much more put together this winter. Since my baby is almost 2, I finally bought a great pair of platform sandals for the summer. Now that I’m not lugging around a diaper bag and infant carseat anymore, I’m feeling more comfortable getting back into heals on a regular basis. Thanks for the inspiration…I couldn’t agree more about your sentiments to ‘clean up’ for our husbands. Even with a few extra post-baby pounds, I have found that I feel better and more attractive to him when I put on a little make-up and actually make an effort in how I dress. If I wear sweatpants and slippers all day, I don’t feel very sexy for him when he gets home, and it completely shows through in our relationship. I think your next post should be about accessories…I love how you mix and match your earrings, necklaces and bracelets…please share some favorites and tips. 🙂

  7. I cannot tell you how much I love and appreciate this post! Such good advice – the kind I really need. Thank you!!!

    I love dresses too. In fact, that’s what I’m talking about on my blog today. 🙂

  8. You are awesome. I am 41 and skinny jeans don’t make me skinny, either, but I have a pair anyway 😀 I will say, proudly, that I only own 3 pairs of jeans. 1 blue skinny, 1 blue boot cut, and 1 black. I know, black jeans. But they fit me like a glove so I am keeping them.

    I must also confess I don’t have any cowboy boots. I am sorry. I have failed. Maybe this fall when the budget allows because you look great in yours!

  9. Thank you so much for this post, Edie! I read every word and am going to rework my wardrobe a lot. Starting with getting one of those tanks! Would you mind sharing the source of your horseshoe necklace? I love it so. 🙂

  10. Very good advice for sure. I too would rather have a few almost perfect fitting pieces than lots of ill fitting jeans and tops.
    One thing I struggle with, as a Christian, is how can I justify these prices? I usually feel as though I should be walking around in a sack cloth! Isn’t there somewhere I can find peace with dressing myself? I found the most perfect pair of jeans(AG) and there is no need to even hem them( I am short). I think you just gave me the permission to buy them! And guess what? I will wear them all the freakin time!
    Thanks for sharing that even though I am a Christian woman, there is still room to take care of myself 🙂

    • I know, Nikki, it’s something I’ve thought a lot about, too. But, I can tell you that I spend WAY less on clothes than I ever have, but when I do buy something, especially a staple, like jeans or boots, I make sure I love it and it’s good quality. And I return things like crazy, if I think I won’t wear it alot. Overall, I think it’s being a better steward because we’re not ‘consuming’ all the time and when you do, it’s something you’ve thought about, researched, saved for, etc. Hope that helps!!

  11. I have never figured out exactly what I love style wise. Maybe because I am so tall and wear a big shoe. Shopping has never come easy for me even when I was a skinny minnie. I really envy the women who can go in a store and buy shoes off the rack. Most stores don’t even carry my size. I know. I’m whining, but I’LL BE 50 years old in July. You’d think I would have it figured out by now Now I have to make sure it’s age appropriate, too. Sigh. Can I hire you as a fashion consultant?

    • I’m sure they have them in stores, Angela, but I’ve never seen them.
      Amazon prime makes it so easy to just order things online and then I don’t have to leave Bean Station!!

      • I know….Amazon Prime makes it so easy to avoid the Mall and Department Stores! I too will be taking your jeans advice although I am 50 knocking on 60’s door!

  12. Would you mind sharing where you buy your Sugar Lips tanks? The link isn’t working for me. Do they run pretty true to size and do they shrink? Your SO right about the jeans! Loved this post:-)

    • I fixed the link, Terry!! They don’t shrink, they just snap back into their perfect, stretchable but clingy, shape.

  13. I had to smile when I read this. This post is for my daughter (early 30’s), not me ( early 60’s). I really don’t wear jeans much, even though I came of age in the fabulous 60s and 70s. Actually odd as it sounds, not wearing jeans was my way of rebelling. I was an art student in Richmond Va and everybody thought they were all so cutting edge with their hippie garb, but really they were sheep all looking alike. I purposely washed my hair, wore makeup and didn’t wear jeans. That said, I agree with finding good, quality things that work well for you and looking at key pieces as an investment. I try to not buy something just because it is on sale, something I used to be guilty of a lot. Also, when I find a top that I really like and that fits well I buy it in several colors and try to keep my wardrobe basic with updates through accessories.
    I am curious about the sugar tank tops and have already looked at the site, I think I may buy a black and white one…….love you Edie!

  14. Excellent advice! Investment pieces pay off for years. I always have a go to basic dress or outfit for the odd special occasion like a business event / appointment or visiting a funeral home. We did that today. Call me old fashioned but I don’t think that is the time to go all trendy or casual like a trucker climbing out of the rig or just grabbing a purse to run the the paint store in your painting clothes cuz you ran out of paint which I saw today.

  15. This is great advice!! I agree about the jeans, but didn’t realize the stitching on the inside of the leg does that! I need anything that makes my legs and esp. thighs look thinner! 🙂 I just bought a pair of Big Star jeans for $140 and it just about killed me, but these jeans, I think I could wear them everyday if I could.
    I wear a tank everyday under what ever I am wearing, but I am going to get a couple of the sugar lips tanks to try.

    Thanks again for sharing your tips!

  16. For girls who have to dress up every day and live in the south:
    Banana Republic Martin-Fit Trousers in summerweight wool, lined. The black are my favorite b/c I’m boring like that (and spill a lot of coffee on myself).
    I think they are around $100, which is a steal for good wool pants, and these are good. Go to BR, try on to find your size, then sign up for the BR mailing list. Twice a year they have 40% off sales; you will be notified by email. I buy one pair at each sale and hem them at different lengths to go w/diff shoes. I wear them 5 or 6 days a week. For tops, I just scavenge whatever my mom/sisters/friends/students are getting rid of. That’s my two cents.

  17. I love your style (and your blog) and these tips were helpful. Except…can I admit I cringe a bit on the prices of the jeans you suggest. Sure, the jeans are cute – but, yeah, if one was saving pennies for something more than $100, maybe it could be for something other than jeans. I sometimes wonder if we loose track of the bigger picture and that really, that’s just a whole heck of a lotta money for something not that important? I’m not explaining myself very well, but just sharing my thoughts. I wish women realized they could look just as awesome in garments not so expensive. I used to be a big shopper and would have easily dropped big money on bags, jeans, shoes. Not so much anymore. Now it just seems wasteful. Maybe one could find jeans a little less expensive and put those saved up pennies somewhere else, to some other good? Just some thoughts, thinking out loud…

    • True enough, Autumn. There’s lots of waste in all our lives, I’m sure. I’ve just learned over the years that if I spend a little more a few things, they last forever and it seems worth it over time. I’ve worn those jeans a hundred times, at least, and they’re holding up as good as ever. But I’m a huge fan of finding some priceless treasures at 2nd hand stores, too.
      I guess there’s no one size fits all but I’m with you, overall I’m shopping way less and really loving what I have.
      Thanks for chiming in!

      • Yes, from the outside looking in we could probably all find purchases others make a little different from ours. I’m sure there’s places I spend more money on things than others would. Love your suggestion on the 2nd hand stores!

  18. Thank you for the fabulous post!! Love all of your tips….you have such a classic but fun style Edie!! As soon as baby #2 arrives {any day now} I plan on buying a few classic pieces….thanks for the inspiration!!

  19. Loved this post, Edie – you’ve got such amazing, natural style. 🙂 Also, thanks for sharing the source on so many of your clothing items. Any chance you’d share where the horse shoe necklace came from? Thanks!

  20. My first time commenting, but I am stalker-like in that I read through your entire archives this winter. I felt like we were family! I give very similar advice to people who compliment my fashion or middle aged women who say “i just hate shopping for clothes”…You must try on, try on, try on til you find what works for your body type then stick with that style! At this point you can shop on-line with ease! I also must tell you, while i am here, I am in love with your sultry master and have been hoarding items with my future master ala Edie in mind. If/when I build another new home, my kitchen will also look very similar to yours, complete with beverage and baking stations!

  21. Clearly I have great trust in your fashion sense because I didn’t even finish reading this post, but immediately clicked over to amazon and bought myself a tank. Thanks for the tip!

  22. What a great post, Edie. Spot on wardrobe tips, but I love love LOVE the very first part. And that you added a “did you hear me?” We need to listen to that, ladies (pointing to myself)! Thank you for the reminder, Edie!

  23. I’ve found you one!

    RESERVED Vintage 70’s Red Velvet Jumpsuit Giant Satin Ruffled Collar // Cuffs Unworn Deadstock XS

  24. I feel like I’ve struck gold because I follow all of the same philosophies that you’ve mentioned. :}

    I live in a body forming tank underneath every single shirt. I’ll check out your brand that you’ve suggested…i love them because they really do hold everything in place. 🙂

    I’d rather have three pairs of amazing jeans than 15 pairs that don’t fit right.
    the end.

  25. I adore you for this post. I’ve been stuck in an I’m-almost-forty-and-I-forgot-how-to-dress-myself phase. I needed these tips. And I have seven pairs of jeans- only two of which make me feel okay. Okay is unacceptable. So I’m going to try and remedy that!!

  26. Edie, I must say that after sampling your pinterest fashion board then looking at your photos above, I have concluded that you are by far the better example of authentic beauty, grace, and womanhood (and still cute as a button). I risk sounding like a judgmental old woman, but those models look like they are trying to pose as girls your daughters age. I lament the worship of “youthfulness”. A flower that stays in bud is a sad disappointment.

  27. Loved this post Edie! A great place for finding designer jeans at a fraction of retail price is Plato’s Closet. It’s a consignment store that is in many larger cities. They have hundreds of jeans by different designers so you can find the one that best fits you and have money left for hemming, for us petites!
    So enjoyed meeting you at the pearl event- can you believe it’s been a year?!?

  28. Vitamina jeans are the BEST jeans EVER.
    You will have to use Google and find a rep, most likely.
    Depending where you live, they might carry them.
    I discovered them about 8 years ago and they are the only jean I wear.
    They run about $125 a pair. And LAST 🙂
    Thanks Edie-

  29. Edie, do you (or anyone else for that matter) know if the Sugar Lips tanks run long? I have a very long torso and am constantly looking for tanks that are long enough (and don’t shrink)!

    • Yes they are. I’m 5’9″ ,,and I can tuck them in my jeans,,thats how they help hold things in ,,they can be anchored by the “Good” pair of jeans that I am headed out to look for this week : ) ,,(The picture of the model wearing one in the post is true to how long they are)

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  31. I also have to chime in and say I love they way you dress, because it is a preview of your personality. You have really learned how to take your personality and show it through the clothing choices you make. Now, that being said I would never dress the way you do. I have a completely different body type and would look utterly ridiculous. I am having such a hard time finding the things I like because of the size that I am. I like to be pretty but some days it just ain’t happening. I will have to say though I totally agree with the buying of good quality pieces and will be trying to follow that more carefully in the future. In the meantime I have a closet to clean out…

  32. I bought one of the tank tops you mentioned a couple weeks ago and I have high hopes for it! I’m 9 mo+ pregnant and it looks like it would fit a 5 year old, but I’m trusting you that it will do big things in the months to come 🙂

  33. Like Jimmye, I’m a 60-something and am told constantly I look 50. I dread the day I can’t wear my skinny jeans with my boots and black turtleneck sweater. Course I also dread the day my sweater is finally worn out. I’m stuck though on Loft. Look in my closet and you know the only place I shop, but the reason for that? I don’t have to try the clothes on – I just take them home cause they always fit.

  34. My secret pleasure wardrobe item is from Walmart. No Boundaries shelf camis. They are extra long (nice for layering), adjustable lingerie straps (good for the shorty that I am) and the shelf bra covers everything with a second layer for modesty. They also come out of the washer and dryer beautifully and you can buy them online in pairs for under $12. That’s right! Two camis for $12!

  35. I truly enjoyed your post and advice. I can relate to cleaning out the closet and revamping myself. I wore things in my forties that were really intended for younger gals and got away with it. Would I do that now? No way. In my 50’s now and the whole mature thing smacked me in the face. It was devastating to change, but I look and feel better about my appearance by addressing myself honestly. I glad that I will still wear my skinny jeans and boots. I can still maintain my style while only changing tops more suitable for body and age.

    Your post and honesty is extremely appreciated. Posting the photos of yourself proving to us we can dress as you advise is refreshing. Not only are you beautiful, but comfortable, which supports what you have written. Thank you so much for a wonderful and inspirational post.

  36. I want to know what deodorant you use! I know….. silly question…but mine is RUINING my nice tops/sweaters/blouses! It leaves a horrible white mess (even after washing) and ruins them 🙁 I just want someone to talk about deodorant!! thanks Edie….LOVE your blog and added several of your recipes to our families rotation years ago, they quickly became family favorites!
    blessings, katrina

  37. I have many children.
    I have 2 pair of $30 jeans from Target.
    I am allergic to makeup, YES…even MaryKay and Clinique.
    I am fat.
    I am in my mid 30’s.

    My husband is a good looking man, who appreciates the fact that I don’t spend thousands of dollars on makeup and clothes. He is a man who isn’t into materialism.

    We would rather spend hundreds of dollars on the poor and the starving, not on clothing and makeup.

    Let’s face it….what is the point of it all anyway. We are here to love people. PERIOD. We aren’t here to impress other women with our clothes, and justify it by claiming that our husbands are “visual”. Men want us naked, not all fussy and done up. 😉

    Remember, just because a woman wears $30 jeans, a t-shirt, and has no makeup on doesn’t mean she isn’t “taking care of herself” (I HATE that phrase). I take care of myself by loving Jesus, loving my family, and attempting to eat clean food & work out. Period. Clothes do NOT make the woman. God does.

    • Thank you so much for your comments. I particularly love your last paragraph. Wish we could be friends in real life. 😉 God bless!

  38. Your post is awesome with some great advice! It doesn’t hurt either that you are a small size and adorable! Now…can you help the rest of us girls out with a not-so-slender figure? lol

    Keep rocking the great looks. I’ll still try to copy ya!

  39. Loving your blog! Ty ty ty! Can you tell me what brand your stitched jeans are? I have miss me stitched but would like a second pair/different brand 🙂

  40. My sister & I both bought the tanks that you mentioned. I have to say they were the absolute worst tanks ever. My sister is a size 6. I wear a 10 on top & size 12 jeans. Couldn’t barely get the tank on……awful fit for both of us. Cannot imagine other people are pleased with these?

  41. Thank you for your blog! I am 35 and never ever had expensive jeans! Buying one is on my to do list now! Way to go!

  42. “There is no amount of makeup or clothing or hair products that can ever make up for the beauty that lives within you. You are beautiful! Did you hear me? God has made you in His image and He has poured Himself into you and you are unique and special and lovely in all the ways that matter.”

    I have no words…When I started reading those few sentences my eyes started watering and by the time I finished them tears were rolling down my cheeks. I started reading your post hoping to get some good clothing tips for my 42-year-old self but never did I think it would spark something deep inside that was so raw. I so needed to read those words and am still crying as I type this. Obviously, there is something here I need to work through, huh?

    I want to thank you for your blog. I consider it a gift from you to me. Ok, well me and thousands of others, but I digress. Anyhoo, I can always count on your unabashed HONESTY. You open your heart to us out here in blogland and you pour it out and for that I am so grateful. It is so refreshing to read your posts. You don’t “put on airs” and you don’t have to because you are perfect. Just.the.way.you.are! xoxoxoxo

  43. Love, love, love your blog! I was so excited to order one of the tanks you recommended. I loved it when it arrived, but the day I wore it, I yanked and pulled it down, yanked and pulled it down…….etc…….all day.

  44. Cyndi at Walking in Grace and Beauty reposted this on facebook this morning. I started following her blog about a year ago and yours since last fall (reason I missed this post). This is such an encouragement to women and so basic. I really appreciated your insight that we present ourselves, not just inward beauty, but take care of our outside beauty for His glory. Not going overboard with fashion, but simple, personal style. Thanks and thank Cyndi for the repost.
    Favorite, can’t live without pieces – colored cardigans to throw on with anything!

  45. I love your tips, and especially your style of dressing (I have a similar style and coloring). It is so hard to strike the right balance sometimes, especially if you do not look your age, but also do not want to look like you are trying too hard! I really appreciated your tug and yank free philosophy! I am tall, and I tend to put up with jeans and tops that don’t meet in the middle more often than I should. After reading this blog post, I actually tossed some annoying, awkwardly fitting, unflattering items of clothing I had learned to accept. 🙂 Don’t miss them! I wanted to tell you about two things I have learned about. One is the Simply Perfect No-Muffin-Top underwear at Target ($6/pr). It is super comfortable, attractive, and creates a smooth shape under clothes. It is great under maxi dresses that skim the hips, and stretch jeans that pick up where your bikini underwear usually cuts into your hips. The other is Alloy.com, an online-only retailer which I think is aimed at high school and college aged girls, but they have an AMAZING selection of sizes and lengths for jeans, slacks, etc and lots of really nice tops, shoes, and accessories. If it wasn’t for them, I wouldn’t have any jeans that fit! I know the cuts and shapes that look good on me, and using that as a guide I have had to send very little back over the years. They have good sales, and you can always check retailmenot.com for extra $ off, free shipping, etc. They keep up with trends, but also have perennial items that are classy and ageless. I cannot afford investment clothing, so, this is a good alternative. Thank you for all your great tips! PS-Did you watch the UK version of What Not to Wear back in the 90’s? Whatever tiny clue I have now, I got from Trinny and Susannah!

  46. Don’t forget jewelry! Nothing dresses up an outfit like a great necklace – I love Kohls and their clearance racks for such things. Take a plain blouse, bought to be worn with a variety of pants, jeans, skirts, etc and pair it with a great chunky necklace and it can completely change the personality of the outfit.

  47. constantly i used to read smaller articles that as well clear their motive, and that is also happening with this article which I am reading at this

  48. I read this when you first posted it but I’m having a deep need to clean out my closet again. I’ve gained some weight and needed some inspiration to declutter. This was the inspiration I needed. Thanks for all you shared!

  49. Admiring the hard work you put into your site and detailed
    information you present. It’s good to come across a blog every once in a while
    that isn’t the same out of date rehashed material. Fantastic read!
    I’ve bookmarked your site and I’m adding your RSS feeds to
    my Google account.

  50. Excellent Post! I was actually looking for some guidance as I will be 40 in February. I just want to make sure I am still in the right direction.

  51. Funny that I just ran across this on Pinterest….was just discussing a couple of weeks ago with my 22 year old daughter and her friend/our hairdresser (on our way to a Brantley Gilbert concert, because that’s how I roll, hee hee), how hard it is to know what to wear when you are in your early 50’s. I was trying to explain to them how we don’t want to look like we are trying to look 20-something, while at the same time don’t want to wear the knit matching ”sweat suits”. Lol. Just knowing that my jeans, a cute top, and my cowboy boots are okay makes me feel a lot better! Thank you!!

  52. The jeans that fit me the best right now are my Sevens and American Eagle. I gave up on Old Navy jeans after reading a post about mom jeans. And I realized mine were. Just entered my 40’s and it is hard! But at least I don’t look my age so everyone tells me. After the birth of my second child I started buying bigger longer shirts to cover what I affectionately call “flubber”.Even at 5’2 and 100 pds I still can’t get my flat stomach back. I can’t tuck in it looks terrible on me. My friend swears by some of the jeans you mentioned. So when I purge I will buy at least one good pair even if it comes from consignment. One problem I have with the fit is in the store they might seem to fit, but then they loosen up. So now I buy them tight!

  53. LOVE this post! As a 40 something, I’m having a hard time finding my style! I did recently learn that sometimes to get the fit we want in a pair of jeans, we have to invest some cash. My newest find was Rock Revival. They fit wonderfully! And they offer free hemming so for the first time in my life (I’m 5’4), I have jeans that fit me length wise too! They are comfortable, make me look thinner and they are comfy with no pulling or tugging! They were well worth the money! I’m going to check out the tank tops!

  54. This was great! Thanks so much for sharing. I’m always struggling to figure out how to be feminine, comfortable and look good all the while. Love, love, love your flowing/silky top. Where can I get it?! Beautiful!!!

  55. I’m 40.

    My go to wardrobe staple is a knee length dress with cap sleeves or 3/4 sleeves. I like them fitted, or fit/flare. I have a pear shape, but very wide shoulders, too, so clothes that look good on hourglass shapes look good on me, but I have to wear a padded bra to simulate breasts and fill the tops out in the dresses.

    I like the advice you are giving here. I’ve started a new thing in that I only buy items that I LOVE, and that make me feel/look fabulous. The pieces seem more expensive, but I buy less in the long run. It’s really working out for me. I also try to only buy items of clothing in colors that look good on me. I do avoid yellow for the most part because I look awful in it unless it’s a mustard shade, sadly.

    One more point I’ve discovered is…a trustworthy tailor is worth more than their weight in gold!

  56. I LOVE this post and your biblical and edifying approach! And you are a wonderful writer. Your transitions are smooth & soft like cashmere. And I am IN LOVE with this font! Thank you for such a beautiful article! My mother was a model in her day. And became a pastor’s wife. She taught me so much about beauty (inside & out). And your perspective seems to be right on. I pray you & your family have a blessed & beautiful spring…full of His Spirit moving in & through you! ❤

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