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Ruth and I are at the Becoming Conference this weekend giving 3 workshops on Hospitality and Party Planning.  I wish you all could be here with us in Asheville! What makes this even more fun for us is that our two families have spent the last week together at my house, enjoying each other’s company and planning our session over lots of late nights and early mornings on the screened porch.  For those of you from the conference who are new to my blog, I wanted to give you a few links that would help you navigate around here.  You can find out way more than you probably want to know about me on my recently updated about page.  I write about beauty in the home, cooking, DIY projects, faith, and homeschooling and most recently, why I gave up homeschooling.  You can follow me on Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook!

We’d like to share some resources with you for hospitality and party planning for those at the workshop and for you friends at home.

Party Theme Ideas:

Party Prep DiY Projects:

Our Favorite Recipes for Entertaining:

Also, I wrote an ebook on hospitality last year, called 31 Days to Heart of Hospitality.  You can read all about it here!


Ruth made a great printable for party planning, which you can download here!


Lastly, for those of you who are my favorite peeps already, I wanted to give you a peek into the session and what we’ll be sharing at the workshop.  The video gives a taste of our workshop and is highly dorky!

I’m so thankful for Ruth.  We’ve had a wonderful week together planning this workshop.  True friends are a gift.

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  1. OMG Love the tablecloth. So cool! Wonder if that fabric comes in other colors cause I have a cutting table I want to skirt…….Amazon is that you???

  2. Hi Edie! I have been following you for several months now and have navigated around your blog to past posts a little here and there. But I got to do even more so with this post. Oh how I wish I could be at the Becoming Conference to hear you speak and meet you (and Ruth, I see alot of her on Pinterest!). You have become a source of inspiration to me on many levels and your blog brings me a little peace in a sometimes hectic day/week/life 🙂 Thank you for sharing a part of yourself and your family through your blog. I always look forward to “meeting” you here! Have a good conference and I hope everything goes well!

  3. Just wanted to pop in to say that I’m lifting you up this morning. My kids are on their second day of “regular” school after 6 years of homeschooling. There hasn’t been any weeping today (clarification: I’m the crier. The kids are ecstatic.). You will rock this! Just another part of life to surrender to Him and trust Him with. You’ve had plenty of practice, so you’ll probably throw less tantrums than I did yesterday. Lol. 🙂

  4. I wish I could be with you guys in Asheville! It’s only 2.5 hours from my hometown! I love it there, and love reading both of your blogs, I love how God is using technology to connect people! Have a wonderful conference. I am there in spirit. Just finally downloaded your ebook. Yippee! Love you guys! Thanks for what you do.

  5. Can I just say how inspiring you are?! Everything from Faith to Flowers! Thank you for sharing your world and your heart. If you ever do a workshop in the Pacific Northwest, give plenty of notice so I can put in for vacation days at work! I would be devastated to miss you! In the meantime, thanks for all the photos and fun that you share!

  6. Edie,
    It was an absolute joy meeting you this weekend at Becoming! Your session was the highlight of the conference for me. Your authenticity, compassion, and grace were absolutely palpable – and that blue nail polish rocked too! Good luck to you in all your endeavors. And thanks again for that parking spot!

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