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 This ebook will challenge your status quo.

This series on hospitality has been growing inside my heart for a lifetime.

Because really, isn’t it the ache of every human heart—to be known, to be loved?

You will be challenged to rethink how you live your life and how your view your ‘neighbor’.

Go on a 31 day journey with me as we dig deep and discover  the heart of hospitality and learn what it really means to be open and giving to others.

If you’re my mother or my most loyal readers and are ready to make the purchase, you can do it, for $5, the price of a latte!

(This ebook is largely taken from material I wrote on my blog  as a 31 Day series last October.

I  have added content  and edited the original posts to be better suited for an ebook.)

You will get access to both the pdf file of the book and the epub file (which can be downloaded to any mobile mac device.

If you aren’t sure it this ebook is for you, read on!

This work is born out of heartache.  When we lost our house to fire 2 years ago, I wasn’t sure I’d ever recover.

I sat in our driveway and watched our dreams burn to the ground.

I grieved so many things and felt loss like I’d never known.

I cried out for answers.  Why us?  Why this?

But our suffering isn’t lost on our Father.  It’s only His grace in disguise.

And He will twist every heartache into joy.

While we worked hard to rebuild the bricks and mortar, He went to work on our stone hearts.

The truth is, we don’t have to lose everything to feel our poverty.  We sense it in the depths of our souls.

It’s all just rubble.  And our card houses teeter on disaster.  We’re all a mess, house fire or not.

We know we need  someone——-someone who knows us and loves us in spite of ourselves.

That is the hospitality of scripture.

That is the warm welcome we receive from Christ himself.

Hospitality isn’t about inviting people into our perfect homes, it’s about inviting them into our imperfect hearts.

It’s about learning to live from that vulnerable place where we open ourselves to love.

And ultimately, it’s about Him—-The perfect Host who provides for everything we sinners need, right down to the best wine for the wedding feast.

This ebook is for anyone who has felt his own poverty and known the redemption of being loved anyway.

This is hospitality, on purpose.

On the practical side, we’ll explore everything from how to set up a baking center in your kitchen to how to set up your guest spaces,

and even some tips on  what to wear to be a well-appointed  hostess.

31 Days to a Heart of Hospitality ebook

This book includes a few of my favorite recipes and is  loaded with photos.  It’s  over 100 pages and 18,000 words long.

31 Days to a Heart of Hospitality 

 is my manifesto, of sorts.  It will lead you into more meaningful relationships with all the people in your life, not just your occasional guests!

This ebook is the equivalent of a long chat with me on my screened porch, where I tell you a

few secrets that I’ve learned about welcoming people into my life,

after many years and much trial and error.

This ebook started out as a 31 Day series on my blog but I’ve added about 25% more content, including a chapter on Children and Hospitality, which is my favorite of the whole series.

To sample the book, you can read Day 1 here.

If you decide to purchase the book and are blessed by it,   I would be so honored and humbled if you’d share the book with your friends and family

via your blogs, Facebook, Twitter, and even by good ole’ fashioned word of mouth.

After many, many hours of writing, editing, cooking, writing some more and editing some more,

I’m so happy to be able to offer this to you in a printable, easily accessible version.

I hope you enjoy it!

What others are saying—

from Marie at The (Not Always) Lazy W:

” Edie’s heartfelt book on hospitality is a must read. In thirty one warmly written installments, she illuminates the depth and breadth of this all-important aspect of humanity, this indispensable but often ignored chapter in homemaking.   She writes with great intelligence and free flowing emotion about the purpose of hospitality. About the importance of opening our homes- our very selves- to others. They need it, and so do we. And she points to the relevance of some timeless domestic habits to our modern culture of convenience.

 Her ideas sparkle with spiritual fervor. And as if that’s not enough, each sub topic is drenched and enlivened with colorful, textural, enticing photos of the people and adornments of her private world, treats in which her blog followers take much delight! If you have so far regarded hospitality as an obligatory sweeping of the floor and putting out of the “good” soaps… Or, worse, if you have seen it as a chance to exalt yourself and demean others… then please treat yourself and your loved ones to this delicious little slice of grace. Southern grace, for sure, but also that lasting Grace we all crave.

Edie will reenergize your soul for loving others, and it will reinspire you to open your home.”

And Laura Kooistra from Liberty Farm Chronicles

Always truthful, sometimes tough, and endlessly tender, Edie picks up her pen once again to touch the hearts of her readers.  Her capacity to present fundamental big picture ideas at the same time as offering accessible practical help make her 31 Days to Hospitality series a life changing read.  Most importantly perhaps, Edie doesn’t offer us exhaustive “to do” lists, (although I have definitely adopted some of her suggestions), she stroke after stroke inspires and convicts me to admit my need for you, pray that you need me too, live in humility with myself first, and proceed to cultivate hospitality in my spirit before I make a single menu plan. Edie’s characteristic effervescence infuses this series with a sense that she’s got you right where she wants you – on her porch, sharing a sunset, and a joined hope for redeeming this precious life. Together.


To purchase the ebook, click the ‘Buy Now’ button and you will be able to download your purchase  for $5 within minutes.

You will get access to both the pdf file and the digital file (which can be downloaded and synced to the iPhone, iPad, or iPod.
The version for Kindle is in the process of being approved but is not ready yet.
I’m also working with CreateSpace to make a paperback that can be ordered on demand.
Click the ‘buy now’ button is you’d like to purchase the pdf and digital files.


About the author:

After leaving her career as a family physician in 2006, Edie has found her sweet spot, her life’s work, at home. Like her favorite Greek hero, Odysseus, her homecoming has been full of joys and trials and plenty of hard work—-as she has seeks to live a full, authentic and creative life with her family. She cooks and cleans and homeschools and gardens and crafts and reads and dabbles in bird-watching and star gazing. She’s obsessed with cowboy boots, banjos, monograms and cornbread, and is Southern to the core. Her faith journey has had similar twists and turns as she has struggled through legalism and mysticism to finally find her true home in the orthodox christian faith, where the grace of God in Christ, has become her life’s manifesto. She documents her faith journey, her insatiable appetite for classic literature, her love for C.S. Lewis, her obsession with art and design, and her Southern chic decorating style on her blog, lifeingrace.  Her home was recently featured in January’s issue of Better Homes and Gardens, after her family rebuilt their home and life following a devastating house fire. She writes with wit, passion, and honesty, and hopes to inspire women to love and care for their homes and families, in the midst of the often despairing hardships that life canbrings.

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  1. Hello – I purchased your ebook via paypal last night, but do not see how to download it. Please let me know. Thank you! -Kalani

  2. I purchased your eBook, but didn’t get the icon to download it. Help, please! (Guess this is why this computer stuff frustrates me.) Thanks.

  3. Congrats, Edie. You are the essence of hospitality, a beautiful woman who opens her home to so many – with love! Thank you, friend, for writing this book! I hope many are blessed.

  4. Hello, I have the same problem as the above. Maybe it takes a little time, if not please let me know how to access the book. Thank you for sharing your inspiration.

  5. i thought it was just me, but i see others can’t figure it out either. i am not seeing anything to download. please help! thanks!! can’t wait to read it!

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  7. I purchased yesterday. When you finish with Paypal it gives you the option to go back to Lifeingraceblog. Click this and it will give you the links. My problem is I pulled up the book as PDF on my computer, started reading and then realized I had to get my girls to gymnastics. Later, my son clicked out of it and now I have no idea how to access it again. Help!

  8. Same here. I purchased the book last night and couldn’t find it on my computer. I can’t wait to read it. Thanks! Karin

  9. Oh I feel awful, but I’m having the same issue as the others. I may have missed it, but haven’t seen or found what I need to download the ebook, after I paid. Sorry to bother you.

    Thanks, I can’t wait to dig in!

  10. I can read this book on my Kindle using the USB (PC to Kindle) transfer method outlined on the Amazon website. If you have a Kindle, this is a great way to read the book 31 Days to a Heart of Hospitality! Thank you so much!

  11. I purchased your e-book with paypal but can’t get it to open…I’m thinking it is my computer but not sure how to get back to the page to download it . Sorry….

  12. I purchased the ebook and received instructions to open in Evernote. When I tried, it stated it was too large for the free version and that I needed to purchase the upgrade. I did this for a one month subscription in order to read it. My problem now is that I can’t find where the book is and can only find where to purchase it again. Can you help, please? Thanks so much!

  13. Hi Edie,
    I am having problems getting the book downloaded??? The picture of the cover of the book is there but no book? Any suggestions? Thanks so much- Julia in Lafayette, LA.

  14. bought your ebook, it says it was downloaded, but where do i find it? what do i do next? thank you. i’m on a tablet.

  15. Edie,
    I just purchased your ebook with paypal. I didn’t see anywhere to download it. Please advise!
    Can’t wait to read it!

  16. I’ve been emailing everyone, separately, with the download links, so if you post here, I’ll send you an email back pronto. Thank you, dearest friends, for supporting this work of my heart. I love you and am so thankful!
    Mucho love,

  17. Edie,
    I also purchased but didn’t receive the link. Thanks for sending them 🙂 Looking so forward to reading it and having my heart changed.


  18. Edie,
    I purchased your book and am having the same troubles as everyone else. I’m so looking forward to reading it!
    Your newest fan,

  19. I just purchased the e-book this morning and am I having the same issue. I do not see an icon to download. Thank you in advance and I can’t wait to read it!

  20. Also wondering the same thing, how do I get the ebook? I ordered today. Will I get an email?
    thank you!! Can’t wait to read it!

  21. Hi Edie, I ordered your ebook this past Monday and did not get a link to download it. I have paid and have my receipt. I love your blog!

  22. On a wide variety of fronts, you are soooo right! My parents lost their place to a fire a few years before Dave, my husband, suddenly died in 11/11. Since then, hospitality just hasn’t been important to me. Frankly, it’s all I can do to keep the farm going along with the rest of life. Then, I “found” your e-book and am thinking…maybe it’s time… I’m going to follow or sign up for your updates; life is frosty and Godly encouragement a balm in Gilead.
    Thank you.

  23. I received my confirmation from Paypal but cannot do not see the icon to download the ebook. How do I access the ebook?

  24. Hi Edie,
    I also purchased your ebook via paypal on Saturday and never received the link! Cant wait to receive it and read it! Thanks, heather

  25. I bought the book via paypal I have not received a download link to this book. Help here would be greatly appreciated

  26. I ordered your book when you first released it. I could not find that it had downloaded, so I just wrote it off, however in reading the above comments, I see I was not the only one having problems. I have a Mac and decided it must not be compatable with your software. I thought I read someplace that you will be publishing this book in hardcover–did I dream that? Anyway, would be happy for another chance to download the ebook.

    Thanks, so much.

  27. Ummm. Glad I read the comments. I was going to download but it sounds like their is a problem with the downloading. If someone could comments that it was fixed or they finally got it downloaded, I would appreciate it.

  28. Hello Edie,
    I purchased your ebook almost 2-weeks ago and would love to have you send it over when you can. I know you have been a bit busy with being sick and traveling!
    Thank you so much,

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  30. I purchased the book on my ipad today and it is not loading. Think maybe I should have purchased on my computer first. I am not very good at loading items on my ipad. Can you help?

  31. I too cannot find the book on my iPad. I downloaded and was able to view it earlier but cannot figure out how to access. I am not too familiar with evokes. Any help appreciated!

  32. I too cannot find the book on my iPad. I downloaded and was able to view it earlier but cannot figure out how to access. I am not too familiar with ebooks Any help appreciated! My correct email is listed here. My iPad autocorrected the last entry!

  33. Edie,
    I purchased your ebook several months ago and still cannot figure out how to download. Can you please help? Thanks!


  34. Purchased the ebook with PayPal, but can’t find a link to download. Looks like maybe you are emailing a link? Thanks for the help.

  35. Hi Edie! I just bought your book, but have no download link either. I see that others have had the same issues. I would appreciate if you would send my email with file to download. Thanks bunches!

  36. Hi Edie,
    I also purchased the 31 Days to a Heart of Hospitality with PayPal, but I can’t get it on my computer. It looks like I’m not alone in this.
    Please help me out as I was looking forward to reading it and incorporating it into a class I am teaching.
    Thanks so much.

  37. Is the problem fixed? I don’t want to have a problem with downloading so will wait until all is ok. Would so appreciate your letting me know!


  38. Is the problem fixed? I don’t want to have a problem with downloading so will wait until all is ok. Would so appreciate your letting me know!


  39. Hi Edie! I bought the book earlier today and still no download link. Can you please send it to me?
    THANKS! 🙂

  40. Hi Edie! Praying God would greatly bless your missions trip!! I purchased your book on my iPhone and started reading it earlier but now I cannot figure out how to get back to it? Could you please let me know where it goes on the iPhone so that I can retrieve it? I am loving it and can’t wait to read to more! Your blog has been such a wonderful encouragement to me! Marla in Charleston, SC

  41. I just found your blog and love it!
    I purchased your e-book,today on my iPad, but did not see a way to,download after paying.
    Please let me know how I can get it.
    My thanks.

  42. Hi, unfortunately, I can’t find the download. I’m assuming you’ll send me an email like the rest of us? 🙂 Thank you so much. Love the blog!! Huge inspiration behind my decision to start homeschooling. Best wishes!


  43. Edie, can you please send me an email with the download?
    I bought your book and still cannot download.
    Thanks so much and blessings to you.

  44. Hi, Edie-

    I purchased the e-book yesterday and haven’t gotten an email on how or where to download. Thanks so much for your help! Excited to get to reading 🙂

  45. Edie,
    I was so moved by your blogs during your week in Nicaragua that I adopted a little gal! I think that means I also signed up for a copy of your Hospitality book, but I don’t see it on my downloads or anywhere. Please advise.

  46. Hello, I purchased your e book two nights ago. I’m still waiting for the download link so I thought I’d leave a comment here to see if you could send it. Thank you!

  47. Hi! I am hoping you can email the link to me as well (I just purchased the ebook yesterday via PayPal)…very much looking forward to reading this!!!

  48. I purchased the ebook last night…but never received anything to download it! I sent you an email as well… patiently waiting…can’t wait to read it!

    Thanks! 🙂

  49. Hi Edie,

    I purchased your ebook awhile back and don’t know if I actually downloaded it or not. I do remember reading the book but now can’t find it. Any ideas? Thanks!

  50. I just purchased the download of your book but when I clicked on the PDF version it never downloaded. Could you send it to my email address. This is something I am wanting to set as a goal for 2014! Timely material and I am looking forward to your suggestions!

  51. hi edie, i am so excited to read your book! i purchased it last night but am not sure how to go about getting the link? thank you!

  52. Hello Edie
    I am unable to download the Ebook I purchased on paypal April 18,2014.
    I sent a note thru the contact us link but haven’t gotten a response.

  53. Hi, I purchased your Ebook but didn’t see a way to download it. I am sooo excited to read it! Would it be possible to send me a link?



  54. Help! I cannot find out where to download my ebook either! Can someone give me the answer? I cannot wait to access this! Thank you and Peaceful Blessings to all of you!

  55. Hi Edie, I purchased your hospitality series a long time ago, but can not open it. Do I have to purchase it again?

  56. Hi Edie,
    I just ordered your book and paid via Paypal, but I don’t see a link for download. Thanks!
    Love your blog.

  57. I ordered via Paypal and was able to download the book. I started reading it this evening. I have read your blog for a few months and I loved the podcast series. I was talking to a friend today and was able to share some of the wisdom you gave in the first episode. (We were talking about our passions and our callings.) I’m looking forward to finishing 31 Days to a Heart of Hospitality. Thank you for sharing your heart with us.

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