I’ve had my eye on this project for at least 3 years.  Finally, my bedazzled mannequin dreams have come true.  I want one in every room, much to Stevie’s pain and suffering.

The first thing you should know about this project is—it’s prickly.  The second thing you should know is that your mannequin must be evenly weighted with greenery, lest she fall in the middle of the night and prickle your husband to death.  The third thing you should know is that all the trouble is totally worth it. As we were bedecking here with branches, she kept toppling over.  We solved this problem by stuffing boxwood into her backside.  Baby’s got back.

Y’all.  I LOVE my faun lady.  I’ve named her Mrs. Tumnus,  because I think she pairs well with Mr. Tumnus, from The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe.   I do believe that this is my favorite project of all time ever.  I say that for every project, but let’s pretend I don’t.

My friend, Tammy and I, tackled this, from the multitude of examples on Pinterest.  We had  the determination of Rocky Balboa and  the spirit of Sanford and Son. We wired the tops of the branches together and then wound some ribbon through them and tied them on. That makes it sound easy, which it wasn’t, but it wasn’t hard either.

Here’s what I need to know from you.

Should we keep her in the bedroom? (Stevie may veto this, but who knows, maybe he’s always had a fondness for faux fauns.)


In the master bathroom? (She looks so pretty in here, because of the light walls and sparse decor!)


Or in the living room, by the mantle?



The only other thing I’m worried about is that she’s wearing my red scarf and my pajama shirt, which I may not be able to live without.  In other words, she may have to change clothes.

Okay, what’s your vote?

75 comments on “Bedazzled Mannequin {aka Mrs. Tumnus, the Faun}”

  1. So darn cute. Are you going to be in a Holiday House Tour? I would love to see more photos of your home decorated for Christmas.

  2. I LOVE her, wholeheartedly! You may have to buy several more, perhaps different sizes, and place them all around. Who could choose where she belongs? If I have to, I’d say the bath.

  3. I LOVE her. My vote is to place a smaller version of her in your bathroom vanity/counter, keep this one in the bedroom and make another for the living room.

  4. Oh my…she is precious…your commentary hilarious!!!! You needing that shirt and scarf made me spit my beer out;) My husband would laugh me out of the bedroom with a third wheel;) I say put her in the foyer…heck, on the front porch….or she may just need to move around daily….a mobile sister;) she would be cute on your porch by the fire…Mandy

  5. At first blush I thought, “Why?” …and then I thought “Well, why not?”. Now, I’m thinking, “How the heck can I do that?” i Love it, girlie!

  6. LOL! You are hilarious! Mrs. Tumnus would be a lovely addition to any room in your gorgeous home! I love the idea! She would look so cute decked out in a fur bunting and plaid scarf! Oh, and Yes, in the Masterbath, dah-ling! Merry Christmas! And may Mrs. Tumnus and her many “sisters” join your family…very soon! 🙂

  7. Oh LA!!! LOVE HER! (love you more for creating her!:-) I am always partial to creations like her in our bedroom- However, you deprive everyone else with her tucked up there- I think she would be gorgeous in a silver sequin shell with a white angora scarf…Merry, Merry 🙂

  8. Your three last posts are a great example of why I love your blog. A recap of your Thanksgiving, a wonderful post on Advent and today’s fabulousness. Thank you.
    P.S. I think Mrs. Tumnus should be placed in the living room so all can enjoy. : )

  9. You are a certified glow-in-the-dark nutcase, but I’ll continue reading your posts just so I won’t miss your next project. Like others, she’s too precious to keep hidden away for your own pleasure, so my suggestion is not only to move her around, but dress her accordingly. On the front porch with a sweater and shawl; wearing something slinky in your Sultry Master; a flirty apron in the kitchen. Heck! There’s no end to the possibilities — just go for it – but always do it “Edie Style.”

  10. I think the shear cuteness factor warrants one in every room. Make one for the kitchen wearing Rosemary and an apron but call her Lucy.

  11. She is a woman and, like all beautiful busy women, are in all areas of the house. Move her from room to room and enjoy her (don’t forget she may want to sit a spell on the porch to rest after a busy day ;). Beautiful Edie, absolutely beautiful!!!

  12. She is so perfect that I think she would need to move from room to room so you could see her lovliness as you go about your day. At the end of the day, I would let her rest in the bathroom.

  13. In my opinion, she is lovelier in the master bath–she’s a real “stand out”. BUT, in the living room she would be a GREAT conversation piece.

    Maybe put her in the bath and when guests arrive, send them to the bath right away to get the conversation going!

  14. What a lovely idea. My vote is by the fireplace, mainly because she will be more visible and a great conversation. She is very photogenic. Kuddos

  15. Edie darling, What a fabulous idea. She looks great everywhere but the master bath lets her stand out. Happy Holidays!

  16. Miss Bedazzle is beautiful and I think she needs to plop down in the living room so she does’t miss a thing during the holiday festivities!!

  17. Girl!!! You are cray cray…and I love that about you too. She looks lovely in all the spots but I think I’ll vote for the bathroom (or moving around). No bedroom. Let Stevie has his way on this one.

  18. girlfriend needs to be on a rotating tour of the house, as she’s way too fabulous to be stuck in one room all season. i sit here and wonder again … how do you do it?! I’d like to book my stay for next holiday season, please!! xoxo.

  19. Edit I love your guts but this manwomanakin is just totally creepy. But I’m happy that you adore her. What ever floats your boat!

  20. she just looks so lovely against all that white. I DO wish you could find a way to get cowboy boots on her…
    you silly, fun girl!! This is what Stevie gets for that CHAIR!

    PS we thought it would be a landmark moment to get pics with Santa… but this year may just have to be different. I am thinking we need a special Mrs. Tumnus photo moment in 2013.

    PPS hubby is telling me that he sides with Stevie.

  21. Me thinks she’s too fancy to be witness to bathroom shenanigans put her in the kitchen and ask her to make me pie

  22. The very first thing I thought of when I saw this photo was the dressmaker’s form (the GHOST!!!) in A Prayer For Owen Meany. Much cuter than “the ghost.” I think she’d be lovely greeting visitors on the porch!

  23. Edie,
    A long overdue comment: Thanks so much for making the time to blog! Your Rocky/Sanford statement still has me laughing as it pretty much sums up every time my adult siblings and I gather at my parents’ house and our mother sweetly requests we tackle some project we are physically, professionally and mentally unprepared for! Thanks for being so real–for sharing your family, your faith, your recipes, your real life…you are authentic and funny and such an inspiration! So on days you don’t have time for all of us out there in internet land, know you are missed! Thanks again–Julia

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