Come on in, y’all!  I’m so glad you’re here!

Take your boots off and stay a while!  (And after the tour, come link your favorite Christmas treats to my online Christmas Cookie Exchange!)

Christmas House Tour via lifeingrace

Here’s what I hope you take away from this little tour—sharing your heart and home with others is what’s important. Don’t let the decorating become the main thing.  It’s there to serve and inspire your family and friends.  It’s not a showplace to impress them.  We live hard in our home and learned after our house fire that you don’t have to lose everything to feel your own poverty. Very few of things we fret over really matter.  What lasts are the relationships we make, the love we give.   Our home is a good gift from God that we can use to serve the people we love.  Relax and enjoy it.  Let your own style come through and don’t worry about THE RULES!  Most of all, remember that Love has Come and He has left us His sign.

Enjoy my relaxed, preppy, Texas, Anthropologized Christmas house!


This is our workroom, THE most used and abused room in our house.  It functions as a laundry room, office, homework room, craft room, hang out room,  and throw all the dirty clothes in the corner room. It’s probably the smallest room in the house and always has the most people in it.  If I had turned the camera around, you would have seen Caiti and the girls studying, my plethora of craft and decorating supplies swallowing up the table, and laundry hanging everywhere.  (The feathers print is from Anna Marie Horner)

Christmas House Tour via lifeingrace

The most difficult to photograph room in my home, but definitely one of my favorites—the striped bath! (Sorry for the wonky coloring!)

Christmas House Tour via lifeingrace

Did you know that if you turn the lights off in your house, the color of your photos is so much better?  I can do that everywhere, except this bathroom.  With no lights on, the color is definitely better, but you can’t see my boxwood wreath very well.

Scroll back up and look how yellow the pic is when the lights in the bathroom are on.  It’s crazy.

Christmas House Tour via lifeingrace

I had big intentions of making enough of these red linen flower pins for each place setting at the table.  Then, the ladies could take one home as a hostess gift.  That may not happen, which is a crying shame.  But, a girl must know her limits.

Christmas House Tour via lifeingrace

I used colorful, preppy wrapping paper from TJ Maxx, that can be used all during the year.  I love mixing that with natural elements, for a unique look.

Christmas House Tour via lifeingrace

My bedroom was the original home of the mannequin, but I’ve since moved her to the living room. Stevie may or may not be pleased with that move.

Christmas House Tour via lifeingrace

I posted about the bedecked mannequin. Some of you question my sanity, it’s true.  But, how can you not love her?

Christmas House Tour via lifeingrace

The bar “cart” is a fun little spot during the holidays and is often serving up mimosas with pomegranate seeds. I made the tassel garland using Nester’s inspiring tassel ebook and I hand lettered the NOEL sign, cut it out and glittered it with gold.

Christmas House Tour via lifeingrace

The Hold Your Horses sign is perfect at the bar table and is from Stephanie Creekmur’s shop.

Christmas House Tour via lifeingrace

I took your advice and moved Mrs. Tumnus the mannequin into the living room.  I don’t even think I need a tree, now?

Christmas House Tour via lifeingrace

And I give you the quirkiest mantel in the history of the world. I’m like the Austin Texas of home decorators—I’m keeping it weird.

Christmas House Tour via lifeingrace

 Here’s what you’ll find of interest up there.  1) The folk artist that painted the chicken is Elea Wadsworth and this ain’t her first rodeo.  She’s painted a chicken for me before and several people asked me about her work! I had it framed at Hobby Lobby  2) I made the  pom-pom garland after disassembling my pom-pom wreath from last year. 3) Emme made the finger knitted garlands for me in exchange for t.v. watching.  We’ve been finger knitting a long time, but Nester gave me the idea to use them for garlands. 4) Amy hand-lettered 2 Cor. 1:5 for me and surprised me with it at Allume. I LOVE IT, you talented girl! 5) The Christmas cactus is from last year.  Turns out, I do know how to keep one alive.  Forget it on your screened porch and notice it 3 weeks before Christmas when it’s budding out like crazy!

Christmas House Tour via lifeingrace

If you haven’t asked for anything for Christmas yet from your children, ask for art.  Or finger knitted garlands that you wear as a scarf.

Christmas House Tour via lifeingrace

I keep my favorite afghan handy in the winter. This one was hand-knitted by my mother-in-law, who is the pie and afghan whisperer.  The garden stool was a gift from my friend, Myquillin, after our house fire. I move it around everywhere. I’m sure it’s been in nearly every room of my house.

Christmas House Tour via lifeingrace

My MOJO when decorating for Christmas is fresh greens.  Your trees and shrubs need trimmed and you need greenery.  It’s a match made in heaven.  I copied the Knoxville Anthropologie by  buying a few mini evergreens from Home Depot and wrapping them in Anthropologie wrapping paper.  I LOVE them.  So simple and festive.

Christmas House Tour via lifeingrace

The guest room is calm and peaceful, with just a mini tree and some fresh greens by the bed.

Christmas House Tour via lifeingrace

Caiti’s been home studying this week, which means I’ve been scratching my head trying to remember what hormones the posterior pituitary secretes.  I think we’ll she’ll do well on her exams!  This is her room when she’s home.

Christmas House Tour via lifeingrace

I’m not gonna lie, we made homemade pizzas yesterday and this is the only part of the kitchen that will be clean in the near future.  The pizzas were worth it.  More pics of the kitchen, in its rare state of  clean and not currently being used here. There’ll probably be fudge making in there today!  I posted a December meal plan, so check it out and never fret at 5:oo again.

Christmas House Tour via lifeingrace

I think one of my favorite places to add festive touches is outside!  Our back porch is where the fire place is so it gets used like crazy, especially in the fall and winter. And we live on the lake, so we like to invite folks for a swim!

Christmas House Tour via lifeingrace

Here’s what happens when you give a dog a chair—he’ll take two.
Christmas House Tour via lifeingrace

I adore the screened porch.  We also call it the girly porch or the coffee porch or the where you drink drinks with whipped cream porch.

Christmas House Tour via lifeingrace

I’ve decorated the porch tree in years past, but I just put a couple strands of lights on this time.  Easy and festive.

Christmas House Tour via lifeingrace

Otherwise, just some fresh greens from my yard.

Christmas House Tour via lifeingrace

The girly porch is a great place to drink your warm drinks and read your Garden and Gun.

Christmas House Tour via lifeingrace

Or just close your eyes and ponder things in your heart.

Christmas House Tour via lifeingrace

Your big goofy dog will most assuredly follow you there and demand a seat on the comfy sofa.  Hank and I want to thank you for coming on the tour!  We wish you could join us by the fire for some coffee and treats!  Hope you have a blessed Advent and a Merry Christmas.


Christmas House Tour via lifeingrace



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111 comments on “Christmas Tour 2013 {My Preppy, Texas, Anthrolopogized Christmas}”

  1. Out of all the homes in the entire universe, on Tv, in magazines, in books, tours & real life, yours is the one I look forward to seeing the most at Christmas. I even checked last night to see if you had your tour up yet! I’m so inspired with your layered, storied, colorful, alive home. Anthropologie could tour your home & take miles of notes. Creativity and pure decorating joy at its finest. My favorite Christmas house, Edie. 💕

  2. Love love all of the creative use of fresh greens! I’ve been looking and looking for thick chunky yarn like the pom poms you have across your fireplace for weeks! Where do you find that natural, thick yarn?
    Thank you for sharing your festive, fun home, love it!

  3. I read your blog, but never comment. You and your home are such an inspiration Edie! I think Nester said is best with “layered, storied, colorful, alive”. What a treat! Thanks so much for sharing!

  4. Love the layers, texture, and hidden treasures!! You have done an amazing job styling and decorating your home. It looks loved and lived in. It’s hard to believe its a brand new home because of all the character and charm!

  5. Everything is beautiful. Love your mannequin no matter where she is residing! And that most wonderful Golden certainly deserves two chairs 🙂 Could you let us know how you did the pillow “hello gorgeous”? Thanks for the inspiration.

  6. Now this is what I’m talkin’ about! What an inspiration you are for me! You obviously decorate from your heart & soul, just as an artist creates art. The outcome is is such a warm, comfortable and happy home! Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful home! Blessings to you and your family for a Merry Christmas!

  7. Now this is what I’m talkin’ about! What an inspiration you are for me! You obviously decorate from your heart & soul, just as an artist creates art. The outcome is is such a warm, comfortable and happy home! Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful home! Blessings to you and your family for a Merry Christmas!

  8. A feast for the eyes!! 😉 Love every detail. I especially love the last picture of you in your element. 🙂 Elea’s rooster is awesome!! Just wow! 😀

  9. Hey there, I am a small town Texas Gal myself. I just found your blog by way of the home tour. I am going check back often with a glass of sweet tea at hand. Love what you are doing. Have a blessed holiday and New Year.

    • It’s a shame I’m not a Texan. I’m more of a Texas than a lot of Texans, actually. Being from TN is almost the same thing though?!
      Mucho love,

      p.s. I’m already wondering when I’m gonna see you again!??!?!

  10. Holy FUN house batman! I seriously waited until I could get my little hoodlums off on buses and then I sat down and savored. It was well WORTH the wait and savor too, let me tell you girlfriend. Thanks for sharing! 🙂

    • OH, you doll. I LOVE a good Christmas tour myself. As I was uploading photo number 25, I asked myself, “Do I have too many photos?” The answer for me is there’s no such thing!
      And thank you for the love.

  11. SCREAMIN’ over here.
    i look forward to seeing your house at Christmas so much!
    i don’t think anyone will be able to say it better than nester!
    your home is layered and textured and it tells a beautiful story.

    there really aren’t many who can pull off texas, preppy, anthropologized.

  12. I LOVE Austin, Texas ~ after all, I’m a native of the Lone Star State! 🙂 I’m in the DFW area though. I also love Anthro and your blog! I so wish I had the magic touch that you do for decorating ~ love, love your home and of course, the porch! I’d love to sit out there with something to drink and just relax.

    Thanks so much for sharing!

  13. Thank you so much for sharing your fantastic home there are so many interesting things to look at, I love how you put different items together. You have inspired me to look some of my comfortable pieces in a new light. I love, love, love the brown sofa where did you find it?

  14. i am 100% completely madly in love with your home in all it’s christmas splendor. thank you so much, Edie!!! it’s almost too good to be true! such beauty & gorgeous treasures.

    Merry Christmas!

  15. I shared you on my blog and linked to this post, hope that is ok…I lost touch a while ago after the house fire…that was such a sad time…I ran across your link today and was so happy all is well and wanted to thank you for the perspective you gave me…making me think about what was important…I appreciate that.
    Merry Christmas and God Bless 🙂

  16. I knew there would be a fresh orange in this spread and I’ve decided if your house were a dance it would be a tango meets a square dance, you got skills, lady love

  17. OH.MY.GOODNESS.GRACIOUS!! That mannequin is the BEST!! She is quite adorable…my tween would LOVE her. I wish I could join you for something warm and yummy on that porch! Swoon! Merriest of Christmases to you and yours.
    With love,

  18. I thoroughly enjoyed your home and spirit. I think Mrs. Tumnus is my favorite! I wonder how you came up with that name. I have one, now I need to name her 🙂

  19. Wow!!!!! So much of this resonates with me. Relaxed, personal, stylish layers. So, so good! I haven’t done much Christmas decorating yet this year, and now am kind of glad, because I’m using much of this as inspiration. Also really appreciate your outlook on it all. So glad to have stumbled upon your blog 🙂

  20. OMY goodness!!! The owl vase, or umbrella stand…can I have it???lol where can I get it?? I love owls, you didn’t mention the source??

  21. would it be rude to say I hate you right now? Just when I think I can’t do color, I look at your house and want to hop on a plane and come over and craft and eat fudge with you! My favorite house this year so far! xoxo

  22. Edie, your home looks as if you went through every room and touched it with your magical Christmas wand. I enjoyed your home tour thoroughly! In fact, I’m saving this post so everyday between now and Christmas I can re-visit your perfect Christmas luxury to keep my spirits bright!

  23. The most stunning house I’ve ever seen!!! If I could decorate my house EXACTLY like yours I’d be the happiest, old girl in the world.

  24. I’ve looked at your photos several times. Beautiful home and scores big points for originality. Loved the mannequin and your beautiful dog resting on the chairs. Thanks for sharing!

  25. If your house could have a title, it should be “A Heart Revealed.” I adore all the special touches you create to form the backdrop for your hospitality. Bravo indeed!

  26. Gorgeous,whimsical, warm and fun. Just a few words that come to mind about your home. Thank you for sharing, you are inspiring. And I need a head statue now.

  27. Hey!!
    Oh how I love your home tour, it just feels cozy, comfy and perfect:) There are so many pieces and ideas I can take from this tour, but the chicken print is a MUST have!! So perfect and I’m trying the pom pom wreath this weekend with my daughter, wish the non crafty girl some luck:) Merry Christmas!

  28. Your house looks beautiful! I love the fun Christmas decoration, it seems to fit right in with your style. Thanks for the inspiration! I remember seeing you in Better Homes and Gardens magazine so excited to have found your blog! I am a new follower. Have a great day!

  29. it’s all so merry and bright and filled with such warmth and pops of fun~ i think you’re someone i’d like knowing in real life. ; )

    so lovely~ thanks for letting us peek inside. xo

  30. LOL! This fellow Texan loves that you went all Austin, TX on your mantel. And I don’t know where you’re located, but if we’re anywhere near each other then I’d love to join you on that girly porch of yours.

    I love that the afghan and side table are paired up…lots of sentimentality in that one little spot. How special!

    Great tour! thanks for sharing.

  31. This mayhaps be the dumbest question of all commentdom, but are those real logs propped on the fireplace? They are so pretty! I’ve been wanting some pretty ones too, but all I have around my house are a bunch of pine trees. Sooo, did ya cut those or buy them? And if purchased, what’s your source?

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