Living Well Spending Less {TWO great resources in one!}

by Edie Wadsworth on December 14, 2014


I remember where I was sitting when she told me she her dream was to write a book & get it published within the next year.  At that time, she didn’t have an agent or a publisher or even a solid start to a book.  Eight months and so much hard work and anguish later, […]


Anna Maria Horner and Craft South

by Edie Wadsworth on May 16, 2014


Artist, fabric designer, and creative entrepreneur, and mother of 7, Anna Maria Horner, is one of the most inspiring women I know.  I’ve followed her work  and blog for years and have little touches of her creative life all over my house. Her fabric is my absolute favorite and I’m hoping that with her help this […]


Round Here {Introduction to a Podcast Series}[Podcast]

by Edie Wadsworth on May 12, 2014


Update:: Kathy Hamilton won the hour long Skype session!  Can’t wait to chat with her! And  THANK you for all the wonderful things you said in the comments.  You make my day.  Mucho love! xoxo Y’all.  This month makes my 6th year blogging.  Blogging years are kinda like dog years, so she’s basically my age. […]


The Power of Taglines

by Edie Wadsworth on March 26, 2014


I’m so happy to have my friend Denise on the blog today!  She is the first person who ever introduced me to blogging and the person who first believed that this might be my sweet spot.  Six years and so many happy memories (and so much work!) later, I am so indebted to her for […]


An Afternoon With The Nester {5 Things I Learned}

by Edie Wadsworth on March 23, 2014


You can go ahead and call me Ellie May Clampett, what with me hauling couches down the interstate and trying to keep from being impaled by a chair sitting very precariously in the passenger seat, all the while holding 3 chickens.  Okay,  it was one sofa and I wasn’t holding chickens, but it wouldn’t made […]


Video Interview with Melanie Shankle (Big Mama)

by Edie Wadsworth on February 4, 2014


Y’all. I don’t even know where to start with this one.  Melanie is the Seinfeld of blog world and she’s been making me laugh about nothing since 2008.  She’s one of my favorite people and her blog, Big Mama is a daily treat.   I know you’d love her too, if you could meet her […]

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This may not interest some of you, but this is the underbelly of what it takes to run a blog.  This post contains my personal revenue and expenses information—and  might help you understand my vocation as blogger a little better—along with how much work goes on behind the scenes. I’ve been blogging for six years, […]


Inspiration Interviews: Bloggers We Love {Ruth Soukup}

by Edie Wadsworth on September 25, 2013

PicMonkey Collage 2

Welcome to the first interview in a new series of video Inspiration Interviews with my favorite people/bloggers!  You are in for a treat with this series, as we get the know the creative, inspirational and beautiful women behind some of the best blogs out there.  I couldn’t be happier to bring you one of my […]


Creatively Made Christmas {Preppy Texas Style}

by Edie Wadsworth on August 22, 2013


You can now begin early registration for the Creative Christmas class!!  It begins October 1, but once you purchase the course, you have access to the teaching videos for one year. I’ve been working fast and furious to get all my projects done and I can’t wait to share them with you.  Ruth and I […]


Star of Wonder::Between You and Me Signs

by Edie Wadsworth on August 14, 2013


I was thrilled when Tara asked me to be a part of her 12 Signs of Christmas in August.  It was so easy to say yes.  Don’t you LOVE the new STAR OF WONDER sign?!   Tara and I have been blogging buddies for a long time and I’ve loved watching her home-based business grow […]


Creatively Made Home {Home for the Holidays}

by Edie Wadsworth on August 13, 2013

CMH2 Home Collage Words

        I am so giddy with excitement to share with you a project I’ve been planning and working on this summer.  I will be teaching an e-course, hosted by Jeanne Oliver as part of her Creatively Made Home series called, Home for the Holidays.  There will be 8 other VERY creative women […]


The Becoming Conference

by Edie Wadsworth on May 3, 2013


I’m so excited to tell you about two wonderful women—Jen Schmidt, from Balancing Beauty and Bedlam, and Jenny Martin,  from Southern Savers—who are hosting an awesome conference in Asheville, North Carolina, called The Becoming Conference.  The conference is centered around intentional living and will be held at the Ridgecrest Conference Center, August 9th and 10th. […]



by Edie Wadsworth on April 14, 2013

 I’m sitting here in my maxi dress—which apparently I was too lazy to exchange for yoga pants today—with 3 day hair and not a stitch of make-up, watching the Masters with Stevie and barely able to hold my eyes open. I have not been worth a dime today, dear ones.  And by that I mean, […]


Where have y’all been all my life? And Blissdom

by Edie Wadsworth on March 25, 2013

It seems like months since we’ve talked!  I’ve missed you. Oh wait, was I was the one who left?  And where has the month gone?  I spent the better part of it sick so I feel like I should get a do-over.  If you can believe it, we are STILL coughing and heavily laden with […]


Links to Love

by Edie Wadsworth on March 9, 2013

Jeanne interviewed me as part of her Creativity Takes Courage series. She interviewed Melody Ross last month and now I’m in love with both of them! You’ll need to sign in to her site to view the video. Emily just finished her 3rd book, A Million Little Ways. You can preorder here! Jon Acuff’s new […]

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