Grand Christian movements will rise and fall. Grand campaigns will be mounted and grand coalitions assembled. But all together such coordinated efforts will never match the influence of untold numbers of followers of Christ living out their callings faithfully across the vastness and complexity of modern society. ~Os Guiness

I’ve always been one to have goals.  I thrive on the New Year, there’s no doubt about it.

I’ve read 3 books already this year and I have written out plans and schemes like there’s no tomorrow.  But, I’ve never been much for grand, sweeping movements— in culture or in Christianity.   They seem to come and go,  and as much as I want a purpose driven life or my best life now or whatever the prevailing movement is of our day, I prefer the small.  Always have.

Not there’s anything inherently wrong with coalitions or movements or gatherings, but I think we tend to value the big, because we have often forgotten the value of the small.  Part of the problem may be our  misguided view of God’s will. Baking blueberry scones seems like a paltry offering to the God of the universe.  But then, the family needs breakfast, so I find myself torn.  Am I wasting my time and talent on breakfast?  Wasn’t I created for so much more?

How to Find God's Will for Your Life

I’ve always been tortured  by the words GOD’S WILL , for as long as I can remember.  Just typing them now gives me a lump in my throat.  I’ve always kept a journal and if not for a certain house fire, many of my entries would show that  I’ve had ALL THE ANGST about ALL THE THINGS related to finding God’s will for my life.

It seemed  like my life was a series of Where’s Waldo for the young, seeking Christian—only it was called Where’s God’s Will and why can I never seem to find it?!?!  Not only did I need to find God’s will, but I needed to discern it, somehow know it, locate the center of it,  and if at all possible,  follow it.  Whatever else I did, I surely could not afford to miss it.

Missing it was my worst fear, because then that would set off a series of catastrophic misses that might result in buying the wrong house, having the wrong kids, marrying the wrong spouse, taking the wrong job, or doing the wrong whathaveyou.


I remember being in my first year of college and hearing a message on KNOWING THE WILL OF GOD.  Some memories are in bold and that sermon was one of them. The pastor’s voice was strong and harsh—reverberating and echoing in my head for months to come. I wrote down everything he said and tried to make sense of the mystical gibberish.  It scared the heebeejeebees out of me, I’ve got no lies to tell.

I was always second guessing EVERYthing in my life, because I wasn’t sure if this friend, or this class, or this date was part of GOD’S WILL for my life or not.  It was exhausting.  I once questioned whether fuscia was part of God’s will for my life or not.  Now it’s called Radiant Orchid and it’s the color of the year.  It’s totally God’s will for my life,  as you can tell from the photo below.  I began to wish there was some kind of meter you could buy, that would turn all the more red as you closed in on something that was part of God’s will for your life.  In that very mystic, shrouded view of finding God’s will, I’m sure I missed it.  All the time. Guaranteed.

Then, I became Lutheran and learned about calling and vocation.

It totally transformed EVERYTHING about my life.  Every. last. thing.

Here’s the short and skinny version.

God’s will is for you to be saved.  He has made every provision for that salvation Himself.  He has given you everything you need in Jesus’ perfect life, death, and resurrection.  You don’t need to do ANYthing to please Him or find Him or discern His will.  He is pleased with Jesus and sees you as one redeemed by Christ.

He has placed you in various stations in life and called you to serve your neighbor, since all of YOUR needs have already been met in Him. He has gifted you in certain ways, so that you may serve your neighbor and meet his needs. And the beautiful kicker is this—God hides Himself in your vocation, so that all the service you render to your neighbor, is sacred, because it is, in reality, GOD at work through you, meeting the needs of the neighbor.

I think you should read that again.  Because you’re gonna be plagued with self-doubt today.  You’re gonna wonder when your big break is coming, when you’re gonna be recognized for your gifts and abilities, when you’re gonna be able to do more than change diapers and wash clothes and bake bread and put away Christmas decorations.

How to Find God's Will for Your Life

Guess what?  God sees your everyday, menial tasks as sacred work.  You are His hands and feet at work in the world.  That meal you cooked yesterday?  It was for Jesus.  Those ten diapers you changed?  As unto the Lord.  And someday, you’ll stand in heaven and say, Lord, when did I make cheeseburger soup for you?  And he’ll say WHEN YOU DID IT FOR THE LEAST OF THESE.  You are without a doubt, right smack dab in the middle of God’s will when you are doing all the things you do everyday to serve the people around you.

You don’t have to join a big movement.  You don’t have to be part of the in crowd.  You don’t have to have a big important job that everybody notices.  Because the God of the universe has been pleased to use your good works to serve your neighbor.

So, how do you find God’s will for your life?

Ask yourself these two questions:  Who is my neighbor (my adorable neighbors are in the photo below!) and what are his needs.   Then, set about to meet those needs.

  • Here’s how it looks at my house.

How to Find God's Will for Your Life

Who is my neighbor?  Stevie.  What are his needs?  He needs clean scrubs tomorrow, so I better do some laundry.  He also needs (and loves!) good food, so I think I’ll make him some homemade bagels and cheeseburger soup.

  • Another example.

Who is my neighbor?  Emme.   I am called to be her mother.  What are her needs?  She needs to learn to clean her room, so I will motivate her and help her by teaching her how to do it.   What else does she need?  She needs to learn God’s word properly, so she won’t chase after the allusive will of God forever, so I’ll take her to church and to confirmation class and then I’ll teach her at home what it means to live out God’s will.

  • One more?

Who is my neighbor?  You are .  What do you need?  You need to be encouraged in your work.   So, I get up early and sit down at my desk and write, hoping to encourage you.

See, how easy it is.  No hokey pokey.  No mysterious chasing after something that doesn’t exist.  Just plain and simple—meeting your neighbor’s needs.

God’s will for your life is for your to live out your various callings in love toward your neighbor, because He has graciously met all your needs.

So, what’s my New Year’s resolution?  To live joyously in my various vocations as mother, wife, teacher, writer, sister, home chef and self-proclaimed home decorator.

Everyday this year, I will ask myself—who is my neighbor and how can I meet his needs?



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247 comments on “How to Find God’s Will for Your Life”

  1. My friend, God has such a way of speaking to us that affirms us in so many ways. It is of no coincidence that you posted this today. I posted a somewhat similar post today and I truly feel God is calling out to us and wanting to bring his children home. Thank you for allowing your blog space to reach so many with this beautiful message from God. He does hide himself in our vocations because it is he himself who made it and placed it there for his will to be done. Love you friend for encouraging others to truly allow God’s light shine through them in the way in which he created them to be, not the way that the homogenized world screams at them to be.

  2. Oh THANKYOU SISTER The last 2 years have been a challenge. No need to explain the details, but now at the point of finding a job after not working for a boss in over 18 years (I’m also turning 52) an RPN (outdated but registered) and NO ONE seems to want me !! I do Foot Care (added skills for nurses in Ontario) and that has been wonderful sitting at those feet… BUT… now I question my “ability” to do even that. Now I KNOW I’m in HIS hands , I KNOW HE has PLAN.. buT…UMMM…. what ? What you’ve reminded me is …keep serving where I am until HE moves me! thanks , sometimes and maybe usually, its a simple need and a simple solution looking forward to your posts this year

  3. Weeellll, that was timely. I’m like you – writing goals, making plans, reading books… But I start wondering if I’m hearing Him right… Exactly what you said – waiting for more than changing diapers, doing laundry and taking down Christmas decorations (exactly my tasks for today…) {because who takes their Christmas decorations down before Epiphany, I ask you?? Or did I just need an excuse to leave them up longer? I digress…} Thanks for the encouragement, Edie. 🙂 So if Jesus comes back today may He find me faithfully changing diapers, making dinner and snow blowing… Lots f snow blowing…

  4. LOVE LOVE LOVE this! Exactly what I needed to hear right now. Just this morning in my quiet time, I prayed for God to speak to me and he has done so through this piece. Thank you for being a good “neighbor”!

  5. Oh thank you….this may be your best post ever…I feel like you wrote this to me…as I sit with a wild one year old baby girl climbing on me and with my sick 4 year old son asking for lunch, and worrying if my 8 year old is warm enough and happy at school today and all of these sweet people, needs, laundry, chores, callings,dreams, to-dos, plans, questions, and desires a swirling in my head….I am reminded to do the thing in front of me…my people…and that most of life is lived in the ordinary…small…regular steady plodding of it all…thank you for the encouragement…Mandy

  6. “And someday, you’ll stand in heaven and say, Lord, when did I make cheeseburger soup for you? And he’ll say WHEN YOU DID IT FOR THE LEAST OF THESE.” Tears. This post=refreshment for my soul. Thank you for the reminder that we ARE worthy, we ARE serving, and being loved by Jesus isn’t something we have to earn with big works and fancy pants.

  7. I LOVE this! I am one of those people who have been plagued by self-doubt all my life. I needed to hear this. It’s only in recent years, I’m coming to learn the truth about God’s will. I think you are exactly right.

  8. Yes Yes Yes….”God sees your everyday, menial tasks as sacred work.” I know it in my heart but sometimes I need to hear it again….. I’ve never felt a calling to do God’s will so much as I do at this time in my life, but boy it’s not always easy to follow. Thank you for the encouragement and for sharing your gift of the written word.

  9. Words of life. Without a doubt, my favorite post ever. Thank you for ministering to my heart and for being a my neighbor. 🙂

  10. Gal, this is awesome. Thanks for the good encouragement to love and do the next thing. Praying for you and your book proposal that He would give wisdom to you in His timing. Thanks for following your calling and writing to encourage the rest of us!

  11. Wow. God spoke to me through your words today Edie! I have been asking myself this for many years, contemplating, worrying, wondering… For what? The answer lies here. I have a wonderful husband and 3 teenagers that starting TODAY I will serve like there is no tomorrow. I always thought I had to serve others…people at work, at church, my neighbors across the street, while all the time my own family gets the shaft. 🙁 thank you from the bottom of my heart for opening my eyes and answering the question I have longed for. Love you and Happy New Year to you and your beautiful family!

  12. Thanks for meeting my needs! My BSF teaching leader said during our study of Genesis: God’s will is not some mysterious thing that you have to try to figure out. His will is right here and she held up her Bible. We try to make it a puzzle to be solved but God doesn’t want to confuse us, he makes it clear. She gave us a few guidelines for making big decisions, but really they all boiled down to what you have said here: What does the Bible say and what is your circumstances confirming? So, the Bible tells me to love my neighbor and meet their needs. My circumstances are that my children are my neighbors and they need lunch. 🙂

  13. Thank you, you blessed me today. It is a snow day today due to wind chill and my four kids have already been home for two weeks for Christmas break. I have been a cooking and cleaning machine, helping kids do art, knit scarfs, do puzzles, clean their rooms and other chores. I have enjoyed our time but am ready for a break!
    My word for the year is JOY. I have a hard time feeling joy in the tough( kids relentless fighting, 2 year od not napping or saying in bed!) and long for peace. Can I be peaceful and joy filled as I parent four small children????? I sure am trying!
    Thank you for your wise words and encouragemt.

  14. So glad to hear that about fuscia this year, it’s my favorite color! 🙂

    Such an amazing post and it couldn’t have come at a better time for me today. In setting up a life coaching business, I spent the better part of the day struggling to find the words I needed to describe the work I long to do. The words never came and I just became more tangled in the web of social media and bio descriptions and short pithy phrases that never came either; and praying through it all I wasn’t doing something totally pagan and hence outside of God’s will for my life.

    And then there was the 2 hour conversation with my teenage daughter about an abusive situation she is facing and the taco salad I made when I longed to be checking off items on my marketing plan. And your words made me laugh and give thanks for the truth of them.

    Thank you Edie for taking the time to write them to me. Love your blog and so glad I found you.

    I have Gene Veith’s book on my bookshelf. I am going to pull it down and start reading it.
    Blessings to you and your lovely family,

  15. Wow! Thank you so much for this post. I often feel as though I’m drowning in a society of achievement junkies and it’s so refreshing to be reminded of what a true achievement is.

  16. Thank you Edie, you have no idea how much I needed to read this today. You have definitely met my needs today. I shall try to remind myself of this message in the coming year. God bless you. x

  17. Almost in tears reading the simplicity and at the same time the greatness of this message! How can I serve my neighbors better today? Thank you, Edie for this message for everyday of my life!!!

  18. Ohhhh, I wish I could give you a Great Big HUG!! Thank you for your awesome, sweet, simple message: ) I’m encouraged!!

  19. Wow! This post is so beautiful. Your blog is so encouraging and uplifting. Thank you for all of the time and love you pour into it.

  20. oh my, the relevancy. God is absolutely serving others through your insightful, skilled writing. THANK YOU! It makes sense that serving our neighbors is an act of God and oh how comforting that is! I don’t have to travel the world to find my hidden purpose!? But how do we know who our neighbors are?? In order to pay the bills, my clients are my neighbors but I’d prefer that my children and husband were. If the answer is that I’m serving my kids and husband by bring home the (some) bacon, then I feel like I’m just playing with the equation in order to feel like I’m serving God’s will. So, how can we determine who are neighbors are or, more importantly I guess, who they SHOULD be? Know what I mean?

    • Kelly, We all have different jobs we must do in order to provide for our families. Don’t let guilt rob you of where you are right now. When you’re working, your neighbors are your coworkers, your boss, etc. Do the best job you can. Be the best at what you do. Seek for ways to be with your children more, whenever and however that may be possible, both now and in the future. And trust the rest to God, who will take our measly offerings and multiply them.
      Much love to you, dear!

      • Thank you for this post and I love your reply to Kelly, too. I get caught up in the life without margin that I forget I can create margin and to trust God with where I am right now.

          • I’m so glad to see these comments – I also struggle with how to best serve my family when much of my time is spent working to bring home a paycheck. I feel the pull to mother my children and meet their spiritual and emotional needs, but I can’t ignore the necessity of working to meet their physical needs as well. It’s hard not to compare my life and situation with others, and feel guilty thinking “if only I could be home more, I could do this and that with my kids, or make a better home-cooked meal, etc”. And yet I am still thankful that God has provided for my family through my job, and thankful for the time I do have to spend with them. I try to trust that God will guide their hearts and bless them with other good influences and leaders when I can’t be with them. Anyway – thank you for acknowledging this struggle. It helps to know I’m not alone in that.

  21. I’ve been reading your blog for years but have never commented before. I just wanted to take a second to say thank you for your blog, and thank you for that post. I really needed it. *virtual hug* 🙂

  22. What a lovely encouragement this is — it makes me think of Brother Lawrence, the 17th century monk who wrote The Practice of the Presence of God. All our work, the seemingly mundane and routine, can be sanctified just by being in
    God’s presence. And God’s will oftentimes isn’t the Really Big Thing we are always searching for; it is the small daily tasks that bless our neighbors, as you said. Thank you. I’m just in the middle of writing a blog post on this myself.

  23. Oh wow! Just the perfect words for me today. Me, too, I am always wanting a big sign…a cloud, a burning bush…something obvious to guide me and let me know I am on the right path! Those words…God’s Will…have paralyzed me right into inaction. I am so glad to know that making spaghetti sauce and rubbing Daisy’s belly are part of God’s will, too, and that it is simpler to discern His will than my little human brain wants to make it.

  24. Oh my heavens. Edie. I feel like you spoke just to me, yet all the other commenters seem to think so too. The sign of a fabulous post! I am going to read this again (and again) – I have struggled with this for a long time (when? when are you going to reveal my purpose, Lord?) and it was in front of me all the time. I am so relieved I may have to go lie down 🙂
    You have ministered to me, your neighbor, for sure.

  25. Edie–I cannot tell you how much I needed these words. I have been a stay at home mamma for almost 12 years…and over the course of all these years, I am constantly struggling with putting into words how I feel. There is always this strong pull to keep doing what I’m doing, but I feel like I need to justify…that I need to justify why I’m not going back to work…or I stuggle in answering those who ask “what are you going to do next?”. But honestly, I want to continue serving my family the way I’ve been serving for the past 12 years. That doesn’t mean I’m not going to seek out fulfillment in other areas of my life, but your words, Edie, have helped define why I do what I do…or shall I say put into words the meaning behind what I do each day…and I thank you. Choosing to serve my family is choosing to serve our Lord…more and more I’m beginning to understand that. At in this season of my life, it is my calling.
    Warm Regards,
    Jen L.

  26. He also wrote a book that tells us quite plainly what His will is. Most people forget to check that out and chase His will aimlessly.
    We serve Him in the most mundane ways. While others look to change vocations and serve God more we must remember that He has placed us exactly where He wants us. If we all left the non-Christian vocations to do His work who would minister to those who don’t know Him yet?

  27. I’ll never forget the first time my Lutheran Pastor Dad told me that God didn’t have a plan for my life. I paused and he paused, because it was shocking for a high-schooler to hear. Then, he went on to remind me that God has a purpose for my life, and that purpose can be fulfilled wherever I am, doing whatever I am doing. A great synopsis of vocation, and one that I remember to this day.

  28. Isn’t that just like satan to come in and cause confusion about God’s will? I read a very practical book years ago my pastor gave me (then I bought it for $.01 on amazon) called Team Ministry A Guide to Spiritual Gifts and Lay Involvement by Larry Gilbert. It had the best chapter about God’s will. It listed six things that were God’s will: saved, sanctified, spirit filled, submissive, suffering, and serving. If we are doing all of these, then whatever we desire is God’s will. If we are doing all of them then God will be controlling our desires…yada yada yada. 🙂 I don’t think I’m there yet. 😛 I think Christians today get so caught up in questions like, “is it God’s will for me to change jobs, etc.” I personally don’t think God is that concerned over exactly where we are working as much as He is concerned in how we are loving people, telling others about Him, and glorifying Him through our lives where ever we work. 🙂 I always love your posts!! Love your beautiful family photo too. 🙂

  29. What a blessing! I truly needed this encouragement as a stay-at-home mom. Sometimes, I tend to wonder if I am doing God’s will, Oh yes! Thanks, so much!

  30. Came here today for the cheeseburger soup recipe, and found so much more!! When I take care of my neighbors, the rest of life just falls into place. My most stressful days as stay at home mama are when I am doing too much ‘other’ stuff!

  31. Oh Edie! Thank you…this post is such a blessing! I’m that (40 something) girl who is perpetually in a slump and constantly berating myself for not “knowing” what His will is for my life. How liberating and freeing to think that I am operating in His will every day 🙂

  32. Thank you so much for sharing this! I really don’t want to appear difficult but…I’m retired, divorced and live alone. I’m a happy person and try to live in the positive as well as in gratitude. Wondering exactly who might be my “neighbors”…loved ones, friends??? I do wonder what I should be doing now.


    • You might have to work a little harder to see your neighbors, Pat, but I bet they’re there. And you have so much wisdom to give and share, as someone who’s gone through a lot in life. Neighbor actually means one who is near, so yes, loved ones, friends, fellow church members, people you meet in your daily life. Bless you as you give yourself to others.

  33. Tears are flowing from this mommy of two toddlers. THANK YOU, Edie. Thank you from my worn-down heart. God just used you.

  34. Edie!! This is AMAZING! Thank you thank you for writing this and sharing this…it really speaks to my heart and the place I am in life 🙂

  35. This may be the best description of God’s Will that I have ever read. And it is so true. We have spent most of Christmas break helping some friends. He is a minister and she is a dear friend who has lymphoma. We helped move the remainder of their belongings out of their former home. Someone has to stay with her around the clock. So I have stayed with her so her husband could get out to do errands and prepare for work. The life lessons for my daughters is that this is what ministry looks like. Its the day in day out encouraging and loving on those in our life. Being Jesus in the mundane is where God changes us while reaching others. It is ministry. And if we waste time waiting for the BIG lightening flashing moments we will miss the everyday moments that are life altering.

  36. Edie – Thank you. Reading your words just lifted a heavy burden off my shoulders… I’ve been wrestling with these very same ideas recently… and finding Him in each load of laundry, at my desk, in my mothering. ‘Yes!’ my heart says, in agreement with you. <3

  37. Right now it seems my neighbors are ever changing and I feel it’s so hard to keep up. What a simple formula. Thank you for the gentle reminder how easy it can be to both serve and love my neighbor. God Bless.

  38. Wow!!!!!!!! I have been a christian for 15 years now., and i cant remember the last time i read something that affected me the way this did. Thank u for being so awesome and obedient. Love u girl!!!!!

  39. Problem is – sometimes out neighbors are not so adorable. And, there is where the rubber meets the road! My study group met this morning with a book, How To Become a Contagious Christian. It’s hard. It takes work. It takes time. It often takes money. The payoff is grand!! Thank you Edie.

  40. Oh my goodness—-How your words blessed my heart and made
    me realize that should be my focus also– Who is My Neighbor?
    I want my focus to be on the Lord Jesus and to allow Him to
    guide me throughout 2014.
    Love you so much, Edie

  41. This is the first time I’ve read your work and I loved it!! Simple, basic putting our faith into action to love our neighbor, but yet, so profound!! That’s the bottom line!!! Thank you for taking the time to write and share.

  42. I am not sure how you showed up on my facebook wall. I may have liked you at some point but for me today you became the will of God in my life because I really needed to read and absorb you most beautifully gifted blog. I was named after Saint Therese the little flower. Her calling in life was to make her little corner of the world better. Amy is my first name and it means Beloved. This year it seems everyone is choosing a word to claim. My sister chose joy and I was stuck. Then I read your blog and I realized that I don’t need a word to define my life with God this year especially when being stuck on it is distracting me . Thank you for this blog. I want to print and frame it as a reminder that HE>me and together I am ok serving my neighbors . It is so simple.

  43. Very well said Ms. Edie. Tonight my neighbors were three travel weary young men that sat around my table and ate spaghetti and told me all about their lives. What joy they brought me tonight. You’ll be happy to know they are tucked safely into bed. Hope to have you at my table one day too!

    • Oh, you sweet friend!! Thank you for feeding my dear son and for listening with a mama’s heart. I love those boys so much. I can’t wait to hear about all their adventures. Sending you many thanks and much love.

  44. A great big THANK YOU for this post. I too had struggled with this for many years. My journey was slowly leading me to this same conclusion and reading it here I’ve had one of those lightbulb moments where my heart and my head get it now. Many Thanks Edie.

  45. Awesome….and…thank you! I follow your blog and truly look forward to your posts. Keep up the good work!! You are inspiring.

  46. WOW! I have grown up in the LCMS church and have never been able to put God’s Will for my life together like you have in this article. I too love to listen to Issue’s Etc when I can. KFUO worldwide is an amazing radio station. Thank you for being our neighbor and encouraging us with God’s word on this day.

  47. This is life-changing stuff. You may never know how many women you have encouraged by this post! I love discovering my calling in the simple and smallness of my daily life. And what I have learned is that when we look for opportunities to love our neighbor, God is faithful to provide them. Thank you, Edie!

  48. Beautiful Post. As a stay at home mom looking for God’s calling, I very much relate to this. After being home for 7 years, I am just now getting to the point of seeing the value and calling of my position in my family. I am also slowly letting go of the questioning God when I do clearly hear His calling!

  49. Found your blog through Pinterest and have followed you for awhile loving your style… But never making a comment. Today I must! This is so what I needed to hear. You hit the nail on the head for me. Thanks for serving your neighbor today and reminding me that serving mine is what life is all about. I adore you, your style, your blog… Everything!

  50. Well said! And thank you for sharing! I would say this was your best post yet, but you have a good many of them. 🙂 I feel like God has said that this year, we will stay home and minister to our family and those He puts in our lives. We won’t be doing any grand mission trips around the world. Your words help me to see it clearly as all God’s work. Small or grand. He is in all and through all and it’s all good.

  51. I struggled with this very thing for awhile. Asking God over and over and over. I felt so defeated as if being a mom wasn’t enough. As if it were my side job.
    Then all the sudden I hit the free way. Free and clear it rang to me.
    God’s will is that I do His will. I’ve been running full steam ahead.
    I really look forward to writing on this topic this year. It’s near and dear to my heart.
    Beautiful words! Thanks for sharing.

  52. I am just weeping. This is the very thing that the Lord pressed into my soul over a year ago, and I called it “doing something small”. I want to be a soldier, a warrior, feed the hungry, save the lost, house every orphan. But God said to my heart, “I know you love me enough to do huge things for me. But do you love me enough to do something small?” And it broke my heart and pushed me to my knees. I wrote a blog post about it here: http://lassothemoon.typepad.com/lasso_the_moon/2012/09/do_something_small.html Thank you so much for your heart and your humility. I am also a lover of new year’s resolutions. I bought your ebook last year, and decided that this year one of my three resolutions is to have a heart of hospitality. Thanks for meeting the need of me, your neighbor. Anna

  53. Have struggled with the saying “finding God’s will for your life” for a long time, and you so perfectly put words to my very (although less organized and not as well worded) thoughts. 🙂 Thank you for following God’s will today and sharing this wonderful, thought-provoking post.

  54. Great post. Totally relate to the fear of missing God’s will and with learning to be content with menial jobs. Nothing is small in God’s eyes if it’s done with a humble, servant’s heart that desires to glorify God. You can read about my struggle through all of this at http://www.sweetlybrokengirl.blogspot.com. Thank you for these encouraging words. Refreshing.

  55. i remember learning the catechism in college and feeling the weight of the world lifted.
    i, too, stressed myself OUT over God’s big, huge, enormous will…always afraid i was missing it.

    his will is for me to know him and to make him known.
    or as you put it, to be saved and to love my neighbor.
    my favorite post of yours.

  56. Oh how I needed this. I will be 53 this year and every day for as long as I’ve been old enough to speak I have asked myself this question. Lord isn’t there more I should be doing am I not capable of more then cooking, cleaning, laundry refereeing kids, changing diapers mowing etc. Is this all there is? I want to do great things for your Kingdom. And yet right here you have made it all so very plain, that this life, these mundane every day tasks I have done are all for him, I have been serving Him all this time and without any kudos awards or recognition from any one BUT Him. Thank you form one weary Mom/Wife/ Gramma for giving me a better perspective on “my service”. Tomorrow morning when I get up and start my day I know I will feel a load lifted and a new song in my heart. Bless you for this and thank you for changing my out look. I will serve my neighbor and my family and if He has greater things in store for me I know I will do them with a humble heart and more joy then before I realized the importance of serving in an every day capacity.

  57. What a lovely post in every way possible. I was struggling with something out of my control & prayed for help. I then read this & just know god was speaking to me through your post! Beautiful. What an amazing gift you have. I hope you feel the love all of us readers feel from this message! 🙂

  58. Hi Edie. I am new to your blog (through the 31 day challenge), but I am ever so thankful to have found you/it. You are an inspiration and blessing to all of us. Thank you so very much! God bless you and your family! 🙂

  59. Reading this really helped to balance my mind and stop the worrying that I’m not doing what I’m suppose to in life. As you said, everything I’m doing right now is what I’m destine to do.

  60. This showed up in my RSS the other day, but God knew I needed a few more days to hear this and so it was today! Beautiful and so timely for me! Thank you for doing God’s will in the small things that can be so much bigger to the ones you are serving! Blessings!

  61. Amen, amen, and amen. Fabulous post, Edie! Thanks for reminding me of what’s true. I’m heading to the laundry room to fold clothes for my neighbors, then to the kitchen to make 13 Bean soup for my neighbors, and this morning I cut coupons, made appointments, and talked to our insurance company, all for my neighbors. And ultimately, as unto the Lord. Grateful for the reminder that RIGHT WHERE WE ARE is God’s will for us. Beautiful!

  62. Thank you for the love and encouragement you bring through writing and sharing. It’s had such a beautiful impact on my life!

  63. Thank you for these words, Edie. Every day I answer the same questions from my 27 year old son. He has Down Syndrome. He is the oldest of our 4, and lives with us. He brings us much joy. Every morning, he pads to the kitchen. He asks me how I slept. He asks me what I ate for breakfast. He asks me about a friend of ours that we’ve been praying for. He asks me if Dad has gone to work…if any of his brothers are home…if his sister is coming over today. He asks what we are having for dinner tonight…and what our plans are for the weekend. He unloads the dishwasher and folds the blankets that others have left on the couch. He tells me I look pretty. He asks if we are going to Wal-Mart or Kroger. He loves to go…and so we go. And he hints around at lunch…maybe we should check out Chick-Fil-A. And so we go. I watch him get out of the car. He doesn’t hear well…he wouldn’t notice if a car was coming thru the parking lot fast. I watch him on steps…he has poor balance and depth perception. I watch him walk on wet surfaces…he could easily slip and fall. I watch others watch him and my heart hurts…because they just don’t know. And my heart about bursts…because I DO. I listen to him talk for an hour on our way into town. It is my greatest desire to, with God’s help, do well by him. Some days, I “get” it…the sacredness of my work. I feel so blessed and amazed God gave him to us. Others don’t understand. And then some days…very few days…I’m weary. Frustrated. Wondering if what I’m doing is enough. Your encouraging words washed over me today! May they bless others as they have blessed me. 🙂

    • OH, I am sitting here in a pool of tears. This is so beautiful. THank you for sharing. THis is God’s will par excellence. Bless you for seeing the face of Jesus in that dear boy.
      Much love to you,

  64. This is exactly what I needed to read today. My house is a mess (still have a box of Christmas decorations and wrapping stuff to pack away) and I am overwhelmed and can’t seem to start. I feel like I have failed God because I have not been a good steward of the things He has blessed us with. Now I know I have not.

  65. Long time reader but first time commenting. These words really spoke to me. As a SAHM to one 13 year old boy I was running myself ragged for years doing PTA, Scouts, Sunday School, Bible School, Deacons, as well as babysitting for free for lots of working moms in my neighborhood, and helping every family member who needed it because I just felt so blessed that I should give back.

    This past summer my lovely husband took me out to dinner and flat out asked me to stop volunteering and take care of us instead. We talked about all the fantastic Bible school decorations I made while serving him buttered noodles every day for dinner and spending the evening on the couch with a heating pad on my back because I overworked myself at VBS. He said it was like the world got the best of me and my family got what was left of me. Eye opening. I dropped out of everything and put my house, my husband, my son, and myself first. We are so free . . so content . . laundry is done . . good meals are happening . . exercise is happening . . . the house is warm, cozy, clean and full of love . . and the sky didn’t fall on me yet because I stopped serving the world. We like it. Now, I’m serving my family first and when the time comes to step back into volunteering for others I will think long and hard about it. Grace and Peace.

    • What a blessing, Amy! THank you so much for sharing. I’ve heard it called ‘the new monasticism,’ where the church requires so much of our time, that we can’t serve our families. I love that you and your husband were able to find resolution.
      Much love,

  66. I just started following your blog and I love it! As a stay at home mom trying to find her way, your posts are really encouraging. I love design, fashion and gardening as well, and have just started my own blog. So glad I found your blog.

  67. Oh my goodness it does my heart a world of good to know you’re my neighbor!!! And holy smackrels I like the new logo and motto…..living it up and writing it down! He has used you so often to encourage I’m off to campaign for our mansions in heaven to be close enough to smell your scones!

  68. I loved this article. It really spoke to me. I’ve been searching for God’s will it seems like forever and after reading your post it just made so much sense. I can’t thank you enough.

  69. This week I called on you as a loving caring friend, just for you to listen and most important for me to actually have a friend to seep my deepest sadness, all my problems, I poured out to you because of the friendship we have.

    I needed just you this week and you were there for me. Funny how, my sister, who really doesn’t’ directly know you, told me to talk to you. God’s will, starting to all make sense to me after all these years. It has had to be broken down to me bit by bit and still I’m in need, but a little more comfort in my day today. Cheeseburger soup goes a long way……….. Love you sweet friend

  70. This is wise, refreshing, and so well-written. You are such a fabulous communicator.
    I’ve been so world-weary lately, and this is really hitting the spot. Thank you.

  71. It’s really that simple?! Like you I have been tortured my entire life trying to “find God’s will.” I’ve had a major “a-ha” moment. Thank you for putting this so matter of fact. I don’t know what I’m going to do with all this free time now that I don’t feel I have to wait for the next big thing. I’ll fill it doing more of God’s will, which I’ve already been doing and didn’t even know it.

  72. I can not tell you what an effect this post has had on my daily mindset, and how it has opened my eyes to my simple daily acts, and reminded me who I’m serving. Thank you. Thank you for reopening my heart to the “needs” that are presented to me, and changing my mindset as to how to view them. I am already seeing the change in my heart in how I serve. Thank you for faithfully serving God, by encouraging me. Your words have a ripple effect, and are changing my attitude toward serving my family, so in turn you’ve touched four of us. Thank you.

  73. Thanks be to God for your words of encouragement. I have been searching and searching for God’s will in my own life. I have even googled it! The self doubt seems to always win, but I am trying to remember that what I do matters in His eyes.

  74. Thanks for being an encourager. We are currently on a 21 day Daniel Fast and each day we ask God to lead us to the right things to read that day and lo and behold — He brought us your way this morning! Thanks and keep up the good work!


  75. Wow! Thank you so much for writing this. You are my neighbor. I could have written this post myself. I have so struggled with hearing the words find “God’s will for your life”. It always leaves me feeling frustrated, empty, and full of anxiety that it was something I needed to figure out, something I needed to do, that I need to do something “BIG”. I’ve never posted a comment on any blog before but I had to let you know how timely and encouraging this was.

  76. Saw this reposted by a facebook friend. Enjoyed it very much. I am 52 and have spent life grappling with the “God’swill” issue. I lived such a selfish life and fell so far off the path I thought I should be taking. One marriage in ashes, never did anything with all that education and now run a hotel restaurant. Figured I blew my calling and am stuck in a soso paying dead end job. However, second marriage has been great. We’re raising two good young boys who seem to both have a good moral compass and we get buy with bills and such. Ok, we tread water. Your article made me smile with hope that maybe just doing what I concidered as far from God’s will is really what, at this point of my life, is where I am supposed to be. So thanks for that.

    • Bless you, David, as you serve your family well, even if it doesn’t feel so much like following your dreams. We’re actually supposed to die to ourselves and live for others and you are doing that. May God bless the work of your hands.
      Thanks for reading,

  77. Thanks! This was great and just what I needed. I, too, have a blog and some days I struggle if it is what I should be doing. Now, I realize that I may not be reaching as many people with my blog as I would like, but I’m encouraging those that God needs for me to reach. It may just be one person, but that one is God needs to reach. Thanks for reminding me that God’s will isn’t always something “grand and glorious” in the world’s eyes, but is always grand and glorious in His.

  78. Thank you. From the bottom of my heart, from one mother to another. Thank you for reminding me that the ability to love and care for my family through all the good and bad is a blessing. And that my calling is just to do that- care for my daughter, serve my husband and most importantly my God who has given me more than I could ever make up for. And He is SO SO good for that and more that I don’t even notice- EVERYDAY.

    You hold a close place in my heart always. God Bless your God fearing heart.


  79. Oh my goodness! It appears that you and God have touched many hearts by the long list of comments! I Thank You for sharing your heart with us/ me!

  80. This post really seemed to hit a hot spot for a lot of people. Why do you think this question and angst exist for so many of us? What did we miss in our Christian teaching that brought us to this place of always feeling like we aren’t in the right place or doing the right thing? You spoke to a lot of mothers taking care of families, probably because their thousands of tasks get overlooked and underappreciated each day, but you also spoke to me as a single girl in a career. I’m also always thinking, is this it? Is this enough? Is this really what I was made for?

  81. Yes, do all things for the glory of God.

    The description of your search for Gods’s will before you became a Lutheran sounded like that of a non-believer. Someone wanting to ‘find God’s will’ in order to have ‘the good life’ of this world. Many ‘Christians’ deceive themselves into believing Christ will follow them on their path, when being rescued from our sins means being placed on His path (by God Himself).

    Discerning God’s will is simply a matter of obeying that will of His that you already know. He commands us to turn from trusting in our own righteousness and trust in His righteousness alone. Only by trusting His word will we be saved, and not by any religion or good works.

    His word is that as evil sinners we deserve hell. His word is that we cannot save ourselves and are helpless in sin. His word is that He provided His son to take our sins upon Himself and be crushed on our behalf, satisfying God’s demand for justice. His will is that we repent, asking His Son to take away our sin and reconcile us to God and make us His servants and His children.

    Act upon His known will and discernment will follow.

  82. Oh..Thank you for these lovely words of encouragement. You have warmed my heart. You just met my needs. I pray that you keep on blessing others as you have for me and that I follow your example to help others unselfishly. You are an angel from God himself. Love you. (God gave me a love for you)!

  83. Well, this was certainly the best thing I found on pinterest today! This is beautiful, and elegant and puts into perspective this whole motherhood thing! I love it. And you are SO right.

  84. Just found your blog & love it! I have spent my entire adult life searching for God”s will . I have always known my gifts and have been searching for a way to make a living using those gifts. I have been miserable my entire adult life because I crave to use my gifts and my daily work does not fulfill my desire to create! How do you satisy your deepest desire, the thing you know you were created to do, when you have to send your time making a living? At the end of the day Im too tired and have nothing left to give. Then i feel guilty becauase i end up neglecting my family by spending what little free time i have trying to do what I love. Any advice?

  85. WOW! I cannot explain the importance of this message. My life is in transition. I have been second guessing myself and wondering what is my purpose? Finding this post at this moment could not have been better timing.

    Thank you

  86. I struggled for so many years in trying to find myself in God, trying to find his grand purpose for my life that for the longest I didn’t see what was right in front of me. Then I had an aha moment much like yours, that changed everything little thing about the way I looked at it. I’ve read Jeremiah 29:11 “For I know the plans I have for you” so many times and it never hit me until reading Crazy Love in the middle of Logan’s Steak House that I, as in me, myself and I, don’t need to now God’s grand scheme for my life. He knows it and that’s good enough for me.

    All I need to do is live my life for him, put him first, show his love to everyone and he will lead me were he wants me.

    Thanks for this post, it’s nice to know that I’m not the only one who see’s doing the little things as serving God’s greater purpose. I’m sharing this on my blog Saturday as part of thing’s I’ve read and love, because this post is so encouraging.

  87. I just came on line to find out how to start teaching a 5th grader, as our grandson will be coming to stay with us. When I read your post I thought it was me, for those thoughts about learning to serve in the small are the very things the Lord has been trying to teach me. Similar story just different people and locations. Thank you for putting into words what I could only think and the encouragement it brings.

  88. What a timely repost! I read it when it was first posted and it stirred something inside me. And it has changed the way I serve my family.
    A few weeks ago I started to talk to my children (6 and 4ys old) about loving their neighbour (we are Canadian, so we spell it with a u!)and the transformation is incredible! They are now searching out ways to “serve” in their own ways. Picking up a brothers blocks, making their parents bed, etc. this simple act is changing our family. Each night at supper we all discuss the ways we loved our neighbour today!
    I was thinking just yesterday that I needed to share this with friends and family and now this repost… Thank you!

  89. This is good! You are a beautiful writer and thinker, Edie, and I’m so glad to have read this message today. Now I am off to serve in my small ways…

  90. We starting going to a somewhat contemporary Episcopal church about a year and half ago. We learned more there in the first three months than we did at our Baptist church in 10 years. Nothing against Baptist or any others but for us the Episcopal church spoke to us in ways we had never been spoken to before. once we had a better understanding of what God wanted, we started using it in our everyday lives. Immediately it was like God took a vacuum cleaner and sucked out everything that wasn’t beneficial to our spiritual life and replaced it with all good things. God had been waiting on us….we were just lost.

  91. I read this before, the first time in January. I read and remembered and think often of, “What does my husband NEED?” and “What do my kids NEED?” ever since then – and that’s been a terrific clarifier for me in my dailies. But Edie, I wish I could hug your neck and eat your cheeseburger soup while I read this, because if I am the least of these, you’ve done it for me! I’ve been feeling like the least recently, in a new community as the ‘older’ mom that doesn’t exactly fit in with the pretty young things. And I’ve been remembering to do the little things, even for them, even when I feel left out. And this rereading of this essay – after it peeked at me through FB – will help me to do that better, and to remember that I’m not created to be a part of the ‘in’ crowd. Permit me to paraphrase (in case I misquote) Mother Teresa – “we cannot do great things, only small things with great love.”

  92. Thank you so much for your article today. I needed to hear this message. I see a little how it works

  93. Thank you…Thank you…Thank you. I needed to read these inspiring words. And most wonderful of all it reminded me of my precious mom who passed away a year ago. No matter what she did, folding laundry, cleaning bathrooms, preparing dinner, driving me to gymnastics, letting my friends come over for dinner, and to spend the night at a moments notice, making dinner for our neighbors who lost their daughter-in-law in a tragic accident, she did this and so much more because of who she was in Christ Jesus. Her life reflected God’s will, and after reading this I think I can breathe & relax a little bit. Thank you.

  94. I am so glad I found this post through Pinterest! I have struggled with this for so long, feeling like I was always waiting for that ‘big moment’ where I would know that THIS..whatever it was…was what I was supposed to do. Now I realize that I need to pay attention to those smaller things I do..cleaning house, cooking dinner for my husband, that matter. I do have a job, in fact, it’s a job that has me in a position to make a real difference, and lately I’ve been feeling that maybe I’ve been looking at it wrong. It’s not just a ‘job’. I work with college students..what better group to impact? Your post confirms that..thank you so much for your perfect words..they went straight to my heart!

  95. Thanks for your inspiring words here. As so many people here have found themselves and their purpose due to your wisdom, I STILL struggle for mine. To make a long story short, I have been begging for GOD’S guidance and wisdom for my life and it seems he just doesn’t hear me. I have a PURE heart and would do anything I could to help out someone, truth is Ican’t even help myself. People talk about karma but more often than not, I receive bad karma in return for doing all the good I know to do. I have a lot of health problems , found my papa dead at 18 then my daddy dead at 21, now ALL of my immediate family is now dead, I’m 42 and have only a 21yo daughter that is a drug addict. At Christmas time it’s her and I for dinner in front of the tv. I know everyone has their struggles, but I’m to the point I have tried soo hard for soo long and tried to be soo good while getting cap slung in my face the whole way. I’m tired, I’m worn out, begging for God and it appears he doesn’t hear me. All I ask from life is to have a roof over my head and food , electic, and water, just the basic essentials and I’m not good enough even to have that. I beg GOD to let me die everyday but he won’t do that either. I’m about to be homeless again cuz my health won’t let me work to just have basic utilities. What do u do when u honestly simply just want to die? I have lost ALL hope? It seems this is Satan’s world and I have no place in it. I am still trying to hang on but, HE has put more on me than I can handle!

  96. I am sitting here with tears streaming down my face. After reading this page -How to find God’s Will for your life– for the first time, in a VERY long time- I think I feel something under my feet, something more solid than what I have been use to. I found this while looking at the aqua kitchen redo (which is amazing) I have felt so alone for so long. So “unnecessary” now that the kid are grown, parents passed and long time hubby decided he preferred blonds. The “why the heck am I even here?” haunts me daily. But after reading this, I think a light is flickering. Thank you so much for your inspiration(s) I think putting my house in order will assist in putting my “house” in order. Gods blessing to you and your family.

  97. I’m skimming right now with the intention of coming back to REALLY read through this…It is one I need to read and hear and read again….especially now in the midst of summer and fighting daughters and feeling plagued by the “not enough” syndrome.
    Thank you.

  98. when I saw my friend had posted this to her Facebook page, I was ready to give her a good whipping based on the title. But I read your article and you got it right! Thank you.

  99. Why haven’t I read this before??? Perhaps I did and it just didn’t gel ~ who knows? I’ve been in search of God’s will for my life, not feeling a response. Perhaps this is His way of letting me know. 🙂 I still have questions but I’ll keep reading!

    Thanks so much for sharing your life, your faith and your beautiful writing with all of us!

    P.S. I’m in Texas and yes, I love those western boots too! 🙂

  100. I’m not sure why but this web site is loading extremely
    slow for me. Is anyone else having this problem or is it a problem on my end?
    I’ll check back later and see if the problem still exists.


  102. Hello, I just found your blog and have enjoyed a few of your writings. This piece on finding the will of God is spot on, and I thank you for writing it in an understandable and practical way. Love this.

  103. Hi, I just want to thank u for your blog.Seems I go to it more than any other. I love how u do everything at the will of god. And you have a beautiful family. I am striving to get closer with my savior,and your wisdom and words help so much. Thank you so very much, Ann

  104. Thank you for this. Thank you. I’m sitting crying at my laptop because I could have written the top part of your entry. I’m in one of those Big Spiritual Chapters in life and I’m not quite sure what to do but I’m very afraid of the same litany of wrong choices you wrote above.

    I’ve been asking myself for the last two hours whether or not it’s God’s will for me to host a little dinner party next weekend. That feels about on par with your fuchsia quandary! Before I entered this Big Spiritual Chapter of my life, I’ve always thrown dinner parties. I love decorating and cooking and having people over. “But aren’t I supposed to be doing something grander than throwing a little dinner party? Something holier like praying or studying? Something for the God of the Universe?” No. I’m supposed to be happy in my home, in my life, this life, here and now. And that for me means dinner parties. Lots of them.

    I had prayed just a couple hours ago for a 2×4 over the head to tell me what His will was. God used you and this entry. Thank you.

  105. Hi there,

    I wanted to thank you for this post. I have been praying to God for what seems like months, years even, to lead me to the career of my dreams – you know, the one you leap out of bed for in the morning. The one that makes you feel like your talents are being utilized, that ignites a passion within. In fact, I prayed for this again this very morning, in my car on the way to work. This has evaded me all these years, and sometimes I’ve stopped and wondered if God truly cares for me and hears my prayers.

    Well, while having my morning coffee, I browsed a bit on Pinterest and came across this blog post. What I hear God saying to me is “chill out!”. I need to focus on the small stuff, the little blessings in each day. I do have gifts within and can use them to serve those around me, even in the smallest ways. And it’s the small things that add up to big things.

    Thank you so much for this message!

    God bless, all the way from South Africa..


  106. Thank you thank you thank you!!!! God has been whispering this into my heart for some time- but this post has made it CLEAR on exactly what He’s trying to tell. Big hugs!!!

  107. You are amazingly talented at encouraging and supporting other women. THANK YOU for your blog. You inspire me, and this post has just pierced my heart. four years ago, I left a 10 year career to homeschool my three boys, and lately the allure of having a “real” career has called me. I want to wear nice clothing, work in an office, and make things happen. BUT, I know that is NOT what God would have me do. Why do we do this to ourselves?
    God specifically called me to homeschool. He has provided clearly for our family since I started staying home, and I KNOW this is where His “will” is at this point in my life. Thank you so much for the reminder. And the reminder that what I’m doing is, truly, important.
    Keep up the great work. Love your blog and your heart!

  108. You wrote this almost a year ago so I guess I am late to the party but that’s OK because this is EXACTLY what I need RIGHT NOW. Thank you.

  109. By chance (God’s will) I came across your post. I have been struggling for years to discover what God’s will is for my life. I, too, have second guess everything that God put in my life. Even though His Word tells me He has plans for my life it has been a struggle to think I can hold a candle to others with a college education. Thank you for reminding me that God can use me where I am and He has equipped me with everything I need. My goal for 2015 is to say yes to what God would have me to do and seek His guidance through His Word.
    Thank you,

  110. This is like balm to my soul. Thank you for your writing! I feel like I should print this out and read it every morning. You are so right about the self-doubts creeping in but I will focus today on loving God and loving others (my people:). Love to you today, Edie!

  111. Edie,
    I just came across your blog googling about marble!!! What a gift! You have touched my heart already and I love you so much for sharing your heart and the Truth that the Lord has placed there. Thank you!! I look forward to getting to know you better as I follow your blog.

  112. Dear Edie, You have such a gift for simplifying & breaking things down into what I need to hear. I always feel so blessed coming here. Thank you!

  113. Bless your heart dear one. You just described my search for God’s will. Perfectly. I have been overlooking that a few years ago, I took guardianship of 6 of my nieces and nephews. Never being a mom and then boom! I am learning a whole bunch and learning my weaknesses and leaning on God every minute. As a single “Aunt Mommy” it is tough, yet I make it through day to day. God has us in the palm of His hand. I AM in his will. Thank you for helping me to see this. I am pleasing Him. He is the God who sees me.

  114. Just the message I needed this morning. Funny thing happened as I read the title, my tummy did a little flip flop. Years ago, (in the 90’s) when I was a young mother. I heard a testimony of another mother bearing witness that she had found God’s Will for her. I never understood. Even though I believe in Christ, serving others and loving unconditional as he does. Now, for the first time EVER. I get it. I won’t even try to understand why it took so many years to learn his will for me. But, turns out I have been living his will for me all along.

  115. I came across this blog on Pinterest. Thank you for reminding me that all the small things matter and add up for God. Sometimes I think I need to be out there ins some spot light and the truth is I Just need to be who God Made me to be.

  116. God’s timing is something, isn’t it!? I have had this in my ‘likes’ on Pinterest for a while now but just read it. Read it days after returning from a Women’s Retreat with my church. Read it days after I confronted some big fears including, ‘What do I have to offer? Why would anyone listen to what I have to say?’ Read it after years of wondering the same things about my daily life and thinking I am not fulfilling my ‘calling’. Thank you! It doesn’t feel like enough, thank you, but it is what I have – Thank You!

  117. Thank you so much for your message! I truly feel inspired that I can do God’s work everyday inside my own home and at work. You’re right, sometimes I fear that I’m “missing” what God’s called me to do, but I don’t need to be a life-long missionary overseas or a pastor. If I can live everyday for God, then I will be accomplishing what God has called me for, with His help. I pray that your words continue to inspire others!

  118. Thank you. I have been asking what my purpose is for a long time, and though HE keeps whispering, your a wife and mom, your a great Nana, that is your purpose. I kept dismissing it, I never thought of my family in the context of neighbor. I want to think there is something more. This post has answered my longing. Again thank you for serving one of your neighbors, me. In the name of Jesus.

  119. Recently, I kept recalling a remarkable room I’d seen a year or so ago with a statuette head and vivid colors. It served as a family work space and laundry. I wanted to revisit it but couldn’t remember how I’d come upon it. It nagged at me. I loved the colors, the style, the whole vibe, and wanted to go back to it but had no path for finding it again. I opened a tab to type in some random search words hoping to track down the blog, when I got distracted by a beautiful pin on Pinterest entitled Outrageous Hospitality. I followed the link to zoom in on the beautiful particulars of the bedroom and was led right to your site, the original one I had set out to find! How fortuitous! I’ve been browsing your posts the last several days I’ve been off work sick, and enjoy your perspective on vocation. The posts I read are years older but found me today and are relevant to my life now. The beauty and power of truth. Thank you!

  120. well, here’s a kicker for you….i’ve been wrestling with this very issue…feeling like i let God down on a regular and recurring basis, having waaaay to many monkeys jumping around in my head to know what He really wants me to do….well, tonight i know that maybe, just maybe i’m already doing it. thanks to you, you’ve done what several books, several pastors, several great women speakers have perhaps tried to do, but for some reason, it was YOUR message that got through my apparently very thick head. thank you. thank you. and i note this was written a couple years ago…and i just found it tonight. hmmmm. God is funny isn’t he?

  121. I sit and cry as I read this! The pressure that I had put myself under in trying to find God’s ‘Perfect’ will for my life. You are right. It IS completely exhausting!! His will for me is to love Him and love others. That’s it!!! Whatever else there is, He will direct me while I do this. How relieving that is!!! Oh thank you, thank you, thank you!!!
    Many, many blessings to you.

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  130. I see that God doesn’t want me to continue in this depression of asking myself daily if my fiance is Gods will for me or not as i stumble on this article written since 2014, i now see that his will is in all that he has placed in my heart to do. I know that God loves me so much and he wont allow me make the wrong decision or fall into the wrong hands, thank you so much for this, you really have fulfilled his will.

  131. Thanks so much for your Clarification of God’s Path in a confusing Ever fast-paced, demanding, never good enough, world. My husband and I came up with this summarization of ‘Finding God’s Will; “Love God with all your heart, soul & mind and Take the Next Best Step.” He also would tell people that a way to Test your Gifting was to Check your attitude after a long hard day spent at…… Did you say/feel,” Wow am I worn out but that was SO Rewarding, I enjoyed that so much” OR “Wow am I worn out, I glad that is out of the way!”
    Love God and Take the Next Best Step…no mysteries here!

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