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Christmas Brunch Menu and Jam Thumbprints

by Edie Wadsworth on December 23, 2013

christmas brunch

My mother passed the baton to me a few years ago, so now I host Christmas Eve Brunch for my family.  It’s one of my favorite traditions.  I thought I’d share our menu, in case you might hosting breakfast or brunch yourself. Also at the bottom is my recipe for Jam Thumbprints.  Besides fudge, they’re […]


Christmas Cookie Exchange {Link Party}

by Edie Wadsworth on December 16, 2013


Welcome to my online Christmas cookie exchange! Just add a link to your favorite Christmas treat and then link back to this post, to share the buttery love with your friends! If you don’t have a blog and want to share something with us, visit my facebook page and add the recipe! Add your photo […]

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Best Ever Homemade Brownies

by Edie Wadsworth on December 12, 2013

Best Ever Homemade Brownies  via lifeingrace

Several of you inquired about these after I posted my December Meal Plan.  I’m happy to oblige!  (Also, thank you for your kindness on the Christmas House Tour!  Y’all are so sweet to me.) I’m pretty original with recipe names, as you can plainly see.  I’ve got the Best Ever Chocolate Chip Cookies, the Best Ever […]

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December Menu Plan

by Edie Wadsworth on December 4, 2013

December Menu Plan via lifeingrace

Okay, these menu plans take forever to compile.  Sorry it’s late and let me know if it helps you!  There’s some good stuff on here this month, so click through and see what  your family might enjoy! Week 1 Monday, December 2—Pumpkin Chipotle Soup Tuesday, December 3—Italian Sausage and Broccoli Pasta Wednesday, December 4—Hungarian Potato […]

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How to Make the Perfect Pie Crust

by Edie Wadsworth on November 25, 2013

How to Make the Perfect Pie Crust via lifeingrace

Well.  It’s Monday and despite the fact that I always have grand plans for my Thanksgiving preparations, I’m way behind.  As in, I’m on Saturday’s list behind.  My first round of company arrives tomorrow and I can tell one thing for sure—my guest room is ready and I’m thinking of moving in there myself.  It’s […]


The Best Quiche Lorraine {South of the Mason-Dixon}

by Edie Wadsworth on November 22, 2013


Y’all. I know I’m melodramatic.  I know I overstate everything.  Whatever. This is the best quiche I’ve ever eaten.  You don’t even know. And if you tell me you don’t like quiche, I will tell you to come to my house and then I’ll sit you down by the cozy fire, while I  make this […]

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Roasted Butternut Squash Soup

by Edie Wadsworth on November 5, 2013

Roasted Butternut Squash Soup via lifeingrace

Okay, I’m just gonna give it to you straight.  This Roasted Butternut Squash soup did not change my life like the Pumpkin Chipotle Barley one.  But you can’t eat that every week, can you? And fall needs you to embrace butternut squash.  It’s like sweet potatoes, minus the sweet and the potatoes.  So, I did what […]

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November Meal Plan, 2013

by Edie Wadsworth on November 4, 2013


I wrote about cooking and meal planning during the 31 Days series and apparently I have passion and feelings about the topic. Large feelings. What can I say? I’m a foodie and I love to feed people. I want you to love it too, so I’m making it a tad bit less daunting.  Because those […]

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October Menu Plan

by Edie Wadsworth on September 30, 2013


We’re entering into one of my favorite months, beautiful October.  Starting tomorrow, I’ll  be busy doing my 31 Days series on Less and More, so I thought a well planned month of eating all our favorite fall foods would be a great way to start a busy month.  It seemed like the perfect little gift to you, […]

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Fresh Apple Cake {with caramel glaze}

by Edie Wadsworth on September 11, 2013

apple cake with caramel glaze

I start to get panicky when the signs of fall arrive.  There are so many things to see and do and make and read and bake.  I’m all aflutter and can’t decide what to do first.  I’m dreaming of books by the fireplace, pumpkins on the porch, and the fall mantel bedecked with twigs and feathers […]

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Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Muffins

by Edie Wadsworth on August 30, 2013

pumpkin muffins

I don’t know about y’all, but three weeks of school has got me begging for mercy.  Labor Day couldn’t have come at a better time. Hats off to all you mamas for dealing with this homework issue all these years.  When you homeschool, the deadlines are a little soft, as in, “I’m sleepy, let’s finish […]

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Chicken Pot Pie Soup

by Edie Wadsworth on August 21, 2013

chicken pot pie soup via lifeingrace

So, in case you didn’t know, I call myself the soup whisperer. I even bought the web domain so that someday when I launch my Soup Whisperer book, I’ll already own the web page. That might be what you call putting the cart before the horse. If soup’s not my specialty, then putting the cart […]

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Shrimp Boil {at the Lake}

by Edie Wadsworth on August 16, 2013

how to host a shrimp boil

This has become my favorite meal to serve when we have company.  It’s more than a meal. It’s an event.  And it’s so EASY and delicious.  And it’s the perfect mix of laid-back and gourmet.  And here’s the best part.  You don’t an ocean, you don’t need a fancy cooker, you don’t even need fresh […]

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Love Ya Like a Sis Strawberry Buttercream Cake

by Edie Wadsworth on August 7, 2013

strawberry buttercream cake

 Strawberry Buttercream Cake I’ve been making this cake for several years now and I just don’t tire of it.  I thought I’d give you a slightly different version than the first one I posted a few years ago. I made this last weekend for my sister’s birthday and it rekindled my love—or my sister and […]

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Chocolate Banana Bread {with chocolate chips}

by Edie Wadsworth on June 5, 2013

chocolate banana bread {with chocolate chips}

So, here’s the thing.  I’ve been messing around with this recipe for a couple weeks.  I think it’s pretty perfect now.  It’s a very moist cake bread (who am I kidding?) and tis best to let it cool before you cut it or it’ll be, shall we say…… gooey.  But, once it’s cooled, then I […]

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