I hate to even mention this to some of you who live in the northwest or midwest or northeast and have really short summers but here in the South, all we can think about is fall.  It’s been summer since April here and we’re over it.  AND?  It’s almost football season (Glory Hallelujah!) which means GO BIG ORANGE, and boots, and soup, and did I mention FOOTBALL?

So, before we throw ourselves headlong into everything pumpkin and bonfire, I wanted to make sure you get this kitchen gadget.


I use it ALL the time.  As in, almost everyday.  It’s part submersion blender, part food processor.  I use it for all my blended soups, of course—like my spicy tomato and the broccoli cheese—but when I bought it, I could not have predicted how much I would use the mini food processor.

OH MY WORD.  I’m 100% sure that I never want to live without this chopper/blender  EVER again.


Anytime I need something chopped up, as in almost everyday, I use this little handy thing.

When I make guacamole, I use it to chop up everything but the avocado.   I used it the other day to make a quick pesto with fresh basil from my garden.  I use it to chop up garlic and ginger whenever I’m making anything Asian or Indian.  I use it chop up pickles whenever I’m making egg salad.  I use it so much it’s almost ridiculous.

I’ve been meaning to tell you about it forever but then I saw it’s 50% off on Amazon today.  Order it up, my friends, and we’ll make so much tasty food this fall it’ll make your head spin.  Also, if you already have one and have not figured out how wonderful it is, take my word for it and pull it out of retirement.

(This is NOT a sponsored post but it is an affiliate link!)

Also?  While we patiently hum Rocky Top and wait for the first kick-off,  I thought you might enjoy some cute little bibs and t-shirts and flour sacks from my friends over at Collard Queens.



18 comments on “The (small) Kitchen Appliance I Never Want to Be Without”

  1. LOVE me some Rocky Top! I’ve been a big VOL fan for years. Had season tickets in my former life (when I was married). But…my loyalties shifted a bit when my baby girl became a Georgia Bulldog. Don’ hold it against me. lol. I still pull for TN unless they are up against my Dawgs. Like you, I canNOT wait for football season to begin!

  2. Hi sweet Edie! I’m ready too, for FALL, FOOTBALL, and BOOTS, and SOUPS!!! Did you see the cute video(on youtube) of Peyton Manning dancing at summer camp to Rocky Top! Happy Fall!

  3. I love my Smart Stick! It’s also really great for making smoothies. It will blend up frozen fruits and veggies in a flash. I also use it for soups. If you are still risking life and limb pouring HOT SOUP into a blender, get yourself and immersion blender and never look back. I also use mine to blend up herbs if they are looking wilty then freeze them to use in the winter. Fresh, organic basil and cilantro cubes in FEB? Yes, please!
    Also, I stock up on these babies. Friends get them for housewarmings, bdays, showers (it’s a baby food making wonder), etc. I love my Kitchen Aid mixer, but the immersion blender gets use in our house daily.

  4. Rocky Top- OMG!!! WHEN was the last time I heard that???? To long to remember-
    Cold nights, fires, fiddles, banjo’s & buck dancing 🙂 Happier days- Thanks for reminding me-
    No Smart Stick here- We do have a Vita Mixer that does all those same things- Makes the BEST tomato-basil soup you have ever had- I promise- All ingredients go into the Vita Mixer, turn it on & presto change-o in 5 minutes soup! Delicious- We found the recipe on YouTube-
    Fall!!! Waaaaaahhhhhhh 🙁
    No fall to speak of here in Louisiana! It’s like 90’s until Thanksgiving day & bam- get your coat out! That’s why I visit Georgia in October. And sometimes sneak over to TN or NC 🙂 Football fan? No Mam- Been there, done that 🙂
    Boots, Y-E-S 🙂
    Thanks Edie 🙂 SO glad you are here again 🙂

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  6. Buying my chopper right as we speak…..And humming Rocky Top at the same time….And yes, come fall, come sooner rather than later, for I have a fire ring that is screaming to burn bright.

  7. Hmm is anyone else experiencing problems with the images on this blog loading?
    I’m trying to determine if its a problem on my end or if
    it’s the blog. Any feed-back would be greatly appreciated.

  8. Thanks, I purchased one and can’t wait to use it. I love you cheese tortellini soup and look forward to trying the others. Thanks for sharing your heart and home. xoxo

  9. I agree with you 100%. I LOVE this handy dandy little kitchen appliance. And I actually was only shopping for an immersion blender when I saw this one with the additional tools. Turns out I use the chopper much more than I use the immersion blender. You are right!! I would not want to be without this little appliance in my kitchen either. I had no idea I would ever use the chopper when I bought the immersion blender, but I used it once and was AMAZED at how great it works. I already had a mini-food processor but this little gem puts it to shame. So it was a nice surprise to me that the “bonus” items that came with my immersion blender perform so nicely.

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