September Goodies



The October Meal Plan:

Confession: We have been using Blue Apron for six months and I canNOT sing their praises enough. It has breathed new life into my cooking like nobody’s business.  I’m linking to some of my favorite recipes from their cookbook, so the ones I’m linking to are ones I love!  I’ve sprinkled in some of my own (mostly SOUP!) and some from previous plans!  Happy cooking and happier eating!

Week 1


Week 2

Week 3

  • October 12 Monday—Spiced Meatballs & Squash
  • October 13 Tuesday—Crock Pot Pork Tacos
  • October 14 Wednesday—Italian Sub Soup
  • October 15 Thursday—Leftovers & pumpkin bread
  • October 16 Friday—Pasta Carbonara, Fruit Salad
  • October 17 Saturday—Homemade Pizza, Salad with Homemade Vinaigrette
  • October 18 Sunday—Turkey Breast in Crock Pot, Rhodes Rolls  (I just put the thawed turkey breast (bone in) in the crockpot overnight on low and let it cook until the next afternoon.  You can salt it or add a little stock but you really don’t need to do ANYthing.  Just cook it plain and it’ll be delicious the next day!  Do this on Saturday night for a Sunday meal!

Week 4

Week 5


Download the Lenten Study here.


March Newsletter Goodies

April Meal Plan

Week 1

Week 2

Week 3

Week 4

Download this printable here.

February Newsletter Goodies

March Meal Plan

Week 1

Week 2

Week 3

Week 4

Week 5


Welcome, friends!! I’m so thankful for you and hope these goodies make you smile!

January 2015 Newsletter Goodies

Get a downloadable copy of the printable here.


I hope this menu helps you in your quest to feed the troops!   I don’t always cook them all and almost NEVER in this exact order, but it gives me a place to start.  Cooking for your family is one of the loving things you can do for them.  Some seasons are harder than others, so don’t beat yourself up.  Make one more homemade meal than you did last month.  Try to enjoy the process.  Wear a cute apron, drink a glass a wine, turn on some good music.  Cooking tasty food is such a great way to love your neighbor!

February Meal Plan

Week 1

Week 2

Week 3

Week 4

December Newsletter Goodies


Get this printable by clicking here!



January Meal Plan

Week 1

Week 2

  • Jan  5—Buffalo Chicken Quesadillas
  • Jan 6—Homemade Pizza (Try our new flavor with pesto, spicy eye-talian sausage, feta, spinach and sun dried tomatoes—SO GOOD!)
  • Jan  7—Broiled Salmon, Salad with Lemon-Mint Vinaigrette, and Lemon Roasted Potatoes
  • Jan 8—Dutch Babies (these are DIVINE!), Quiche Lorraine, Homemade Petro’s for dinner using this chili
  •  Jan 9—Baked Potato Bar (Wrap large potatoes in aluminum foil, adding salt, pepper, and a pat of butter before you wrap them up.  Bake at 400 for 1 hour, 45 minutes.  Serve with leftover chili, chives (don’t forego the chives!!), cheddar cheese, bacon bits, sour cream, and butter.  I usually make a salad and bread to serve alongside.
  • Jan 10—Lemon and Garlic Roasted Chicken with Root Vegetables (will use leftover chicken for Thursday)
  • Jan 11—Italian Sloppy Joes served on italian bread

Week 3

Week 4

Week 5


November Newsletter Goodies


This is my November gift to you—a free download of my ebook on Hospitality.  I hope it inspires and encourages you this week as you gather with your people for Thanksgiving.  Mucho love to you!!

—-for the pdf download here

—-for the digital (epub) version download here.


The pdf link will automatically open onto your computer’s browser.

To access the digital file, download the epub file to your computer’s desktop.  Open iTunes and click on the ‘Books’ tab.  Click and drag the epub version of the book into the ‘Books’ section of iTunes.  Plug your mobile device into your computer and sync the book with your device.

If you have trouble with this step, email me at ediewadsworth(at)mac(dot)com.  I can make a short tutorial if necessary!  Or, if you’re like me, go find your 12 year old and they’ll do it for you 🙂


A Litany of Thanksgiving by Bill Cwirla

P: Holy and most gracious Father in heaven, your mercies shower down upon us new each and every day, without any merit or worthiness on our part; and so we pause this day to render thanks and praise to You for the vast abundance of your gifts:

For Your holy Church and holy ministry, for the preaching of the good news of Jesus Christ, for the regenerating and renewing washing of Holy Baptism, for the Supper of our Savior’s body and blood, for His absolving words of forgiveness,
C: We give you thanks, O Lord.

P: For the Holy Spirit and your holy Word, for steadfast faith in Christ, for the full pardon for our sins, for the freedom of life in the kingdom of Your Son, for the promised inheritance of eternal life,
C: We give you thanks, O Lord.

P: For the gift of salvation; for Christ’s incarnation, His perfect obedience under the Law, His sacrificial suffering and death, His resurrection and ascension to the right hand of Majesty, and for His gracious reign over all things for our justification and eternal blessing,
C: We give you thanks, O Lord.

P: For the wondrous gifts of creation, for the beauty of earth and sky, mountains and sea, for rain and sunshine in their season, for the harvest of the land, for farmers who tend the soil; for seed to the sower, daily bread on our tables, for wine that gladdens our hearts, for meat and grain, and for all the lavish richness of your bounteous table,
C: We give you thanks, O Lord.

P: For our bodies and souls, eyes, ears, and all our members, our reason and our senses, and for continual provision and protection,
C: We give you thanks, O Lord.

P: For clothing and shoes, food and drink, house and home, husband, wife, children, land, animals and all the riches of your generous hand that support this body and life of ours,
C: We give you thanks, O Lord.

P: For defending us from all danger, guarding and protecting us from all evil, for the gifts of government, for the freedoms of worship and speech and assembly, for soldiers who bear the sword to defend us, for policemen, firemen, and emergency workers, for doctors and dentists, nurses and hygienists, for those who care for the poor, the dying, the aging, the homeless, the hurting and the helpless,
, C: We give you thanks, O Lord.

P: For home and family, for parents and children, for the company of friends and family, for congregation and community, and for all with whom we share the joys and sorrows of this life anticipating with joy the life that is to come,
C: We give you thanks, O Lord.

P: For artists and musicians, writers and poets, for craftsmen and builders, for those who shape wood and metal and fabric and clay, for the beauty of text and tune, color and light, and for all who adorn our lives with laughter, song, and beauty,
C: We give you thanks, O Lord.

P: For teachers and schools and all places of learning, for laborers and mechanics, for those who plan and those who build, for scientists and researchers, for engineers and architects,
C: We give you thanks, O Lord.

P: For every good and perfect gift which comes down from above, which You daily and richly provide us purely out of fatherly goodness and mercy without any merit or worthiness on our part,
C: We give you thanks, O Lord.

P: Thanksgiving, honor, praise, majesty, dominion, power and glory be to You, O Father, through your Son Jesus Christ in the Holy Spirit, one God, now and forever. Amen.

October Newsletter Goodies


  • Here’s the link to the introduction for my book.  You can print it out if you’d like but please don’t copy or share on social media.  Thank you!
  • The printable for this month is one of my favorite quotes!


Click here to download!  You can have this printed or print it yourself on card stock and then frame it OR use cute washi tape to hang it anywhere you want.

If you want a version with the cute border, just click here.


photo 7


The November Meal Plan:


  • Monday, November 3—Balsamic Pork Tenderloin , Cooked Apples, Roasted Brussel Sprouts (just drizzle with olive oil, salt and pepper, roast at 400 for 40 min then drizzle with a little maple syrup!)
  • Tuesday, November 4—Quiche Lorraine and Farmer’s Salad  (For the salad, I use spinach, apples, and celery, then make an apple vinaigrette by cooking a few pieces of bacon, removing them and using the bacon fat (~2T), 1 T. dijon mustard, 3 T. apple cider vinegar, a splash of apple juice or apple cider, 1/2 cup olive oil, salt, pepper and 2 T. honey—this is my FAVORITE salad of all time in the history of ever. Sprinkle the salad with the bacon you just cooked and if you’re having it for lunch one day without the quiche, add a fried egg on top!)
  • Wednesday, November 5—Latin Beef Stew
  • Thursday, November 6—Leftovers, (Use beef or pork leftovers from yesterday to make simple beef tacos and serve with salad and cilantro lime vinaigrette)
  • Friday, November 7—Homemade Pizza (we made a new flavor this weekend with pesto, spicy eye-talian sausage, feta, spinach and sun dried tomatoes—SO GOOD!)
  • Saturday, November 8—Roasted Butternut Bisque with leftover pizza (a surprisingly awesome combination!) recipe to follow this week!
  • Sunday, November 9—Rocky Top Chili  (Make a full batch and use leftovers for baked potato bar tomorrow!)

Week 2

  • Monday, November 10—Baked Potato Bar (Wrap large potatoes in aluminum foil, adding salt, pepper, and a pat of butter before you wrap them up.  Bake at 400 for 1 hour, 45 minutes.  Serve with leftover chili, chives (don’t forego the chives!!), cheddar cheese, bacon bits, sour cream, and butter.  I usually make a salad and bread to serve alongside.
  • Tuesday, November 11—Pumpkin Chipotle Soup with barley and chicken
  • Wednesday, November 12—Skinny Italian Meatballs, served on pasta or italian bread
  • Thursday, November 13—Leftovers plus Salad of mixed baby greens, gorgonzola and pomegranate seeds
  • Friday, November 14—Crock Pot Chipotle Burritos (use the leftover chipotle from Tuesday!)
  • Saturday, November 15—Onion Bisque Soup with Cheese Toast Floaters (recipe coming!)
  • Sunday, November 16—Colossal Club Sandwiches and all the leftover soups from the week!

Week 3

Week 4 (Thanksgiving Week!)

  • Monday, November 24—Creamy Mushroom Soup 
  • Tuesday, November 25—Rotisserie Chicken salad with Homemade Caesar dressing
  • Wednesday, November 26—Shrimp Fried Rice (I like something totally un-Thanksgiving-like and this recipe is awesome!)
  • Thursday, November 27—(posted separately, later this month!)
  • Friday, November 28—Leek and Potato Soup, Turkey Pesto paninis (recipe coming!)
  • Saturday, November 29—Turkey salad  (I do a version of this recipe, adding interesting leftovers from Thanksgiving!)
  • Sunday, November 30th Take the day off and let somebody else worry about the food!!!



This newsletter  is generously sponsored by my YL. I am into natural choices for my family, and this is the main way I help boost our immune systems and alleviate lots of minor aches, pains, and injuries.  Read more about how we are using them everyday! My Young Living essential oils are also my newest business venture, and the oils are so well loved that they sponsor my blog!!! Thank you, friends!  Enroll by clicking here.


September Newsletter Goodies

First I’ve got a printable bookmark that has a prayer I wrote for the home on it.  Then, there’s an October menu plan and below that, there’s some links to products I’m loving lately!  Save this link somewhere or save the email so you can get back to it when you need it.  Someone also had the great idea of starting a new board called October Cooking on Pinterest and pinning the recipes to your own board.  That way you have access to them without having to find this page again.  Hope you enjoy all the goodies!


I created this prayer for the home for a talk I gave this year and I’m making it available as a printable bookmark.  Click here to download it as a pdf!  You could print it yourself on cardstock or send it the printer near you and even have if laminated.  Make plenty to share with friends!

Also, I hope you get some good ideas from this month’s online meal plan, even you if don’t cook them in order (I NEVER DO!) and even if you’ll only use a few of them!



Week 2

Week 3

  • October 13 Monday—Shrimp and Grits
  • October 14 Tuesday—Crock Pot Pork Tacos
  • October 15 Wednesday—Italian Sub Soup
  • October 16 Thursday—Leftovers
  • October 17 Friday—Pasta Carbonara, Fruit Salad
  • October 18 Saturday—Homemade Pizza, Salad with Homemade Vinaigrette
  • October 19 Sunday—Turkey Breast in Crock Pot, Rhodes Rolls  (I just put the thawed turkey breast (bone in) in the crockpot overnight on low and let it cook until the next afternoon.  You can salt it or add a little stock but you really don’t need to do ANYthing.  Just cook it plain and it’ll be delicious the next day!  Do this on Saturday night for a Sunday meal!

Week 4

Week 5

Hair and Makeup and Fashion Goodies I’m Loving Right Now!


Makeup  (used all these products for above makeup)

Hair (for short hair, I’m addicted to Whippy Cake’s hair videos!)

  • Big Sexy Play Dirty, spray wax (I’ve used this for years but now I must live and die by it!)
  • Spoil Me (new product to me on Whippy’s recommendation and  I could only find it on Amazon. GREAT stuff for restyling 2-4 day hair
  • Dry Shampoo, great for next day hair, been using it for a while
  • Shine spray, LOVE!
  • Volumizer for fine hair


  • Palazzo pants are my new house pants.  LOVE THEM!!!
  • Floral Dresses, would be great with a vest or a long sweater and booties
  • Booties, I’m loving these!
  • Booties, I don’t have these but I LOVE THEM!  Some day!
  • Booties,  these are all SO cute and get great reviews.
  • Frye Boots, Hurry! Because some of these sizes are HALF OFF Right now!!

Read my post about Stitch Fix here for more fashion ideas!

82 comments on “Grace Pages (good stuff Just for YOU!!)”

  1. Edie, you rock! I am going to click your links and make an Oct. recipe pinterest board with these recipes so I have it easily available for next year.

  2. Love this post, Edie. Thanks! So excited about the link to the sale booties. Been looking at some but my budget is slim this fall. These were perfect.

  3. Edie,
    Just so you know, I think your pixie cut is feminine, just in a different way then your longer hair was. You couldn’t possibly look like a lumberjack! It does frame your face nicely, in my opinion. I do understand the frustration with having higher maintenance hair, but hopefully you’ll figure out the best/easiest way to style it and then you’ll feel more comfortable. Thanks for all the extra tips and the printable prayer! Love your floral top in the picture above!

  4. I’ve never heard of that highlighting powder before. What do you like about it? I think your short hair looks great, but I know what you mean…it takes time to be able to adapt to it:)

  5. Edie….So love everything about your blog!! Love that you share the joy AND the struggles (and the drama :-). Thanks for reposting a menu plan…I so often reference your plans from the past! Made your chocolate white choc chip cookies last good! This week I made them and added mint choc chips to them…they were a hit, too! Thanks for all the inspiration, wisdom and laughs!

  6. Love all the info! Your hair looks great! I had a boy cut when I was 7 and someone asked me if I was a boy, so I understand! I’ve always worried that I looked like a boy even though I know I don’t. Besides, I’ve always wanted curly blond hair, my daughter does, but mine is brown (darker as I’ve aged) and straight as a board. Love the menu! Go Vols!!

  7. I tell my family all the time I wish I were a southern momma and its mostly because of how you are! Thanks for inspiring me day after day! The meal plans you make motivate me to do more for my family so we all benefit from that! 🙂 Might I make one suggestion to deal with your new hair- smile! All your pics since The Cut have been with a serious/sad face, nothing makes a woman look more beautiful than her smile! Have a beautiful day!

  8. Edie,
    I can’t believe you feel anything less than feminine and beautiful. I LOVE the new do. It actually makes you look all confident and sexy lol. That’s a look I would definitely strive for. I predict you will start loving this look and go back to get it shorter in the back. The longer hair in the front is very attractive. Thanks for the makeup tips. In your before/after photo for your brows, the after is perfect. Don’t go too dark…it takes away your softness. You are lovely.

  9. Hi Edie! I think your hair looks wonderful, but I know how it feels when you mess with your hair. It sometimes doesn’t matter what anyone says, you just have to get used to it yourself. But it does look good on you 🙂
    Loving the bookmark and I think I will make one for each of my small group girls. Thank you!
    Also, you mentioned skinny jeans in your newsletter. I always find them very difficult to wear around the waist. Do you have a certain style you like, or a styling “trick” to wearing them? Thank you!!!

    • Well, I always wear a lose, longer, blousy shirt so that helps. That and booties!
      Most of mine have come from Stitch Fix and they’re good brands but I’ll have to check later to find what the brands are. Make sure you get pants with a lot of stretch. (Or at least that’s what I need!)
      Thanks for the advice. I do think it’ll just take time.

  10. Edie, I really love the new haircut. I really like it better than the old. Thank you for putting into words all the angst we all feel over our hair. And thank you for all the makeup and fashion tips.
    I predict once you get used to it, you’ll feel better in all your clothes. I can’t imagine that you would look like a boy! Blessings to you, Deborah.

  11. Love the hair !! So chic, I see a sexy Sharon Stone in there. It is so dramatic to change something so dear to us. I feel it is something every woman should do!! I chopped my locks off to a pixie, just for myself, and I loved it!! Good luck with it…

    • It has definitely made me WAY more conscious of the fact that struggling with insecurities is so human. I haven’t given two thoughts to my hair in so long so I do think this has been good for me in that way. I’ll be glad to get back to not caring, though!!

  12. I love the platinum and the bolder eyebrows are awesome. I remember reading about when you realized how important eyebrows are. Right on. If I could pick only one makeup product, it would be Tarte Amazonian Clay Waterproof Brow Mousse (qvc has it for $28 with a great application brush, and p.s., the “taupe” is very dark, would definitely be your color). The haircut looks great, too. You rock it! I think when it grows a little, you’ll like it even more. Rod Stewart does have great hair, but your face is much prettier. How do you keep your color up? Are you an at home girl? I would like to learn more about that. The time and money of going to the salon is such a deterrent to me. FYI, the link to the Laura Mercier concealer is incorrect. Always on the hunt for a good concealer…which one is it?
    Edie, you are beautiful in every way, and you are an inspiration in so many ways. I admire your strength and fortitude and style. Good luck with the final push for the book. I can’t wait to read it. Is there a tentative release date yet? You are a magnificent writer. Happy fall indeed.

    • OH, that sounds like an eyebrow product I may need to try!! The concealer is called Secret Concealer #2 and I’ve used it for years. I love it so much! I’ll probably just let my stylist do the color although I can see myself at some point trying it on my own when we get it to the color I want. The book probably won’t be released until early 2016. I so appreciate your thoughts and prayers on finishing it!!

  13. Edie,
    I love the new sexy you! I agree with Carol, you probably will get a bit off the back and find it to be perfect! That is exactly what happened to me and after the second cut, I love love love it. Never going long again. It can make you feel sassy, and I like feeling sassy at 57:)
    Thank you for your blog and all you do here. Praying for words to flow.

  14. You are beautiful. Thank you for validating an experience most of us have gone thru. Aging is difficult but what a privildge we are blessed with. I by no means want to minimalize your feelings but perhaps offer a new perspective….take a peak at the cover of People magazine and see Joan London bald and beautiful. With that being said, I do believe middle age is yet another form of puberty ; ) in which many of us try to find out who we are in this period of life’s changes (children leaving home, parents needing us to care for them, oh yeah, and not recognizing the woman in the mirror who feels 20 something but doesn’t look it). I too chopped my hair off and cried most days for a year. Since Then I have one rule I never break, I only experiment with that that can be undone ( currently I’m being a rebel with bright red lipstick when I’ve worn nude colors for the last 25 years!). Thanks for being so honest with your feelings!

    • Oh, so helpful, Shelley!
      Thank you so much. I saw that Joan London photo. Wow, still so beautiful. And yes, it is the new puberty!
      So you never got used to the short hair? Hmmmmm. I’m praying I do.
      Mucho love.

  15. Hi Beautiful Lady! You rock the new look!!! Take it from one who knows (and has had every cut and style known to woman…) it is a shock to go from what you know and what is comfortable to the unknown and uncomfortable. Deep breaths and watch those Whippy Cake videos! You’ve got this!
    I love all the goodies you shared in the newsletter. Thank you!
    Now put some product in that rockin’ cut, throw on the skinnies, floral shirt and booties and make it a great day! 🙂

  16. The hair is great. But you’d look great in a brown paper bag too. So cute.
    All that’s missing is your pretty smile. Annie says you’re never fully dressed without it. 🙂

    Have a blessed day.

  17. hang in there w/your hair….you’ll get it! i think it’s cute…just embrace your inner rock chick. 😉
    i am posting the link to this makeup blog that my much younger sister in law gave me…she’s very stylish, so i was allll excited. i had a midlife makeup crisis earlier this year, and this helped immensely. i hope you like it. thanks for the tips and recommendations~it’s always fun to see what others love.

  18. Hi Edie,

    I have a similar cut and love it on you! I have to use hot rollers to get some volume that will stay with me through the day. I’m going to try some of the products you’ve listed. One that I’m very interested in is the concealer, but your links go to the lip liner. Which Laura Mercier concealer do you love? There are a few choices on Amazon.

    Thanks! Karin

  19. Well…at least your not “Hangry”!!! 😉 I’ve worn short hair for years, and yes, I’ve come from the beauty shop with it a little shorter than I would have liked…it does make one feel less feminine. 🙁 After one such incedent I finally decided that my femininity (sp?) was going to have to shine through my attitude and not my hairstyle! But, a little extra lip gloss doesn’t hurt! I once drove through a snowstorm to get my hair “repaired” from a cut I was unsure about…it was worth the peril because I was satisfied in the end! We can be some kind of crazy when it comes to hair!!!

  20. Love your haircut!!! And if no has told you, it really does make you look younger! I’ve had short, and I do mean short hair for about 10 years and I have found that I have many more styling options than I did when it was longer. It takes a bit to get used to but just play and have fun. My key is not over-styling. I like for it to look messy. And the beauty of me being “older” is I don’t care if people wonder, “why doesn’t she do something with her hair?” I love it. So go boldly into this new uncharted territory and just have fun. The worst thing that can happen – you’ll grow it back long. BTW – dry shampoo is a wonder for short hair, adds volume, etc.

  21. I like your haircut. You were very brave to cut it. I had a bad bang cut and nothing is blending so I have felt like I look pretty bad . You have a great smile so keep on smiling

  22. A pixie cut is a hard thing to get used to if you have had long hair all of your life. However, it is my belief that most women look awesome with a pixie cut.

    Do you have to change your clothes? I don’t think so. I haven’t.
    I have found that I do need to wear more make up…and I have to always “do” my hair but I was chomping at the bit to cut my hair on my honeymoon….I just love LOVE LOVE short hair.

    I would love to see a different angle…..and with your beautiful smile!


  23. Are you familiar with Dressing Your Truth by Carol Tuttle? She has an interesting website and videos
    . When I had my hair cut recently, my hairdresser showed me how to fix it with my hands and of course some styling products. It took me a while to get used to it, but I am so glad to put away the curling irons, etc. I still blow it occasionally, but mainly to create volume.

    You have been an inspiration to me and I appreciate all you do in being vulnerable and sharing your life! Many blessings!


  24. Oh Edie! I think you and I ONE! You have literally put in writing what I experienced after a wild idea turned into a drastic pixie cut! I, too, had to banish all things button up and plaid to the back of my closet. My diamond stud earrings found a home in my jewelry box to be replaced with all things dangle-ly! I felt that the only way anyone would even know I was a woman was if my eye shadow border-lined a drag queen! I was shocked by how this change of hair drastically affected my life?! I also kept scolding myself that I was being so shallow and self-absorbed. I consider myself a very stable person but I was a MESS for weeks…months! But rest assured sweet sister, after 9 months of daily arguing with myself about “powering through the ugly stage” to grow out this cut, I’m still a pixie cut. The daily compliments from strangers telling me they “love my hair”…”I wish I was brave enough to do that”…”I don’t have the face for that cut but you are darling”…”where do you get your hair done?”…has kept me going back to the hairdresser’s for the 4 clipper guard in the back! I just throw my aviator sunglasses on a rock the thing. Keep it up sweet sister. Even the seemingly self-absorbed moments of our lives prove to be a testimony to each other…reminding us that we are not alone in this crazy ride called life!

  25. Thanks for posting all the links, I am so lost when it comes to hair and makeup products and so appreciate the recommendations. I have also decided that you and Faith Hill could be sisters with your new do. You look amazing!

  26. So, I love your new look. It’s hot and sassy and as a 42 year old ready for a change, I applaud you! Change isn’t always easy but once you’re in the routine I think you’ll feel a lot more feminine with this “do”. You’re so beautiful on the inside and out

  27. Dearest Edie, I love, love your new haircut. It softens your face and is so flattering. But I have to say I am rolling on the floor laughing at your post haircut antics! Because I know that girl. You see, I have worn my hair short for years and my husband suffers through this every month. Bless his heart. What is there about short hair that suddenly makes you feel less feminine? Two weeks in I will be okay but I am always looking for ways to appear softer and a little more sophisticated. You are beautiful, you are my hero. My Mom’s advice from a million years ago when I was forty and first went short — slap some big earrings on and get some new lipstick! You are gorgeous!

    Thank you for all the goodies!

  28. Love your short hair! I’ve had short hair for years, probably at least 25 and I have fine hair. I have to use volumizing products to give it oomph so it doesn’t lay flat to my head, but have never not felt feminine. From looking at your picture, not sure you could ever look masculine!! LOL Just dress like you always did and enjoy the new ‘do. You’ll get used to it and love it!

  29. Edie,

    Thank you for making me laugh today! I can totally relate to the midlife meltdown and have had similar comments from my sweet brood! Just remember…you look beautiful…you are beautiful…and it has nothing to do with your hair. It has everything to do with who resides in you! Hang in there!

    Thank you, too for the fun beauty and fashion tips, as well as the great October meal plan. I am truly blessed my your blog and newsletter. Can’t wait to read your book!


  30. Edie,
    The link to the Laura Mercier under eye concealer didn’t work. There are so many of them on Amazon, I don’t know which one you recommend. First World problems.

  31. Ohhh this made me laugh, my friend. I have always had a semi meltdown whenever I have done anything drastic to my hair, Edie. If I could pull off your adorable new do with my face shape I SO would do it!!
    All that is missing in your pictures is your beautiful smile.
    (Because nobody wants to see a stern Mom face, right?? 😉 )

  32. Ok who does not love a lumberjack?? And, Jimmy Stewart — he was a decorated bomber pilot and a Brigadier General in the Air Force! So good company girl and your cute new hair is perfect. Now, get to writing — you look stunning.

  33. Edie,
    I totally adore your new haircut and you look crazy beautiful ~ I agree with everyone here you could look great in a paper bag and you are far from lumberjack! I have to admit, it feels nice to hear it from your best friends you didn’t just make the biggest mistake in hair history ~ I know on a personal level because I did just that 7 years ago. I chopped IT ALL OFF. Was maybe even shorter than yours! The nice thing about hair is that it grows, but I say short really works for you. Embrace the new you!


  34. You look about as girly as they come, Edie! I have short hair. Chopped it 20+ years ago to “look” like Demi in Ghost… I am not going to lie, it is a pain sometimes because you have to fix it everyday! But you look terrific with short hair! Your face looks so bright and pretty! Plaid shirt or not, your new do is very flattering. And, I totally get the floral shirt/feminity thing – I wrestle with that too – but I think if you are girly, it shows no matter what! P.s. – short hair is relative because I have been growing mine since Easter to get a “longer” cut similar to yours! 😉

  35. Edie,
    Love the pic of you in the floral blouse. You look like a model. Your hair really compliments your face. Maybe you’re not use to the lightness of the back? Could you add extra product to give it more weight in the back until you get used to it? I do think the lower cut blouses look best on you..elongates the neck.
    I tried to work on my eyebrow arch and somehow ended up looking like Eddie Munster. I would LOVE some video posts on how you do your make-up and hair.
    Anxiously awaiting your book! Good luck on the last stretch.

    • I’M DYING!! Well, part of could be that you aren’t used to it but the color may be too dark? If you have a MAC counter near you, go let them try some different colors, they have lots of brow groomers. The Anastasia one that I linked to is a great color, and not too dark.

  36. Loving those palooza pants (that’s what they’re called, right?) I’d never heard of them til now.
    And the floral dresses are so cute!

    I can relate to the mid-life hormones. They are wreaking havoc on me!

    And I want you to know that your haircut REALLY WORKS on you. I think it looks fantastic! Very chic, sassy, stylish….

  37. i need something for under eye puffiness. like when you stay up way too late reading and the next morning your eyes look like you cried all night. any recommendations?

    love your hair. can’t wait to see more pictures of the side and back.

    we’ve been eating monster cookies all summer thanks to you.

    and, i cut my hair very short, with lots of layers when i was 24 hoping it would make me look older because i was teaching and looked just like the kids. it was hard to adjust to and it was so much work! but it looked so cute when it was fixed.

  38. Hi Edie.
    Love your post on your haircut! I appreciate your honesty and thoughts about this change. I love the cut. So cute on you and gives you a fresh look. I follow whippycake too and have a similar haircut. It’s fun and I get lots of compliments. Thanks for sharing the products you use. I use many of the same ones. Also wanted to share that I have made many of your recipes and one of my very favorites was the tomato tart from the summer. Made it so many times and everybody loved it!!
    Beautiful blessings,

  39. I’ve had a pixie cut for close to a year. Thank you so much for sharing WhippyCake! Who knew you could style a pixie so many different ways?! Just spent a small fortune on hair care products (and a dress)!

  40. Yay!! Thank you, Edie! You are my little escape back to the south when I read your words… (I am a southerner who some how ended up in northwest Ohio – we travel to Asheville & TN a lot to get our fix). Love the newsletter, love the blog! Off to read 😉

  41. Love all the things you share, and thank you for the “walking each other home” download. I see that you use have placed a few others in your lovely vignettes…the Weary World rejoices and a pink one on your mantel. Where can I buy those? The font is lovely!

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