Lifeingrace Loves the Pleated Poppy!

by Edie Wadsworth on March 8, 2010


This is the best giveaway ever. I say that about everything, don’t I?   “The best beef stew ever.”   “The best chocolate chip cookies ever.”    Okay, so I’m a drama queen.   Maybe I just get a little excited about stuff.    Is that so wrong?   Anyways, my friend Lindsey from The […]



My lovely daughter and I went to see Brandi Carlile at the historic Bijou Theatre in Knoxville on Wednesday.   We ate at Nama Sushi—which is todiefor—- and then sat numbstruck at the raw talent of Ms. Brandi. She claims country western roots and is a self-proclaimed super-fan of Elton John.  Her lyrics are timeless […]


Blissdom Deconstructed: Live, Write, Connect

by Edie Wadsworth on February 8, 2010


When I left Opryland Hotel on Saturday, I was full to the brim with emotion. I couldn’t speak and I fought back tears  for forty miles. It was much harder to leave my friends than I thought. This online community that I find myself in is incredible and Blissdom is the perfect chance to blur the […]


Oh when the saints….

by Edie Wadsworth on February 7, 2010


I am exhaused from the weekend, thrilled to be home with my family and anxious to share my thoughts about Blissdom. I have so much to ‘show and tell’ that I think it’ll take more than one post. But since today is Super Bowl day, I just had to share my little video of Harry […]


Blissdom Bound Y’all

by Edie Wadsworth on February 4, 2010


As I was putting the finishing touches on my little love gifts to pass out at Blissdom, I couldn’t help but be reminded of my very southern roots.   I made the cutest little bookmarks and very heavily-iced mocha cupcakes for my friends {old, new and yet to be made}, all the while listening to […]


The Lure of the “Inner Ring”

by Edie Wadsworth on February 1, 2010


{one of my favorite inner rings, forged by time and trial and good fortune} It can be intimidating to go to a meeting of five hundred smart, opinionated, quite successful women.  Let alone women bloggers: that’s another category altogether.    And when 500 women gather at Blissdom this week, there’ll inevitably be 100 little groups […]


So they loaded up the truck…….

by Edie Wadsworth on January 11, 2010


Well, I decided to move to WordPress and it’s gonna be more of a Klampett-style move.   Jed pulled up his truck and loaded me and all my posts up….but we seem to have lost Jethro and Granny in the chaos.   Pardon the mess and the random things flying overboard and hopefully in a […]


Do’s and Don’ts for Surviving Blissdom ’10

by Edie Wadsworth on January 8, 2010

I thoroughly enjoyed my time at Blissdom last year. I left the conference sure that I would attend it again. And it’s hard to believe that it’s just one month away. To give you time to gather your survival supplies, I wanted to do this post early. So here it is: how to survive Blissdom […]


Stages of Blog Friendship

by Edie Wadsworth on November 21, 2009

1. Infatuated Day 1: You click on a link to a new blog. Hmmmm. You make the following mental notes. “Nice header.” “No opening music—that’s good.” “Awww, she looks sweet. Cute kids. Cool project.” You click to a link within her post and get lost for a period of time on Martha Stewart’s craft site […]


On Healing and Blogging

by Edie Wadsworth on September 30, 2009

“The question is not how much does the youth know when he has finished his education, but how much does he care. ” Charlotte Mason I spent the better part of my twenties pursuing a dream. I slept very little and because of my tendency toward creativity (back then scrapbooking) I finished a lot of […]


Project Procrastination

by Edie Wadsworth on May 22, 2009

So, while I’ve been mistreating windows with canvas dropcloths (not my original idea, but brilliant) and spray painting many things yellow (more to come on that soon)….. …..and doing all those little things you never do until company comes……. Darcy has performed a small miracle here at lifeingrace!   I’ll be working on adding ‘stuff’ […]


Welcome back!

by Edie Wadsworth on April 13, 2009

A few things I learned during my comment-fast: 1. As soon as I typed the words “I’m closing my comments during Lent”, I instantly regretted it and wondered if I’d be able to hold out for forty days. I knew it would change blogging for me. I knew it would help to clarify the ‘medium’ […]


I am thankful for this place…..where I’ve had my say……. and I am grateful you’ve been listening. Take all of your wasted honorEvery little past frustrationTake all of your so-called problems,Better put ‘em in quotations Say what you need to say [x8] Walking like a one man armyFighting with the shadows in your headLiving out […]


Blissdom ’09…deconstructed

by Edie Wadsworth on February 9, 2009

For those of you who couldn’t attend Blissdom but who are interested in becoming a better blogger/writer, here’s a few things I learned: 1. Finding Your Rhythm.  Are you a daily blogger?  A twice a weeker?  A twice a monther? No matter what that rhythm is; try to establish one and loosely stick to it. […]


Life is Bliss….

by Edie Wadsworth on February 8, 2009

I’m home. There’s no place like home. My email address was hacked into again while I was gone. I miss my new friends already. My house has been transformed to a man cave. I have full blown bronchitis…complete with fever and sputum. I got weak in the knees to see Stevie again. My girls made […]

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