I was in the Walmarts last week.

I have a love/hate with the Walmarts as much as the next guy but I just so happened to need deodorant, duct tape and green onions all in the same day.  When I got to the check out line, there was a girl behind me who noticed my new  riding boots.  This is the exact conversation that followed.   And THIS is why I love the fact that I live in Bean Station, TN.    You couldn’t pay me money to live anywhere else.

Fellow Bean Stationer:  “I like ’em boots.   Is ’em ridin’ boots?”

Me:  “Yes, they are,  darlin’.  I love them so much.  I got them for my birthday.”

FBS:   “Well, let me ast you su’um—–what kinda horse you got?”

Me:   speechless


Me (still speechless and pondering the ramifications of the conversation and then talking to myself):   Um, actually I drive a Excursion and though it may seem like an oxymoron, I  have riding boots and have never even  considered owning  a horse.   I also have two pairs of cowboy boots  and have never lassoed a steer.   And then there are the aviator glasses with no airplane.   You get the idea.  My life is string of paradoxes.  It seems I’m living a lie any which way you slice it.  What’s this world coming to?

I know.  You’re jealous.

And next time you snicker when you hear the name Bean Station, remember all the fun you’re missing with your high falutin’ life 🙂


And I’ll tell you all about it later but I’m headed to Blissdom in the morning!  Yeeeeee-hawwwwww!  Are you going?  Save me a hug, would ya?  I’ll be the one with the riding boots trying to find somewhere to tie off my stallion.

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  1. That’d be up in my other half’s neck of the woods…I know exactly where Bean Station in!!  **Waving from the south in the Scenic City** 

  2. Even from across the world that is just so funny!!! I’ve always wanted cowboy boots and well umm… we live at the beach – surf and sun… but you know there could have been horses, once!!!

  3. PS….are you by chance going to the Haven blogging conference in Atlanta in June???? I would like to give you a big, non-creepy hug if so!  Blessings to you!

  4. Thanks for a morning chuckle.


    ps. yes, I am jealous. That conversation would not happen in Chicago. But we do have funny Walmart stories, too. 🙂

  5. Reading this reminded me of the time my husband walked back out to the car from getting gas and said, “Well, I know what happened to that huge buck I’ve been seeing around the house.” Me: “Oh no, is it in the back of someone’s truck.” Him: No. It’s mounted on the wall.” Me: “Of the gas station??” Him: “Yes”

    Speechless. And here I thought a sign that said “Boot Wash” was the strangest thing I’d ever see at an Ohio gas station.

  6. Edie ~ Hours after reading this, I am still laughing!!  I am a Dallas girl transplanted to Johnson City, TN and can totally relate to that comment!  Love Bean Station … been through there 🙂  Have a great time at Blissdom  🙂

  7. I truly Laughed Out Loud. I love it…but then again I’m just a north Georgia girl, so I live it to. But hey we all have a little cowgirl in us. I’ve been on the hunt for a pair for a while myself.  So wear’em & love’em. 

  8. Edie..this is hilarious and adorable at once! Bean .Station is new to me down here so I’ll have to look on the map.
    SO looking forward to The Pearl Event…where I will not know a soul! But expectant!


  9. Haha, sounds like our Southwest Virginia lingo. My daughter’s Northern Virginia husband can’t understand half of what my son says!! =O =P Actually, I’ve been to Bean Station once to my husband’s 1st cousin’s house. 😉

  10. That’s soo funny!!  Reminds me of a time when we lived in Virginia & when the checker saw my driver’s license was from my prior residence in  Rhode Island she asked me, ” Where exactly is that island located?”.  Enough said…  Thanks for bringing a smile to my face today, I needed it!!  Enjoy Blissdom!!!

  11. I knew you lived near Knoxville, but had no idea you were in Bean Station.  My grandparents lived in Rogersville their whole lives.  When we visited, which was for a couple of weeks in the summer and holidays, we always went through Bean Station.  Great place with wonderful views of the lake.

    Judy 🙂

  12. That’s quite funny. You gotta love an East Tennessee accent. My favorite is “yuns”.   Speaking of Bean Station, my in-laws came to visit ( they live in Ga) and my mother-in-law has a habit of mixing things up.  She said Bean Town instead of Bean Station.  I just thought someone from Bean Station might like that.  We have yet to let her live it down.

  13. the fact you also reference it as the walmarts confirms my suspicion will sho nuff be friends fir ev-ur!
    and i wont worry about you till you’re sporting low slung britches your hat on backwards and converse. 
    i’m in yo same boat!

  14. and this is why I miss living in TN, actually south  of you in Chattanooga.  just talking to another transplanted TN gal Wed. We both were missing it and our accents got a bit more pronouced every word we said! 

  15. Have a rocking good time at Blissdom.  I have no doubt you will wear a few pairs of boots. 🙂
    And I think the answer I would give to “what kinda horse ya got” is- “I have always wanted a pinto pony.  I figure, you get the right boots so you are ready for the pony.”  Which could be entirely too deep for the walmarts folks.  
    I once had a snarky soccer mom at the gym look down her nose at me and proclaim upon seeing me working out with my trainer, “so, just what are you training for?”.  I resisted saying “kicking snarky soccer mom’s behinds” and instead went with “just training for life in general or on the off chance I need to become a ninja.”  She looked very perplexed, which made me happy.

  16.  This cracks me up!  The Walmarts.  Isn’t it funny how different parts have different ways? You’re a doll.  I confess I grew up in a very remote ranching community and as a youngster I was pretty good at picking out dudes. Oh well, we’re all made for bigger things that this world lets us live out.  Have fun this weekend and maybe you’ll be lucky and find a new carpet bag if you shop. 😉

  17. So nice to see there are others who know of Bean Station.  My husbands family is all from that area and one grandfather grew up in Bean Station. If you know any Hilemans, I sure hope they are nice to you.     Rena’

  18. So great!   I just moved to a small town and cannot WAIT for some awesome stories of my own.

    Have a blast at Blissdom.


  19. I didn’t know Bean Station had a Walmarts!!!!  I grew up in Rogersville and my high school boyfriend was from Mooresburg.  I have lived in Raleigh now longer than I lived in TN.  I still visit all my family in East Tenn. as often as I can.  “Yuns” is a favorite of mine, too.  I brought home my now husband to meet the family and had to explain what the waitress at Cracker Barrel was asking when she asked “Yuns want some more tea?”

  20. Okay, I’m hooked! Can not wait to meet you at Allume in October! This Meadowview (up past Bristol) gal will laugh with you over owning a farm that grows weeds and a barn without hay, cows or feed. We do have a cool tractor though. I also went to grad school at UT so I guess that counts for something too! Good ole Rocky Top! 🙂

  21. Omg, if I hadn’t been in bed reading that I would of fallen off my chair. I recently spent a girls weekend at a dude ranch and spiffed up my red dopers from living in Dallas in the early 80’s. I can’t imagine someone asking me what kinda horse I had. Love reading you thus far…just joined tonight after reading about you in a magazine. Blessings

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