May 2013

Through My Prayers

by Edie Wadsworth on May 28, 2013


Steve’s father passed away this week. We are heartbroken and grieving and would appreciate your prayers; especially for his mom, who lost her husband of 57 years and who spent the last few years sacrificing so much to care for him at home. The gift Steve’s father gave me is one I’ll never be able to […]


Raspberry Tart with Pastry Cream

by Edie Wadsworth on May 24, 2013

raspberry tart with pastry cream

This is one of my favorite dessert recipes for summer!  It’s easy to make, absolutely delicious, AND the ingredients tastes so fresh and light—despite the fact that it’s pretty decadent. It’s the perfect addition to your Memorial Day festivities and you’ll be all french and fancy with your tart making skills. We’ve got dance dress […]

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Mom in the Mirror (and a giveaway)

by Edie Wadsworth on May 23, 2013


First, I’d like to say thank you, for the kindest, most heartfelt encouragement.  You are truly a gift and I am amazed at how blessed a woman can be by her faraway friends.   Today, I am so honored to have Emily Wierenga here guest posting.  If you haven’t read Emily, you’re in for a treat. […]


The courage to stay

by Edie Wadsworth on May 20, 2013

mark d sykes

via Mark D. Sikes I pinned this room over the weekend and can’t stop thinking about it.  It’s so bold and decisive.  The owner of this room doesn’t seem to be plagued by a desire to blend in, to follow the crowd.  This room makes a statement, like it or not.  After this post, I find […]


The Ballad of Love and Hate

by Edie Wadsworth on May 17, 2013


  “Pessimism is not in being tired of evil but in being tired of good. Despair does not lie in being weary of suffering, but in being weary of joy. It is when for some reason or other good things in a society no longer work that the society begins to decline; when its food […]


Nicaragua, Scrabble, and plenty of Smack Talk

by Edie Wadsworth on May 15, 2013


via Shawna Grapentin I’m not very adventurous, really.  I live a pretty quiet life of taking care of my family, homeschooling my girls, reading and writing, and occasionally channeling Tammy Wynette—which could negate the quiet part.  (And because it’s gonna be important in a few short paragraphs, let me say that I am an avid […]


The Wild Truth

by Edie Wadsworth on May 14, 2013

If  you’ve never read Orthodoxy, by G.K. Chesterton, you should.  I’m sure I read it four times before I began to understand it and see the genius of it.  It’s worth the effort, I promise.  I wasn’t gonna post today but after I read this section, I had to share it.  His thoughts on the […]


what momma said

by Edie Wadsworth on May 13, 2013

This is a repost from last Mother’s Day but it’s been an emotional weekend and I needed to hear her words again today.  Telling our stories is hard and I’m thankful for all the courageous women in my life who have been brave enough to speak, even when “your hands are shaking and your faith […]

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Why I’m Not A Feminist, part 2::{Christ as Husband}

by Edie Wadsworth on May 11, 2013

why i

I appreciate how so many of you have joined in this very important conversation. I would ask kindly that you read the post in its entirety before commenting. My words have been misconstrued in some cases to say things that I did not say. Where I have felt misunderstood, I have added or reworded a […]


How to Knit a Dishcloth::{for the beginner}

by Edie Wadsworth on May 8, 2013

how to knit a dishcloth

I like to call these Grannie washcloths.  Kinda like Grannie’s Fudge but without the chocolate.  They are so darn cute and useful and easy to make.  I’ve made 4 this week already and this is the perfect little project in which to learn to knit.  They make THE perfect little handmade gift and you’ll love […]

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Ditto/DIY::Painted Tray Vignette

by Edie Wadsworth on May 6, 2013

{ditto} DIY: Inspired Design For the Rest of Us

Welcome to our first {ditto} DIY challenge! Once a month, beginning today, nine very different bloggers are attempting to recreate in our own homes a project or design element inspired by a haute couture design selected by Darlene Weir of Fieldstone Hill Design. (For more details on what {ditto}DIY is all about, check out this […]

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The Becoming Conference

by Edie Wadsworth on May 3, 2013


I’m so excited to tell you about two wonderful women—Jen Schmidt, from Balancing Beauty and Bedlam, and Jenny Martin,  from Southern Savers—who are hosting an awesome conference in Asheville, North Carolina, called The Becoming Conference.  The conference is centered around intentional living and will be held at the Ridgecrest Conference Center, August 9th and 10th. […]

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