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I pinned this room over the weekend and can’t stop thinking about it.  It’s so bold and decisive.  The owner of this room doesn’t seem to be plagued by a desire to blend in, to follow the crowd.  This room makes a statement, like it or not.  After this post, I find myself in a strange place.  The overwhelming majority of you like the bright, yellow walls and the crazy, abstract painting of my words here.  But some of you don’t.  A few of you unsubscribed but what struck me most were the brave dissenters who decided to stay around, though they don’t always agree with me. You are teaching me so much.  I worked two hours on a post this morning—about nothing more than Southern women and their distinctiveness.  It was mostly funny and self-deprecating, but after my computer crashed and I lost most of it, I wasn’t sure it was worth resurrecting. I am hamstrung, both by my desire to please and inspire,  and by my commitment  to write things that matter.   And because some women who read this blog aren’t Southern, I wondered if my words would offend or divide or sound parochial and too old-fashioned.  Oh, the humanity.

On a lighter note, I’m toying with the idea of painting my downstairs living room bright yellow, or some other bold color.

The real question I wrestle with is this:  Do I have the grace to be who I am  and the tenderness to be what you need?  And when those are in conflict, do I have the courage to stay and keep painting?



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  1. I, for one, hope you always have the courage to write what you want, be who you are. . . I promise that every time I mention the word God in a post, I instantly lose a few Google Friend Connect followers. I must be doing something right 🙂 I think you have a gift.

    And, I’m super curious about this bright paint in your living room. . .

    • Emily, I think I found Edie through your blog. I can honestly say you two are my favorite bloggers. You choose to share your hearts and the gifts God has given you to people who you most likely will never meet. I applaud that and am so very grateful. I like you even more after reading that comment!

      Remember this – Sometimes you make the greatest impact and see the greatest reward when you have the courage to take the path which may cost the most.

      You both are incredible beautiful people. Never stop being who and what God created you to be.

      Here’s hoping you stay and keep painting!!


      PS – I’m a NC girl myself! About an hour from Charlotte in Winston.

  2. Goodness, this is what I love about you. I would love to read the post you lost. It seems like it would be like what you wrote years ago. But you know, I certainly won’t tell you how to write on your own blog. Keep painting, please. I love everything you write. Even if I don’t agree with something you write, you inspire me to dig deep. That’s the best kind of writing. You encourage, inspire and motivate me, Edie.

    P.S. My kitchen is yellow and has been for years. I’m thinking of repainting it yellow. 😉

  3. I encourage you to continue to be who and what you really are. In reading your story, you’ve made an incredible journey, first as a medical doctor and then by choice to leave that to seek your true calling. The courage that it took to do all that is still with you every day as you seek to speak your heart. That is why I read your blog…because of your courage to speak out … with grace.

  4. I say have a sweet tea, sit on your porch and ponder painting your room – and then thank God for his Grace that you are a Southern Belle 🙂

  5. Miss Edie…I am a grandmother…okay, a great-grandmother so suffice it to say I have experience in telling younguns what to do (and, regrettably sometimes I have been known to tell them HOW to do it..when to do it…you see where I am coming from?)… Well, I am here to tell you…respectfully request?…..please keep on keeping on! Do not censure what you write..or speak. Your heart is whispering and one should always be still and listen when a heart speaks. Be true to yourself and in so doing we will be the grateful recipients of your truth. Thank you, I am loving this ride you are sharing with us.

  6. Edie… I am one who ALMOST unsubscribed to you after those posts… and I am a fierce Christian. Without getting into the reasons, I couldn’t disagree with you more (seriously), but I love that you are brave and committed, and clearly very thoughtful. Plus you have great recipes. Keep it up. xo

    • Leah – Your choice to stay is a beautiful expression of our Unity in Christ. Our unity is never based on our opinions or convictions. We will eventually find something we disagree on with absolutely everyone. When we cannot accept a brother or sister in Christ because of some differing mindset then we are showing that we hold to our own opinions/convictions more than we hold to Him. He alone is our basis for receiving one another. This is the kind of love and unity that makes the world wonder.

      Thank you.

  7. Don’t change what you write just to please others. You don’t want to be purposely divisive, but if we aren’t individuals who are we. I love you take on life.

  8. I enjoy your blog & your voice. I’m from the pacific northwest, and part of what I like about your blog is that you are from the south. Its different from here, and it’s interesting to me that while we are both Americans, there are cultural differences. Since I won’t be down there anytime soon, its fun to read about life in different parts of the world.

  9. Your comments bring back a memory of when our church was considering making some changes to satisfy a wee minority of the membership. One wise person was bold enough to step forth and state “… that this is who we are and this is what we do and this is the way we do it. If you’re not happy with these things, you are free to go elsewhere with our blessings, but we will miss you.”
    I feel that those same principles should apply to bloggers. Gosh, if you were all alike, wouldn’t it be boring? Be who you are!
    Paint away – if you wish. My favorite post will always be your next one.

  10. I love that you are brave and that you stay true to yourself. Some people will disagree on big issues. Heck, some people may just think putting honey on pizza is plain crazy talk and unsubscribe. If you only touched one person’s life in a positive way – or turned one heart towards hope – it would be enough. You’ve touched thousands.

  11. oh Edie…I hear such conflict in this post…
    Remember this… Jesus stayed! He stayed for the entire story…right till the end. He spoke the truth and gained followers and he lost followers. Let your light shine and your words glorify Him and He wins! Remember the whole story. Sometimes we get so focused in the now… but your story is so much bigger than that… start at Eternity! You plant the seeds and God does the rest! Your talent shines in every word you write. Whether it is about color on walls or Gods love. Please keep writing, keep shining. Do not worry about people who follow or don’t follow. That is in Gods hands! Love you so much and you have given me so much of your heart. Thank you!

  12. Two roads diverged in a wood, and I –
    I took the one less traveled by,
    And that has made all the difference.
    – from The Road Not Taken by Robert Frost

    Praying you stay true to your heart. Praying He gives you the courage to continue. Your voice is the Road Not Taken. And we are thankful for it 🙂

    And on a lighter note – please write about Southern women – even though I am not from here I have a deep fascination and love of all things Southern 🙂 Would love to hear your take on it. There are a million blogs out there where they paint this room a color, or make soup, but not many that combine a strong sense of faith, humor, and personality like yours does 🙂

  13. Edie, I have just started reading your blog, and the article on not being a feminist is one of the main reasons I subscribed ! PLEASE do not give up. Speak the truth in love and enjoy “the narrow way”! And I am from Alabama, so about as Southern as one can get…

  14. I think we all speak in one voice…loud and clear……stay the course Edie, you are so bold & inspirational & exciting & thoughtful….don’t ever change. Also, please post your thoughts on Southern women, I know it would be wonderful. I grew up in Northern Va around DC and although I thought living in Va made me southern, it wasn’t until I got married 44 years ago and moved to NC that I realized I wasn’t. I have embraced our small town, country roads, everyone knows everyone, way of life. I love the fact my children had less than 50 people in their HS graduating class and everyone has a pickup with a gun rack in the back. I was born on Robert E Lee’s birthday and was meant to live under a Carolina blue sky.

  15. I’m a new subscriber, drawn here by Ann Voskamp to your post on knitting dishclothes. I loved that post. Love this one. And love the one on Christian feminism. I’m also a yankee who loves her southern sisters. Thank you for writing bravely and inspiring me to do th same. I’ll be staying:)

  16. Edie,

    I just came home from Home Depot with a yellow/orange paint color called, “cornmeal”. My daughter is turning 12 and begged me for a room re-do. I envisioned a crisp, white room with found and upcycled treasures. She envisioned bright yellow walls and funky details. I decided to find a color (similar to the one in your post) that was bright but pleasing for us both. However, after making the bold move to purchase the color, I regretted it the entire way home. I even made a mental list of all of the white leftover paint that I have that I could mix in to mute the color. I then came home and opened your post. I love the room you’ve shared and I love the words attached to it. I am now convinced that the color is perfect for my daughter because it is bold and bright.

    Additionally, I am convinced that this space in blogland is your own and you should paint it any way you see fit. Be bold and bright in a sea of white! I learn from you, admire you, regularly reference you, and would miss all that you share of yourself.

  17. Edie, I didn’t get to comment on that post (I have been too busy listening to the podcasts/ read the articles you linked to!!!) , but have just read through the comments and all I can say is this… this is YOUR place Edie. You need to write about what feels right to YOU, what interests you, what occupies your mind…even if it doesn’t fit in with what’s popular. There may be a shift of readers for a while, but the people who are meant to read it, the people who are meant to read your blog, will find it. Thank you for being brave. xoxox

  18. Edie,

    I’m from the true north (Canada) and I’m no feminist either. I’ve love being a stay at home mum and even when gals my own age looked at me funny because I didn’t have some big career I didn’t care. My mum had to work because we didn’t have a lot growing up and I was that latch key kid. Maybe that’s why I stay at home, it’s probably part of it but I just wasn’t interested in someone else bringing up my kids. I’m now 58 and I never went back to work after the kids grew up. I still love being home! It’s your blog you can say what you want.

  19. Edie,
    I’ve been a reader for years now. (Fellow Tennessean transplanted to Texas via the military.) You are a rare and beautiful gem. Keep writing and sharing from your heart. Haters gonna hate =)


  20. This is my 2 $ents worth: If what you are doing is honoring God and is pleasing your husband and family then you have found your audience. It may not be as “big” as you had hoped, but that’s okay too. God is good and faithful!

  21. Edie,

    I got to the point where I was so confused by my thoughts and your words that I stopped reading your posts on feminism – and I don’t often read your posts on religion. But that is my choice and I wouldn’t stop subscribing to your posts because you have beliefs that I don’t. I bet I have beliefs that you don’t but that wouldn’t stop you and I having a good chat about other things if we ever met! 🙂 You should be who you are, so often blogs (and people) are changing to please and I would be heartbroken if you changed your way of blogging to try to suit.

    Pru xx

  22. I knew that some of the comments & attitudes would have to be a source of rumination for you. But please continue on sister. Be bold. Be real. Be true. And we will support your Christ-given freedom to speak, write & encourage those of us who have been Spirit-led to you.

  23. Dear Edie,
    I think that God’s word would have you pray “search me and know me, and let me know if there is any grievous way in me.” He also says, that “the heart is deceitful above all things” and that “no one does good not even one.” It is said that if something is not done in faith, it is a sin, and also for those that know the right thing to do and do not do it, it is sin.
    It is within this tension that we as Christians live. It is an intense tension, that is shared by great Christians, like Apostle Paul, (Romans 7), and also those of faith from the Ancient days, Like Jacob wrestling with God. Remember that Jacob walked away, but not without a limp, and that Apostle Paul was not relieved of the thorn in his side.
    I would caution you not to rely to heavily on man’s word of encouragement. Often I have been encouraged to do things that are not wrong in their action, but wrong because they lacked wisdom, and wrong because the were based more on feelings instead of wisdom. Only God the Holy Spirit is able to show you if and where you are in sin.
    Our father in heaven says that he will give to those wisdom that are truly seeking wisdom for the sake of Christ, and for his name to be glorified, alone. We often do not have because we haven’t asked, or we have asked for it to spend it on ourselves.
    One thing I would caution you on, is that we all have the most important thing in common, those of true faith, and that is Jesus Christ. I would caution you to write in a way that does not divide needlessly.
    Is it possible that not being Southern had nothing to do with disagreeing with you?
    Why do I write? Because we are both come from the reformed views and are both women of means, and have chosen similar paths. I see in you the same needs I see in people. The need to feel needed and appreciated and valued. We must guard ourselves that we are not looking for that in places that it is not ultimately found, and we that have a voice that others follow, must certainly be more diligent to take care when speaking of things of God in ways that may conflate the two Kingdoms of God in the here and now.
    I hope that you continue to wrestle with why you write. I hope that God causes his face to shine upon you today and all your days.
    To him be the glory forever and ever,
    In his grace,

  24. by the way……. I love bold yellow walls, even though I wouldn’t paint my own that way! However paint is unlike publishing the written word, if you don’t like the color you can just repaint.

  25. I’ve been following you for a few years now. I love your taste in design and clothes. I love your Faith and your ability to challenge me to be a better version of myself. I’m a little intimidated by your intelligence but shouldn’t we all follow people who are smarter, prettier and more fun? I think so. I read The Odyssey because of you. I loved it. I created a beverage center because of you. Christian woman better voice their wisdom because there are plenty of feminist willing to influence our children to their ways.
    Remain true to You.
    Thank you for everything.

  26. Breathe…
    We cannot be all things to all people~
    Believe me when I say I have learned this one the hard way.
    Do I always like or agree? Of course not.
    That is why we are all so magnificent each in our own design.
    Personally, I LOVE the yellow. In our livingroom the walls AND ceiling are yellow.
    And it adjoins two rooms painted raspberry truffle with the same yellow on the ceilings.
    I wish I had done the ceilings in red also (as I was told to do :-)) but I was afraid of that much color!
    Edie- You are one in a lifetime!
    Rock On-
    Your Most Color Saturated Reader (I’m thinking!)
    Originally from Georgia, now in Louisiana

  27. I think it is much more important for you to write what God has placed in your heart rather than allow others to dictate what you write on your blog.

    I am encouraged and renewed in my spirit by reading what you’ve written and it’s challenged me to dig deeper into the Word and into my soul, because it all comes down to this:

    I want to be saved. I want my family and friends to be saved. Though I have never met you or your lovely, insightful readers that comment, I want you and them to be saved also. Just because I’m reading something that I may or may not agree with, I know, when something pricks at my heart (like your posts did) that my spirit is being convicted. I can fight and argue and say hateful things, but it all goes back to…I want to be saved.

    Therefore, I will allow that prick in my heart to stir me enough to seek out my own salvation by reading God’s Word, by praying and fasting and seeking what God would have me learn through this. Not by criticizing my sisters and tearing them down because their opinions are different from mine. I enjoy a knew perspective and I appreciate your willingness to write this.

    Edie, at least know one person is willing to change and is seeking God about what He wants me to receive from this. So, thank you for writing what He’s placed in your heart.

  28. I love your blog. Its the perfect blend of girlie fun stuff and beautiful prose written from a deeply thoughtful heart. Please…don’t go changing’ to try and please us. Love you.

  29. Please keeping shining and being your beautiful self Edie!! Even though you are more eclectic than I am, and I am more cottagy in my style, there is still surprising a lot of overlap, and I find you super inspiring in your decorating, homeschooling and your beautiful walk of faith. May Jesus bless you Edie and thanks for both the depth and the fun inspiration! I think yellow is sooo cheery and wonderful, esp. on rainy homeschool days! (we have it in our sitting room and kitchen).

  30. PLEASE PLEASE Stay Southern! I live in Florida, and it breaks my heart that my hometown use to be mostly southern, but no longer. I am a minority down here. You have been a ray of sunshine in my life, and a way to connect with “my people”. I don’t have the money or resources to uproot and head north to the real south, so I live it through you and your blog. And as for the faith and the paint BE BOLD! There are plenty of people pleasing cowards in America,,,”ain’t no body got time for that” quote from Sweet Brown! ,,just sayin

  31. At this point in my life I do not know what I believe when it comes to God. I want to believe and I wish that I had the faith that you do! So even though I do not know what I believe, I absolutely LOVE that you do! Please don’t ever stop writing about what your heart tells you to!

  32. Please always write what the Lord leads you to write. Always be your sweet, gracious, honest, real self. Be bold Edie! I spoke at a mother-daughter event this weekend. I had been in prayer about it for months and I knew what theLord asked me to share. I also knew it would be hard for some of them to swallow. But I had to share what was truth and what I had been led to share. The name of Jesus is hated but we must fight boldly for him in our lives and our words… matter how popular it may be. I find such encouragement at your site. I love your honesty, your Christian values and your Southern ways. I am also a true Southern girl and wouldn’t change it for all the world. I am praying for you Edie. Don ‘t ever try to win friends with your words. Speak from your heart. Many of us will still be here reading. Also, I’d love to send you a CD of our family’s bluegrass gospel music. Where can I send it?

  33. First time commenter, long time reader here….

    I love it when strong women like yourself stand up for traditional values and Christianity.

    And I LOVED what you had to say about not being a feminist. More women need to embrace who they are and who they were created to be, rather than seeking to blur the divine distinctions between men and women. Why try to be something that God didn’t create you to be? Our potential as women is already so great! Whether the world recognizes it or not, the humble, everyday service given by women in homes, families and communities is of the utmost importance.

    I enjoy your posts on design and decorating because you have impeccable taste. But the fact that you are a supporter of women, families, homes, traditional values and Christianity really makes you shine. We need to hear more of that in this world. Those who unsubscribe don’t realize what they are missing.

  34. Edie, please always write what you want to! It is what I love about your blog – it’s refreshing. If someone unsubscribes, the heck with ’em, they are losing out. I admire you for standing on what you believe. Some folks “can’t handle the truth!” There is entirely too much “correctness” in our speech and our culture. Thanks for your honesty!

  35. This points reminds me of a quote (I’m paraphrasing): “You can be everything you want to be, just not at the same time”. I would encourage you to ask yourself for whom you are keeping this blog…you or people you’ve never met IRL?

    Don’t read too much into people unsubscribing…it could be they disagree completely with you or they may simply feel convicted to spend their time in other ways. Besides, if you start ginger footin’ because folks might disagree, you’ll become less of who you are. And honey, I think the world could use more authentic folks…just sayin’.

    Anyway, I think your blog is the perfect place for you to journal, self-reflect, and show the grace of God. Jesus didn’t get along with everyone but He loved them despite the difference. You are the daughter of the most high King…so please, just do you.

  36. Yes, and yes. What the world needs is for you to continue to be who you are. If you conform, we all lose. I pray that you will keep being “iron sharpening iron” to us all, as we are to each other!
    Oh, and I LOVE yellow. My siding is the perfect yellow to look cheery through all of our Ohio seasons, and my dining room has 3 yellow walls and one deep, rich red wall.

  37. Edie … I’m in the Pacific NW so not a southern woman but I would love to read the lost post (and loved your recent posts too).

  38. I was inspired to leave a comment after reading part 2 and clicked over to the comment section and got lost in others comments. You certainly touched a nerve, one that I am sure will always be tender. Whether people like your “color” choice is not what’s important, what is important is that you have women turning to the Word to seek answers to what the world is throwing at them. Speaking boldly, following the prompting of the Holy Spirit and sharing what is put on your heart is not for the faint of heart. It is for the bold, color seekers of this world…I am so glad you are one of them. Stay true to who you were meant to be, there are plenty of people who can say what we want to hear out there already.

  39. I am not a southern girl, and I would not be offended at anything you could write that differentiates southern girls from other girls. It would be fun to read and good to know and something new to be appreciated. Please do share; I would enjoy learning what I don’t already know~! Thank you for your sensitivity, but I really don’t think such specifics should make any one feel any less than – just different; and there must be some good things about the different that we could appreciate too!! Love your blog!

  40. Edie,
    I am not a Southern woman, my family homesteaded Washington state, and has been here ever since. I’m not as Christian as some, either, although I am trying. That said, your blog really speaks to me. I think one of your gifts is being able to say the hard things. You have helped me put words to things I’d been feeling. I am a well educated stay at home mom of three and this is definitely where I belong. My middleschooler is the only one in her class who goes home everyday with her family. She needs me as much as my younger kids, if not more.
    On a completely different topic, I love that picture too. That is just the kind of decorating I am always shooting for. You just know there’s a story behind all in that room. The yellow really nails it.
    You are awesome, really, really really awesome. Thanks for everything!

  41. EDIE, I am an ophthalmologist who has been treated for colon Ca these past 8 mos. I have read most of your archives and they always delight me w/ your fresh take on things. You have reignited my love of Lewis. I always operate under the idea that if I’m not making a few people angry, I’m not saying much. Onward!!! Kerry Johnson

  42. Count me in as a Yankee wanting to learn more about Southern Girls. They have always intrigued, seem to have a strong sense of self (in a good way).

    Love reading your blog even when when I might say “pshaw”. Makes me reevaluate what I stand for.

  43. Write your truth, you can’t please everyone and I think you are worth listening to. I don’t comment often as it is so pokey….I wish we could just leave a plus or minus! But that wouldn’t give you much feed back, would it?

  44. Edie- Keep your head up and do not be discouraged. I am one of those who does not know if I will agree with you. The most common command in the bible is to “to fear not” or “be not afraid.” It is mentioned even more than the command “to love.” I like to think of it this way….”Do not be afraid to love.”

    I won’t condemn or judge you for our differences, and I know you words are not meant to make me feel judged or condemned.

    Much love sister!

  45. Write it Girl! You know you can’t please all of the people all of the time. Be true to the Lord and true to yourself.

  46. Edie,
    I almost sent you a private Facebook message because I worry that someone will take offense to something I say. But here I go. You are an inspiration. You have lead me to great books. …..Bonhoeffer, Grace upon Grace, CS Lewis. I am a fellow Lutheran Church Missouri Synod member in Arkansas. I’m a member of a church with an average of 40-45 people a Sunday. We are a very conservative congregation. Many churches in our area have changed over the years to be what others want them to be. They change what they do in their services so that people will come. I want people to hear the Word but I want MY church to stay the way it is. The way it has been for hundreds of years. I’m rambling I know but I look forward to what you write. I check your blog daily. I’ve printed off some of your writings on Faith and have given them to friends to read. The one you wrote about you and your husband before you started going to the Lutheran Church was one in particular that I sent to a young co-worker that doesn’t attend church. She reminds me of how your husband felt at that time about church. Does that make sense? Anyway, I emailed it to her. She read it and emailed me back and said “Ok, What time does church start Sunday?” You make a difference Edie. Keep on keeping on.

  47. Hmmm….well, I am a Southern WOMAN, and I am proud of that fact. Probably to a fault, because recently I found myself at a business meeting with a woman from New Jersey. Around the 3rd time she slammed the South with one of her comments I found myself having to bite my tongue to keep from saying, ‘Why in the heck did you move down here?!?! (Bless your heart).’ I am proud to be from the South and proud to be a woman. Neither of these facts makes me any less of a person. Your post made me think, and actually helped me to understand better that making my family happy doesn’t make me less of a person. I am part of a team and my part is important to my family. Keep saying what you are saying. We are listening.

    P.S. My sister-in-law painted her kitchen that bright yellow, and while I think it looks beautiful in a magazine, I always leave her house with a raging headache. I like a little calm in my home…but that’s just me 🙂

  48. Edie,

    When I gave you a hard time about not hemming your table cloth, I was afraid that YOU were going to unsubscribe ME. You can’t do that can you? Block me I mean. I love ya Edie, please don’t stop pouring yourself out to all of us. Your going to write that Southern gal post too I hope. You have a brilliant gift, and I feel it was no accident that I stumbled upon you. God has placed you, your words, your insight, your ideas, and your images in this place I am sure.

  49. I think you are VERY brave. I’d love to NOT struggle with who I am (at 41 you’d think I’d have figured that out by now! lol!). If you do repost the one about Southern women, I’d love to read it. Mostly because I am a Southern woman….and wear that title proudly…but also because I love how you write.

    On a side note, go ahead and paint the living room yellow. It’s only paint. 🙂

  50. Oh please, please, please rewrite the “southern” post. I love your blog and those who have dropped off kind of don’t get the whole blogging thing anyway.

  51. You wrote a post awhile ago about doing what you are passionate about, because “the world needs passionate people” (or something like that). You had really important things to say, and you said them very well. Everyone won’t agree with you. Whatever. Jesus had the same problem (problem?). The point is, you are doing what you should be doing. Just keep doing it PLEEEEEEZZ. You only need to please Him.

  52. Please stay just the way you are. God made an awesome, God fearing, woman/child of God. I am not a Southern Woman, (East Coast suburbs), but I think it is true with the statement said that everyone won’t agree with you, but leave it in God’s hands. Remember you are wonderful. I love your posts. Always interesting, Always inspiring, Pray, Pray, pray.
    God Bless,

  53. Your series times perfectly with things God is teaching my heart….as I wrestle and pray with where God is leading me during a crossroad period in my life…Im reading through the links you’ve shared….I was a “Christian feminist” for my teens and twenties…but the past few years my heart is being convicted that my pride has led me to many of my convictions….not necessarily the Word of God. Please keep writing on this topic!

  54. Keep on keepin’ on! I look to your words for encouragement and inspiration! I admire your depth and passion you express. I agree with your feminist post completely and find it refreshing. John 15:18

  55. Edie,
    Please stay.

    God has definitely put something on your heart that you must share. This is your gift (among many) – you articulate that which many of us feel and that which many need to hear. Many will not agree but they don’t have to. Doesn’t it behoove us all to try to understand one another? We are women- Northern, Southern, intact families, dreadful families – we are still linked. We no longer sit on those porches snapping beans and listening to Granny’s advice, but we still need a wise friend to listen to. Please continue to be that voice. I pray you gain enough strength from your supporters to drown out the naysayers.

    Please stay.

  56. I wonder what our grandmothers and mothers would have blogged about in their day had they had the technology? I would think it was about hard work and hospitality and character development and not so much anxiety about political correctness and feminism and such…there is much more to my thoughts than I have time to express, but I think that they were all not so much different than us, but with time constraints and not having the electronic helpers that we do (dishwashers, washing machines, etc) they were not able to articulate these things. Maybe I make a broad leap, but there is no new thing under the sun…

  57. Edie, Make no apologies for writing what’s on your heart. It’s always from such a sweet, thoughtful, non-threatening perspective. Loved your thoughts on the feminist movement and could not agree more. Keep up the good work. So refreshing and encouraging. Something worthwhile and needed.

  58. I do hope you will. And know you can. Oh, if we were all things to all people, who would we be? I do love when I find a friend with which I can connect on so many levels. But it is the DEAR DEAR friend with whom I can disagree, show my faults, all in deep love, that I find most precious. The ones that love me, my shizzle and all. I don’t know you well, Edie, but I have found your words to be bold while also gracious. All the better for me to continue to examine myself with. Iron sharpens iron, dear one. Prayers, peace, and love to you. Now go get that paintbrush!

  59. Never met, but I love you and love your blog. Was at Trader Joes last week and told my husband, “Edie uses TJ pizza sauce”. He said “are you talking about that blog”? Yes. Uncharacteristic of me to talk as if I know someone personally I don’t. I am 38, mom of four, and haven’t yet figured out how to be myself (true to me, honest, but still gracious to others without being a people-pleaser) though I do get more comfortable in my own skin each year.

  60. Well you sure got a lot of people thinking Edie! I’ve got lots of thoughts on your part 1 and part 2, including realizing that I am a more simple thinker…I haven’t researched or recently considered Christian feminism or any feminism…I have a deep and simple faith in God I learned growing up as a Catholic…BUT now that you got me thinking, I am relating to much of what you are saying. And a tad curious to follow a few of the links you provided (which, I must confess, I laughed out loud as I got to the end of the links, amazed at the depth at which you’ve considered this, and my own naivity.) I’ve got an MBA from a top university and have had success climbing ladders in the corporate world, have worked part time in professional positions, and have taken off 8 years to raise two boys, then returned to the work world in various part time and full time positions. I did consider during these various situations my marriage and partnership and my role as equal wage earner, homemaker, and contributor. My ability to serve my husband and provide for his needs greatly increased when I was not working or was part time. There are so many more layers you are presenting, but this was a theme I imagined you may relate to. Lay it all out there. I’ve been following blogs like yours for years and know to pass on a post that doesn’t speak to me, and dwell on those that do. I’m almost always dwelling on your blog. Thank you for home, body, mind and heart inspiration.

  61. “but what struck me most were the brave dissenters who decided to stay around, though they don’t always agree with me”

    those are always some of my favorites. yes. well put!

  62. Edie, I think there is an old quote about if you try to make everyone happy you will only make everyone mad. This Christian walk is a walk, not a standing still keeping everyone happy. Some may walk away and some may walk with you, however, it is still your walk with Jesus…take joy in that.

  63. Sometimes, you think too much. (spoken with love and grace and I wish we were neighbors not only because the lake looks fabulous but because I would love to hang out in the yard and just visit).

  64. I love that you have the courage to write the “Why I’m Not a Feminist” series (which I love & have posted the links on FB for my friends to read!) and I love that you have the courge for color! Anxiously waiting for the next installment!

    • oh yes! I was born in Texas (so PROUD of that!), raised in Nebraska, and now live north of Seattle – – I have and always will consider myself a southerner!

  65. To thine ownself be true. Keep writing just as you have. I live in Ohio and enjoy being a southern belle vicariously through your blog. If you change to keep a few followers… you are in danger of losing the followers who love you just the way you are! If you want to paint your walls bright yellow — paint your heart out! It’s only paint! And you might inspire someone else to take the bold move they’ve been dreaming of. I think I’m on the only person left on the planet that hasn’t taken a perfectly good piece of wood furniture and painted it! But… I have my eye on piece… just need a little courage!!

  66. Hi. I love what you write. Your post on feminism was challenging for me. I read all the link’s I could and took your words seriously. And I still don’t agree with you. However, I take Proverbs 27:17 to heart when I don’t agree with someone. What you say forces me to either a) articulate better what I believe or b) cause me to change my perspective. And that is of great value. You are a gifted writer. Please keep writing. I like a good mental and spiritual challenge.

  67. Keep painting, Edie. You have a gift with words. Not everyone is in a place yet to listen, but keep on for those who are.

  68. I simply ADORE this room — the yellow walls, the bold abstract painting. As a designer, I know that of all the elements of good design, the one that almost all humans respond the most to is “contrast”. My husband is a professional musician and he calls it “the rub”. Our ears, our eyes and our hearts are made by God to react to those things that may “seem” incongruous but are, in reality, the mysterious elements that make something beautiful. Like the body of Christ…. bold, calm, hard, soft, etc….

    I am not a Southerner (I have always lived in Washington St.) and must confess to a bit of confusion about the Southern “ways”. AND, for me, feminism is not a grabbing or striving after equality, but rather a way of seeing ourselves as God sees us, from the inside out. Gender aside, roles aside, accomplishments aside, — just the unequivocal truth of His overwhelming love for ME so much so that while I was yet a sinner, He died for me. That is the heart and soul of feminism. And what Jesus was conveying to every single woman He had any significant encounter with.

    Edie… you are a sparkling, lovely, delightful, and masterful blogger. I would suggest that you write from your heart because that’s what God has given you for the purpose of furthering His Kingdom on this earth. We may not always “agree” but that’s the beautiful rub!

  69. There are not many blogs I read. The one’s I do read, I read because I feel inspired or see something in that person that is worth learning or at the very least leaning into. I find your writings to be courageous, inspired, loving, and God honoring. I’m always left feeling as though I wish we were close friends. For what it’s worth, thank you for your transparency. I’ve loved every minute!

  70. I was so glad to see your edit to your post. I agree with you. I do not agree with the tendency of the feminism discussion to immediately devolve into stay-at-home-moms vs. working moms, as if one is all good and one is all bad. Feminism and identity in Christ are so much more than that. We are so much bigger than that. We can’t say, “Whew, I stay at home, so I’m good.” We can’t say, “She works, so she’s not properly serving her husband.” It is complicated. It is personal. It may change year-to-year, day-to-day.
    Further, being a Godly woman and wife does not depend on your financial circumstances. (What you do with your finances, yes; how much you have in the bank, no.)
    May we all have the humility and dedication to listen to God’s still, small voice telling us what we should do in our own lives.

  71. Edie, I’ve really been enjoying your posts on feminism. I have a lot of the same thoughts (less elegant, and not fully formed–I feel, and know, that I’m still learning and maturing and only hope that it all becomes cohesive in my mind before the kids are gone). Your post reminded me of a Seth Godin post I taped on my Cabinet of Inspiration, called “You Don’t Have to Pander.” He says,

    The reason you don’t have to pander is that you’re not in a hurry and you don’t need everyone to embrace you and your work. When you focus on the weird, passionate, interesting segment of the audience, you can do extraordinary work for a few (and watch it spread) instead of starting from a place of average.

    Go ahead and make something for the elites. Not the elites of class or wealth, but the elites of curiosity, passion and taste. Every great thing ever created was created by and for this group.

    Full post is at


    • Thank you, Gretchen! Love him and LOVE that post. It’s so true. And I need to keep rereading, “The reason you don’t have to pander is that you’re not in a hurry and you don’t need everyone to embrace you.”

  72. “The real question I wrestle with is this: Do I have the grace to be who I am and the tenderness to be what you need? And when those are in conflict, do I have the courage to stay and keep painting?”

    Ultimately, this blog is about you and your heart and readers shouldn’t be too emotionally involved. I understand that you care about your readers, but what we need is for you to always be who you are even if we disagree with it. This blog isn’t about us. We like “following” you because of you. Everything you write is full of grace, tenderness, and courage.

  73. Edie,
    You are beautiful!!! 😉 I prayed that you would use your platform and follow the Spirit’s prompting and publish those blog posts. I am soo happy that you did! You have given me MUCH to think about and soo much I agree with! Always remember that you are playing or “painting” to an audience of One! 🙂
    Love you girl!

  74. Mrs. Edie,

    Please publish the post on Southern women! I am 23, born and raised in Kentucky, and was brought up by a true Southern momma (your posts on hospitality reminded me so much of her and I passed along a bunch of them to her). I now live in Philadelphia and am constantly learning more and more about my true “Southern-ness” and the hilarious and sometimes startling differences between where I live now and home. I recently met someone and after a couple of hours, my boyfriend mentioned where I was from. This new friend exclaimed, “I KNEW IT!” and it cracked me up because he couldn’t pinpoint why and just kept saying that he “knew.” So the distinctiveness of Southern women is definitely real and I’d love to hear your take on it.

    P.S. I am thoroughly enjoying your feminism series and have planned on discussing it with my mom. Keep being brave and putting your thoughts (and research!) out there! It is so meaningful.

    • There is certainly a distinctiveness and you’re right, it’s hard to pinpoint! I hope to publish it next week. Hope I can remember all the stuff I lost.
      Thank you so much for sharing!

  75. Edie, please keep doing what you do! Your heart is golden and your passion for Him is a blessing:0) By chance, do you know why I’m no longer receiving emails about when you update your blog, I have not left, just not receiving them anymore:0(

  76. Edie,
    Not sure if you intended this or not, but your use of “bright yellow walls” as a symbol relating to your stance on Christian feminism immediately reminded me of the well-known early feminist short story “The Yellow Wallpaper” by Charlotte Perkins Gilman. If you’ve read the story, you know the yellow walls are a negative symbol to feminists. Yet in this room photo you pinned it’s such a positive symbol. Purposeful or not, I appreciate your re-appropriation of the yellow walls as a symbol – turning it into something lovely. Redeeming work you are doing. Thanks for your devotion to Christ and to writing about things that matter.

    • That is so cool, Gwen!! I hadn’t heard the story but something about that room kept breaking into my mind, in relation to the topic of courage.
      Thank you so much for sharing. I have the best internet friends!!

  77. Edie- I enjoy your perspective of faith. You have taught me a lot. I also enjoy your design astetic, food, clothing and music! You are great! Keep on keeping on!

  78. We read ya cause we like ya. 🙂 Keep on keepin’ on. (And I do find it interesting that the men commenters were the toughest critics…hmmmnnn….)

  79. I’m not a Southern girl and I like reading what you have to say and don’t find you parochial or too old-fashioned. I appreciate that you’re genuine and write from your heart! Your words make me think, sometimes days after I’ve read them. Thank you for your honesty and for pushing us women – and men – to dig a little deeper.

  80. You need to really ask yourself “Do I care about what I want to write, or do I care if I lose followers ?” Do you need all the stroking, and are you devastated by all the negatives? Look deep inside and find your true intentions. Have confidence Edie and do not worry about being accepted so much. From the looks of it, you will not lose many followers, as many here are supporting you.
    And, maybe you should consider having a separate blog for the “deep” stuff and keep this blog for the fun decorating, recipes, homeschooling, etc. Just a thought.
    And, I hope you really read–really read– what CourtneyP. wrote. Walk the talk Edie!

    • I know, you are right. But, for me it’s not so much losing followers as it is the people who are the followers and losing the chance to speak to them of God’s love and grace.
      And, I love what Courtney said! You are all such a blessing to me.

  81. Hi Edie. Keep on being you, Gracie. 😉 I love, love the room and I love “different” too. You are soooo “different”. God made us all that way. Some of us just don’t know it yet. 🙂 “The most important decision we make is whether we believe we live in a friendly or a hostile universe.” Albert Enstein <3

  82. Hi Edie. Keep on being you, Gracie. 😉 I love, love the room and I love “different” too. You are soooo “different”. God made us all that way. Some of us just don’t know it yet. 🙂 “The most important decision we make is whether we believe we live in a friendly or a hostile universe.” Albert Einstein <3

  83. as another commenter mentioned, you’ve taken the road less traveled in every area of your life, and it sharpens those of us who allow it to.

    One of the MANY reasons I love your blog is that you seem to feel very comfortable in your skin…in your life…in your story.

    I hope so much that you continue to put your art out there…it is used to sharpen, encourage and inspire so many of us.

  84. I am an atheist – and i read your blog. i am a mother of three young children who go to public school (even though i tried to convince them otherwise) – and i read your blog. i am a sewer – and i STILL read your bog, even after you showed me your hack sewing of a tablecloth 🙂
    I do not subscribe because i bookmark my favorites. and i never comment because i don’t feel you need to hear from me 🙂 you have many other lovely people telling you you are valued.
    people who close off a dialog because someone’s views are different, frighten me. There are many ways to be supportive, loving, giving and concerned world citizens. Be who you are. i wish we lived closer – i could pick up the phone and we could have amazing discussions.

  85. Edie…I enjoyed your post…your opinion. Maybe it’s because I realize an opinion is neither right nor wrong…it’s just someone’s view that is right for them. I also think it is wonderful…and I’ll admit I’m a little bit jealous…that you have not only found your calling, but you are able to pursue it.

    It is sad to me when we can not share differing views and opinions without belittling, dismissing and/or judging those who do not agree with us. We tend to miss out on a lot of good stuff by doing this.

  86. Edie, speaking the truth in love and proclaiming the gospel of Christ is never wrong, but seldom easy. As soon as you move from the world of relativity and into absolute truth, there is no way everyone will be pleased with you. I know how your heart must sink when people are offended. But He’s begun a good work in you…I think you know the rest 😉 Praying for you.

  87. Dear God woman, KEEP ON WRITING! I could second and third and fourth many of the encouraging comments here, so on and so forth…but had to write my own. Your story, your little corner of the world has a huge impact on many. People who shut themselves off because you share your commitment to Christ is rejection of Him and not you. I know you know that but sometimes I think we need refreshers. And the truth of what you’ve been sharing in this series is on the very pulse of many who are filled with questions. What about this amazing, messy, beautiful mothering gig that didn’t come with a reference manual? I found you, which helped me find others…you are ALL enriching my heart and soul. Then, my family and friends receive that benefit as well. And the best part-your posts MOVE people to exercise the brain in their head. I’ve been positively wrecked in a wondrous way since finding your blog 3 months ago. You’ve written things that have caused me to really dig in and ask myself hard questions about my gifts, my calling, my family, my ministry…who and how do I serve? What is my motivation for service? People have a choice to take what they like and leave what they don’t. Whenever your heart prompts you to do so, I pray you keep pointing us to the cross.

  88. I am new to your blog but, when I touch base your words are always so thought provoking. I appreciate having to think in a world where answers to questions are to easily got ton. So, if you like the yellow and you feel good about the words you share then those were the write words or color to choose. A very wise pastor once said, we all have a path, if you follow your arrow it will feel right, if you sway it is not going to feel good. So definitely speak and pick yellow if it feels right.

  89. Yes you have the courage. You have proved it time and time again. It definitely takes courage to speak the things in your heart and you do it all with love. It takes courage to paint your kitchen cabinets turquoise too, like you did!!! Please continue inspiring us. I think it would be awesome to paint the living room a bold color. BE courageous and gutsy!!

  90. Dearest Edie, I have been reading LIG for several years now and the #1 thing I appreciate is that you are you! I am not Southern. Sometimes I feel “out of the loop” because of that, but that doesn’t stop me from enjoying your colorful depictions. I don’t always agree with everything you write. Sometimes you even irritate me, but those are also the times that I am required to ponder, think, and ruminate. You are writing about Life in His Grace, (Been studying First and Second Peter) not The Cozy, Comfortable Club. You are just going to have to keep accepting yourself and take it from your faithful readers/sisters/friends that you are on the right track. BIG HUG!!!!!!

  91. I know I’m late to comment here but I felt like this was important enough not to remain silent. Sometimes, I read your posts and I feel like you wrote my own thoughts. We must be soul sisters. Sometimes, I read your posts and I disagree or I don’t see things the same way you do. And I love you as a person. I love your blog. I love your courage and the beautiful way you tell your story and I know that all I need you to be is you. I don’t seek to surround myself with people who are cookie cutters of myself. For one, right for me doesn’t equate to right for you. Also, how boring would that be? I want to be challenged. I want to see the world through someone else’s eyes. I want to always be the person who loves those around me unconditionally. I have been a reader for years and I will be coming here as long as you keep writing. – from Texas with love 🙂

  92. Edie,
    Please don’t stop speaking what is on your heart. I’ve been following your blog for over a year now. Since reading that post I subscribed to your blog – not because I agreed with you or not, but because you are an intelligent, Christian woman who’s writing is honest and GENUINE. As I was reading I wasn’t sure I agreed with you, but your words stuck with me. Your post has made me read and prayerfully consider this issue. Thank you for being brave and speaking your mind even if it may be controversial!

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