It is my distinct privilege and honor to introduce you to The Verity, a christian rock band consisting of 5 bright and charming young men from Morristown, Tennessee.
My son, Taylor, whom you’ve heard lots about, is the lead singer, guitar player, songwriter and self-proclaimed ‘dad’ of the group (shown center). You also know Andrew well from my blog posts. The boys are all listed at the bottom of this picture. They leave tomorrow for a ten day tour of the eastern US.  They will be traveling with another band but there won’t be any parent chaperones.  I’ve asked them to guest post so that you will remember to pray for them(and their parents) while they’re gone. Please show them some love in the comments section! I know they look all grown up but there will be some worried mamas here at home while these boys are venturing into the treacherous waters of manhood.
Hello to all my beloved moms’ blogger friends. As you have figured out by now we are leaving for a ten day tour tomorrow morning! We are extremely excited to do this, it has been a work in progress for awhile and it feels great to actually be doing something that we have only talked about since the band started. We just wanted to take the time before we leave to thank you all for the support and we ask that you continue to pray for us daily while we are gone and on the road!

We are still booking some dates for the end of July and the first week of August so if you know of any churches or venues that are looking for a christian band then let us know! Also if you live near a venue that we are playing at on this tour then come out and see us and say HEY! Thanks for everything!! 

-Taylor and Dibbs
Jun 24 2009 6:30P
FBC Youth Building-Blitz Week Morristown, Tennessee
Jun 25 2009 6:30P
FBC Youth Building-Blitz Week Morristown, Tennessee
Jun 26 2009 6:00P
The Channel w/ Standing Small Greeneville, South Carolina
Jun 27 2009 6:00P
The Rock w/ Standing Small Crossville, Tennessee
Jun 28 2009 6:00P
River Hills Christian Church w/ Standing Small and The Color House Loveland, Ohio
Jun 29 2009 7:00P
The Bean Coffeehouse w/ Standing Small and The Color House East Peoria, Illinois
Jun 30 2009 8:00P
Ignite Center w/ Standing Small and The Color House Green Bay, Wisconsin
Jul 1 2009 7:00P
The Nite Light Cafe w/ Standing Small and The Color House Berwyn, Illinois
Jul 2 2009 4:15P
Cornerstone Festival-New Band Showcase!! Bushnell, Illinois
Jul 24 2009 6:00P
D’NOW in Grainger County-We will put the Church name up soon!! Grainger County, Tennessee
Jul 25 2009 6:00P
D’NOW in Grainger County-We will put the Church name up soon!! Grainger County, Tennessee
Jul 31 2009 6:00P
Harvest Outreach Youth Event White Pine, Tennessee
Aug 5 2009 7:00P
Loudhouse Coffee Greenbrier, Tennessee

I know I’m no martyr but Taylor is taking my car (above) and I’m driving his car(below).

For 10 days.  My car has been plagued with funny smells before which you can read about here, but I’m very afraid of my car returning with a curious 10day-sweatyboy-DIDSOMETHINGDIEINHERE?-smell.  This, along with ‘will he eat one piece of fruit while he’s gone?’ is what keeps me up at night.

Nicholas Wadsworth interviews Taylor and Dibbs

I pray for your safety. I hope you have fun. I’m so proud of what you’ve made of your life. I’ll be counting the days till you’re back home. May God give you grace for your  journey. My love to you today, everyday, and always.


P.S. Showers and clean underwear are your friends.  ‘Just say no’ to Andrew and Jay.
You can follow The Verity on twitter here.
You can follow Taylor on twitter here.

13 comments on “The Verity goes on tour….in a city near you!!”

  1. How neat is this!!!
    I will pray for these boys, and I wish them a great tour. (Why aren't you heading to Michigan??!!)

  2. First of all, love Nicholas' gettup, he's a pro.

    Good luck to The Verity on your first ever tour, that's so exciting. If you ever make it out to Phoenix let me know.

    Edie, they probably won't change their underware regularly but at least their heads will stay warm in their beenies. 🙂

  3. How absolutely wonderful and fun! What good mamas to have raised such good boys that they can take a trip like this. Let them be boys! I have 3 girls and only 1 boy and that boy … well… whew! And I.LOVE.IT!

    They will remember this trip for the rest of their lives!

  4. I can feel how nervous you are about him leaving,, but this is so exciting. And he's very lucky to have your support. I'm in Mississippi so no chance of seeing them,, but maybe one day they'll be this way and I can say ,, "i "kinda sorta not really but in a way" know Taylor's mom. Ha ha,, Have a great weekend. Said a prayer for them.

  5. I've got teenage daughters and wish we lived closer! They need strong Christian examples around them as they mature and leave the nest. Best wishes on your tour!

  6. I love your blog, I've been a silent reader so far. When I saw The Verity was going to be in my town I had to let you know. I live about 10min from Loveland, OH. I'll have to stop in and check them out.

  7. I'm in Canada, so won't be seeing you guys (yet). Stay safe and have fun!

    Someday when you're all crazy-famous, I'll be happy to say, "Hey his mom was my blog friend!"

    Oh, and take care of your Mama's car…

  8. Taylor and boys, I am so very proud of you and I pray for your safety while you are traveling. I also pray that God uses you in a might way for His Kingdom and Glory. Please keep us up to date as to where you are and how it is going. God will truly bless your efforts. Love you and have a blast!!! Aunt Gina

  9. Edie, I'm deep in your archives and do you really drive an Excursion… do you know that's the only thing I want right to drive right now? I have a Yukon and when there's a Rover in the car I can't get in the back seat with him… I've been looking at those with longing for many months now. Justin thinks I'm nuts and too small to drive a beast… I strongly disagree. 🙂 Please tell me… is it a diesel?

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