July 2012

Read Books and Live Well, part 2

by Edie Wadsworth on July 31, 2012

Some of you asked what’s on the proverbial night stand.  Be careful what you wish for…….. Flannery O’Connor once got a letter complaining that her writing was not ‘uplifting’ enough. The reader was tired of the dark themes and twisted characters. This was O’Connor’s reply, “There is something in us, as story-tellers and as listeners […]


Summer Beauty Tips

by Edie Wadsworth on July 26, 2012

I have 3 daughters, ages 10, 11 and 19. Three daughters+one mom=a lot of beauty products and paraphernalia. And how do you teach your daughters about the appropriate amount of grooming and primping and beautifying, all the while still teaching them about true beauty, which can’t come from a jar or a tool? It’s not […]


Why I’m Not Reading Fifty Shades of Grey

by Edie Wadsworth on July 24, 2012

Why I

I’ve been thinking about it lately because the references are everywhere and then someone ask me if I was going to read it.  I hadn’t taken the time to process my thoughts correctly about the book.  I had heard the premise and then read a bunch of reviews. I knew right away that it wasn’t […]

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another reason to love homecoming

by Edie Wadsworth on July 21, 2012

I’ve been waiting with baited breath for my tomatoes to ripen. Everyday, I check the garden in hopes of juicy red manna from heaven. Of course, as soon as I leave, they do their thing. Just another reason to anticipate my homecoming. I have been unbelievably blessed and inspired this weekend. I’ve sat under the […]


beautiful skin

by Edie Wadsworth on July 21, 2012

I turned down most opportunities to review products. But occasionally, when I already use the product in question, I feel like I can say something helpful or useful. Enter Dove Body Wash. I’ve been using Dove body wash for a long time and now they have launched a new, exciting product—-the VisibleCare Toning Creme Body […]


Roasted Vegetable Lasagna Recipe

by Edie Wadsworth on July 17, 2012

vegetable lasagna recipe

This recipe has taken 8 lifetimes to post so please someone make it and tell me about it. I’m trying out a new recipe plug-in called GetMeCooking to make it easier for me to post and for you to print recipes. This roasted vegetable lasagna recipe takes endurance and patience and should be planned for […]

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family fourth fest

by Edie Wadsworth on July 14, 2012

The whole shebang was Stevie’s idea. He wanted the family to join us for a huge, week-long Fourth-A-July fun fest. He started inviting them a year ago so that everyone could make plans to vacation in Bean Station, Tennessee and celebrate with us the rebuilding of our home.   It was a family fun week […]


The Sultry Master

by Edie Wadsworth on July 10, 2012


I recently updated my About page, in case you’re interested! Until I can decide which of the 356 pictures to show you from our Fourth of July Fest, I thought I’d show you some progress in my bedroom. I’m finally getting furniture and some art work in this room—which means it’s starting to have that […]

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Joy and Heartache

by Edie Wadsworth on July 9, 2012

We had such a lovely visit with our family this past week and are slowly adjusting to the quiet house. I’m always a little lonesome when everyone leaves but as we clean up and rearrange, I relive the happy memories all over again. At the height of our fun, we had 20 house guests and […]

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