“There is no spectacle on earth more appealing than that of a beautiful woman in the act of cooking dinner for someone she loves.”
― Thomas Wolfe

homemade-browniesthumbnail Homemade Brownies quichelorraine-1thumbnail Quiche Lorraine pumpkinchipotlethumbnail Pumpkin Chipotle Soup
cheese-tortellini-soup1thumbnail Cheese Tortellini Soup pumpkin-muffinsthumbnail Pumpkin Muffins chocolatechipthumbnailChocolate Chip Cookies
honeywheatbread1Homemade Honey Wheat Bread chickenpotpiesoupthumbnailChicken Pot Pie Soup homemadepizzathumbnailHomemade Pizza Crust
fudgethumbnailGrannie’s Fudge tomatosoupthumbnailSpicy Tomato Soup shrimpboilthumbnailShrimp Boil
rockytopchilithumbnailRocky Top Chili freshapplecakethumbnailFresh Apple Cake beefstewthumbnailBest Ever Beef Stew
broccolicheesesoupthumbnailBroccoli Cheese Soup applebarsthumbnailGlazed Apple Bars mushroomsoupthumbnailTangy Mushroom Soup
blueberrycoffeecakethumbnailBlueberry Coffee Cake cheeseburgersoupthumbnailCheeseburger Soup piecrustthumbnailPerfect Cherry Pie
vegetablesoupthumbnailVegetable Soup holyguacamolethumbnailBEST EVER Guacamole! subsoupthumbnailItalian Sub Soup
greeklemonsoupthumbnailGreek Lemon Chicken Soup weddingsoupthumbnailItalian Wedding Soup tomatotartthumbnailFresh Tomato Tart

16 comments on “Recipes”

  1. Yay Edie!! Looks gorgeous. And guess what? Three of these are fixed treats here at the Lazy W. Been making the garlic-honey pizza, chocolate-chip cookies, and apple bars for a few years now, xoxo Love from Oklahoma! keep em coming Edie.

  2. Awww… Great layout and lovely quote at the top. Makes me happy just to see it, let alone try out the recipes. I have, however, made your pumpkin muffins and they were divine!

  3. So glad to be back on your email list Edie! You are a living doll, and this site
    is loaded with all wonderful things to discover…like a treasure chest! Delish!
    Blessings to you!

  4. Where’s the cheeseburger soup?? That’s my kids favorite : ) and mocha cake.
    Thanks for all the great recipes Edie!!

  5. Hi Edie,
    I’m in my kitchen now while some cheese tortellini soup simmers on my stove, and I was wondering if you have a go-to recipe for providing a meal to a family. Occasionally, through our church I provide a meal for the “casserole ministry” and I always struggle with what to make. There are often little kids to think of, which if they’re anything like mine, adds to the dilemma 🙂

    Thanks for any suggestions.

  6. Made your Rocky Top chili last night which we love. Haven’t made the beef stew yet this year. I am really craving your creamy chicken chipotle soup. At least I am pretty sure the recipe is yours but now I can’t find it.

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