Apparently, I have a lot to say on this subject, so I’m breaking into parts as we explore what inspires us and why we should pay attention.  Today, I give you taste.


I went for a run this morning which always turns out to be the exact time of day that inspiration hits.  Because why would my brain want to cooperate with me when I’m ACTUALLY sitting down to write.  It never does.  But when I’m sweaty and running without pen or paper in sight?  ALL THE GOOD IDEAS fall from heaven like manna.

But I guess when you think about what inspiration actually means, it makes sense.

Inspiration means to breathe in.  (I love Jeff Goins post on this topic!)

Which means that inspiration is not a matter of whether you are breathing in but WHAT you are breathing in.  And if you’re like me, much of your daily life is so crowded with to-do lists that it can be hard to breathe in anything but stress and hurry and social media blurbs.  When I quiet all that or when I’m running so I’m that I’m focused on actually breathing, my mind is in receptive mode and I can’t even contain all the creative energy that comes bubbling to the surface.


This summer has been so good for me in that way.  I’ve been taking in way more than I’ve been producing, traveling a lot and learning a lot, meeting new people and soaking in long days with my own.  We all need seasons like that. It makes me ready for a season of nesting and creating, a season where I want to be aware of all the tangible ways I’m being inspired and share the overflow with whoever is near.

Since this week alone, I’ve orange beets, cucumbers, South Carolina peaches, eggplant, arugula, blueberries, zucchini, corn, and Grainger County tomatoes, just to name a few, I thought we’d start with being inspired by taste.


  • Inspired by Taste

First things first…..

I’m a foodie.

No, my name is not Izzy and no, I’ve have not always been a foodie.  I grew up on Cocoa Puffs and Poptarts and hotdogs from Smoky Mountain Market, if you really want to know the truth.   But over the years, I have become absolutely enamored with what it means to feed ourselves and to feed others well.  The colors and textures and flavors of actual real food that God created for us are amazing.


It has transformed how I look at making dinner because I realize that when the colors and flavors of what I’m making inspire me,  I actually look forward to doing it and it doesn’t feel like (as much of) a chore.  Also?  I’m completely powerless when it comes to fresh eggs from a farm. As in, I am rendered nearly speechless and want to cook ALL THE QUICHES.  Or at least a double batch of my favorite one.


I know we all do it from time to time but it’s not very inspiring to order out from Sonic.  But.  When I’m in the middle of making a dinner using fresh, colorful ingredients with lots of herbs and spices, drinking my wine or kumbucha, with my favorite apron on and my favorite music playing, with my tea towel hanging over my should ready to wipe up the messes, there is NOTHING at all in this world like it.

Not to mention how much better it is for my actually body.  I’ve said before, you don’t need to change the world, just make dinner.  And I can’t tell you how much benefit I’ve seen for myself and my family just by committing to getting better at dinner.

If you’re not very experienced in the kitchen,  try my shrimp boil or this summer vegetable soup to get you started. (We’ve been using  Blue Apron and it has SO gotten me out of my rut!)  Or try my advice on 5 Ways to Bring the Magic Back to Your Kitchen.

Also? Monster cookies inspire me SO VERY MUCH. Amen.

However you do it, make some food that inspires you and that feeds your people.  (I have some tricks for getting dinner on the table, which you might find useful!)


Everything in this world is a glimpse into the next and God doesn’t sell us short when it comes to taste.  He’s the one who actually made us with a physical body that needs physical nourishment.  I suppose it shouldn’t surprise us that when He wants to strengthen our faith and give us life and forgiveness, He feeds us.  The God of the universe feeds us by choosing simple means like bread and wine to do it.  He welcomes us to His table and we eat.  We actually taste and see that the Lord is good.

This sacred food comes to us from outside ourselves and very literally inspires us with the living, breathing Word and body of God, without whom there is no life.  Maybe food is simply the metaphor for which He is the ultimate reality.  Our tasting has led us to Him, the giver of all good things, the Bread that endures forever.


 Up next: Inspired by Hearing

And tell me all about your tasty inspirations!



23 comments on “What Inspires Us & Why It Matters, Part 1”

  1. First, I’ve missed your words so very much! They continue to inspire me … especially all that jazz about cooking and wine and music and tea towels. Yes, indeed. So glad we didn’t order that pizza tonight, though we thought about it! There’s nothing like “the Bread that endures forever” and it’s the only thing we need. Going to go share a little bit of that Bread and some earthly vittles with the folks in my midst. Thanks for the reminder that it’s always, always worth it. Bon appetit!

  2. Yes, on the running and inspiration. I miss my morning runs. I’ve also missed your words here on the blog. This, “The God of the universe feeds us by choosing simple means like bread and wine to do it. He welcomes us to His table and we eat. We actually taste and see that the Lord is good.” I love that!

    I’m going to try your quiche recipe this weekend. My daddy’s chickens are producing two dozen eggs A DAY, so I’ve got to help him consume them! 😉

  3. I am not a runner, but I, too, have the same challenge of being inspired in a place where no paper or pencil is to be found: The shower. I really resonate with what you’ve written here because your previous words about getting dinner on the table inspired me to get back to meal planning this summer, and WOW how it has made a difference in my household! I am hooked again on the joys of meal planning, and have rediscovered my love of cooking. We have had a new recipe every night for the last 45 days, and they have all been delicious. What I am really looking forward to now is soup and crockpot season! It also doesn’t hurt that a new Sprouts Farmers Market just opened up two weeks ago right around the corner from us. Thanks for these beautiful words!

  4. My day has been made! Your words are so inspiring, so glad to see you back:) Love the part about cooking with your apron and dishtowel over your shoulder, that too is a place where I am so happy to be cooking for my peeps!!!

    • I know, my friend Jeannie came in the other day and I had my apron on, my tea towel slung over my shoulder and I was eating pickled beets. She died laughing and said I was like a 75 year old woman!
      TIS TRUE!

  5. So great to read your words again, Edie! I can’t stop thinking about this phrase, “actual real food that God created for us are amazing.” I’ve spent all summer long under loads of stress (new job for my husband, trying to prep and then sell our house, waiting, waiting, living with three kids in a house we are showing, getting SHINGLES…it’s been rough!) and have been in survival mode and stress-eating like crazy. Your words hit me in the right place at the right time and are a gentle, simple reminder that God provides, God gives good gifts, God takes care of his children.
    So very amen.
    I can’t wait to hear more thoughts about what inspires you! 🙂

  6. I love food. I love preparing it, cooking it, and sharing it with people I love. (I totally relate to the food you were raised on. Our mothers must have shopped at the same store!) I have missed being in the kitchen this week. I’m starting a new job in a new and wonderful school district (1st grade music teacher, as opposed to middle school choir teacher) this year, and have been at new employee training and trying to get my blank slate room ready. Dinner has been out all week. Blah! I look forward to getting into a new routine. I love making soups, tacos (especially fish tacos with yummy creamy cilantro dressing), and elk steak with a big o’ salad. Keep writing and sharing…I love reading your words. You are a doll. xo

  7. I have only just begun to read your posts and I’m so thankful I found your blog. you are truly an inspiration to me and a beautiful writer. I was wondering if you ever thought of making a printable from your saying, ” You don’t need to change the world just make dinner”. ? I think it’s absolutely spot on and quite lovely.
    Thank you for all you do to inspire others!

      • Yes! That’s a wonderful idea! I’d hang it in my kitchen, right in front of the door … a tangible reminder that even the daily drugery of cooking dinner (why do they have to eat EVERY DAY?!) is a way I can minister to my people.

        Thanks for your beautiful words, Edie! They always lift me up!

  8. Just logged on to tell you I so enjoyed your periscope today. I still haven’t quite figured out all the love and hearts over there but I’m loving it!

  9. Sometimes I forget that cooking and feeding your family is a creative pursuit. I guess that’s why I’ve never minded fixing dinner…most of the time…
    Thank you for the reminder. Glad you’re back.

  10. In this world sorcerers who can harness the power of earthquakes and volcanoes are both feared and valued, and such people, known as orogenes, are subject to brutal oppression. And as the day wore on I was more and more shell-shocked, and my co-workers were sort of going, What s wrong with Nora today?

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