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Caiti’s senior year

You Make Beautiful Things

Caiti’s Senior Prom

Well, this is Cait’s big week.   Her grad-jee-ation square dance party is Thursday and she graduates on Saturday. We spent some time yesterday chatting about life at Starbucks. I’m so proud of her. She has such a level head and seems more like 25 instead of 18. This week’s gonna be so busy making […] Read more…

Caiti’s Senior Pictures

We tried every way in the world to get a ‘real’ photographer. Unfortunately, most of my favorite ones aren’t that easily accessible.   So, alas, she’s stuck with me. At least I have my new great camera, the Nikon d7000, along with Karen’s photography class, which I’m currently auditing. Those things along with Jody’s MCP […] Read more…