Of these four dear children of mine, three of them have blue eyes.
Blue eyes that they got from me, which I got from my daddy.
Mine have known a river of tears and it’s always been easy to let them fall.
Today, in the wee hours, before the hustle and bustle of the day,
I sit here quiet with eyes to the brim.
Thankful that most of all she knows the One who counts her tears and keeps them in a bottle.
Hoping she forgives this mother who fails and falters daily.
Praying she finds her purpose and peace in Christ and Him alone.


I remember my daddy whistling this song while Willie sang.
Wish he were here tonight.
Clear eyes, full hearts!

14 comments on “Clear eyes, full hearts”

  1. Sweet Edie-what beautiful words. Our eyes and hearts are filled to the brim as we see our children moving on as adults and we want to hold them a little longer as our sweet babies.

    Praying all goes well today.


  2. I feel like I’ve eavesdropped on a private conversation between your heart and the Father.  It has encouraged me and brought tears to my eyes, Edie.  Praying for you as you prepare to release another child from the nest. 

    (That song reminds me of my granddaddy and my uncle who aren’t with us anymore. Love.)

  3.  I am so uplifted each time I see Life(in)Grace pop up in my Reader. All my girls have blue eyes as does my mother and her mother and grandmother before her. I was blessed with those eys that no one can quite get, what color, they are. Green, hazel or whatever?
    I watched my daughter getting her daughter’s clothes ready fo 5th grade graduation, and I wondered what the next 7 years will bring until this child graduates from high school. I pray this morning that we will all see peace, prosperity and love in the adventures that life has to offer our beautifull children.
    God’s grace to you, Sweet Edie!  

  4. What a bittersweet day for you!  And what a wonderful new chapter that is about to unfold for your daughter – such an exciting time of life! You must be so overjoyed to see what a lovely young woman your daughter has grown up to be.  Best wishes to both of you!

  5.  can’t lose.

    i cannot imagine this moment.
    at times i am so ready for it….like…yes….GO….grow up ……grow past this mess….
    but then the thought of her leaving?  for good?  on her own?  an adult??
    makes me want to bawl on the floor.
    it’s hard work being a mama.

    dying for details on your square dance party!!

  6. “Can’t lose!” 😉 I have 3 girls – the oldest turned 12 earlier this spring. None of them have my blue eyes, but each possess the deep, soulful, hazel-greenish reflections of their hearts. I am wrung out each day, it seems, from the investment, and end up fervently praying that something sticks. Something that looks nothing like me; something that only resembles their Savior. I can only imagine how you must feel right now – and how dreadfully wonderful it all is. The Lord’s blessings to you & yours.

  7. Praying with you today as you embark on another wonderful chapter as a Mom. My daughter and son are grown and have blessed us with 2 beautiful grandgirls and 1 grandson on the way; and 3 sweet grand dogs! I, too, have cried many oceans where my children are concerned and it still isn’t easy, at times. But my God is greater, My God is stronger, my God is higher than any other! He gets me through and He’s right there by your side…….carrying you today! Enjoy these bittersweet moments that fly by way too quickly! Happy Mother’s Day! 🙂
    Blessings to you,

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