Y’all. I don’t even know where to start with this one.  Melanie is the Seinfeld of blog world and she’s been making me laugh about nothing since 2008.  She’s one of my favorite people and her blog, Big Mama is a daily treat.   I know you’d love her too, if you could meet her in person, which is why I decided to interview her on video. I could not be happier to have her here on the blog today as she launches her brand book about marriage, The Antelope in the Living Room.  I knew even before I met her last year at Allume that we’d be fast friends.  She’s from Texas, so let’s all shout a hearty amen to that.  She may be the only person I’ve ever met as obsessed with Coal Miner’s Daughter and Friday Night Lights as I am.  (#TexasForever)

She’s beautiful, warm,  friendly, and one of the funniest people I know.   She recently wrote about her daughter’s ant farm and I thought I would die.  Or wet my pants. Besides her daily life,  she writes about fashion every Friday and I’ve bought several cute things on her recommendation. Girl has got STYLE.  She’s living a pretty simple life of mom, wife, and writer at home with her family, which makes me love her even more.  I so admire her willingness to be herself and to open her heart and share her gifts with us.

Her husband hunts big game and a couple years ago,  hung a giant antelope on her living wall to surprise her—hence a book about the beauty and struggle of two people living one crazy life in which one of the people thinks it’d be a good idea to hang a giant antelope on the wall.


(photo stolen from Paige, our mutual dear friend because why reinvent the wheel?  thank you paige-y!)

Melanie and I sat down last week and talked laughed hysterically while I squinted my eyes and nodded a lot about life, writing, blogging, beauty products, fashion, and our mutual love for all things Coal Miner’s Daughter.   We also talked about her book, which I adore.  Here’s a little snippet from the book trailer:

We’ve grown up together.  There are parts of us etched in each other like the rings found in the trunk of a tree.  We’ve grown. We’ve changed.  And ultimately, we are so much better together than either of us would be on our own.  When I look in his eyes, I don’t see perfection.  I don’t see a love story that someone would watch on a big screen and dream about.  I see someone who will fight for me and protect me and love me in spite of all the ways I’m still a wreck.  I see home.  This book is about the experiences that brought us together and the days we were falling apart.  Welcome to the story of two people sharing one life. ~Melanie Shankle

We live in a culture where marriage is attacked on every side.  This book is a breath of fresh air and it made me thankful to be privileged enough to make a life with someone else, even though at times, we’re both such a mess.  I hope you’ll read it and share it with your all your friends that could use a shot of encouragement and a good, belly laugh.

(Which seems to be all I do when I’m with Melanie!)


Yep.  Those were good times.


The interview is broken into four parts to make it easier to view in snippets.  Hope you enjoy!  (I’m still working on parts 3 and 4 so check back later, because a tech genius, I am not!)

Part 1 of our interview

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Things we talked about that you might be interested in:

The book trailer!

You can purchase The Antelope in the Living Room: The Real Story of Two People Sharing One Life and laugh until you cry.   Then cry.  Then laugh some more!  Thank you so much, Melanie, for letting me part of your special day!

I thought it’d be fun, in honor of Melanie’s book on marriage and in honor of the LOVE month to write a funny story from your own marriage and then up with me next Monday.

In the mean time, I’m giving away 5 copies of Melanie’s book today, so leave a comment and tell me the one thing you love most about your spouse.

p.s. In full disclosure::I’m not receiving any compensation to say any of these things and I’m buying the books, as my gift to you!

Interview with Melanie Shankle

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  1. The thing I love most about my spouse is he is so steady. I never have to question security with him whether that being job related or relationship related. He is always there for me and our family and I know that he always will be. That and he’s just so handsome 😉

  2. I love the fact that, as long as I have known him, my husband has always encouraged me to chase after my dreams and to use my gifts. He also steadies this somewhat impulsive wife of his 🙂

  3. How sweet of you to give away one of Melanie’s book. I also follow her blog and I believe that is how I found you! I loved your post about marriage and I plan to use parts of it in my freshman religion class… thanks for sharing your life with me and your other readers. You certainly have a gift!

    As far as my own marriage… as a teenager I wanted to find a man that adored me until the day I died. I met my husband when I was a junior in high school and he did adore me… however I broke up with him before I left for college. To make a long story shorter, we reunited my sophomore year in college and were married two months after I got out of college. I was ridiculously in love! He could do no wrong. We had three babies and the normal stress of family life… and life went on and instead of adoring him I would notice something that wasn’t perfect about him… something that rubbed me the wrong way… and he would do the same… somewhere into our 10th year of marriage and in the middle of an argument he said something to me like… there isn’t a white picket fence around our house and there never will be. It was one of those moments that sock the breath right out of you…. but I believe that was exactly what I needed. Our marriage is not perfect… and there have been times where he has been frustrated and upset and I have had to share the same sentiment about the white picket fence with him. Marriage isn’t perfect… it’s messy… and volatile… and we are humans with human imperfection living together in a difficult world… but it is so worth it. I often write letters to figure out what is upsetting me when we have an argument… sometimes I give them to him… sometimes I realize that after I write it out it isn’t that bad.. and the last time I sat down to write a letter I believe by God’s intervention I wrote on the top of the page… 50 reasons I love you… and proceeded to fill the page up! I would recommend that to anyone that has been married for a long time… because by the time I got to the end of the page I wasn’t mad at all anymore… we dated for 6 years and have been married 24. I’m hoping we double or triple those numbers… Not sure why I felt compelled to write this long post… but thought I would share a tiny bit about me since you are so kind to do the same!

  4. I think I’m the 5th commenter, so the first 5 get the books, right? 😉 What I love most about Wes? Hmmm… he’s dependable – rock solid, know-he’s-going-to-do-it kind of guy.

  5. We have been together since I was 14. By the grace of God we have grown closer and not apart. He makes my world go ’round. He makes me laugh and laugh some more. He is a lover and a fighter and he melts me when he winks at me from across in the room. He is reason I haven’t crumbled to pieces since the loss of our daughter. I am blessed beyond measure by my man.

  6. I love that he is really tuned in and knows just what I need before I even do. I love his quick wit and warm smile. He is my protector and shield, my love and and my friend.

  7. I love the way her provides for his family and never complains about it. Thanks for the chance to win. Heading to her blog now for some laughs. Have a wonderful day!

  8. My husband is loyal, steady and never complains or grumbles. He just keeps on going- I appreciate his consistent and level personality. Oh, and the way he makes me laugh.

  9. I’m a faithful follower of Melanie’s blog and snickered just thinking about the Ant Farm story!! But one of the reasons I love my husband is because he can make me laugh so hard!!!!

  10. Right now, it’s that he has been willing to have my mom live with us, even though her presence wears on his nerves, almost five years.

  11. There are so many things I love about my husband of 17 years (I’m 40 and he’s 44)…
    1) He loves God before me
    2) He loves me most after that
    3) He loves our son most after me
    4) He loves and respects his parents
    5) He’s honest, dependable, loving, respectful, kind, caring, hard working, loyal…
    6) He’s been my constant cheerleader and supporter during two bouts of breast cancer. He says it doesn’t matter what I look like (I’ve had a double mastectomy 3 years ago and now I’m bald with no eyelashes from chemo at this point-LOL) …it’s ME he loves.
    I could go on and on-he’s my hero and he’s amazing!

  12. The thing I love most…that is tough. He is the calm to my storm, the grace to my truth. I learn from him everyday. He is optimistic and kind. And his care for me in sickness and health has been a beautiful picture of Jesus these past few months.

  13. So many things I love about him. But one thing I have noticed again recently is the safety in sharing myself with him. I hold off telling him something, not wanting to look crazy or silly or both, and then when I do tell him, I realize that waiting was the crazy and silly part. He brings endless reassurance, love, and humor to me.

  14. This is great Edie! I loved Melanie’s last book and I know this one will have me in stitches as well. I met you at Becoming last August and enjoyed chatting with you.
    I love how accepting my husband is. I’m a mess at times..but it doesn’t matter to him. He loves me at all times and accepts me for me. He is understanding most all the time..and when he isn’t…he tries. He is my rock and my biggest supporter!

  15. I love her,, i love to see her posts pop up in my email.. always makes me laugh. Cant wait to read the book.
    I love the way my spouse loves me but I love that he is a genuine real person, he doesnt try to put on or be something he’s not.. He is what he is, faults and all.

  16. The thing I love most about my husband is that he is always present in our lives. He’s not off in some other world but there with us and aware of what is going on. We are great-grandparents raising our five year old great-grandaughter, who has autism. It’s never easy but just knowing he’s there with us and is a willing participant in this hectic life means so much. He’s my rock!

  17. The thing I love most about my husband is that he has this amazing ability to remain calm during crisis. While I’m freaking out, running through different scenarios of disaster in my mind, he is silent, composed and clear-thinking. It further proves that God put us together for a reason – we balance each other. And my obsessive cleaning balances out his clothes all over the floor.

  18. I love that I don’t have to explain my quirks to him, he knows them and he loves them, even when he bears the brunt of some of my quirks, he knows me and loves me. He understands me and anticipates me more than I do. He remembers things about me that I forget. He keeps my feet off the ground because he’s holding me up. He never stops trying to look after me. He never stops trying to make me happy.

  19. I love that my husband is such a genuine good person. What you see is what you get. He is easy to live with because he is so laid back but so steady and dependable at the same time. I am thankful he loves me. 🙂

  20. yall are cracking me up.. Melanie, “Not everybody puts their hunting boots in the oven” , almost sounds like the title to a 3rd book maybe.. so funny. Right in the middle of Mississippi,, I can so relate.

  21. Getting married at 17 and now going on celebrating 32 years with my best friend, the thing I love most about my husband is how well he has taken care of his family. He is real and down to earth and my biggest support.

  22. My husband loves me so unconditionally. He makes me laugh every day. He encourages me to continue to follow my dreams. He never hesitates to drop whatever he is doing to come help me….still loving after 27 years 🙂

  23. We all get married and pretty much all say the same vows…
    through plenty and in want….

    My husband is a picture of Jesus Christ’s faithfulness. I wonder at his being able to say “I love you” every morning, when I am unlovable. Christ has given my husband the ability to be faithful through “want.” It is quite a mystery that he hasn’t run for the hills. That is power of Christ in my husband.

    This was a wonderful question to ponder today….Thanks.

  24. The thing I love most…is that he’s here. This time last year that wasn’t true. Life is messy, and we are broken people. But God is exactly who he claims to be, and his promises are real. He changes hearts and lives, and I’m so grateful for His amazing love. 🙂

  25. He never tells me, no!

    From building a new wood bar for our house to transferring money to one of our college kids or helping a struggling ministry family. He has a heart so big and giving.

    He has taught me so much about giving til it hurts.

  26. It’s hardly possible to define my husband of 28 years with one trait! I guess I could sum it up with just his reputation. He is retired now, but was a very well respected and loyal employee at work. He’s an elder in the Church and loves teaching Bible classes. I don’t think our children have EVER been mad at him and as adults still don’t want to disappoint him in any way. He was an incredible caregiver to his first wife and his elderly parents that have since passed away. I couldn’t have found a better man!! I forgot to mention how handsome he is-icing on the cake!

  27. Although he is hard working, a servant leader, a lover of Jesus and still incredibly handsome… My favorite part about my best friend husband lover is how he makes me laugh until I can no longer breathe!

  28. This is a second marriage for both of us. Our first spouses died of brain tumors and we were the main caretakers to the end. So we both know ‘how to’ be there and that we Will be there for each other. We met on-line, and when we first met in person Tim asked to pick me up-literally and walked around holding me. So he would know if he could if he needed to later. (I’m several inches taller than he is.)

  29. Preparing to wed in April to a man I went to homecoming with in high school…26 years later!!! Based on friendship, grew to deep love and understanding. Can make me laugh until I cry. And prepared to take on 2 boys that desperately need a father in the home. xo

  30. Hmmm, I don’t even know where to begin. Patient, genuinely kind and loving are just a few of the words that describe my husband. I could go on and on. Love him.

  31. Had to rush over right when I saw the title in my email. Love me some Big Mama and enjoyed the videos so much. The boots in the oven – hilarious.
    As far as my marriage goes, I love that my Hubs loves me even at times that I am just completely unlovable {thank God or I’d be single}. He always makes me laugh.
    Thanks for the great videos with Melanie! xo

  32. My husband has an awesome sense of humor. He does this thing where he’ll say, everything about me is exactly the same except every time I tell a joke I do an air cymbal clang, or every time I fart in public I bust up laughing, or every time I end a conversation I say that’s a wrap…. Would you still love me. He comes up with some super funny ones. His comedy puts a smile on my face every day and although it’s impossible to say for sure that’s my favorite thing about him it’s definitely one of the things I love the most.

  33. My sweetheart becomes closer to and more like the Savior, Jesus Christ every day. After 51 years together our growth is amazing! I’d love to read a positive book about marriage so I hope I win a copy. Thanks for the chance. 🙂

  34. Hi Edie! There are so many things that I love about my husband…your cousin! However, one of the things that stole my heart was the fact that he is so tender hearted despite his large manly frame! He is absolutely the best person to sit down and watch a sappy movie with because he’ll sit beside you and cry like a baby!!! Oh, and it has only gotten better since we started our family!!! Shhhhhh, don’t tell him I told you so!!!!

  35. Edie!!! I loved watching that interview…it was awesome. I felt like I was in the room laughing with y’all. The one thing I love about my husband is that whenever I meet someone who he knows…they always tell me, ” I have heard such and such about you…” and it absolutely blows me away with the wonderful things he says about me. They just tell me nuggets of gold that he has mentioned about me and he was just randomly talking about me. He didn’t know I was ever going to meet them. This happens a lot. So much so, that it makes me love him all the more. It’s one thing to tell your spouse what you believe about them…but it’s another to “hear” it from a stranger what your husband has said about you. He praises me in the outercourts!!!

  36. I love my husband’s warmth – how regularly he shows his affection for me in hugs despite a busy day, stopping to pay attention to us. I also need his warmth – body heat – to keep me warm during these long Canadian winters!!!

  37. I love that my husband tells me the truth…not what I want to hear. At first, this really made me mad but I’ve decided that the truth is what people really desire in the depths of their heart. He’s a truth-teller; he may need to work on his delivery sometimes..but truth spouts from his mouth. Oh, and that he knows me, inside and out. That takes time, committment and dedication to our relationship. He doesn’t always love me or like me (truth be told) but he does know me…another thing we all yearn for. He’s a keeper!

  38. I love so many things about my husband. But one of them is the way he is an unmovable rock and is a covering for myself and our son. I may get emotional or rocked by something but he is solid and in that way, calms me and brings me back to the peace.

  39. I’ve been thinking a lot about marriage recently – i just finished a book called “Recipes for a perfect marriage” by Kate Kerrigan and the themes in it were similar to those above – the idea of “perfection” is a fallacy; it is the commitment to a life together, with all of its flaws, that is the true marker of a successful marriage.

    The thing I love most about my husband is that I know that he is always in my corner, even when I am driving him mad, he is my constant supporter and encourages me to go out into the world every day safe in the knowledge that we have a home and a life and a future together than no-one can take away.

    On another note, I absolutely love your blog Edie and I think your writing is going from strength to strength, I can’t think of another blog that I read that makes me think so much about life and faith – thank you. x

  40. My husband is a rock. He doesn’t move, even in the strongest wind. He works with families in a time of great sorrow and pain, yet he is compassionate, helpful, and kind. And I absolutely love the way he works with our son and his scout troop; he truly enjoys going out in the woods, camping, and teaching the boys lifelong skills.

  41. One thing I love about my husband is his ability to be patient and understanding with me. When I am stressed and overreacting, he is quick to calm me down by gently describing the reality of the situation. Once I hear his voice, I am reminded that everything is going to be okay and I don’t need to cry over spilled milk. 🙂

  42. I love the way he loves me. My husband drives me nuts sometimes, makes no sense other times, and is downright helpless lots of the times, but that man LOVES me. At this point, I have become so dependent on the security of knowing that I am loved that I literally do not think I could survive without it. It’s like oxygen to me, I don’t think about it much and usually take it for granted, but if it were missing in my life, even for a second, I would immediately notice and be unable to function. My husband’s devotion to me is the best gift He, through the grace of our Heavenly Father, has ever given to me, and he does so daily.

  43. I love the way my husband can make me laugh even when I’m having a tough day. I’m excited to read Melanie’s new book! I laughed until I cried while reading Sparkly Green Earrings, so I can’t wait to see what she has to share in The Antelope in the Living Room.

  44. Hard to pick one favorite thing, but I would say his drive/determination to provide for and take care of our family – no matter the sacrifice it costs him.

  45. We’ve been sweethearts since highschool and 34 years later, he still prefers my company over anyone else’s!! We still have a blast together!

  46. My husband is the perfect balance to me in so many ways. One of my favorites is that he LOVES to play, which is something this OCD to-do driven momma needs.

    I can’t believe I’ve never visited Big Mama’s blog (which I am about to rectify as soon as I hit submit). I have SO enjoyed the three parts of the interview thus far. I am a California girl born and raised, but must be a southerner at heart. Just want you to know that they do, in fact, sell white flour and sugar and butter and cream here on the left coast! Many of my friends don’t use them and are all low fat, paleo, gluten free, yada yada….they all sure like it when I use them.

    And I love all the books y’all discussed….The Book Thief has my favorite opening line EVER.

    Thanks for the introduction….off to get lost in a new (to me) blog!

  47. Thanks for introducing me to Melanie. Went over to her blog & really enjoyed reading some of her posts! And I love your blog Edie. Thank you for being so real. 🙂

  48. He’s my very best friend in all the ways that a best friend is there for you, through the good and the bad for the nearly thirty years we’ve been married. We laugh daily and he is also super intelligent…the complete package! After two horribly bad marriages I finally grew up enough to appreciate and fall madly in love with a GOOD MAN.

  49. I love that he is a hard worker and that his servant heart is his love language. He lets me be who I am, and that involves lots of dreams and projects and an unique life led by God and not our own plans!

  50. The thing I love best about my husband is that we are best friends! Next month we celebrate our 10th wedding anniversary and 16 years as a couple. I was 17 and he was 19 when we first started dating. I love that we have watched each other grow and shared so much of our life together! I look forward to reading Melanie’s new book! Thanks for the opportunity to win a copy! 🙂

  51. I love EVERYTHING about my husband…..after 21 years of marriage. I love his maturity and his butt (keeping it real) 🙂

  52. Today is our 14th wedding anniversary! A few of the things I love most about my husband are that he does an amazing job teaching our children about God and our Savior, Jesus Christ, and about the importance of hard work and responsibility. I think I need to read this book, whether I win it or not 🙂

  53. Thank you for sharing the interview with Melanie. I signed up to receive her blog and can’t wait to read her book. She is SO right about Lonesome Dove! I really enjoy reading your blog too! I have been e-mailing many of your blogs lately to family and friends…your writing is such an encouragement.

  54. I love most about my husband is that he always has a plan of action when in dire straits and doesn’t sweat the small stuff!

  55. I love that my husband knows me better than I know myself. I love that we finish each other’s sentences. I also love, that there are times that we don’t have to say anything at all, but when we look at each other, we just “know” what the other is thinking. I also love our little “code” words that we are the only ones that know what we are saying….. and when he looks at me across a room full of people and “winks with a smile” with a twinkle in his eye, it always melts my heart.

  56. Just celebrated 20 yrs of marriage…my husband is the greatest!! We make a great team. My favorite thing about him is that he’s always making me laugh. We have such a good time together. He’s also a great dad to our 5 boys…he’d like everyone to believe he’s a tough guy but he’s really a big softie when it comes to them. Looking forward to many more decades together!!

  57. Thank you so much for your generosity Edie!! 🙂 Hmmm, the thing I love most? The first thing that came to my mind is that he NEVER complains, but he lets me complain and vent to him anytime (much less these days 😉 ) and never says a thing. 🙂

  58. I love how my husband can make my kids giggle ’til I think they’re going to hyperventilate. I love his devotion to things and people who are important in his life. I love his smarty-man brain. I love his sad eyes. and I love that he’s always warm, so I don’t need an electric blanket EVER!

  59. well my love for you knows no boundaries
    and i clearly need to watch coal miners daughter & lonesome dove
    our party in bean station
    i’ll roll biscuits. i will


  60. I love lots of things about my husband, but the thing I appreciate the most is his sense of humor and his ability to relax. He rounds out my craziness and straightens me out in the best way.

  61. My husband is strong and rock solid in his beliefs, old school, black and white, stable…..while these don’t sound romantic…and when I was younger, they really didn’t….now at age 55 and after 35 years of marriage…trust me…..those ARE the qualities you want in a husband….I’m flighty, impressionable (still)..all over the place….he is my home…he is my refuge.

  62. I have so much to be thankful for in my husband! He is patient and kind, has a servant’s heart, delights in his children and daily showers me with love in word and deed… Need to go- I think I owe him a love note!

  63. Loved the video interview! You both are so cute, funny and adorable. I just finished Melanie’s first book and enjoyed it very much. My husband is the best human being I know.

  64. Edie-
    My husband walks his talk. Always.
    He inspires me to dig deeper in my relationship with God.
    He leads by example-
    He always looks for the good in any situation.

  65. One reason I love my husband is because he continues to support and encourage me no matter what my dreams and aspirations are. He has been amazing-even on the days when I doubt myself or am feeling discouraged.

  66. I love that my husband puts an extra blanket on me every night because he can’t sleep without an overhead fan and knows I get chilly <3

  67. We have been married for 33 years. I love how my husbad is so loving and is always going out of his way to help those in need. He really loves me as Christ loves the church…Unconditionally!

  68. What i love most about my husband? Simply that he contintues to love me and doesn’t give up on me……even at my worst. A true measure of a man!!!!

  69. One of the things I love most about my husband is how he makes me feel safe and protected. He is always taking care of me, even though he knows I am capable of taking care of myself. 🙂

  70. My husband is great at letting go. Fight we had yesterday? Forgotten. I wasn’t able to get dinner cooked because – fill in the blank here, I have 3 very little ones :)- no problem, he’ll help. He never holds my mistakes against me. That is pretty awesome!

  71. i love that my husband is who is says he is. what you see is definitely what you get. it isn’t always soft or warm or particularly loving in a romantic sense, we like to say he’s a little rough around the edges, but his heart is true. his life is lived with truth & integrity and when he fails, he fails honestly. and that, to me, is real. and i love real.

  72. 45 years ago,I arrived a generous, loving man. We have grown into best friends who have celebrated the good and not so good. He has encouraged meto become … While I did the same for him. We are working on many more years together.

  73. Loved seeing the interview w/ you and Melanie today!! Thank you for sharing! 🙂 I love my husband for how real, loving, and gracious he is to our boys and me. I’m so thankful that God has blessed us with the love and joy we have for each other….!

  74. The very best thing about my hubby is that he is just such a good soul! He is flexible & kind; his love never falters. He has been my very best friend for 20 years & I can’t imagine a world without him.

  75. My guy has been making me laugh since I was in the 7th grade….And 30+ years, 8 kids, 5 states, 2 church pastorates, and cancer later, he’s still got it, and I’m still laughing, and we’re praying and planning to laugh together through the next 30!

  76. His unwavering faith in Jesus Christ and his hard work and devotion for me and our three girls. And the fact that he believes I can do more than I think I can….and he’s usually…almost always right!

  77. I love reading all of your posts, especially the ones on faith.
    After 37+years of marriage, 7 kids and 9 grand kids, my huny is my best friend.
    His sense of humor and dedication to me and our family are his most endearing qualities. Still holding hands and in love after all these years. I am blessed!

  78. YAY! I loved Sparkly Green Earrings (thanks to recommendations from you and Nester!) and can’t wait to read Melanie’s newest. Favorite thing about my husband… that no matter the circumstance, he can always make me laugh!

  79. One of the many things I love about my husband is that he is truly my very best friend. I can’t imagine sharing life with anyone else. He knows my deepest secrets, my wishes, and dreams(well other that Jesus) and loves me through everything. He is the love of my life.

  80. My version of the book would be “The Dave Matthews Posters in the Living Room” and yes, they are on the wall to my right. The things we do for love.

    And as soon as I finished watching, I jumped on Amazon and ordered Lonesome Dove (book and DVDs), Peace Like a River, All the Pretty Horses and Coal Miner’s Daughter. It’s going to be an exciting weekend around here!

  81. That 10 years later, he is my best friend. I always loved that ecard about being married to your best friend is like a life-long slumber party.

  82. I really have enjoyed listening to you two this morning! Well, here’s my story. I’m a nurse, working 12 hour shifts & drive about 40 miles each way. It snowed & sleeted about 2 hours before my shift ended & I was nervous to drive the country roads I normally drive to get to my small town home from the big city where I work. Fortunately for me, the nurse relieving me arrived early so I gave her a report of my patients & left about 30 minutes early. As soon as I got in my car I called my husband to tell him I’m on the road. My call, however, went to voicemail. See, he’s a small business owner & is on the phone practically all the time and I thought, “… if he doesn’t think anymore of me than that, driving home in bad weather all by myself, then, WHATEVER!”
    I started driving, mad, but trying to get over it. Then my phone rang. It was him. I told him I was on my way & how I got to leave early & he said he was in his truck & on the way to get me! Yeah, I felt bad. He left work to get me! And that’s just how he is. When I expect the worst, he shows me better. Love him!
    And that’s my story! Can’t wait to read the book! Thanks for the chance to share!

  83. so fun listening to y’all this morning!

    one thing i love about my husband is that he makes me laugh. he never lets me get away with being too, too thinky and serious. i never thought about wanting a man like that but I’m so glad the Lord knew I would need it!

  84. I love my husband’s perspective. It’s completely different from mine and makes me realize things I never would have though of. Plus, he’s great at breaking down stressful situations into simple problems which makes it easier to get through.

  85. PLEASE tell me it’s not to late to qualify for this gift! There is nothing I need more than to read some marriage inspiration, as I am struggling very much in my 21 year marriage to my high school sweetheart. Not wanting for it to end, but feeling very frustrated at all of the problems that just won’t seem to improve or change… Prayers appreciated.

  86. The thing I love most about my spouse is his forgiving nature. He’s always the first to apologize….even when he’s not at fault.

    I’m so thankful for that unconditional love. I believe he loves me like Christ loves His bride.

  87. Loved this interview with Melanie!! And my favorite thing about my husband is the way he makes me laugh, even if it is the stupidest little thing!

  88. You two are FUNNY! Thanks for the videos, the beauty tips, and your love for Harry Potter. I can’t wait to read the book! I love that my husband and I joke around all the time. I love that, even though, he works hard to take care of me and our girls, he makes sure he spends time loving us too.

  89. Unfortunately I’m no longer married, but one good thing I could say about my ex was that he was uum im thinking… Well I hope this doesnt disqualify me from the give away. Can’t wait to read Melanie’s book.

  90. Love, love, loved the interview! (:
    It is really hard to pick my very most favorite thing about my spouse, but right up at the top has to be that his love is the rock of our family. It is unshakable and so amazingly strong. It makes us all feel safe and wonderful.

  91. ok…listen here y’all. my blog worlds are crashing into each other and i am in an absolute tizzy! this interview made me so happy that i could just squeal! so, go ahead and let me know when that fun weekend is coming and i will haul my cookies up from fort worth, i will bring pie, and karaoke cd’s. and jammies, and anything else that might help me get “IN to the party”

    truly, edie your ebook on hospitality changed my heart, gave me some direction, put words to how i feel about so many things, answered so many questions that i had in my soul. you inspired me. i even read the whole darn thing out loud to my husband on a road trip back from tennesee…. (he was THRILLED) 🙂 but it has drastically changed how i view my love for hospitality and that it is a ministry to anyone who i am blessed to have in my home. so thank you.

    i just read “sparlky green earrings” over christmas and i was MEZMERIZED. between the two of you, i feel that you have some super secret spyware in my brain! i laughed out loud, i cried. i wanted to be a better mother, i wanted to be a better friend, i wanted to be more fun, i wanted to know mooooore! thank you for sharing your interview today! i am DYING to get my hands on that book-can’t find it yet, but i am gonna be on it like a duck on a june bug. can’t WAIT! THANK YOU for making me laugh till i wet my self…no really.

    thanks girls for giving me so many things to think about and question myself and really push me to know HIM more and to know more of who HE has created me to be. y’all be blessed beyond measure!

    From my Gypsy Heart to Yours…

    ~tomi cheeks

  92. He is my best friend. He drives me crazy more often than not, but he makes me feel complete. He has a passion for cattle like some men have a passion for cars or sports… No one can talk about some cow or bull with such emotion as my hubby.

  93. My husband and I have been married for almost 17 years and together for 19. Wow that’s a long time! What I truly love the most about Hubs is he loves me. The good, the bad, the ugly. All through everything he loves me. He supports me, lifts me up and even tells me when I’m wrong. Which I can honestly is often. But no matter how great things are or how bad they get, I know at the end of the day I can run into his arms and know I am loved.

  94. so many great ideas in one post… love the ‘good works’ interviews… love reading about truly good work-which is so hard to come by anymore. and your link-up sounds like it will be a source of wonderful stories! lovelovelove! and her book… this sounds wonderful. so, you know my disgruntlements (a real word- i looked it up!)… what i love is his protective nature- i always feel safe with him.

  95. Thank you for this giveaway! My husband and I have been married 25 years in June this year. I love him more every year! He is so wise, faithful, and the BEST Daddy to our 7 children. I love seeing him love them, play with them, counsel, and bring fun to their lives.

  96. I love that my husband makes everyone he meets feel valued and important. He treats me so well…and everyone else in his life too!

  97. Loved her last book and can’t wait to read this one.

    Since I’m not married (sure would love to be so if you are going to start match-making, Edie, I’d be all for it!) I’ll share what I love about a handful of my friends’ husbands. I’ve heard and can imagine it’s a struggle to find “couple friends” for couples. One where the husband/wife husband/wife combo works all four ways. I’m so thankful for a few of my dear friends’ husbands who are actually MY friends too. They talk with me, they ask me questions, they care for and serve me well. They don’t think I’m “out to get them” as a single woman in her 40’s. They are my friends too! I’m thankful for their wives “sharing” them with me when I’m in need – car, moving something big in my house, etc.

    So, there you go. I’m thankful for my friends’ husbands! (now there are some who are super awkward – I promise I don’t WANT you!)

  98. Jeff’s sincere, unbegrudging, genuine joyful attitude of “as you wish,” – ever since we saw that movie The princess bride, before we were married. Get a crying infant in the middle of the night? Go downstairs at 3am to turn up the heat or down the a/c? “as you wish” is his response. No – I don’t even usually have to ask. He demonstrates his love by being a self-sacrificing servant. But he’s a strong leader and even though this sounds selfish on my part, its just so rare among men, its an awesome thing for his boys to see and his daughter to look for. Oh and his hands!!!

  99. After watching this, I’m completely convinced you and I would be bosom friends (Remember Anne Shirley?). You two are a hoot & a half to watch. I’d love to have you over for a pot of dumplins! 🙂 Great blog!

  100. I love that my husband knows he is a broken man. He knows that he is a man that can’t do life in his own strength. He is not my knight in shining armor. He is not my warrior ready to whisk me off in to the sunset until happily ever after. He is a human mortal man, who is willing to dive in deep with me and learn how to have true intimacy. He is a man who is willing to say yes to sticking it through with me when life gets hard, when we disappoint each other, and to be my companion, a strong pillar next to me; another strong pillar, in this journey together.

  101. I’m finally sitting down on this Saturday night to watch these interviews. What a hoot!

    1. Edie, I love hearing your precious East Tennessee accent. For some reason I’ve read your blog in a different voice. Maybe it’s because you were a doctor. So dumb. Love it.
    2. Love hearing East Tennessee mixed with Melanie’s Texas accent.
    3. My blog still has a sidebar with blogs I love. ANDDDDD I need to update it. It’s been a while. I’ve found some of my all time favorite blogs on sidebars.
    4. I remember the day a dear friend pointed me to your blog. We were at a student Cru conference. She turned around in the middle of a meeting and said, “Did you hear Edie’s house burned?” I had no idea who “Edie” was but I’m glad I do now.

    This is fun! Thanks for taking the time.

  102. I love that my husband can give me a look in a crowded room and I know exactly what he’s saying. (Many times that look makes me laugh!) I love that he’s cultivated that type of connection just with me. It’s one of the many ways he makes me feel special.

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