You thought you were gonna get a break from me?  Well, around these parts, we like to keep the awesome coming!

My friend Heather made us these great printable tags to add to all our beautiful projects! I made a dishmat this week and wrapped it around a cookbook to give as a gift and then tied a cute little ribbon around it with one of Heather’s tags.  I’ve made this dishmat  SOOO many times in the past 3 years.  So easy, so cute, so useful.  Make some this year, why don’t ya.    This one is not really for my sister, Gina,  but I am making her another one because hers is all kinds of abused and perhaps even leaning toward the moldy side.  It never gets a break at her busy house.

Then I used Jan’s tutorial and have made 4 make up bags so far!

There are six tags total and you can download them and print them onto card stock and then cut out and add to your handmade gifts!

Click here to download the pdf.

Thank you, Ms. Heather and thank you to everyone who participated in the series.

Here’s a listing of all the projects from this year’s 12 days!  What are you planning to make?

Day 1 Large Zippered Make-Up Bag

Day 2 French Press Cozy

Day 3 Angel Pasta Ornament

Day 4 Anthropologie inspired candle

Day 5 Book Page Christmas Tree

Day 6 Embellished 3 Tiered Stand

Day 7 DIY Kindle Cover Tutorial

Day 8 Crocheted Headband/Earwarmer

Day 9 DIY Felt Scarf

Day 10 Advent Calendar/Jesse Tree ideas

Day 11 Casserole Carrier

Day 12  Hello Darlin’ Stenciled Pillow

Day 13 Free Printable


7 comments on “Bonus Day 13:: A free printable for all your handmade gifts!”

  1. Thanks for hosting, Edie. It was another great year. I will be making a couple of camera straps from last (?) year. I need a casserole carrier for myself and my nieces would love those make up bags. I’m going to see what I can get done. Thanks again.

  2. I thought I was going to have withdrawals but I’m so glad you decided to keep the awesome coming. You have been one busy lady.
    I am definitely trying the makeup bags and the french press cozy. I want to make some new pillows for my mom’s couch, too. Yours will be perfect.
    Thanks for hosting and sharing the fabulous gift tags.

  3. This is such a wonderful resource and I want to say thank you. I love that we can come back and look at these posts over and over again now and down the road when we need creative ideas! Thank you!!

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