This is day 8 of a the 12 days of {handmade} Christmas tutorials.  The landing page where you’ll find all the projects can be found here!

My name is Ruth and I blog at Farmgirl In My Heart.  I am thrilled to be here on Edie’s blog,  sharing one of my favorite things.    

Today we will be working on a crochet ear warmer.   The cold days will be here rapidly, for some of us they already  are.  Ear warmers work for those who are not hat people. They are everywhere recently.  These are quick and easy to crochet and make fantastic gifts.  You will need a basic knowledge of crochet stitches to work on this project.  The stitches required for this project are chains(ch) and single crochets(sc).  Both  are beginner stitches and you can find basic crochet tutorials on You Tube and Google.  Lion Brand and Red Heart yarn both have Learn to Crochet tutorials on their sites.


To begin this project you will
need: one skein of yarn (size 3 or 4) and a size H hook.  You can read about yarn weight from the
Craft Yarn Council.
To begin this project you will
ch (chain) 6 sts (stitches).

Row 1:  Sc in the 2nd stitch from the hook
and in each chain across; turn-5 sts.
Notice the 2nd
stitch in the photo.  This is where you
will begin your sc stitches.

Row 2-8: Chain 1; sc across
evenly, turn-5 sts.
For these rows you will
crochet one stitch in each of the previous stitches.  At the end of the row you will turn your work
and ch 1.  Repeat this step until row 8.
Row 9-Inc.:  Ch 1; 2 sc in the first st, sc across to last
st, 2 sc in the last st; turn-7 sts
Unfortunately, this picture is
not the best.  You will work two sc in
the first stitch of this row.

and in the last stitch of the
same row.  When you are finished there
should be 7 sts.


Rows 10-16: Ch 1; sc across
evenly, turn.
For these rows you will
continue to single crochet in each stitch across the row.  Turn and repeat.  Beginning each row with a chain. 
Row 17-Inc: Ch 1, 2 sc in the
first st; sc across to the last st 2 sc in the last st; turn-9 sts
You work this row as the
previous increase rows.  There will be 2
stitches in the first and last stitch of the row. 
The gradual increases should
be visible in your work. 
Rows 18-24: Ch 1; sc across
evenly, turn-9sts.
Your work should look like
(excuse my scribbly pattern in the background)
Row 25-Inc: Ch 1, 2 sc in the
first st; sc across to last st, 2 sc in the last st; turn-11 sts
Rows 26-32: Ch 1; sc across
evenly, turn-11 sts




Row 33 – Inc: Ch 1, 2 sc in
the first st; sc  across to last stitch,
2 sc in the last st; turn 13 sts.


Rows 34-50: Ch 1; sc across
evenly, turn


Row 51-Dec: Ch 1, sc2tog, sc
across to last 2 st, sc2tog-turn 11 sts
For this row you will begin to
decrease.  For the first st you will work
2 sc together.  You can go
here for instructions to complete
this stitch. 
To crochet to stitches
together you will insert the hook through the first st, yarn over the hook,
insert hook in next st, yarn over and pull up a loop, there will be three loops
on hook, yarn over and pull through all three loops on hook.  First decrease st made.


Rows 52-58: Ch 1; sc across
evenly, turn
You will begin to notice the
gradual decrease in your work.  It should
resemble this
You are able to see the
gradual thinning.  You will now continue
this pattern for the following rows.
Row 59-Dec: Ch 1, sc2tog, sc
across to the last 2 sts, sc2tog: turn-9 sts.
Rows 60-66: Ch 1; sc across
evenly-9 sts.
Row 67-Dec: Ch 1, sc2tog, sc
across to last 2 sts, sc2tog; turn-7 sts.
Rows 68-74: Ch 1; sc across
evenly- 7 sts.
Row 75-Dec: Ch 1, sc2tog, sc
across to last 2 sts, sc2tog; turn- 5 sts.
Once you have completed the
decreases, your rows should have 5 sts. and look similar to this.

Rows 76-82: Ch 1, sc across
evenly, turn. 

At this time you can try the
headband on.  If it seems that the
headband may be too large you can subtract a couple of rows from above, if it
is seems to be too small you can add a couple of additional rows.  We will be adding additional rows and making
two buttonholes so it will be adjustable.
Take this
into consideration when you
try it on.
The buttonholes may sound
difficult but in crochet they are very simple.
Row 83-Buttonhole:  Ch 1, sc in first 2 sts, ch 1, skip next st,
sc in next 2 sts, turn.
Unfortunately, this is a bit
blurry, but you can see that I have sc in the first 2 stitches, then I ch 1,
you will skip the next st.

and crochet in the following
one.  You can see the space this
leaves.  That is the completed

Rows 84-86: Ch 1, sc across
evenly, turn

At this time you will crochet
through each st and over the space for the buttonhole.
Row 87 Buttonhole: Ch. 1, sc
in first 2 sts, ch 1, skip next st, sc in next 2 sts; turn
This second buttonhole will
make the ear warmer adjustable and better suited for gift giving. 
Row 88-90: Ch 1, sc across
evenly-do not fasten off.
Finishing: Ch 1, sc evenly
around edge of headband; join to first st. Fasten off.
Turn the ear warmer sideways
you will now crochet a sc st around the outside edge of the piece.  This will neaten the edges.


You will continue around the
piece until you reach the beginning.
Once you have reached the end
you will fasten off.  You can view how to
Then using a yarn needle you
will tuck in the ends of your yarn.
Add a button to the end
opposite your buttonholes.


These ear warmers can be
embellished with crochet roses, or any other flower.  A bow is a fun alternative if you do not like
the flowers or have not reached that level of skill.  
 Ear warmer embellished with


   Headband embellished with bow.
  For a great gift idea you can
make several embellishments, different color flowers and bows, to create fun styles.
I will be posting some fun
crochet flower tutorials and bow tutorial on my blog so come on over and see all the fun
possibilities for embellishing your ear warmer.
If you have any questions,
stop by, I will be glad to help.

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