Day 1 Large Zippered Make-Up Bag

Day 2 French Press Cozy

Day 3 Angel Pasta Ornament

Day 4 Anthropologie inspired candle

Day 5 Book Page Christmas Tree

Day 6 Embellished 3 Tiered Stand

Day 7 DIY Kindle Cover Tutorial

Day 8 Crocheted Headband/Earwarmer

Day 9 DIY Felt Scarf

Day 10 Advent Calendar/Jesse Tree ideas

Day 11 Casserole Carrier

Day 12  Hello Darlin’ Stenciled Pillow

Day 13 Free Printable

7 comments on “12 Days of {Handmade} Christmas Tutorials 2012”

  1. Hey, Just found your blog lately, and am loving reading through your back catalog – absolutely fantastic.
    I seem to be having a problem with this page, I can’t select anything from day 8 onwards – do you know why?
    Happy New Year 🙂

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