Good Morning Peeps! It’s SATurday and I’m up at the crack of dawn because I’m can never sleep in and I’m so mischievous because guess what???!!! There’s one more day! This is like the surprise party you’ve always been waiting for. So enjoy this encore to the ’12 Days’ because you’re in for a treat—— it’s a twofer! First we have my real life friend and latin teacher to my girls, Susan. She’s so full of talent, that girl. She makes all kinds of jewelry and lots of other fun stuff. I’m always tempted to cancel latin and just craft with her instead. And sometimes I do. I’m so happy to introduce you to her, her blog and her etsy shop. And then there’s my sweet blog friend Molly, who has been so encouraging to me over the past two years. She’s a faithful friend/reader/blogger and has some silhouette pins to share with us.

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Hello there, my name is Susan Harms over at Create in Me. I am so tickled to be a part of Edie’s 12 days of Christmas this year! I tutor her precious daughters in Latin, but I also work at a local Classical Christian School where I am the part-time 1st Grade Aide. In my not so spare time I like to craft, sew and make jewelry. Come visit me and my stuff over at my ETSY shop.
Edie asked me several weeks ago if I would be interested in doing this tutorial; I was delighted because it actually involved something I have never made before. Always ready for a new challenge I got to work. I must say though that this was a major collaboration. I can’t take full credit for all of this work. It was great fun taking a break from Latin and putting this together. Edie took all of these wonderful pictures and I have attempted to put this tutorial together.
It is so incredibly simple, and the best part about it is that you can customize it and give it a totally different look if you want. (But why would you, it is so gorgeous!)
First you will need:
(please note in the picture that I accidentally got split rings, you need regular jump rings, about 5-6mm in size)
The bezel we used and the dimond glaze were purchaced at Bello Modo (they have free shipping). We really liked the bamboo look on it. But I was at Hobby Lobby today and they have greatly expanded their Vintaj selection and they have some great bezels there that are more simple.
If you want the bamboo looking bezel go HERE and HERE for the diamond glaze.
You will also need to pick out your favorite scrapbook paper and favorite font to print your favorite quote directly onto the pretty paper. You may need to play around a bit with it as far as knowing what size font to use that will fit in the circle. The font we used is “pyparus”. The quote I picked, is from a Steven Curtis Chapman song I will be Here that I had sung at my wedding. If you got married in 1991 you probably had that song at your wedding too. Have a listen, it is so beautiful and it makes me smile, because I still feel like I can sing that song to him every day, I also can almost hear him sing it to me.
Well, enough romance and on we go.
First you need to cut out your paper. This circle is 1 3/8 inch. But you can use a pencil or even just your fingernail to trace around it.
Take your Mod Podge and paint a thin layer onto your bezel
then place the paper over that and paint another thin layer on top to seal it. Be careful to use very little Mod Podge or the paper will bubble up.
Let that dry. We were impatient and waited just a few minutes, if the layer is thin enough that should do, but it might be better to wait a couple of hours.
Next, take the diamond glaze and fill in the bezel till it’s about to overflow.
If you shake you will have all kinds if bubbles and they are next to impossible to pop. (not that we would have any experience that would let us know that *wink*)

Let dry overnight.

To assemble:

jumpring attachment

1. take the jump ring and open with pliers
(if you don’t have any, see if you can find any needle nose plyers around the house, you can make it work, or get your 40% off coupon to Hobby Lobby and get you a cheap set. If you ever want to make more stuff it is totally worth it.)
2. Slide it through bezel loop and close back. As you bring the two ends of the jumpring together rub and push in slightly.
3. Slide your chain through jump ring attached to bezel.
4. Get you another jump ring and open to slip onto the end of your chain.
5. On the other side of the chain attach another jump ring with your clasp on it.
6. Close jump ring.
Isn’t it gorgeous?
How would you like one of these?


I bought my glass tiles on ETSY, whoever sells those will probably also have  Aanraku Bails.
Paint your Mod podge onto the tile, then put a thin layer on the paper and attach to the flat back of the tile so the picture is facing down.
Now paint a thin coat of mod podge on the back and let dry overnight.
You will then glue on the bail with the E6000. Make sure it is centered well.
Let that dry overnight as well.
The possibilities are endless. The bail hole is large so you can pull just about any chain or cord through to wear.
Let me add that you can also make these with fabric. Follow same steps.
Happy Crafting! Your mother, sister, niece or friend will love it!
Thanks Edie for the invite and for all of your help. Everyone else, I can’t wait to meet you, pull up a chair and come visit often!!

Silhouette Pins

Hello! I’m Molly from material gal molly, the blog, and I am really excited to be in Edie’s 12 Days of Handmade Christmas! I love anything and everything about Christmas! A little about me… I live on a “funny” farm with my husband, we have 50 chickens, 4 dogs, 5 ducks, 1 goose, our pet rooster Scotty and a hermit crab that lives in my husbands office. My husband wants a little of everything living with us, ha ha! I also make unique wonky jewelry during the day that I sell at craft fairs and to the old ladies at my mom’s beauty shop. I love church and Jesus and children and hope the Lord blesses me with a slew of them soon! Now on to the tute!Ok you will need to gather up your supplies.
You need:
Black felt
Felt in Assorted colors
Needle and Thread
Embroidery floss
Embellishments ( lace, pearls, seed beads, ric rac, etc )
Sew on pin back
Metallic or printed fabric
Silhouette Templates ( I got mine from the Graphics Fairy, click here or here,  but you could use your own )

Here is a picture of the silhouette templates from the graphics fairy. They are really cute! I used the one with the hat for the little girls and the other two for my mom and sister.

Step one: Pin your silhouette template to your black felt and cut around the edges.
Step two: Embellish your silhouette with lace, beads, whatever you fancy!
Step three: Cut out a large circle or oval in a contrasting color using felt. This will be part of the backing so you want the silhouette to fit nicely inside.
Step four: Now sew your pin back on the circle or oval you just cut out.
Step five: After you have finished sewing your pin back on, cut out another piece of fabric in a smaller size circle or oval. I like to use either metallic fabric or polka dots for contrast.
Step six: Place the smaller circle or oval you just cut out over top of the first circle or oval you cut out. Now sew a straight stitch around the edges in a contrasting color. I like to use embroidery floss because it is chunky.
Step seven: Now sew the edges of the silhouette onto your base. Use black thread or embroidery floss.

Your silhouette should look like this after you are finished.

Here is another silhouette just without the backing. I hide the thread from sewing the pin back on with ric rac and then add a little rosette or sparkly to her hair.


Last Christmas I gave these to all the girls in my family and they were a hit! My mom wore hers on her winter coat and my sister put hers on her purse. You really can wear these little ladies anywhere!
I hope you have enjoyed this tute as much as I have. Thank you Edie for letting me take part in your Christmas series and for letting me be part of your fabulous blog!

~ Gal Molly

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  1. she cooks
    she teaches
    she creates
    she’s ubberly intelligent
    And she’s generous

    so mizzzz E-D what color would you like your crown? i know you’re too humble to choose, so i’m sticking you with turquoise. have i mentioned i’m a firm believer in flattery? but only the sincerest kind. i think you’re the cake’s frosting. thanks for all the work, ma’m.

    ps you’ve got a slew of talented friends!

  2. Oh My word! I am loving those necklaces!!! I have a ton of ladies that I know would love them for Christmas!!!! Oh gosh I just got an idea for my best friend at church, she would love it! Thanks Edie for hosting the 12 days this year, I have already started buying things to make for my friends and family!! Hope you have a great weekend!!! Oh and thanks again for letting me be part of your FABULOUS blog 🙂
    ~Molly P

  3. just wanted to thank you for this great 12 Days of Christmas. It has been so fun seeing what other people are crafting up and even more fun seeing my craft room consumed by completed Christmas gifts. I have decided to use a couple of these ideas for teachers, gift exchange at work, etc. Love love love it! Thanks!

  4. Your homemade gift ideas are ALL so cute and creative… Just like you! When ever I need a smile I just come visit your blog!
    Happy Thanksgiving week! 🙂

  5. Thank you so much for this hunny! Now I have plenty of idea’s for Christmas gifts for my sister and girlfriends! Now I just have to find the time! 😉

  6. Great blog. This blog contain a nice tutorial about making an attractive necklace at home. I read the article and like it very much. You are so creative and done a great job that you posted a tutorial to make a beautiful necklace at home.

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