The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why. ~Mark Twain


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Notes and Links from the Podcast

This 7 step journey toward joy begins today as we explore stepping into a life of calling.

The premise of this episode is that you will find joy, peace and incredible fulfillment when you learn to live at the intersection of your passions and your neighbors needs.  The paradox is that when we stop worrying so much about our specific calling and serve the neighbors in front of us today,  we’ll actually begin to discover what it is we’re made to do.  The greatest joys in life come from giving ourselves away.  C.S. Lewis said it perfectly when he said

“Your real, new self (which is Christ’s and also yours, and yours just because it is His) will not come as long as you are looking for it. It will come when you are looking for Him. Does that sound strange? The same principle holds, you know, for more everyday matters. Even in social life, you will never make a good impression on other people until you stop thinking about what sort of impression you are making. Even in literature and art, no man who bothers about originality will ever be original whereas if you simply try to tell the truth (without caring twopence how often it has been told before) you will, nine times out of ten, become original without ever having noticed it. The principle runs through all life from top to bottom, Give up yourself, and you will find your real self. Lose your life and you will save it. Submit to death, death of your ambitions and favourite wishes every day and death of your whole body in the end submit with every fibre of your being, and you will find eternal life. Keep back nothing. Nothing that you have not given away will be really yours. Nothing in you that has not died will ever be raised from the dead. Look for yourself, and you will find in the long run only hatred, loneliness, despair, rage, ruin, and decay. But look for Christ and you will find Him, and with Him everything else thrown in.”

I hope this episode encourages you to step out in faith into your calling so that your life becomes an offering to everyone around you.  This is God’s will for your life!

God’s will is for you to be saved.  He has made every provision for that salvation Himself.  He has given you everything you need in Jesus’ perfect life, death, and resurrection.  You don’t need to do ANYthing to please Him or find Him or discern His will.  He is pleased with Jesus and sees you as one redeemed by Christ.

He has placed you in various stations in life and called you to serve your neighbor, since all of YOUR needs have already been met in Him. He has gifted you in certain ways, so that you may serve your neighbor and meet his needs. And the beautiful kicker is this—God hides Himself in your vocation, so that all the service you render to your neighbor, is sacred, because it is, in reality, GOD at work through you, meeting the needs of the neighbor.
The M

Reader Questions

Ginny and Shannon both asked (on Facebook) about having vocations that weren’t creative or as life-changing as others seem to be.

I think I answered that in the podcast but remember—there are no preferred vocations in God’s kingdom. He’s pleased to use the work of our hands, no matter what that work is, to bless and serve others.  I say do your job with terrific passion, remembering that God hides Himself in your vocation and counts all the service rendered to your neighbor as service rendered directly to him!

Marie asked about time management and I think we’ll be addressing this more in a later podcast.  It’s such important topic and I’ve shared before how I try to budget my time but it’s always a work in progress.  We have an upcoming podcast on Work and hopefully we’ll be able to talk more about this then!

Thanks for the questions, lovelies!

Resources on Calling and Vocation


Blog posts


Issues Etc—a listing of podcasts on vocation

And remember…….


So, my question for your is this?  Can you see how the circumstances and people in your life are there for a reason, both to make you all you can be and to meet your neighbor’s needs?

Leave any comment of question you have and tomorrow morning, we’ll pick a winner for the 3 books I mentioned in this post!

Thank you so much for listening! (And for being patient with my amateur recording)  You’re the best!



112 comments on “01: The Life You Love Manifesto|A Life of Calling [Podcast]”

  1. This is the first podcast I’ve ever listened to. I love how you listen to them in the time when you are doing other things to make your time so productive. I’m hoping to start doing the same.

  2. So excited to listen in on your podcast Edie! I am also sharing this with my daughters! Looking forward to hearing your sweet voice and what God has inspired you to share!

  3. I really enjoyed the podcast this morning. The content really touched my heart. I also struggled for a long time wondering if my work at home mattered or made a difference.
    I feel so blessed to have found Life in Grace a couple weeks ago. I truly believe it is the Holy Spirit at work. Edie, you articulate so many things that are on my mind so beautifully. Thank You! I will continue to read and listen.

  4. What a beautiful message. So relevant, these were words I needed hear. Your podcast paired so well with my pastor’s message in church yesterday. Certainly the Lord’s timing. I’ve been longing to be closer to Him, but in my self-centered search I’m keeping myself from Him. Thank you for the gentle reminder that He is right beside. He’s in my husband, he’s in the five kids I’m raising. Time to serve Him and do some ironing 🙂

  5. Great podcast! I received a wealth of information from this podcast. I struggle with finding my calling. Up until now, I have always followed other people through their dreams, inspirations and goals. And not that it hasn’t led me to great things and a happy life however I feel it has made it hard to find out what I am good at, what I find passion in.

    I look forward to finding more inspiration on your blog.

  6. Thank you so much much for sharing your wisdom and ministry with us! I so enjoyed listening during my baby’s nap time while working on my own passions and project. Your words are so encouraging as I try and figure out how to use my gifts to bless others.
    Looking forward to hearing more about how you budget your time! I loved the blog post you shared on your schedule! Any tips for carving out time to work on gifts with young children at home? Thank you!

  7. Thank you for the lovely podcast…..I’ve recently retired and although I should have more time to be of service, I am finding that I am spending less time serving. I look forward to the rest of this series.

  8. First podcast I’ve listened to. So beautiful & thought provoking. I really needed to hear that message today. Thank you!!!!

  9. Yay! I’m so excited to listen to your podcast series! The only other podcast I have ever listened to has been one that you mentioned. You probably even put the link into your blog or else I’m not sure I would have landed there. Can’t wait to listen to your first installment. I would love to win these books as I have felt a shift lately, and need to know how to press on. Thanks Edie!

  10. My first podcast! Loved listening while running errands hither and yon. I’m struggling to find my calling, so this series is a Godsend.

    And, hopefully this isn’t creepy, but you sound JUST like I thought you would–sweet, Southern and friendly. 🙂

  11. Thank you for today’s message. I have been recently struggling with trying to redefine my life’s calling. I,too, gave up my “dream” job many years ago to stay home and raise my two children. It took a while for me to finally understand that I had not left my calling, but I had found it. I have truly enjoyed my service to my family, my church, and my community. Now that my children have recently finished college and moved away to pursue their own callings, I have struggled with the direction that my own life should take. Your words today were inspiring to me and assuring that God’s plan for me will continue to unveil itself. Thanks again!

  12. I’ve read your blog for ages and have always enjoyed your terrific recipes, the fun glimpses into your life that you share, and your gorgeous style. I loved this podcast too…very meaningful topic and so well done! Thank you for getting me thinking about my vocation this morning and offering such good insights.

  13. So glad you have started podcasting! Loved this! Reminded me that our calling is often those things we do on a daily basis. Thanks Edie – so excited to listen to the rest of your The Life You Love Manifesto Series.

  14. Such a heartfelt message. At almost 58, many days I feel I am still searching for that calling. As a retired RN and teacher, my life has been spent caring for others and now I find myself caring for grandchildren. It is hard work, this picking up of little ones and I have injured my back doing so, which is requiring me to cut back on days. And now God has gifted me, through the needs of another, this small business….Drawstrings….born out of gift to a terminally ill mother. So I look back at my life of always caring for others.. I think I do that well and am looking for how God will use that in this graying time of my life.
    I look forward to hearing the entire series!!!!!

    • Wanda, I just wanted to reply, I feel similar to you. I have done several things, from daycare provider, gift shop/coffee shop owner, to CNA Homehealth and assisted living aide. I am 50 and struggling because my body hurts, I don’t think I can keep doing this work, I also have Grands to take care of once in awhile. I care for elderly and developmentally disabled. My favorite is a boy with CP, he cannot talk or walk but we have a wonderful connection and understand each other even so he can’t communicate verbally. I am at a crossroads of my body wearing out (had a hip replacement already) and wondering what to do next. I don’t really feel I am passionate about anything inperticular, so feeling lost.
      Hope to find some answers in this wonderful podcast.

  15. I loved listening to this first podcast. What an encouragement you are, and your voice is so sweet to listen to. I’m in a transition time between my callings right now, so this is very relevant to my life.

  16. I really enjoyed the podcast! As a college student, this is one of the areas in my life that I have struggled with understanding. It is comforting to know that I( contrary to what so many say) don’t have to have it all “figured out” in the next X amount of years. Your observations about your calling being more about serving your neighbors with you gifting and passions, no matter how mundane or unimportant it seems and God being in the midst of that, really helps demystify the ever elusive “following God’s will for your life” thing I tend to get caught up in. I look forward to the rest of the series!

  17. Thank you for your message! As I was listening to your message I was reminded of Titus 2:14. He gave his life to free us from every kind of sin, to cleanse us, and to make us his very own people, totally committed to doing good deeds. When I sometimes feel that my job goes unnoticed, I remind myself that I am being totally committed to doing good deeds for others. I am not doing my job to receive recognition from others but to serve them.

  18. Hi Edie! Loved the podcast today and am looking forward to hearing more! This series is coming at a terrific time for me as I am evaluating and praying about this new season of life as my children are getting older. As the wife of a pastor, there are many demands for my time and I want to minister to others in my areas of gifting, not necessarily just out of duty or because no one else will do it. But sometimes it’s difficult to figure these things out. Thanks so much for sharing with us!

  19. Thank you for teaching me how to multitask and listen to podcasts. It beats sitting in front of the computer reading blogs and eating bon-bons any day!

  20. Excellent project…proud of you getting in the arena…great timing as I am a SAHM re-thinking, reflecting, and processing all God has called me to do coupled w my gifts and talents…waiting to hear His next move for me….thanks for sharing….love The Call…Mandy

  21. Thank you for this excellent podcast. It really hit home with me and I look forward to hearing more! I’m facing a life-changing event next year (early retirement) and am searching for my next calling. My plan is to do some real soul searching so that when the time comes I’ll be ready for this new chapter in my life.

  22. I LOVE your podcast. It feels like I’m having coffee with you. {heart} I wish I could find peace in knowing what I’m supposed to do “when I grow up.” 😉 I’m 41 and feel pulled in so many different ways. I want to be a really great home manager and get better at cooking and menu planning, gardening, sewing, being there for my kids, etc. I’m also feeling more pressure to go “back to work” since my youngest will be in kindergarten all day next year so I can bring in some additional income to prepare for college for our older two in the next few years, relieve some of the financial pressure we feel from every day living, and pay off some debt. I’m also feeling like we are at point with our non-profit (of which I’m the director) that we need to make some big decisions, and going back to work would change all of that. Thanks for the prayerful advice you give. Love and blessings! Christy

  23. Edie, thank you for your podcast! I teared up a few times because your words minister straight to my heart. I have learned so much from you, you have been a wonderful role model to me through your blog. You have taught me how to love my people more fully( hubby and 4 kids) and that is a gift! Thank you!!

  24. Edie,
    What a true gift, your calling realized, you have given today!

    So many wonderful points you’ve shared!

    My absolute favorite…”I am hopelessly attached to people” (I know the feeling!) and for “…stewardship not selfishness…”

    I will have to listen to this once again and discover more!

    Look forward to continuing on with this…maybe a regular podcast will further your calling!

  25. I listened to your podcast today and really enjoyed it. Isn’t it wonderful that God has provided “neighbors” for each of us – even those of us who live miles away from the nearest house!

  26. I really enjoyed this podcast. Love that you are teaching your girls that our gifts are not given to us for our own enjoyment, but they are given to us in order to serve others. This is something our small group has been studying about. I also love that you talk about serving those who are closest in proximity to us. Sometimes I spend too much time worrying about how to help the rest of the world that I neglect the ones in my own home and community.

  27. That was so great! I could listen to podcasts like this every day. Thank you so much for your encouragement.

  28. Thank you for sharing your calling with all of us! I love reading your blog and being reminded about what is really important in life. Your words seem to speak so loudly to me and it’s as if I’m being gently reminded of something I already know – but seem to forget a little too often. Thank you sweet friend!

  29. It’s amazing how the Lord orchestrates our learning… One of the first posts of yours I read, Edie, was on calling and vocation… I’m now in the middle of leading Restless by Jennie Allen with our women’s group at church. We’re talking about threads in our lives – of gifts, suffering, places… this week is people. We are learning that there are people WE need (mentors, friends to run the race beside us) and people who need US. We’re thinking about who our neighbor is – in our families, our neighborhoods, our workplaces etc… Right along the same lines as what you are saying in the podcast. – Who God places us next to is no accident. Nothing is ever unintentional 🙂

    I love what Tim Keller says about meaningful work – taking the raw materials we are given and assembling them in a way that causes other people to flourish. As you said – it is such a different view of things than to simply be seeking our own happiness and comfort.

    Thanks for this! Can’t wait for the next one!

  30. Great job on the podcast. It was wonderful.
    You are the second person who has highly recommended the book “The Call.” I am going to have to read it.

  31. What a beautiful podcast! Thank you, so very much. I’m most definitely in trenches of motherhood, a newborn ( one month old) and a two year old, and it’s very much so a living in the margins season and will be for sometime. My two little girls and husband are those I’m serving, it’s often hard to keep perspective when laundry, the kitchen and the basics are all I can muster up these days is actually doing Christ’s work. My mind has a hard time resting, as well as my soul in contentment with whom I need to serve and doing so joyfully!! Thank you again for he podcast, it was much needed today.

  32. I love listening to podcasts! Thank you for the lovely insights. For me, it took moving across country for a short period of time to hone in on my calling. At the time, it was a very difficult move. I took my parents’ first grandchild far away. Ouch! But now I see how God used that time for good to show me things about myself I would not have learned by staying in my comfort zone.

  33. I’m listening to this at work right now while I write thank-you notes! Thank you for the opportunity to grow in this way while at work! 🙂

  34. “We’re all just walking each other home,” just brought be to tears. Thanks, Edie, for listening for your calling, so we could benefit from your words. At 61, I still ponder my calling at this point in my life, after retiring from teaching. I guess you always wonder if you are doing –enough. How much is enough? I always get mired up in desires–what if I don’t want to do what I am called to do? (Moses didn’t want to do what God asked him to do!)
    Can you address dreams vs. calling? (dreams as in desires, not sleeping dreams!)
    I am looking forward to these podcasts! Still lovin’ you, lovin’ your blog and the message you send (via our awesome God!).

  35. Thank you–I’ve been looking forward to this. Your podcast made me think of “my calling.” Just this last week I’ve met several parents who have children like mine with a very specific, not well known, TSH resistant thyroid condition. I used to keep up a blog about it when I was at my lowest point, hoping that it would help me cope with my helplessness. I was just about to give up on the blog but recently I’ve met many parents who are wondering about it the disorder or their child is newly diagnosed with resistance. It feels wonderful to talk to each other about it. And as my mother has said: “You have an obligation to share all that you’ve learned about this disorder because it could help someone else’s child.” Maybe this is my calling?

  36. Thanks so much for the podcast, Edie! I listed to it while I folded laundry and colored my hair. Loved it! So much insight that I want to share with my students when we talk about careers from a Christian perspective.

  37. Great podcast! Will definitely add it to my podcast listening list. Today’s episode helped reaffirm some things for me and made me question others. Thanks so much!

  38. Hello Edy,
    I love your blog and have read for years. I know your content will be wonderful! Looking at the comments, and thinking of myself, I am hoping you could do a pod cast basics post. How do you subscribe? When a new pod cast is made does it replace the prior one in your subscription? Do you delete them when you have listened to them? How do you navigate from one to another? Thanks!

  39. I love your podcast and look forward to the next. So glad you are doing this. It has taken me three attempts to hear all of it, and I just read something in the comments I need to go back and listen to. I am in the season of staying home with my kids (2 years old and 7 years old) which I know I am called to do. I have an interior design degree (my other passion). There are all kinds of things I can easily say no to knowing there will be similar opportunities later, but when it comes to design it can be so hard to pass things up to put my family first. I liked the idea of primary and secondary calling, because I do feel called to my family and interior design. I love helping people develop the confidence to create a home they love, and I dream of the day I have time to use my skills to decorate rooms in shelters to create a loving and comforting environment for the people who pass through in times of crisis. I also love knowing I am the one who meets my children’s needs everyday. Its a good problem to have- truly knowing your calling(s) in heart- and having to decide where to put your focus. Like anything worth doing they take hard work and prioritizing at times. Thank you for sharing with us.

  40. Edie,
    What an awesome podcast. I will be listening to this more than once. I am moving into a new season of my life and trying to find my way and purpose. I love the idea of your passion intersecting who is in need. This is definitely not the world’s definition of calling. I have been focusing too much on my own self and more on my neighbor. I look forward to more podcasts.

  41. I am committed to pursuing my calling; I gave up a comfortable job and a little more spending money in order to go back to school for a degree in nonprofit management. It has not been easy and I don’t know where this journey will take me, but I will follow where God takes me!

  42. Love the podcast, Edie! I am really excited about this topic. I feel I have struggled with vocation a lot. I am so wishy -washy, I like doing all kinds of things, but is there one thing I love? I don’t know. I definitely have some thinking and praying to do. Thanks for putting yourself out there!

  43. Amazing. I expected to, as you suggested, listen to this while I accomplished some other necessary tasks. Didn’t happen. I was stopped dead in my tracks by so much of your message. Your words really struck a chord in me. Thank you for sharing your gift with me.

  44. I’ve struggled so much with calling, too. With accepting that my life here and now may be the very place I’m supposed to be. And accepting that my ordinary life, as it is in all its inadequacy and imperfection, is the gift that God wants me to give Him. I long to escape fear and find my voice and use my “art” in a million little ways.” I’ve just recently discovered your blog and identify with the ADD, creative, hard to fit into a schedule parts of yourself that you describe. I love beauty, long to stop holding back, and live with passion and service.

  45. Hi Edie, I’m enjoying my first Podcast! Took me a minute to figure it out on my Android phone. I can’t wait to follow this series. Being from a volunteer fire/rescue family I see how that call has enhanced our day to day lives. So fulfilling to give back. I’m the support at home & don’t actually run out of the house at all hours. Finally figured out that’s my ‘calling’ — to be supportive to friends & family.
    Thanks for helping me realize this. Take care.

  46. I’m grateful for these encouraging words and shared them with my daughter who has seven small children. I know it’s often hard to see God in the small things we spend our time doing but doing them all as to the Lord brings to mind the importance of the ordinary <

  47. LOVE. LOVE. LOVE. listened on the way home and I’m so excited!!! Also (not to be weird) I love the sound of your voice!!!

  48. I have a person in my life who is clearly here to make me be all I can be and to enable me to serve my neighbor. I gave birth to that person 10 years ago and his name is Peter. He has down syndrome and the day he was born my life changed significantly and yet in many ways, it stayed the same. He is such a beautiful vessel of God. Not valuable in the sight of the world, but treasured in God’s sight. I tell him that God will equip him for that to which he has been called. He is at the same time my greatest challenge and my greatest joy. He breaks down barriers which would otherwise prevent me from reaching my neighbors. He keeps me from presenting a “perfect” image to the world around me…and what a gift of freedom! Not the calling I would have chosen but no doubt the Lord always chooses most wisely. Edie, I am so grateful for your willingness to live out your calling and inspire us with your words!! xxoo

  49. I really enjoyed the first pod cast. I too have struggled with searching for my calling but understand now it is where I am now, serving my neighbors.

  50. What a fantastic message! Thank you for the time and effort you put into these words. It hit home for me, as a stay at home mama feeling trapped in the mundane of the everyday. I know why I am at home, but often forget that God has placed me here for the time being and is using me in so many more ways that I can imagine. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  51. Edie, I loved this! As a stay at home mom, I so often find myself asking God, What in the world am I doing here? How is this serving You?? Thanks so much for the much needed reminder that in serving them (my kids, husband, those in my immediate environment, etc), I am serving Christ. It’s amazing what some shift in perspective will do for a gal 🙂

  52. I LOVED your podcast! I am always so encouraged by the things you share, Edie. As a mother of little people, it was a good reminder to me that loving those in my home IS my calling right now. I have found myself frustrated due to the lack of time for “ministry” and was thankful for the reminder that my home and my little boys are my ministry for now.

  53. Edie- I loved your podcast! I had to wait until arriving home & getting everyone fed, walked, etc. before I could listen. When you shared about your 1st patient, y’all’s relationship, the operation, what happened & what the surgeon said- and what you thought & did- it was an eye opener for me. Some many different things resonated. I’m in a season of change- more than I would like- I continue to suit up & show up. When you talked about spending when you were off track, I’ve been there & with food as well. Another book I read says when the spiritual malady is over come, we straighten out mentally & physically. It can be overcome (or removed) however, I have to stay spiritually fit. That requires certain actions on my part. It’s late- 🙂 Edie, as always, thank you. I cannot wait for your next podcast.
    I just joined Hopeologie because of you 🙂 I’d love to read Emily’s book!
    Have a great week-

  54. Edie,

    It’s after 3am, and I am awake with an active mind. Mostly I’m thinking of a meeting I had today about starting a Classical Christian school in our area. I came to your blog because I feel inspired by your homeschooling days, your love of Classical Christian education, your heart for Jesus, and I swoon over your decorating. 🙂 I stumbled upon your podcast, and I’ve never heard anyone make it so simple to understand. I used to be a journalist (in Knoxville, among other places!), and quit my career when my first child was born. I struggled with the lack of importance for awhile, but I am beginning to see how God is unfolding circumstances for me to serve others and Himself (even in the midst of folding laundry, again).

    Thank you for your life’s work. You are touching more hearts than you know.

  55. I’m an avid podcast listener already and am so pleased that you have join the rank. Something else for me to listen to while I go about my day. I hope this 1st series is just that, a first series, and that there will be many more ahead. I loved the first episode, Edie! Great start!

  56. Edie, I am listening to this podcast in the wee hours of Tuesday morning and less than 24 hours after I stepped out in faith to quit my teaching job. I have taught junior high math for 12 years and have come to the honest conclusion that I no longer have the passion for it that I once did. The words you are saying (passion, joy, calling, giftedness) are ones that have been part of vocabulary as I have pondered and prayed over my decision with my family. Just feeling that there is “nothing left in my tank” and needing to allow my spirit to be fed and replenished. What absolutely delights my soul is to speak at women’s retreats or gatherings; I also have great delight in creating art. Hearing your words, which I truly believe were from the Holy Spirit from your lips to my ears, confirm that my decision was an act of obedience. Thank you~

  57. Amen! My doctor recommended that I engage in something spiritual each morning. The routine more readily allows for podcasts over reading. I found your podcast today, and it am inspired, connected, and ready for more. Thank you.

  58. While I’ve been reading blogs for a while, this is actually the first podcast I’ve listened to. I’m very intrigued. Still searching for The Hope of His calling in my life…so this will be awesome!!! At 40 years old, I’m still learning about myself, my passions, my ups, downs, successes and failures and how they all fit together and work for good in His perfect plan. Thanks for doing this series. I need all the help I can get! One day I know the “switch” will flip on. 🙂

  59. I love to listen to podcast while cooking dinner. So excited to add yours to my list. Such a well thought out series. Looking forward to many more!

  60. Edie,
    I so enjoyed your podcast. I have listened once and plan on listening again….just to let it soak in and allow my thoughts to gather.

  61. Thank you so much for the podcast!
    I’ve listened to several blogger-hosted podcasts recently and I have to say, yours was, by far, the best. Great first show!
    When the podcast ended, I felt encouraged and educated–dinner prep-time well spent.
    As a mother of six, ages 5 to 17, I needed to hear this!
    Thank you again. I’m looking forward to further episodes.

  62. I hope I am not too late. I have struggled for so long with my calling and what I should be doing. I appreciate you and this giveaway.

  63. Loved the podcast. This is the first one that I have ever listened to. Our church is doing a series called GAP.- gifts, abilities, and purpose. I am so much in the trenches of the business with being a stay at home mom that I struggle with discerning what my gifts are. I am looking forward to more podcasts. Thanks for sharing.

  64. Wow! Thank you so much for this lovely podcast! Your words spoke directly to my heart. Like so many commenting on this I am in a season of transition as my kids get older and begin leaving home to begin their great adventures. Your thoughts have left me with many things to ponder. I am looking forward to more podcasts!

  65. I loved the pod cast I am going to listen one more time without taking notes so I can really catch everything. I do feel like people are in my life as a part of a journey to find my calling and thoes people at different times have been a major role in my life and some have played a minor role as well. I think the point is to seek the right people at the right time.

  66. I loved this pod cast. I am a mom to 5 children and went back for a second degree (nursing). I am amazed how my children and my patients as often just what I need. Thank you! I look forward to the next podcasts.

  67. I love this. I’ve been reading/hearing a lot about calling lately. A book I am reading that touches on it is Restless by Jennie Allen. check it out!

  68. Thank you for stepping out and doing podcasts! I am just beginning to have a steady diet of podcasts and this is a breath of fresh air in my day. Happily going about my chores because of the inspiration and wealth of insight you bring. I really love all the points you brought out about our neighbor. Such a good revelation about God’s purpose and how to be truly fulfilled. I’m ready for part 2 but I might replay this one until then. Thanks so much!

  69. Thank you for this Edie! I am so needing guidance to decide to stay in the job I love which uses all my talents and abilities but doesn’t pay enough to meet the financial needs of my family-my nearest neighbor. It is a constant struggle for me but thankfully the Lord seems to provide enough every month for us to get by. I am praying for direction here-this podcast is giving me some good insight into the doctrine of vocation-thank you!

  70. Well done! Love this–your prior posts on calling were really helpful to me when I was helping a friend through a change in seasons in her life. I feel like I struggle with accepting my calling right now really is “just” as a mom, when, if I’m honest with myself, this is really all I ever wanted to do. (I’m an overeducated professional, like you, who now just stays home.)

    Looking forward to reading a couple of these books, and adding Issues, Etc. to my podcasts. I’ve found podcasts to be invaluable, along with audio books, as I work on the laundry which never ends! Cheers!

  71. This was an encouraging podcast. Thanks for taking the time to make it and for sharing what God has been teaching you with us!

  72. Hello Edie,
    I so enjoyed your podcast. I’m relatively new to your blog but I have thoroughly enjoyed it and gotten some great ideas from you. I love that you’re podcasting now because I can listen while working on other house chores. Thanks so much for this message. It was really inspiring.

  73. WHAT A BLESSING! Thank you for the wisdom you bring and for following the leading of the Lord. This was my first ever podcast to listen to and I’m hooked!! What an encouragement to be reminded that the baby diapers and toddler discipline matter, not just in the grand scheme of things, but to God. That I am free to love my neighbors since he has provided all I need in him. I’m in tears. Thank you!!

  74. Thank you so much for this encouraging word. I am in a very hard place right now at work and am struggling to find hope in these circumstances. Thank you for reminding me this job does not define me, there is a higher calling and I am equipped with valuable gifts that can be used to serve my neighbor. Thank you for instilling hope and challenging us to think of vocation in terms of our neighbor. Sparking such creativity! I have never listened to a podcast faithfully but I definitely am sold on this one. 🙂

  75. Hi Edie. Loved listening to your podcast today. Thanks for doing it. The message was right on and something the Lord has been teaching me lately in many different ways. Thought you might like to read about coach Don Meyer from Lipscomb in Nashville who passed away recently. He epitomized what you are talking about. I loved this article, and especially the following quote: ‘Define your unique talent or gift, develop it to the fullest, and give it away every day.’ Blessings!

  76. Edie- I so enjoyed your first podcast. I’m looking forward to more. I actually watched you earlier today doing an inter with Jeanne Oliver on her art website. After following you for a god year now it was so fun to hear your voice. And it was a good interview. I so enjoy your blog.

  77. I think this topic you’re speaking on can benefit parents as they guide and encourage their children’s walk to adulthood. Some vocations pick us (so to speak) like marriage, parenting, child, etc. Some we pick (with God’s hand in everything, of course) like our education major and job field. It’s our job as parents to help each of our children recognize their unique characteristics and strengths and how to apply that to their education and career.
    Obviously we witness this everyday as their parents, but I’ve also found the website to be very insightful and offer great suggestions to parents on areas to encourage their child in.
    Loving this podcast – what a gift! Thanks, Edie:)

  78. Thank you so much for this podcast. Many of the things you spoke about are so relevant to my life right now, so thank you.

  79. Edie, this podcast series is so timely! I’m just getting started in listening, but already have been so encouraged.

    I’m 45, turning 46 next month, and it has been 3 years since I left the elementary classroom. I left to stay home, bring order back into my family life and to restore my own health.

    But I have struggled all of this time with wondering if I’m supposed to be doing something else. Some of it is outside “pressure” of people wondering what I will do next. Some of it is knowing that I have certain gifts and talents that I want to be using (realizing now that I was…for my family)

    I’m such a work enthusiast that I have a hard time knowing when to call it quits, often to the neglect of my family, home and health. ( Which leads me back to 3 years ago when I left teaching.)

    Anyway, I have been writing since I was an adolescent and it has been a part of my life ever since. Writing clears my mind, helps me process my thoughts, gives me direction and clarity…it’s not a choice. Writing is something I have to do.

    Some of that dream of being published is realized in my blog, but I believe that is only the beginning. So, I’m in a place of wondering what is my calling in the meantime. Wondering what path will lead me closer to my dreams of publishing, speaking and encouraging my neighbor. Wondering if the part-time job I recently took on is a distraction or a step in the right direction.

    That’s the biggest question right now. I took it because it was an opportunity to exercise a talent and pursue a passion ( decorating) but the job hasn’t lived up to the description. So, I’m torn. Torn about why I’m there, who I’m serving, how long should I hang in there…

    I’m asking for prayers from anyone who happens to read this comment.

  80. Edie, if you have time, can you give me a word of advice however brief?

    I have been reading about Calling from you and Emily Freeman lately and find that I have a lot in common with both of you. I have always processed through writing- I am quite sure I have filled 100 journals in the past decade (I’m 28). I think I have some skill in writing and am certainly passionate about it. I do not like keeping it to myself because I feel that I have thoughts worth sharing. Also my spiritual gifts are wisdom, teaching, and shepherding. My dream job, though I am content not to attain it, would be to become an author-speaker. I have assumed that SO many people have this dream and passion that I should protect myself from disappointment by disregarding it and doing something, as my mother said, more practical with my time. There are so many barriers to starting a successful blog or book and it seems many many people try and fail. I do not want to waste my time or my hopes or my children’s time by pursuing this venture in vain.

    My question is- have so MANY women written you with these questions that you can suggest I pick a different goal? Do recommend I not bother pursuing this venture?

    • Hey Heather – you don’t know me from Adam, but you sound like me. I’m 32, three kids, we have the same spiritual gifts, and I have been wrestling with the same questions. I can’t say with enough conviction – pursue it. God gives us passions and natural abilities and talents, and he so wants us to use them. There is always room and an audience for your voice, and God has given you in particular a note to play in this “song of life” – if that doesn’t sound too trite…

      Yes, there are many barriers, but then again – if we never try we’ll just be in the same spot – so we might as well give it a whirl 🙂 I think when we do we show our kids that it’s ok to take risks, it’s ok to make mistakes. And we’re ultimately showing faith in God to make beautiful things out of what we give him.

      I just went through the study Restless by Jennie Allen – it would totally free you up – I highly recommend it. I’m also going through the Artist’s Way. You’re saying a lot of things that are blocks to creativity… Bottom line – God wants us to flourish, he wants us to do what we were created to do… and there is an Enemy who very much doesn’t want us to. Listen to truth 🙂

      • Thank you so much Lauren for your encouragement. I kept a casual blog a few years ago at and am revamping it. If it goes well, I will purchase a website. 🙂

  81. Edie,

    I have so enjoyed your podcasts and they have come at the perfect time! The content has been great, but the most enjoyable thing has been your delivery – it’s like sitting across the table from a savvy girlfriend over coffee, I hope you have more planned for the future!

    P.S. Never one to keep a good thing to myself, I linked back on my blog. 🙂

  82. I ran across your blog a few weeks ago and just wanted to tell you how much I have enjoyed your posts and this podcast. Thank you for putting yourself and your life out there for all the public to see. Your thoughts and words are courageous and a joy to read and listen too.

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