It seems like months since we’ve talked!  I’ve missed you. Oh wait, was I was the one who left?  And where has the month gone?  I spent the better part of it sick so I feel like I should get a do-over.  If you can believe it, we are STILL coughing and heavily laden with mucus. What gives?  But I tried not to let that get me down this weekend at Blissdom.  It was awesome, y’all, and I wish every last one of you could have been there.  There is absolutely nothing like meeting your pretend friends in real life. It’s one of my favorite parts of blogging.
Have I ever told you how much I love Melissa. I ADORE her. She came with Ruthanne (who looks and is amazing!)

But I show you this picture to tell you one thing.  I’m quite convinced that Blissdom is gonna be offering senior discounts to me next year.  See those laugh lines  on my face?  Well, let me tell you something.  I’m proud of my laugh lines.  It means I’ve laughed alot over the years.  But,  I felt like the oldest girl there.  This Blissdom was so different this year, and by that, I mean,  WHY ARE BLOGGERS SUDDENLY SO YOUNG?  There were so many 20 and 30 somethings there.  I was the gramma in the crowd.  I’m not making this up.  In blog years, I’m like 65. Next year, I want the senior discount.  And I’m pretty sure I deepened those lines while I was gone, from hanging out with Melissa alone. She is funny, that girl.

My roomies at Blissdom were amazing!  Ruth could lead a blog conference on her own. She taught us more in the room than we learned in the sessions.  And Heather was like our room mom.  She was organized and always knew where we were supposed to be.  How do I live my everyday  life without her?  I do not know.  And Darlene and I finally got to meet and celebrate our Better Homes joys together!  She’s pregnant and so much fun.  She wore 4 inch heels to GNO, dear people.  And sequined leggings.  She’s a serious fashion diva, pregnant or not.


We spent a lot of time hanging around, recuperating, trying to figure out where to find some coffee.

(Darlene, Karin, Melissa, Heather)

I’ve known Karin for long time but finally got to hear her story.  She’s amazing, y’all.  And drop dead gorgeous, to boot. She has five of the most well-behaved little ones you’ve ever seen.  And she homeschools them. All. You don’t even know.  She’s my new hero.

Lindsey and Lisa were there and as beautiful and sweet as ever! (sorry for the grainy photo that’s missing Lisa!)

It was so good to visit with Jen!  We never get to just hang out so we enjoyed some great girl talk this year.  She’s one of those friends that can talk about scarf tying or go deep into spiritual issues.  I love that about her.

I was also giddy with excitement to get the ‘Shaun Groves‘ email earlier this year!!! He invited me to travel with Compassion to Nicaragua in June.  It was so wonderful to meet him this weekend.  I also met Bri (who does all the hard work to the make the trip happen) and Kelly from Faithful Provisions, one of other bloggers traveling, who’s also a fellow foodie and coffee lover!  We had lunch at Pappasito’s (new to me) which, according to Shaun, is baptism by Tex Mex.  It was REALLY good. Jen just traveled to Peru with Compassion so she joined us and told us what to expect.  I wish she was going on this trip too!  I’ve already asked Shaun to bring his guitar so we can write a country song together.  I may have forgot to mention to him that I channel Tammy Wynette. I also warned him that my heart is mush and I cry at the drop of a hat.  He’s probably looking for a replacement, as we speak.

I met some blog readers, which is always so much fun!!

There was Samantha from Crafty Texas Girls, who was ADORABLE.  And from Texas, so she gets extra points.  What a sweetheart!  So glad we met, Samantha!


And Amber, who  was so sweet and encouraging!

I was so excited to finally meet Holly Mathis!! She’s just as awesome in real life!  And she introduced me to Camille and Whitney English.  Great ladies and oozing with talent!  I finally got to meet Logan (organizer and planner for Allume this year!)  She’s amazing and if you haven’t bought your tickets, do so fast, because they will sell out.   I got to meet Claire , Calie, Jana,  Heather , Kristi, Kasey (with a new book coming out!), Lauren, and a host of beautiful people that I’m forgetting. If we met and I’m blanking on your name or blog, remember I’m a senior citizen and show mercy and please let me know in the comments and I’ll link to you!!   It was magical, the whole weekend.

And last but not least, I’ve got some good news to share with you.

A couple months ago, my life took a sharp turn in a slightly different direction and I was approached about writing a book.  I signed with Jessica from Blythe Daniel Agency and have been deep in the throws of trying to learn how to write a book, which is WAY different than writing a blog.  I’ve read a lot on the subject and am working hard to get my book idea ready to pitch.  That’s part of the reason  I have been so behind on other parts of my life.  (ahem, what is this book club you speak of?)  I met my agent this weekend and she is so wonderful!  Thank you, Jess, for believing in me, often more than I believe in myself.

So, I’ll tell you more about the content of the conference later but suffice it to say, Jon Acuff is awesome.  I heard him speak twice and even though I’ve heard him before and have read his book, he just gets better with time.  He gave his new book,  Start, to all of us and I highly recommend it to you.  You should follow stalk him in all the places he can be found.  His blog is one of my faves and if you haven’t checked out the funny stuff he writes on Stuff Christians Like, you should.  You’ll gain a few more laugh lines and possibly start to catch up with me!

I’m gonna do a video soon about what we’re doing with book club but suffice it to say, it’s kind of on hold.  I thought we could finish out the year with Augustine’s Confessions and talk about it in May or June.  If you’ve managed to keep up, I’m so proud of you.  I’m finishing The Aeneid and then going straight to Confessions.  You won’t be sorry you read the others that were originally scheduled, I just can’t keep up.  I’m awesome like that.  Sorry it hasn’t been more organized.

All of this wonderfulness has left me a big ole ball of emotion.  I’m so blessed that I can’t hardly contain it.  My heart is full, I’m teary eyed.  I’m so thankful for this space because it has made it possible for me to bind my heart to so many wonderful people, including you.  Thank you for meeting me here, for being patient and gracious with all my fumblings, for encouraging me everyday with your messages and emails.  You have made my life so rich.

Now, pray for me as I try to reenter the life of homeschooling and cleaning and cooking and wife-ing and writing.  I love my family and am so glad to be home!!

And tell me what you’ve been up to—I’ve missed you!



p.s.  In honor of all of us ‘older bloggers’, let’s give it up for Sally O’Malley.  Heather made me laugh when she actually did her best Sally O’Malley at Girl’s Night in.

“Cause I can KICK, and STRETCH, aaaaaaand KICK. I’m fifty years old. Fifty yea-uhs old.”

60 comments on “Where have y’all been all my life? And Blissdom”

  1. Wahoo!! I can **FEEL** how full your heart is all the way from Oklahoma! This is all just wonderful. Enjoy the slow digestion of all this great stuff. Enjoy being home, cant wait to hear more. xoxo

  2. How absolutely fun and sweet.
    I love that your post about Blissdom was all about people.
    Isn’t that what blogging really is about?

    And, the age thing, I am right there with you.

    blessings on your week of school! ease back in…with an extra cup of coffee!

  3. OH Edie – I nearly spit out my coffee I was laughing so hard in that first paragraph. I am there with you. Senior citizen discounters unite or I’d prefer to think of it like the Titus 2 women of blogging. haha

    You are a blessing to so many. You radiate joy to each person you interact with and the Lord knew exactly what He was doing when He called you to so many of these exciting up coming things.
    And Shaun? I can guarantee he’s looking for 20 more just like you as we speak.

    • So glad we finally got our chat, Jen!
      Can’t wait to see you at Becoming!
      You are such a blessing to me and so many.

  4. Edie! You made my day (and my whole weekend!). Thank you for including me in your Blissdom wrap up. I had such an amazing time at the conference. And you were such a delight– full of big smiles, genuine encouragement, warm hugs, and even bringing us homemade fudge. You are my definition of a true Southern lady! You are right Blissdom is all about the people. Big hugs! -Samantha

  5. Now I know I’m never going to Blissdom! If you were the old one and you’re younger than me, well I’ll be the Blissdom grandma. I’ll be 50 in July. 50!

    Thanks for sharing your pictures with us. I’d be a blubbering mess, too.

    • Don’t let that stop you – EVERYONE should experience Blissdom, it truly is such a life-changing experience.
      I was so inspired I found myself on the verge of happy-tears more often than not 🙂

  6. So glad Blissdom was awesome and you enjoyed Texas! I was going to come up on Thursday to check out the marketplace, but got busy and forgot 🙁 Maybe I need to save up and actually go next year – think I might write that down as a future goal. Sounds like you are on full-steam-ahead! Praying everything will work our just the way He planned for you 😉 Just remember to breathe.
    I’m still struggling through The Aeneid, so grateful you are behind too. These books are awesome but may require a little more time to absorb.
    Special birthday blessings to your little girl – such a sweet post too. Where does the time go? My baby turns 5 in June – I’ve pre-warned her that I’m going to cry!
    Have a great week 🙂

    • Thank you so much, Kathryn!! I appreciate and desperately need praying friends. And so glad you’re behind too. These books are hard, especially when you’re sick and have eight million irons in the fire.
      Smooches and hitchkicks to a fellow Texas girl!

  7. Dearest Edie,

    Love, love, LOVE all the photos! But you’re holding out on me, girl. Where are you hiding the photos of Jeremy Sisto?? Are you saving his swoony goodness all for yourself? It isn’t like you not to share! 😉


    • Okay, this is not a word of a lie, i had to google Jeremy Sisto. Was he there? Who is he? I need a tutor for pop culture information. Clearly. I’m not saving his swoony goodness because I must have been too busy loving on all my blogger friends.
      I’m such a loser!!!
      Love you,

      • Jeremy Sisto is the dreamy detective Cyrus Lupo on Law and Order. And you are so not the loser – I’m the loser because instead of loving on all the blogger beauties I’d be hiding in the bushes stalking an actor. 😉

        love you more,


  8. You and Jimmy Buffett are right on track. “Wrinkles will only go where the smiles have been.” What a pleasure to meet you, Edie. Your kindness and smiles were one of the great pleasures of the weekend. Merci!

  9. Loved living vicariously through you for Blissdom! You are definitely not OLD!! (But having just turned 48 this month, I hear ya!) Congrats on the book deal…the Lord is definitely working in your life! I am a teacher and most Mondays can be tough getting back into the swing of things, but we have a snow day today. I’m glad because it gave me a chance to leisurely read through your post today! Enjoy the day!!!!

    • Thank you, Dawn! I’m still awaiting an actual book deal but I’m so thankful to have an agent. Enjoy your day off!

  10. ok, miss edie. i stalked you all weekend. you simply did not post enough photos on IG. 🙂 but i am so happy to see them here… i am taken right back to my experiences in blissdom and feel your tearyness and gratitude that comes from such an experience.

    i’m seriously seriously seriously about committed to going to allume. will talk later??

    welcome back!


    • we missed you so much, miss patty!!
      YES!!! you should go to allume.
      i’ll beg and plead.
      and drive you there.
      can’t wait to catch up!

  11. EDIE! Luv, I am so excited I met you. Can I say that I loved all your outfits?! You are one bright pop of color on the inside and out. Meeting you in person has me more excited for the Compassion trip in June. You are such a gem! Thanks for the shout-out! Love!

  12. You make me want to go to BlissDom too! But I’d be a grandma at 42, dangit.

    How to ensure I don’t have to sit beside fiber bar man on the airplane, though?

  13. Oh, man. I SO want to go next year!!! I’m praying and trying to figure a way to work more so I can save for next year. I hope it’s in Texas again too, because I really want to go to Texas. Hopefully (like I’m full of much hope), I’ll be able to go.

    Looks like you had an amazing time! And your laugh lines, bring em’ on. They look super-fabulous with polka-dots. 😉

  14. Oh. my. gosh. :-)) Loved your post, and I’m gonna check out every single one of the gals you mentioned and see what awesome things they have to share, but . . . I really smiled when reading that you’re a Sally O’Malley fan! I’m 52, and my oldest daughter (32) and I have shared many a laugh over those skits on SNL. I’m gonna send her a link about Sally as a reminder of the laughs we’ve shared over the years. Thanks, Edie!

  15. Dear Edie. So happy for you! Glad you are getting better. I can feel your joy. Clear over here in WV!!! xxxooo

  16. Edie-what a great post. I am loving all these fabulous links. What fun to be ableto meet all of these awesome bloggers and make memories to cherish forever. You make it seem like the best blog time ever. I am right there with you on age, I turned 41 this month and the lines are showing up too fast.
    I am so behind on book club. Life has been beyond crazy and I have not been able to focus, no matter how hard I try.
    I am so happy at all the blessings God is showering on you. Looking forward to hearing about all the plans He has for your future.

  17. Edie,

    I love your writing once again!

    It looks like you guys had a great time at BlissDom too.

    I am also older than the 20-30 year olds, but know that with age comes experiences.

    Experiences to share with those around us.

    I believe we can offer things to the blog world that the younger one’s cannot.

    LIfe is full of stages.

    It would be boring if we were all standing at the same place.

    You have so much to share and are doing a great job of it with your blog.

    I am looking forward to your book.

    Continued success is yours for the taking if you expect and believe it in your heart.


  18. i will never get to write my own blissdom recap so i’m directing all my huge traffic to your blog. my week is already flying by since i got home. so much to catch up on. i had the best ever time at blissdom. met so many wonderful new people and really got to soak up some time with those i love best. thanks for being there!

  19. Way to go Edie. So glad you were able to enjoy blissdom. You are so perfectly imperfect, “I love you just the way you are”.

  20. oh girl! What a GREAT post! I feel like I just went back 🙂
    In case anyone is reading this comment and wonders if Edie is just as warm and fun and genuine in person as her online personality, I am here to say that she is all that {and more, of course. not to even MENTION the fudge!}
    I truly adore you. You are so special to me, and I am VERY thankful that God brought our paths together.
    I could use a few more weeks of just giggling with you!
    much love {oh, and thanks for the fashion diva comment. I am quite lucky that I did not bust my butt in those heels 🙂 }

    • i think you’re biased. but thank you. you make me blush. i love you dearly and am so glad for the privilege of spending the weekend together.

  21. Sounds like Blissdom was a blast! And if you’re like 65 then I’m definitely 80! Where’s all us old timers??!!! We might need to unite!
    Thanks for the update on book club. I’m relieved… I’m still slugging through Metamorphosis but will jump to Confessions soon.
    Take care — hope the sniffles go away!!

  22. Oh Edie! SUCH a joy to meet you. Definitely a highlight for me. Any time you want to chat C.S.Lewis & Tozer and avoid writing…I’m your girl…your apparently 50 year old girl. 😉 blessings in your exciting writing adventure!

    • I feel the same way, Heather! Have already been stalking your site and now I really want you to finish that book!! We’d be fast friends!! Much love to you and I’ll procrastinate writing with you and Lewis anytime!

  23. Ohhh how I loved reading this recap! I am so happy to have finally met you in person – I wish we would have had more time to just chat. What a whirlwind weekend. And “senior citizen” – too funny. Your laugh lines are gorgeous just like you. I agree with {the fashionably fabulous} Darlene.. you are indeed just exactly as I imagined you would be after reading your blog for the last two years. Warm, personable and chock full of Southern charm and grace.
    I hope our paths cross again someday!

    • Claire, I am so glad to finally meet you, too!! Thank you for your kindness and patience with us. I felt like we were running around like crazy all weekend. Much love to you and yours.

  24. Edie!
    you totally made my day by mentioning me in your Blissdom roundup! that is so sweet! I I’m so happy I was able to meet and chat with you! that was definitely one of the highlights of my weekend!
    congratulations on your book! that is so exciting! I look forward to hearing more about it!


  25. EDIE! I already commented on your Easter post, and just made the corn salad which is sensational. It perked up my “last minute sick child no going out for Easter dinner” meal! But have to comment, I gave up following blogs for Lent (Sunday’s were exceptions) and now that He is Risen, I want to thank you for this new blog rich post that I’m going to throw myself into visiting many new sites today between basketball games on the couch. Thank you!

  26. Edie, I’ve tried to keep a good attitude about missing BlissDom after attending the last 4 in a row, but you’re making it hard. I think I’m qualified to join you in the senior crowd, especially if it was mostly 20- and 30-somethings. I’ll see you at Allume!

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