While at Blissdom, I got to meet the other bloggers in the 40 Days of Water Campaign.  We had dinner with Mike from Blood:Water Mission and all sat around telling our water stories.  Most of it was a confessional of how we didn’t do it perfectly.  I guess confession tends to lend itself to more confession, which is why it’s so good for the soul and why the church embraces it so wholeheartedly.  Alli didn’t stop with her water stories.  She went on a confessing rampage.  I laughed, then cried, then laughed ’til I cried when she showed us the Facebook page she set up for me after our house fire.  She never actually launched the page but it was called A Dollar for Edie.  She confessed that she wasn’t sure if it was the right way to help but she desperately wanted to help.  I already knew I loved her, but now? We’re sisters for life.

And? For your pure enjoyment, I made her send me a text of the my un-published Facebook page. It’s completely adorable.  It got 9 likes and was never made public.  It would have gone places, I just know it.

Thank you Alli, for inviting me to your 40 Days of water team and for setting up a phantom Facebook page in my honor. The whole thing made me so verklempt. I love you and you are a brilliant woman for bringing so much bliss to our lives.  And laughter!  You are one of a kind!
I have an idea. Let’s all donate those stray dollars that we all have laying around to help build wells in Uganda!!
Only a few days left before Easter, so even if you didn’t participate, would you consider making a one-time donation to the Blood:Water Mission?
And if you have been participating, even if very feebly like me, make sure you update your page soon.


p.s.  I’ve been wrestling with what to do with my email subscription service.  Some of you wanted an email with every post but most did not.  Here’s what I’ve decided. I’m going to set up two different tracts.  Everyone, who’s signed up for the email service already will get the monthly newsletter (which comes out this weekend) but not emails every time I post.

1.  So, if you are already signed up with me,

you will get my newsletter and an occasional update but not the regular posts.

Sign up here, if you haven’t already to get my monthly newsletter and an occasional update.


If you want an email every time I post, sign up here.

even if you’ve already signed up for the first subscription.

If you haven’t signed up at all yet and you want the newsletter and every post delivered via email, you’ll need to sign up for both.

Does that make sense?  Do the giant letters help make it more clear?  That’s what I thought.  Don’t you love it when someone just talks louder and slower instead of explaining what they meant?  Yeah? Me, too. You’re welcome.  We can discuss in the comments if you’re confused.

If you think you’re confused, try setting it all up and trying to keep it straight in my ADD brain.  I should get an honorary doctorate in computer science.  Or else at least a congratulations for not blowing up the internet.

Now, go forth and subscribe, dear friends!!

Love y’all.

Better n’ anythang.  (as my mamaw would say)

17 comments on “Alli Made My Day and 40 Days of Water”

  1. I would love to receive your newsletter and post notifications, and have signed up a couple of times, but never received any confirmation. I am so bummed that I have missed out on newsletters and would love to be signed up.

    Can you help me? I am so clearly not a techie person:-)

  2. Kelly,
    I just added you to both lists so let me know if you get the confirmation emails. You should get two of them. Hope this works!! I’m only techie enough to be dangerous!

  3. I wanted to start a blog & go to blissdom just so I could meet you!!! I’ve shared your inner ring post with soooo many friends, they love you as much as I! You are a gem!

  4. Good for you for sorting out email subscriptions, Dr Edie! It does make one feel victorious to conquer it.
    At the risk of adding too much tech talk, if anyone follows multiple blogs using a rss/feed reader can be a huge help. It’s a smart little tool that runs around to all your favorite places and reports back if there are new posts for you to read. This saves you from checking 20 sites only to find there’s no new content. Many folks love Google reader, but it’s retiring this summer, so if you are new to feed readers, you may want to pick one that works on multiple devices.
    I am happy to provide some suggestions or a basic tutorial if anyone is interested. I follow @lifeingrace using feedly (http://www.feedly.com/index.html) and it only took me 5 min to set up.

    • Ami!!
      I’ve been thinking about switching to Feedly. Would you want to do a tutorial on the blog next week on how to set it up and use it? Let me know. I’d be honored!

      p.s. are you in TN yet?

  5. Congratulations Dr. Dr. Edie, you are so smart! I love all of your post, emails, tutorials, recipes, etc., so I’ signing up!
    Have a Blessed Easter!

    • Yes, I’ve got the double doctorate now?! Thank you so much, Beth, for all the LOVE!!
      Blessed Easter to you too. He is Risen!

  6. Miss Edie-I do not want to miss a single post so I signed up.
    What a blessing to be able to meet and fellowship with like minded people and support a worthy cause. I wish I was right there with you!!
    Have a blessed Easter weekend with your beautiful family!!

  7. Edie, I cant believe you were so close and I did not have a chance to attend Blissdom – so glad you graced our presence in the LONE STAR State… Wishing you a wonderful Spring.. Thanks for inspiring all of us!

    • The lone star state and I were meant for each other, Valerie!! Wish we could have met but I’m sure that won’t be my last trip to Texas!!

  8. This morning I sent in my donation to Blood: Water Mission. Thank you for challenging me this Lent season. I cannot wait to say, “He is Risen Indeed, Hallelujah!” tomorrow and church

  9. Oops! Wrong Mike! I thought you meant Mike Hamilton {one of Blood:Water’s executives}. I’m sure this Mike is a great guy, too…but he may think I’m nuts for saying how much I like his family since I don’t know ’em! Grace to me. 🙂

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