This is day 16 in a 31 day series on hospitality.   Start from the beginning here.

I ain’t gonna lie. I’ve got an unhealthy obsession with Texas.  Maybe it stems from watching too many Dallas Cowboys’ football games with my brother as a child.   Maybe it’s because I subscribe to the motto, “Go big or go home.”  Maybe it’s cowboy boots, or George W, or Todd Wilken, or Friday Night Lights.

Whatever the reasons, I pledge my unfailing love to all things Texas.


So when this wonderful group of Lutheran ladies made me part of their fellowship and invited me on a trip to Texas, I couldn’t pack my boots fast enough.  This quaint little cottage is where we made our home for 3 days.
The Big House at Cotton Gin Village
And what was so wonderful about this whole thing is that I wasn’t in charge of anything.  These amazing women invited me, sent me THE coolest pre-trip goody bag/itinerary, booked the room, arranged the food, planned the shopping, did EVERYTHING and all they asked me to do was show up.  I don’t know if I’ve ever been treated so royally in my whole life.  Sometimes this kind of serendipitous change of perspective is so timely.  I’m usually on the ‘arranging’ end of the equation.  The cooking and planning end.  The ‘figuring out the details’ end.  And what a joy to be so cared for by someone else, who’s gone to so much trouble to make sure everything is perfect.   It makes me a little verklempt just to talk about it.

And travel is not really my forte so I was a little nervous about the trip.  I don’t like leaving my girls.   Stevie’s been known to stalk me on Twitter when I’m gone.  I miss my bed.  I miss being the one who’s showing all the hospitality.  And that morning, I missed my flight.  It was a shaky start for an already anxious momma.  But when I finally got to Texas, to my girls, I knew I was home.  Kellee, Lauren, and Adriane had planned an awesome stay at home dinner with Texas brats on the grill.  We talked and laughed and drank wine and did in home pedicures.  And then talked some more and ate some more.  Then we coveted DeAnn’s new iPhone 5 and tried to resist stealing it from her!

Dinner at the Big House

The next day we had so much fun at the very eclectic shops of Fredericksburg.   Most of the shops we visited had the same security policy….

There was such a great mix of modern and antique shops—-what a little gem of a town.

And there were a lot of hats and boots for sale.  Of course.

Heather and I had so much fun shopping.  She’s the cutest pyrex hoarder you’ve ever seen.  And she tried on a Texas sized hat to match her Texas sized personality.

It was so amazing to finally meet these girls after emailing and Facebook stalking them for a year.   I hope I didn’t overwhelm them with all my squealing and ‘y’all-ing’ and hugging.   I was the only Southerner in the group but you’d never know it by the way these girls plan a trip.  They thought of everything.  Kellee (the oldest of the Dorr sisters) and Lauren did so much to help Adriane with the trip and I loved watching the sisters interact.  I WANT TO MEET THEIR PARENTS.  How do you raise girls that grow up to be women like this?  I’m on a need to know basis.  And it needs to be quick.  Mine aren’t getting any younger.

The girls included a little trip to Wildseed Farms in our itinerary.  We strolled through beautiful gardens while we talked theology and cooking and kids and husbands and boots.  You know, the regular stuff.

Wildseed Farms

We visited a local winery with our resident wine expert, Gretchen.  Have I told you how much I love and admire her?  Well, I do and I do.  See, she’s the one who pitched our story to BHG.  She is a brilliant thinker/writer/content strategist and just happened to be my roomie.  Besides being a great mom, wife,  and cook, she’s also wife to my former pastor.   As a side note, in this group, there are 3 Lutheran pastors’ wives.  And as much as I LOVE Lutheran pastors, I think I love their wives even more.

But I digress.  Back to Gretchen.

She interviewed me this week for the Better Homes story and oh my word is she good at what she does. I hope she’s makes me sound smarter than I am because I felt like a bumbling idiot in our interview trying to describe my style and why I do what I do in my home.  She is one gifted woman so I’m sure she’ll work a miracle.
Wine tasting at Messina Hof!
We took a lot of pictures which always happens when you’re traveling with bloggers.  My multitasking skills come in handy sometimes.  I’m sure I instagrammed that moment right after capturing it on 12 cameras.

Then, there was the obligatory boot photo.  Jan (who has 6 kids and home schools them and is the coolest little momma ever) has promised me that she’ll move to Bean Station so we can raise our kids together.  She lives in Denver but whatevs.  Bean Station not a mile high but it is a mile long.  Doesn’t that count for something?  Isn’t she SOOO completely adorable?  Yes, yes she is.  Jan was standing nearby when my girls texted me on Friday morning with their burning question of the day:

“How do you make biscuits and gravy?”

It makes a momma proud.

Forget Latin and Greek mythology.  These girls need to learn to make a Southern breakfast.  Now Jan keeps asking me to make her some biscuits and gravy.  Which I will be MORE than happy to do if she’ll hightail it down here.

We finally gave everyone their boots back and dressed up in our best Texas wares and drove to Luchenbach, Texas.   With Waylon and Willie and the boys.

(I couldn’t resist.)
Adriane, Kellee, Lauren, DeAnn, Gretchen, Jan, Heather and yours truly.

It was the coolest one horse town I’ve ever seen.  The sign said,   “Luckenbach, population 3. ”  And that ain’t no lie.   The town consisted of a dance hall and a bar.   We drank beer and watched the most adorable old people dance.  And that’s when I decided that Stevie and I need to retire in Texas.  We could two step every Friday night in some local dance hall and I could tease my hair and wear red lipstick.  Either that or Bean Station needs to get a dance hall.

I want to say thank you to all my new friends.  You showed the most wonderful Texas hospitality to me and I’ll be forever grateful.   I loved getting to meet you.  I loved hearing your stories.  I am changed by your love and kindness.  Your hospitality to me was such a gift.   Mwahhhhh!  I hope you’ll all visit me and let me return the favor!

Then there’s the most adorable Lutheran bachelorette of all time—-the brain child of this whole operation—whose wedding I’m now prematurely  planning on Pinterest, should you want to follow along.   It’s gonna be epic.  I’ve appointed myself the official  line dance coordinator.  I promise to be the most gracious line dance hostess of all time.

I dearly love you my friend.  And I think we both shoulda been cowboys.

And for all you folks that aren’t from the South, hurry on down!  Time’s a wastin’.

Texas forever.

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  1. Your pictures make me miss home. I was born and raised in a small Texas town, then 8 months ago my hubby and I moved to California for his job…we’re already counting the days until we move back. It’s just not the same out here and that iconic southern hospitality has a lot to do with it 🙂

    • LOVE Tim Riggins. I may just have to watch the series again!
      And you’re so sweet to say that, you make a girls’ day:)))

  2. Ahh! It was too much fun. This is a great post, you packed it all in nicely 🙂
    I’m loving my earrings, by the way! Oh, and I want to meet the Dorr parents too! I’d love it if they’d write a parenting book on how to raise great Lutherans 😉

  3. Love this! I haven’t ever met anyone else who shares my unhealthy Texas obsession (I live in Virginia but have a 3′ x 6′ Texas flag hanging in my family room!). I’m totally with you on retiring there, I’ve been receiving info from realtors for 5 years but my husband hasn’t gotten on board yet. My daughters? Oh yes. They want to go to college there, which works for me! Maybe then he will follow them there for retirement. I’m not sure what it is that draws me to Texas, but I think it is their 100% passion for their state and beliefs. Love that pride. (Oh, and the hair.)

    Looks like a fabulous trip, and what a treat to be planned for and cherished by these friends. Hospitality truly is a gift, glad you were able to be on the receiving end.

    Love this series, youre inspiring me for sure:-)

  4. Oh my goodness that seems like a fabulous time!! So much fun spending time fellowshiping with like minded believers. Texas looks like a blast.

  5. I absolutely adore Fredericksburg! You sure are a blessed gal to have such a lovely group of ladies to spend the weekend with. I’m a Texas girl born and raised, so I appreciate this post. So glad you were welcomed here. I’m new to your blog and it’s quickly become one of my must reads! Have a blessed day Edie!


  6. I have to laugh at your love for Texas because, well, my dad has always told me that Tennesseans and Texans are both very unique but very much alike! You are just proving his assertions! 🙂 When I recently visited the Alamo, (sidenote: my dad’s name is Crockett – so was his dad’s and his great-grandfather’s, and his great-great-grandfather’s and so is my son’s and I took lots of pictures of the name Crockett there) I called him from inside and told him that the displays honoring those who died defending the Alamo were divided by state and Tennessee’s was clearly the most. He said “See, Tennesseans and Texans are kindred. I told you.” And be sure your girls learn to make biscuits and gravy. My mother taught me but apparently it’s not as good as she made. 🙂 My oldest son misses his Mimi and “the best biscuits and gravy in the world.”

    • yes, i consider Texans kindred spirits—like our sister state!
      and don’t worry, biscuits and gravy is now added to the official curriculum!

  7. Yay! You met Jan!!! I adore Jan!!! And she met you!!! I adore you!!! I thought I recognized her from your photos. 🙂 Did she make cupcakes for you? I swear I gain 10 lbs every time I read her blog.

    PS I’m glad you threw in Waylon and Willie and the boys because I totally sang that in my head. Thank you for making me feel normal.

  8. What a sweet post, Edie. We were all kind of in awe that you came (I mean, c’mon. You’re a rock star.), so thank you for humoring our questions and putting up with us in general. First stop: Fredericksburg. Next stop: Redeemer, Fort Wayne, for my wedding. (Ok, don’t hold your breath for that one but, you know, keep it on your calendar.)

  9. Love the post! We do know how to do hospitality in this BIG state! I have been here since the age of 5 ( that would be 51 years), but must say, the last few years the summer heat is taking its toll!

    Would love to have you in Fort Worth someday!

  10. I live in Dallas but have family in Austin. Luchenbach and Fredericksburg NEVER get old. I love the wineries around there too. I’m glad you had a great time in Texas.
    Let me know next time your near Big D and i would love to host a dinner party for you somewhere fun in Dallas or even Ft Worth.
    Blessings, Holli

  11. What a fun recap! It was a delight to meet you and hear all your stories of meeting your Lutheran heroes. Keep up the Pinteresting for Adriane and we’ll see you again at her fabulous wedding. It IS gonna be epic.

    PS: I asked my Dad his secret to raising us girls up right and he said, “Marry the right woman. Now pass the hat for tips.” So, here’s to my Mom!

  12. Edie-

    I love your blog and funny enough I am going to Fredericksburg tomorrow with my mom and 2 sisters. It has become our annual trip and we have a blast! I was wondering if you could give me the info for the cute cabin where you stayed. Hope our trip is as fun as yours was!

  13. I’m so homesick right now! Transplant to Maui for 20 years, but love me some Hill Country – how bout them peaches? Thank you for the Texas shout out!

  14. Beautiful post! Feels like we were there with you and your sweet friends!

    So thrilled to hear that you were treated like royalty here in my homestate of Texas (Tejas – supposedly a Spanish pronunciation of an Indian word meaning “allies” or “friends)! We certainly try to do our best to show that Texas brand of hospitality every chance we get! So it makes me beam when I hear that one of my favorite bloggers experienced an unforgettable adventure here in the great State of Texas.

    I recently traveled to California for the second time in two years, and I experienced there what you experienced here. People were so warm and friendly and giving! And I was on the ocean, near the mountains, and in wine country celebrating a BIG “O” birthday.

    God certainly blesses us with great adventures when we are open and take a step of faith.

    I pray you treasure your memories of your Texas adventure for as long as I will treasure my sunny California adventure memories.

    Come back soon and often, ya’ll!

    Victoria in Texas

  15. Edie,
    I love you and so enjoyed getting to know you in Texas. So, you aren’t sharing that biscuits and gravy recipe with me until I move to Bean Station, huh? I guess I better start packing! See you soon. Make sure Stevie has me penciled in to fix my fat feet too!

  16. I so wish I had known you were coming to this great state! I’m about 15 min from DFW airport and not that far from where you girls were. 🙂 Seriously, I’m so glad ya’ll (LOL) had a wonderful trip! So much to see and do isn’t there? Great photos of beautiful women ~ thanks for sharing.


  17. what a treat to visit with these lovely girls that you met blogging!

    the world is so small, and there are soooo many wonderful people to meet!!!

    I’m so impressed that you hopped on a plane just to meet them and spend a weekend with them.

  18. I am a 5th generation Texas gal… Any of you want to come to Texas ou just let me know when ….. Show you some Texas charm and rural country roads!!!! Hugs!!! 🙂

  19. What is the name of that GREAT Texas house where you stayed? I’ve been to the area, drove over from Austin. Isn’t just wonderful!?! Great post:)

  20. My daughter (Senior at Baylor) and I are taking a Fredricksburg trip in a few weekends. Can you fill me in on some of the highlights for you – wine trip you liked, best restaurants, anything that you loved? We have three days to enjoy that part of Texas.

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