remember this sweater and vintage skirt

that I hacked up to make a dress for blissdom?

well, i didn’t finish it.

i basted it together and threw it in my suitcase

hoping to shop and find a real dress

before i got here.

i’ve been having way too much fun with all my

new/old  blog friends to shop

so i wore it anyway—

–and tweeted this picture right before we left

for the harry connick jr concert


and i ended the tweet with ‘don’t pull on it’

because this dress was literally hanging

by a thread.


to my pleasant surprise my twitter-savvy-hunk

of-a-husband, who

is currently attending a very serious church meeting

in atlanta,  tweeted me back with this:



i am still chuckling

and greatly anticipating my arrival back home.

post-edit:  my great friend patty at blessed moon, who I begged to come to blissdom with me,  is having a “i’m not at blissdom blog-hop”  where you can introduce yourself and link up, so go and introduce yourself  and link up!  see you soon with lots of blissdom pics.  i wish you all were here.

41 comments on “when your husband tweets”

  1. L*O*V*E* that you shared this story!!!

    too cute. i’ve been a follower for just a short while & just love reading your posts. one of my “real life friends” (pearls and grace) met you yesterday @ blissdom she called to give me the scoop. i gasped when she told me she met you, and then i asked “if you were wearing turquoise?” i had major blog celebrity envy going on.

    your outfit is just darling!

    have fun today.

  2. That is so cute, lucky you! Looks like you’re in for a ‘tweet’ when you get home -sorry, couldn’t resists ;O)

    The dress is adorable.

    B x

  3. Oh about time someone blogs about romance with their loved one! It’s been an entire week of stay at home moms vrs the working mom!
    Your dress is gorgeous on you, no wonder your hubby is going to give it a yank!

    PS, your kitchen is to die for!!

  4. Oh goodness, Edie! I literally LOLed, That is priceless…Husbands are great….Who says we Christian gals don’t have fun….All rumors. Marriage Rocks! Thanks for sharing…

  5. First off, I LOVE the outfit! So YOU and SO wonderful! and second, LOVE the tweet! LOL!!! Something my hubby would say! So nice that the fire is still a’burnin’ after almost 11 yrs for us! And you too! 🙂

  6. Cute post and cute outfit. I’m at the Blissdom conf. sordof. My sister is attending,(Traci at Beneath my Heart)and I’m here with her. I couldn’t get a ticket. Bummer. I think I would have loved meeting everyone!

  7. Love your blog, I just stumbled upon it a few weeks ago and I’m hooked! Love the tweets! I’ve been blessed to be married to the same hunky guy for almost 29 years; and yes, he still flirts shamelessly with me–and I love it!

  8. How funny. Sounds like something my husband would do.

    BTW…you look lovely in that dress, even if it was about to fall apart.

    Have fun. Amy

  9. i am SO laughing out loud!
    and still SO jealous!
    and OH-so grateful for another plug! {thanks!}

    {and yes, it really is 3:11 in the morning and i’m in pj’s sharing a really.scary. room with my 13yo, who is snoring and saying not so funny things in his sleep}.

    you look smashing! love it! jessica said you rocked it! and you did! can’t wait to hear all the stories!

  10. love the dress, love that you took a photo of yourself in it, love what you tweeted about it and mostly, I love what your husband responded with because it sounds so much like something mine would say!

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