January 2011

Blissdom::The Courage to be Vulnerable

by Edie Wadsworth on January 31, 2011

blissdom collage

i am overwhelmed and exhausted and inspired. blissdom was amazing. again. i’ve missed my friends so much. they are the most generous, amazing, smart, caring, compassionate, creative people i know. i am blessed to sit among them and share their stories. we laugh. we cry. we marvel at how tightly our hearts are knit together. […]


How Stella Got Her Groove Back

by Edie Wadsworth on January 25, 2011

Once upon a time there was a girl who was learning to live in grace and she settled happy into home finding her way through the broken. she held tight to things unseen and watched mercy grow new. she threw herself reckless at love and he fought brave for her. she found her way in […]


Bookclub with Amy Greene, author of Bloodroot

by Edie Wadsworth on January 23, 2011

At least four people told me about it.   “You HAVE to read this book.  You’ll love it.  It’s about growing up in Appalachia.” So when Ms. Cindy told me that the author Amy Greene was signing books at the fall festival, I felt guilty that I hadn’t read it yet. But I went to […]


the Divine Humility

by Edie Wadsworth on January 17, 2011

from Mere Christianity by C.S. Lewis We are perplexed to see misfortune falling upon decent, inoffensive, worthy people—–on capable, hard-working mothers of families or diligent, thrifty, little trades people, on those who have worked so hard, and so honestly, for their modest stock of happiness and now seem to be entering on the enjoyment of […]


It’s all just stuff?

by Edie Wadsworth on January 14, 2011

How many times have I rehearsed the words over in my head these last few weeks? “It’s just stuff. It can all be replaced. Thank God we’re all okay. Forget about the stuff.” I’ve said it a thousand times if I’ve said it once. And I know it’s true. I know it is. And really, […]


You are Mine

by Edie Wadsworth on January 9, 2011

**edited to add—this is one of the best sermons I’ve ever heard on baptism, from my pastor Paul Bushur. Two months ago, Susan and I and the girls were making necklaces for my ’12 Days’ series.   I knew right away what I wanted mine to say.  I called my friend Kim, who had recently […]

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Turquoise Hope

by Edie Wadsworth on January 6, 2011


It’s 3 in the morning and you wonderful people have been my company tonight.   I’m so humbled and blessed by your giving. For so many days and in so many ways you have wrapped me in loving words and prayers and given me a beautiful ray of hope. This birthday party may be my […]

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For Edie, with love

by darcy on January 4, 2011

During the quiet hours of morning, there is a renegade group of blogging women who are breaking into this Life in Grace. We come, not to steal, but to shower with blessing. And we cross our fingers and toes that sweet Edie doesn’t balk too much at us sneaking in without permission. It’s been two […]

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