First, let me remind you that in honor of real marriage (or Valentine’s Day?) and my friend, Melanie’s, book on marriage, we’re linking up our funny or tender (or anything in between) marriage stories on Monday, here on the blog.  I can’t wait to tell you mine.  I’m writing about the time I asked Stevie for more emotional support.  You don’t wanna miss it. I want to see you there! If you have trouble thinking of something to write, just do a list like this—so much fun!


Another thank you to all who supported the Instagram Sale for Taylor’s mission trip. He looks like he may have found his calling!  I’m so jealous I’m not there, but at least my almost twin sister is there to document all the preciousness!


photo via Nester

I had the privilege of attending a writer’s workshop yesterday with my friend, Patty.  (Also? Taught by Amy Greene, so I was in heaven!) We spent the day together learning, chatting about blogs and life, and enjoying the fellowship of kindred spirits. I’m so thankful for her and so blessed that she’s lives right down the lake! Also? This quote on her blog makes my week!


I love this printable and am thinking of printing it, framing it, and adding it to my spring mantel!

Miracles Printables

Darlene did an awesome little post on 5 free things you can do now to create a gorgeous room!  She used a photo of my guest room.  So thankful! (It was from our BHG shoot!)


I love this post from Nester last Valentine’s Day on a few easy, awesome crafties! Also? I must make David a heart-shaped  eyepatch.  Amen.


My precious friend, Sibi, wrote a post on the New Church Lady went viral like nobody’s business.  I can see why.  She’s a doll.


photo via

My most visited post this week?  This one from last year where I give tips on dressing yourself in your 30’s and 40’s.  You can ignore as much of it as you want, but please do two things for me.  1.  Try the $12 tank top that I wear EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. of my life.   2.  Watch the Sally O’Malley video.


Last thing! My friend, Tsh,  has a new book out called Notes From a Blue Bike.  I’m reading it now and it’s delightful.  She talks about living a slower, more deliberate life and I couldn’t agree more.  I just finished the section on food, which of course, I adored.  Love people and cook them tasty food!


This book trailer will convince you that this book’s for you!

Happy weekend!

10 comments on “Weekend Grace”

  1. I’m looking forward to that book too. The phrase you mentioned – Love people and cook them tasty food – is a slogan that Penzey’s uses. If you have never heard of Penzeys, you must look them up, they are a wonderful spice company run by lovely people. Thanks for all the inspiration I get from your blog!

  2. Great post, Edie. Thank you! I just ordered two tanks, the book and skipped on over to Pearls and Grace.

    Thank you so much!

  3. Edie~
    This weekend wrap-up brought a smile to my face. I reviewed your “Dressing Over 40” post in depth and think we have similar styles, plus we are the same age. I agree 1000% about the Empire waist dress. I mean if you have to ask your 11-year old if the dress makes you look pregnant…

    I can’t live without my Hudson jeans and Frye boots. I stock up every July during the Nordies 1/2 yearly sale (my Banker husband cannot dispute the obvious savings of this sale). I workout hard to wear what I want but realize some styles are slowly slipping from view (or should!). My one recommendation is to never be without black leather – whether it’s a jegging, a flirty skirt that pairs well with black tights and booties or a peplum top. 40 is the new 30, right??!!

    I enjoy your writing and thoughtfulness. Very good content. Happy new week ahead.

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