I answered a few questions today over at Emily’s blog. Like, “What does summertime mean at your house?” and “What do you collect?” and “What’s your favorite vacation spot?” and she’s giving away my favorite summer accessory.  I’ll post a little snippet here and then you can hop over to her blog to read the rest!  Also?  You should follow her and subscribe to her monthly newsletter.  I highly recommend.

 What I like to collect:: Books


I may need a books anonymous program, in fact.  I have been a book worm since I can remember.  I love classics and I love a good novel. I just finished Stephen King’s book On Writing: 10th Anniversary Edition: A Memoir of the Craft,  a little book by Henri Nouwen called In the Name of Jesus: Reflections on Christian Leadership, and Resident Aliens: A Provocative Christian Assessment of Culture and Ministry for People Who Know that Something is Wrong by Stanley Hauerwas. I’m half way through Home: A Novel by Marilynne Robinson and Light in August (The Corrected Text) by William Faulkner.  I  just ordered  Beloved (Everyman’s Library) by Toni Morrison and hope to finish The Divine Comedy this summer.  There is something magical to me about reading.  I love language and love to read the best writers, who were nothing if not masters with words.

Hoarder of books.  That’s what I am.

What are you hoarding reading this summer?

Best Vacation Spot::Bean Station

My screened in porch.  I cannot tell a lie.


I sit here first thing in the mornings, to drink my coffee and collect my thoughts.  This is where I wrestle with God and learn to live in His love.  This is where I think about Diana and Julissa and how such a small sacrifice can mean so much.  This is where the manna falls, if I have the patience to wait.  Often, I don’t.  But this porch is teaching me to sit, to be silent, to come to the world like a child—with wonder and delight and lots of questions.  This little mini vacation on the porch each morning can set the day aright.

And my favorite summer accessory that Emily is giving away on her blog today?  A straw cowboy hat!

Because everything’s better in a cowboy hat.  Amen and amen.

Visit Emily’s blog to read the rest of my answers and to enter her giveaway!
And I hope to be back to regular posting soon!!

15 comments on “I’m at Emily’s place”

  1. Isn’t it so true of our homes, when we make them a haven that they can be just as, if not more relaxing that a vacation? I feel that way too! I live in the mountains only a couple of hours away from Bean Station and many people here spend weekends at the lake. 🙂

  2. Hi, Edie! I saw you at Emily’s today but wanted to tell you that you were already a favorite of mine. My husband finds it amusing that I refer to you and a couple of other bloggers by first name (as if y’all are my real life friends) when I report something interesting I read. Sometimes he teases me by saying, “did we get this idea/recipe/song from Edie?” (You are famous with him for Honey Garlic pizza). Anyway, now I can’t WAIT to tell him that you read Hauerwas! He was our favorite professor in Div school. Thank you for sharing your life and being a household name with us;)

  3. Well…bummer…my interview is going to follow yours! What a beautiful interview and home. Your blog is always so refreshing and the beauty extends beyond your stunning decor. Thank you for what you invest in this space!

  4. If I had your lakehouse I’d never leave either. You and Patty have the life!! Maybe Kimball will end up in TN for Dental school or open a practice there….that would be so dreamy. 🙂 Love books too, I’m still torn. I heart my Kindle in such a major way, but I love having the real thing lining my shelves. Electronic reading is just so fab with the highlighting and reading in the dark. BTW, would love it if you started a book club for college dropouts like myself. 🙂 You know, a little less hard core!! 🙂

  5. I tried to read Faulkner many years ago. I could not. Maybe I just wasn’t ready. Since you inspired and encouraged us (your book club friends) to read The Odyssey I am ready to move forward. Can you recommend a good starting place for reading Faulkner?
    I too love my home Edie. I do not live on a lake, but we are blessed with lovely rivers and creeks within miles of our home. My husband and I went kayaking yesterday and it was divine!
    It really is all about gratitude, isn’t it!
    God bless you and yours Edie! 🙂

  6. I’m a book collector, too. Love the classics or any great writing. I’ve often heard it said that you should read the kind of books you wish you could write. Off to read the rest of your answers. Happy summer!

  7. Dear Edie, I am so glad you are a book hoarder! I just wanted to share how much I respect you. Love your blog, sincerely, Trix Meinhardt,

  8. I love to read too! I can easily get lost in a book, no matter what goes on around me. This is not always a good thing, hence dishes in my sink and dirty laundry in my basket. I just read “Whittington and the Cat” to my girls over breakfast. For myself this summer, I have been reading “Anna Karenina” and “The Peacemaker”.

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