Jeanne interviewed me as part of her Creativity Takes Courage series. She interviewed Melody Ross last month and now I’m in love with both of them! You’ll need to sign in to her site to view the video.

Emily just finished her 3rd book, A Million Little Ways. You can preorder here!

Jon Acuff’s new book, Start, will be out soon. He’s so talented and funny and you should follow him on Instagram and Twitter. He’s gonna be at Blissdom and I can’t wait to hear him speak again.

Speaking of Blissdom, I’m rooming with Ruth, Heather, and Darlene.  HOLLA!!!  Darlene has been digging around in my archives and found a 4 year old post, where I give a very sketchy make-up tutorial, with the brilliant help of Savannah.  Turns out, I still use all those products.  I’m thinking about updating it to include a few of my new items but I still stand behind my recommendations.  And I still wear too much make-up.


And speaking of Ruth, she and I have become accountability partners for each other in our writing endeavors. This week our conversation went something like this:
Me: “Everything I try to say has been said before, but better. I suck.  I find this to be a difficult task.  I’ll never write a decent book. I’m sure I’ll get the hang of it.
Her: “Quit being so hard on yourself. Just put in the time and write and don’t overanalyze it. Your book will be awesome.”

Last week, the conversation was exactly the same, except swap the names.

I procrastinated my writing last week by cleaning out my closet. She procrastinated by starting a new series on her blog.
You should totally join up next week for Thrifty Thursday. Let’s all happily procrastinate at Ruth’s place!!

Tsh and EVERYONE ELSE I follow on Instagram (okay, not everyone!) is doing the Whole30 eating plan.  She wrote about it here and it’s very inspiring.  I thought about it for 15 seconds. I really should do it but it’s so hard core.  And though I’ve always loved and admired her from, now I’m completely obsessed with all her podcasts.  Check it out.  But don’t go paleo because then, literally everyone I’m following will be feeling amazing.   And then there I’ll be.  I’m such a huge podcasting fan and I would love to try my hand (er, my voice) at it.  That would be another good way to procrastinate writing, yes?

And then there’s Shaun Groves.  LOVE him.  He has Daddy Day with his kids, when he’s not traveling around singing.  They recently made these book marks from this website.  I know, ADORABLE.

Okay, I’m off for a run and praying the shin splint monster doesn’t rear its ugly head!

Hope your weekend is full of sunshine!!


16 comments on “Links to Love”

  1. Edie,
    I think you have more energy than anyone I know!

    The big family, home schooling, running, and writing…24 hours must not be enough for you.

    I was reading everything in this blog post and something jumped out at me when you Ruth were talking to each other. It is the way you are talking about how “I suck. I’ll never write a decent book”!

    I believe that when we say I _____ that is what happens!

    I am changing my ways of thinking because in the PAST, I would be one to say things in this negative manner. I started to think before speaking negatives about myself and turn the sentence around to the positive.

    It takes practice.

    Lots of practice

    By the way, you are fabulous and you will write a great book!

    And I bet Ruth is too!

    • yeah, i know, Beverly, you’re so right! it’s been a rough week. i’ve slightly amended my words, in your honor :))
      thanks for the encouragement!

  2. Dear sweet Edie- I so wish I could be at Blissdom. It would be so much fun!!! I don’t know if this New England girl could ever fit in in Texas but I would sure try. First thing would be purchasing authentic Texan cowboy boots. Should have made Blissdom my #1 birthday wish on Thursday. This girl could sure use some cheering up. But the reality is this trip is so not in the budget this year and it’s probably all sold out. Enjoy the trip!! Can’t wait to hear all about it.
    You definitely do not suck as a writer.I I read and reread so many of your posts because they resonate with something deep in my soul. I so look forward to your book once it’s completed. You know in your heart what you needto say and god will use those words to bless so many of us.
    I love the idea of Thrifty Thursday with Ruth.
    Would love to hear your podcasts. Your interview with Jeanne was awesome!
    Have an awesome weekend.
    Hugs :))

  3. Love your writing. it is so infused with love and caring. You just go girl! Congrats on the jog! Prayers. (Edie, it seems the more we grow the humbler we become. Do Not confuse humility with inability. You shine.)

  4. You are such fun…I went back to the makeup video…loved it .My daughter uses MAC, maybe I’ll be cool and try it too. I remember reading somewhere years ago that women usually stick with the first makeup they use as teens and I have to admit I still love my Mabelline mascara.
    I know your book will be amazing. I agree with Beverly, you have more energy than anyone I know and you do wonderful things with it. Best of all you inspire all of us with your lovely words and humble soul.

  5. I cannot wait to see the interview with Jeanne! I found you as a result of a post Jeanne did last July about why I won’t be reading 50 shades of grey- (I didn’t even know what it was about at that moment) however, I clicked on it and that led me to you you Edie. And honestly, I never signed up for Jeanne’s site but statred following you right away- You shared a post about losing weight with something liquid? I forgot the name of it. I shared at the time about the Whole9 and the Whole 30. I did the Whole 30 TOTALLY for 144 days. I began last August.
    All I can tell you is it has changed my life and my relationship with food completely. After thinking, intermittently, am I going insane, yes, no, wait, yes, I think I am! To and WHO goes without even honey for goodness sake, am I really doing this???? I have to share that I had a break through at 3 1/2 weeks that was nothing short of a spiritual experience to say the least- The clairity that came through was unbelievable. It was like REALLY seeing for the first time in color.
    On the 39th night I slept like I have never remembered sleeping in my life, EVER! I began to think about Jesus and His 40 days and 40 nights… a lot of different things coming into focus like never before…
    Edie, I am way ahead of a lot of your followers and readers. I just celebrated my 56th birthday the end of February. I don’t think I have ever been in this good a place ever- If I could ever encourage anyone to do anything, it would be the Whole30. Just DO IT for 30 days. TOTALLY. I guarantee you will be amazed…After the first 30 days I felt to good to add anything bad back into my diet. The breakthroughs that kept coming were unbelievable- Each one better than the one before. I did not keep a journal but I wish I had. I could go on & on about all the benefits. I started to incorporate Kettlebell training and that is another huge plus in my life too.
    I am SO GLAD you mentioned the Whole9 & Whole30- It works. It really does-
    Thank you for all you share-
    And Jeanne, I had to sign up for you to get to Edie’s interview 🙂
    I await your approval 🙂
    Fifty Six & Fantastic 🙂
    Lafayette, LA.

  6. It is impossible for me to identify a “favorite” post of yours, Edie. But, maybe, aside from your heart altering soul searing type entries, more than recipes and decorating posts (which I devour) these posts with snippets of interest and life draw me in.
    Now, I’ve been following you foreveh…yes, since the beginning. And I t-o-t-a-l-l-y remember the make-up tutorial. I remember thinking (in my barefaced fashion), “I could do some of that”, and I do! It’s been important as age has highlighted the physical parts of me that are alternately most beautiful, and perhaps culturally the most misunderstood.
    Now regarding the Paleo approach to eating…(and yes, Julia from Lafayette, I believe everything you wrote) I just don’t think that’s the path our family is headed toward. So, I’ll be your partner in butter forever…at least until something changes, because you know, something always changes.
    And, oh, my writer friend, I so get it. I’m well behind you in hours logged at the art and soul rending practice of putting life to words, but the burning insecurity, heights of passion, depths of “wordlessness” are not unknown to me. We must keep at it, yes? Perhaps it has all been said before, but ((you)) were made for such a time as this, and it is your voice that sets your art apart – not the content. (just to clarify-the content always rocks my world, so believe me and others when we say you’re in a sweet spot)
    Gracious – so many words – ahem. As usual.
    For now, dear one, rest- get well. Carry on. Be rejuvenated at Blissdom. Keep reading (when your eyeballs can focus again), eat, run, educate, decorate, love and write knowing that we (I) are so glad you share the journey.
    P.S. You and Jeanne are too adorable and fun to listen to for words 🙂

  7. I actually use most of the products from that makeup tutorial! I love that post, even if it was from a few years ago.
    One request, though — I was surprised to see your comment “I know I look retarded” under one of the pictures. That is such an offensive word. I know you have a gracious heart and didn’t mean it like that. But I just cringe when I hear people use it like that.
    Love your blog, love your style 🙂

  8. Edie, you constantly introduce me to new fun people and ideas that I would otherwise never know about. The boys and I made the bookmarks yesterday, and we’re having a very Pinterest spring break thanks to your Shaun Grove’s Pinterest link. Thank you for an inpsired spring break!

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