1.  I don’t know about you but I’m gonna be holed up all weekend working on a writing project that’s due Monday.  More on that later.

2.  I love winter weekends, where hunkering down and reading and writing and baking are not only allowed but encouraged.  And ? Happy Love Month!  Although, I always hate to see January go.

3.  I have a date with my sister tonight, for dinner and laughing and a CABi party with friends.  I love sister dates.  They’re the best.

4.  I’m going to Blissdom again.  You knew I’d follow Alli to Texas, didn’t  you?  Ruth made me do it.  And Heather, too.  I can’t wait.    The Blissdom team was so kind to  to take down my “Blissdom is amazing’ quote and put it right up on their website.  You should totally try to get there.  I’ll hug on you and feed you something with buttercream.

5.  I’m slowly rehab-ing my leg.  Which means I’ve been back to the gym.  ON THE DREADMILL.  (read curses and huffing and sighing).  I don’t like the gym.  I like to run outside.  Soon enough, I guess.

6.  I loved all your link-ups this week.  I’m slowly making it through them but Monday’s deadline has me all in knots.  Thanks for joining the party!  Check them out if you haven’t yet.

7.  I’m listing my ebook with an affiliate site next week, which means if you’d like to be an affiliate, you can list it on your sidebar!   That also means that getting both the pdf and the epub version for $5 will probably only last through the weekend.  You can purchase here!

8.  I was supposed to post my daily schedule this week.  Looks like that won’t be happening.  I’m working on it, though.

9.  Do y’all know Myra from My Blessed Life.  Preciousness, I tell you.  Visit her blog and plan to stay a while.  I happen to adore her.

10. My espresso machine is temporarily out of service.  Which means I’m temporarily out of service.  Just thought you should know.

11. In my ebook, I posted about the tank top of all tank tops, Sugar Lips.  ( Sugar Lips Seamless Rib Tank Top 409, Black, One size fits most.)  Of all the things I talked about in that ebook, y’all have been emailing me like crazy about them.   I know, there’s nothing quite like just the right tank top.    It’s all JamieKnoxville’s fault.  But this is one addiction you need.   Never buy another kind of tank top ever again.  They’re one size fits all.  They’re fitted and clingy and the best undergarment I’ve ever owned.  You can thank me later.

12. While you’re thinking about stuff you need, check back this weekend for a great Valentine’s Day giveaway from my very favorite jewelry maker!

13. I’m so behind on the Aeneid.  What else is new, right?  I hope you’re behind too.  Then, I don’t feel so bad.

14.  Did y’all see Melissa’s new kitchen. Oh, my is it beautiful!!!  I LOVE IT.  Great job, Melissa!

 See y’all this weekend for the giveaway.  What are your weekend plans?

Well, let me suggest some Stubborn Love to get you started!


16 comments on “Happy Love Month”

  1. Sounds like you are one busy bee, as usual! I’ve had a few people ask about your ebook. I’m so glad it’s going so well. Blissdom. Maybe one day.

    The love month. It’s my daughter’s birthday month. Yes, I said month. She was born February 15th and has always claimed Valentine’s and the whole month as hers. (She does share with her little brother on his 20th birthday – and I had strict orders when pregnant with him not to have him ON her 13th birthday. Glad it worked out for her. ;))

    I’m still working on something. I’m sllllooooowwww, I tell ya.
    Happy weekend!

  2. #5 I needed to read this. Again, I don’t revel in your injury but it gives me great comfort to know I’m not alone.

    Achilles tendonitis in both legs since May 5th of last year. Running sidelined for months and months as my body got fluffier and fluffier. As I was just regaining speed, BOOM, I fell down my stairs and have been put on strict orders to not run/jump/bounce for 2+ weeks and then more xrays. Dang aging body.

    While I really miss running, I am weary of hurting physically and almost fear beginning again once the doctor gives the OK.

    Not alone, right?

  3. Found your house shown in Better Homes and Gardens. I usually don’t subscribe to that but had a free sample. You house is bold and daring. I like the open kitchen. I have been a commercial interior designer for over 30 years and have worked in places like Paris, Japan and Hong Kong and done hotels in Vegas and high end spas to million dollar homes but what I always like is boldness in design. Not being afraid to live in an environment that expresses your quirky personality. A home is you in 3-D;sometimes is the messy you and sometimes is the perfectionist.

  4. Can you imagine I haven’t gotten to the “tank top” yet? LOL! It’s been a crazy weekend and I plan on sitting with your ebook tomorrow with a BIG ole cup of coffee and reading it all! I have a feeling I will need to order it….. 🙂
    I’d love to be an affiliate for your ebook! I just am not sure how to get you in my sidebar…… stand alone page? I am learning….. really, I am! 😉

  5. Weekends are for writing, reading and baking….I’m baking up some banana bread with a few butterscotch chips thrown in there too – super-yum:) I have been a fan of Lisa Leonard for a long time – love everything about her. If I had to chose just one favorite piece, I can’t because I love them all. So I closed my eyes and played pin my finger on her website and landed on the ‘sterling captured heart necklace’. I just might have to gift myself for valentine’s day if cupid doesn’t come through – happy writing this weekend!!

  6. Good luck with the writing and I can’t wait to hear about it.
    Winter weekends are great for hunkering down but I had to be out and running errands today.
    Have fun on your sister date.
    Wish I could go to Blissdom. Any room in your suit case?
    Love your ebook. I read it & reread it.
    Good luck with the rehab. I haven’t been able to run for so long because of my knees,especially after my injury.
    Can’t wait to see your schedule.
    I am incredibly behind on the Aenid.
    Gorgeous kitchen
    Now I need to go read Myra’s blog.
    Loved the linky and had so much fun reading the other posts.
    Awesome giveaway.
    :((! No espresso=no ambition. Love some coffee.

  7. Thank Goodness you’re behind on the the Aeneid…I was getting all kinds of stressy about finishing and getting pulled away from my reading time for farm stuff. Have made my way through Penelope Lively’s version, In Search of Homeland: The Story of the Aeneid. Whenever there’s a junior lit. version I make sure that’s around for my littles (among whom are some avid readers), so we read the classics with one another in this “easy” knowledge phase. When I’m in a pinch, or need a boost, I use those resources – and it gets me into the story and with the kids.

    Of the different writing, blogging, entrepreneurial, personal development events offered in a year, is Blissdom the “most worth it” ? I’ve never really considered going, but I write more and more these days…

    Loving the wonderful flourishing season you’re in with projects and opportunities cluttering your kitchen table, enlarging your mind, and increasing your influence.

    So many little juicy tidbits to respond to in this post.
    I’ll end with just one more thing –

    Technical question- I’ve suddenly stopped getting email notifications when you post…? Checked that I’m subscribed, and you betcha bottom dollar, I am!


  8. Hi Edie! I just bought your ebook, but when I try to open the download, I get a msg. that says: The document “31 DAYS EBOOK.epub” could not be opened.
    Help! What am I doing wrong? I have my cup of coffee ready and a fire in the fireplace…. I just need the ebook to make my Saturday night complete!!!

  9. Oh, loved that song! Haven’t heard of them before, so thank you for the introduction!
    Also behind on The Aeneid – so glad you are too 🙂
    I haven’t been receiving your posts via email. I thought you had just gone real quiet…a break from the ebook stress, but then when I came to your site tonight to link your baking station to my blog, I saw you had in fact been busy! Should I resubscribe? Don’t want to miss out…I was starting to have withdrawal symptoms! LOL!

  10. Of all this rich and textured activity you’ve shared here, Edie, #10 stands out and pains me. I’ll light a candle for your espresso machine and trust that you are looking forward to brighter days. xoxo ~marie

  11. Can I just tell you again how much I love your ebook:0) It is filled with so many wonderful tidbits of information.. I may or may not have printed it, made a special binder for it and put post it notes everywhere for reminders and things to come back to.. I LOVE it all! So far the tank tops are a HUGE hit for me, I am tall though, so they have them in a 409p misses fit, they are 3″ longer than the other.. Just a little help for the tall ladies.. Also, both of your diffusers are a MUST GO GET NOW!!! Amazing smells in my house right now.. Thanks for sharing all of this, it is such a joy!!

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