How was your weekend?  Don’t you just love holiday weekends?  I LOVE them.  The post holiday games and food and football and lazing around.  It doesn’t get much better.  I even did a little crocheting.

Hope yours was dandy, too.

You are so very special to me.  The fact that you meet me here, week after week, through thick and thin, is nothing short of a miracle to me.

Thank you, dear friends.  You are a lifeline to me.   Really.  You are.  I adore you.

I love you so much that I made you a pie.

Then a bunch of people I’m related to ate it.
So, I thought I’d give you some internet love instead.  I’m also working on a long post of our Thanksgiving pics and hope to share it soon.
1.  I wrote a (long) article about my journey to Lutheranism. A lot of you have asked me over the years about it and I finally put paper to pen, so to speak.  You can get it from Issues, Etc by clicking the big red button on their main page and  subscribing to their journal.   Since the winter journal was already sent out, you may have to email them and ask them for a copy of it.  Let me know if you have trouble and I’ll get it to you!

2.  Speaking of Issues, Etc.——I LOVE the show.    It’s a christian internet radio talk show that covers topics from theology to current events to current trends in American christianity.  They interview the best guests and cover the most relevant topics.  They just did a 24 hour broadcast  on the main tenets of christianity as  a thank you to their listeners and I’m SO enjoying catching up on it.   This podcast on law and gospel by Pastor Bill Cwirla is nothing short of amazing.  Please give it a listen.  And then listen to anything Jeremy Rhode has to say, especially his series on “The Gospel for Former Evangelicals.”   This show is an unbelievable resource for christians and such a powerful witness to any who are interested in the faith.   Steve and I have long been committed to supporting the show with our money and prayers and hope you’ll find in them  a valuable resource for your faith struggle.

3.  I finally updated book club.   I’m so behind and will not finish Plato by next week.  Since we’re reading Julius Caesar for December and it’s relatively short, I’m gonna keep reading Plato through part of December and save Julius Caesar for Christmas break.  If you’re behind and drowning in chores and to-do lists like me, never fear.  We’ll get there.  Just keep reading!  The intro to Plato post is up!

4.  The first Sunday in Advent is next week.  In preparation, I’ve been busy gathering my supplies.  If you’ve never done an Advent devotional/calendar, you should do it this year.  It will make Christmas all the more meaningful when you’ve anticipated the coming of His birth with your family.   I’ve used many different resources/devotionals but this year, we’re using Dietrich Bonhoeffer’s book called God is in the Manger.   Bonhoeffer writes about the faith with a deep, richness that is unparalleled.    Steve and I both read Bonhoeffer’s biography by Eric Metaxes  this year and we’re both completely enamored by his writing in Life Together.  I ordered his Advent book through Amazon and it should be here this week.

I can’t wait to start our nightly Advent readings.   I also like this book which has specific readings for lighting the candles.

You can order Advent Candle Set  and even  a Advent Candle Set which includes the wreath.  I just use individual candle holders and arrange them in a circle and then add fresh green to the base.   Ann Voskamp has an awesome Advent resource that we’ve used before too.  And who doesn’t love Ann?

5.  Your comments on this post were life-giving to me.  Did I mention that I adore you?  I’ve been doing a lot of work on the ‘back end’ of my blog lately—fixing broken links, making sure the content is easy to find, and in general making this place an easy place to visit and navigate and find encouragement.  Your suggestions are welcome.  Can you find what you need when you need it?   I’m also working on my 31 days ebook.  I hope to release it mid December.  It’s been ALOT of work.  ALOT of work.  But I hope it’ll be a good resource for you to use and to share with friends.

6.  I’ve been pinning a lot lately, in anticipation of  decorating for Christmas.    Do you pin?  It’s like internet crack.  Don’t do it.  I go in phases.  I pin like crazy for an hour and then I don’t pin for a week. My favorite photo from last Christmas was this one.  That’s what I want more of this Christmas.   Lingering long by the lights.  By the Light.


I’m planning on making a lot of handmade gifts with my girls, doing a lot of reading and crafting and using more natural decor.  I want an old fashioned Christmas.   I want to slow time down.  I want to work puzzles and knit and crochet.  I want to see plays and listen to Handel’s Messiah.   I want to make memories that don’t involve shopping malls.    I want to do less and be more.    Shall we start a revolution?!  I think we shall.



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  1. I’ve had a heavy heart lately myself about wanting an Old Fashioned Sort of Christmas too. I want to make the most of this holiday season by creating memories with my family and not focus on what society and the media seem to push down our throats of what Christmas is. I think I’m going to do an Advent Calender this year for the first time. As each year passes of my adult life I want to savor and soak in each and every thing I can from the holidays. I look forward to your posts throughout this season.

  2. We love you. And I loved, loved, loved the article for Issues! It is so close to my own story. It does my soul good to know that there is another former-Evangelical-turned-Lutheran- Tennessean-classically-educating-homeschool mamma out there. It makes the journey feel less lonely 😉

  3. Happy holidays to you, lovely woman! The revolutions you ignited last winter have been moving and growing all year long, and I too am really excited to give our family a more meaningful, less apologetic Christmas season 2012.
    I had to skip the November book club but picked up Julius Caesar this weekend and plan to join for that. Wishing you weather that encourages all of your wonderful, cozy plans! Thank you for the pie! xo

  4. A pastor recently wrote this description of Advent and I absolutely love it.
    “Advent is like the person you’ve sat through a very long meeting with and when the presenter asks “Are there any more questions,” Advent is the one person in the room who raises her hand. Everyone else is groaning to go outside, get some air, and maybe have a smoke or a drink, but not Advent: she just drones on and on and on and on. Advent raises her hand, persistently, while the rest of us—the pious or the pagan—do our very best to ignore her pestering questions and her continual foot dragging, to indulge in the often psychotic and always frenzied rush to Christmas.”

    • Love this! As a Lutheran pastor’s wife, I find my thoughts are usually on the next project or church event, and the effort of “putting on Christmas” for everyone else. I love the discipline of Advent (Lent too!) and the way it’s such an antithesis to the world’s frenzy and my own sometimes!

  5. Thank you for all the great Issues links you share.
    Pinterest is most certainly like Internet crack. I can’t get off there sometimes.
    I will definitely be joining your revolution. It is what my heart has been yearning for.
    Played scrabble and scattegories this weekend. Lots of fun.

  6. The pie looks delicious.
    Plato is killing me! but I’m soldiering on 🙂
    I was on a Pin frenzy today – oh, what did I do before Pinterest?? So looking forward to the slow down version of Christmas this year. I pinned a heap of vintage Christmas images. All my gift shopping has been done (except for a few handmade treasures) and I didn’t even go near a mall 😉
    Nights by the fire, carols, reading, laughing, praying, hot chocolate, tickles and cuddles with my sweet little girls…these are the things on my Christmas wish list.
    Love your blog – you are truly a guiding light.

  7. And this is why I love you so. Your example has me slowing down, enjoying the moment and loving every single one this season.

    I subscribed to 40 Day Journey with Dietrich Bonhoeffer through Bible Gateway. I’m loving the devotionals they send each morning. Today, Day 18, starts with this quote: The word of cheap grace has ruined more Christians than any commandment about works…

  8. I couldn’t agree more about slowing down and focusing on the real meaning of Christmas. I think what I love most about doing all my shopping online is that it allows me to stay home more rather than rush around in the crowds and craziness. I think we’ll do the candle thing this year. I want to celebrate other religions traditions and teach them to my kids. I’m also planning on doing lots of crafting, have been pinning too. I already have my first felt wreath done…love it. Sophia and I went to our second annual Nutcracker and all of us made gingerbread houses on Saturday. I’d say we’re off to a good start.

    I have been finding broken links on your site, from now on I’ll tell you when I find them. I just tried clicking on ‘You Are Mine’ post from the Linkwithin button under this post and it was broken.

    Have a fab day. XO, Jess

  9. Oh Edie! Once again you have touched my heart! If I could just hold your hand every day! I must be the only one who could not get the copy of your article. Would it be possible to email it to me?

    I too long for a Christmas when it is just a out the people and not about the gifts! Help!

  10. Edie, I am so thankful for you and your wonderful blog! I do hope that we can meet sometime for coffee when I am travelling through your area! (We met at The Pearl Event.)

    My husband and I are longing for a Christmas that is more Christ- and family-centered than consumer-centered. We are longing for life that is that way. I am currently reading the book you recommended about margin and am enjoying it so much.

    It’s been a long time since we’ve done the Advent wreath, but what a terrific suggestion! Thanks again for sharing.

  11. I am a now-single mom going through a divorce with a 2 girls, 12 & 15. This Christmas brings about many “new” things for our family. One new tradition will be one that a friend just shared with me recently… Each girl will receive three gifts. (That has not typically been our custom before). As my friend explained, Jesus received three gifts; why therefore should my children need any more than Jesus received? A humbling and yet oddly comforting new tradition to add this year. Thank you for the reminder of Advent – I am grateful to have a week to prepare making that a highlight. 🙂

  12. Just found you via the Issues article, which I could almost have written myself! Well, except that my husband was a lapsed Episcopalian, and we live in New England. But I was raised in the Bible Belt South and was, like you, dragged kicking and screaming into confessional Lutheranism. We’re a homeschooling family too, and I am very excited to find your blog!

  13. Edie~
    Have you heard of Advent Conspiracy? It is just the revolution you are talking about! This is our 5th Christmas celebrating this way and it has transformed us as a family and church. Check it out at
    Worship Fully | Spend Less | Give More | Love All

    • Hi Edie. I am still with you girl! I am lagging behind……still working on this and that but………still with you!!!!! Loving your blog and loving the way you live! 🙂 You inspire me! 🙂

  14. If you are interested in experiencing Handel’s Messiah in concert, come to Historic Church Circle in Kingsport, TN on Sunday, December 9. In what promises to be an incredible event, the combined choirs of First Baptist Church, First Broad Street UMC, First Presbyterian Church and Holy Trinity Luteran Church — with Guest Conductor Dr. Thomas Jenrette (from ETSU) — will perform Handel’s Messiah twice that day — 3:00 and 6:00 p.m. — at First Baptist Church Sanctuary (suggest arrival 30 minutes in advance). Admission is free. Interfaith Hospitality Network of Greater Kingsport will be the very grateful recipient of a “love offering” taken during the concerts, supporting their mission of providing temporary shelter to homeless families with minor children. Additional information can be found at

  15. We have always tried to keep Christmas as simple, non-commercial and heart felt as possible. It makes me sad to see it become such a “shop till you drop” time of year. I remember reading Little House on the Prairie to my 3 children years ago and how touched they were that Mary and Laura were thrilled with a penny and peppermint in their stocking. My children are all grown and have blessed us with 6 grandchildren, we try to make presents for them with mixed results. The toy we spent hours laboring over is sometimes not as exciting as the glittering Barbie, but that is OK. We know that eventually the efforts we make will be appreciated and that they will know that our love for them is real and deep and better than “shiny”….I love your words and thoughts and always look forward to reading your blog.

  16. We have been celebrating Advent for the past four years using Ann’s resource and Advent must hold some of my most precious memories of each year. After dinner and when most of the kitchen is tidy, we turn out all the lights and read our scriptures and devotions by candlelight (and flashlights – for safety). I made a simple burlap Advent garland for the mantle that has each day’s scripture and a few tiny treats tucked in each one. Also, this past summer, I read The Story of the Trapp Family Singers by Maria Augusta Trapp. Beautiful story and I was delighted to read an entire chapter sharing her beautiful Advent family activities and celebrations complete with a wagon wheel advent wreath that was hung in the children’s nursery and so many other beautiful Austrian traditions of faith. I thought your girls and you would really enjoy this read if you have not already discovered it. . . . And thank you for your encouragement in homeschooling, faith and life learning during these precious years with our children~

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