I’m in Texas with my girlfriends and on the agenda today is:
visit a field full of wildflowers
go antiquing with a bunch of pyrex hoarders
visit a couple local wineries
tease my hair, put on the boots and big belt and go to Luchenbach dance hall.
As a result of all this Texas fun, I won’t be posting about the Odyssey until Sunday.
Love y’all!
God bless Texas.

And God bless Mumford and Sons. Their new CD is rocking my world.

Just for fun, can you guess which boots are mine?

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  1. not sure what part of texas you are visiting, but i hope you get a chance to go to round top this weekend. there are fields of antiques as far as the eyes can see! i’ll be our there on sunday (tomorrow it is expected to rain). ~ becky

  2. Welcome to Texas! You must be in Fredericksburg. Enjoy the beautiful Texas Hill Country and buy yourself a new pair of cowboy boots. My guess…the black ones with the crosses!

  3. Good! Because, I am so far behind with the Odyssey!
    I have never been to Texas. But I fell in love with the place when our son went to college there for one year on a baseball scholarship. At Christmastime, he came home and taught me the two step in our kitchen. While we were dancing he said. “In Texas, every Momma teaches her son to ” two step” in the her kitchen.” Melted my heart. The people in that state are dear and fun!
    Speaking of fun…Have lot’s of it while you are there!

  4. Well, this is not an easy thing to guess. I can certainly see you in all of those boots. I have two guesses-the tall black boots on the right or the second brown pair with cream design on the left. My son and I both love Mumford & Son. He thinks you’re awesome for just that reason alone.
    Hope you’re having the time of your life in Texas.

  5. Welcome from Dallas! Oh you are going to have SOME fun girl! I think the short light colored boots are yours. I have red and black ones that are my favorite. If your gonna wear them they might as well shout! “Look at me pardner!”

  6. Well-I just had to be different and not pick the cross ones and I was wrong.
    Finishing up The Odyssey this morning and finishing a crochet baby blanket. Hope you have a good flight home. :))
    Is there a Pyrex stash in your luggage?? We went to an antique store recently and they had so many gorgeous Pyrex sets and the most amazing kitchen sets with Hoosier cabinets.

  7. heheh I guessed right!!! πŸ™‚ yeah. It’s like I *KNOW* you or something πŸ™‚
    btw, I just got myself some cowgirl boots too. turquoise blue ones.
    and I’m in Canada. lol πŸ™‚
    will have to post about them, they are SO.NOT.CANADA. πŸ™‚

  8. The ones with the crosses were my guess too! I miss Texas, my home state! Have much fun and eat some a fabulous Mexican food for me. BTW, loved The Odyssey. Just finished yesterday:)

  9. I raced to the bottom, didn’t peek at other comments. Now I’m guessing yours are the crosses and wings. If not, they really should be. πŸ™‚
    Sincerely, Trudy

  10. Hey Edie! My mom and I were excited to hear you speak of Texas, antiquing and Luchenbach. We had bets going as to where you were. I won! She guessed Round Top, which is one of her favorite places. We are headed there in January for a girls trip.
    We actually lived in Fredericksburg for several years and are heading back next weekend for a visit. I miss living there so much! There are great people living there. Glad you came down to Texas!

    PS I have the cross boots too! πŸ™‚

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